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									Artificial nails - For Perfect Nails Every single day

False or artificial nails are the best solution for many "nail events" in your life. They're a
perfect solution for replacing a broken nail. They are fantastic as a temporary fix until
your own nails grow out. And they're there - instantaneously. What is more, they may be
applied yourself at home and, provided you select the right size and do something
creative to eliminate the plastic look, they are able to appear completely natural and

False nails could be applied professionally in the salon, or you could apply them at home
using broadly-available nail enhancement kits. They include their own adhesive and are
easily cut and shaped to the style you want.

So, presuming you want to fit the nails yourself, how do you get started? Listed here are
the 6 simple stages:

1. First, clean and dry your own natural nails. Then file and shape them in preparation for
attaching the artificial nails.

2. Then - extremely important - select the right size artificial nail per finger. File the
edges if needed to get an exact fit.

3. Now spread a thin layer of nail adhesive over the entire area of your natural nail which
will be in contact with the artificial nail.

4. Position the artificial nail so that it is really near to, although not touching, the cuticle.
Then apply a light pressure to the top for a short while to allow the glue to take hold and

5. As soon as the nail is set firmly in place, file off any rough edges.

6. Apply two coats of nail varnish of the colour you need, then finish off with a layer of
topcoat to seal it.

It is recommended that you don't wear artificial nails for over a couple of weeks at a time
- say, a month the most. Then remove them and give your natural nails a chance to
breathe and refresh their growth.

It's also essential that you always make use of proper nail adhesive and never simply
ordinary glue you might find at home.

To remove artificial nails, soak them in a non-acetone polish remover until they start to
dissolve and come away. It’s extremely essential to avoid acetone and other chemicals
with an acetone-base. They will damage the surface of the nail, affecting the shine and
also thin and weaken the nail plate.
Furthermore, don't try to peel off the artificial nails without first soaking them in polish
remover, and definitely never, ever try to break them. This might result in serious damage
to your own nails below.

Using the simple steps and guidelines provided here, wearing artificial nails will be not
only a simple and trouble-free process but also a delight to behold!

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