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									                          BALANCE       DEMOCRACY        HUMANISM
                           Vision: Universal Humanism, Love & Peace.
                          Through Human Resource Excellence, Planning & Management

                                         The Great Indian Dream
                                                     ARISE INDIAN VISION : 2050

                                                     Party Manifesto
                                   General Agenda & Party Constitution
                           DIGITAL INDIA PEACE PARTY

                                               HEAD OFFICE: NEW DELHI
                   GENERAL AGENDA OF THE PARTY
(1) Preface
(2) India
(3) Indian Political System
(4) Inclusive - Humanist - People Democratic Political System

                                             PARTY CONSTITUTION
(1) Name of the Party, Flag, Slogan, Ideal, Tendency of the Party and Ideal Persons of
    the Party.
(2) Party Membership
(3) Rights of the Party Member
(4) Duties of the Party Member
(5) Organizational System of the Party
(6) Organizations Local Leadership of Inclusive, Humanist Party
(7) Work procedures of the leading of local organizations
(8) Election Related Principles of the Party

(9) Party leadership
(10) Inclusive Humanist Party Congress and Election of Representatives.
(11) Candidature for representing the Party Congress
(12) Election procedure of the Party committee for all stages
(13) Work and Power of Central Party Congress (CPC).
(14) Central Committee (CC)
(15) Organizational structure of the Party and numbers of Representatives.
(16) Central Control Commission (CCC)
(17) Officials of various stages of the Party
(18) Active, enterprising, serving, humanist- human group
(19) Punitive measures against the perpetrators of the Party
(20) Financial matter of the Party
(21) Representation as a possible elected public representative
(22) Statutory Rules.
(23) Rules and Regulations
(24) Dissolution.
(25) Rectification

“The common people need not come to DIPP, DIPP will go to them.” We will open the doors of inclusive
growth, chance and sustainable growth. Under the leadership of India, development of universal humanism,
world-love and peace is the vision of our party. The party works in order to build up energetic, enterprising,
honest, humanist, serving, efficient, productive, excellent human resource and the party is formed by them. The
party supports the movement of the deprived and down-trodden through non-violent way. The party opposes the
strike imposed on the common people. The party works to build up eco-friendly, humanist, people-democratic
and competitive production system and also works for inclusive distribution and marketing system. Party works
for optimum and balanced uses of resources. The party believes not to interfere in others‟ internal matters. The
party opposes the jealousy and attacks against the opponent party. The party believes in non-violent movement.
The party works for the socio-economic and political freedom of every human being. The party keeps vigil eyes
for the equality of the common people. The party works for the growth of excellence of human resource paying
due attention to humanism and it also works to develop efficiency and productivity of human resource keeping
in mind the uses of modern technology. The party pays due respect to all religions. The party works for
preserving communal harmony and the party maintains secularism. The party works for independent foreign


“Come and stretch out your helping hands and develop India untidily with the help of universal humanism and
modern technology and let us establish universal humanism, Global love and world peace under the leadership
of India.

"If we apply modern technology with humanity, we can build or form a new society" - President, Central
Committee (CC), D.I.P.P.

"But for the complete participation of women, social, economical and political upliftment and
enviornmental protection are not possible" - President, Central Control Commission (CCC), D.I.P.P.

India is the rising spirit (power) of the world. Most of the poor people of the world dwell in India because of
corruption, lack of proper planning, management and direction. Most of mal-nutrient children of the world are
available in India and women sell their bodies to maintain their livelihood. Around 52% of children and women
suffer from malnutrition. Around 70% to 77% of Indian population cannot spend Rs.20/- on food, education and
health. On the other hand, 28 lakh crore dollars is plundered every year in India owing to corruption. Wherever
Govt. expenditure is Re.1/- only @ 10 paisa reach for the service of the common people. It is shameful being an
Indian. As there is no proper modern farming process / cultivation, preservation system, certain marketing and
distribution system, almost 35% of agricultural produces get wasted.
                                        Indian Political System
India is generally ruled by a constitutional and parliamentary democratic structure. In fact, there is no
democracy at all. Influential powers enjoy the power based on the notion of “Might is Right”. Somewhere
terrorism runs in the guise of national, political and somewhere it runs in the name of religion, caste and creed.

                Inclusive Humanist People-Democratic Political System
                                     The Party will do the following works:
(1)     Infrastructure of the country, Planning, Management and Professional efficiency in direction and
        complete democratization and provision of equality.
(2)     To ensure the democratic rights of People, Media and Organizations.
(3)     To flourish the mentality of Serving, Humanism, Love and Solace (Peace) among every citizen and
(4)     To uproot Dowry System, Torture to women, Political Terrorism, Religious Terrorism and Caste
(5)     The Party works for abolishing “Castes” and helps everyone emerge as a “Human”.
(6)     To uproot Hooliganism and Corruption from Society, Politics and Economy.
(7)     To work for speedy trial and religious freedom.
(8)     To work for Requirement basis & Competitive - Production - Organized Marketing and Balanced
        Distribution System.
(9)     To work for the entire Economic, Political and Social Development of Unorganized Labours, B.P.L.,
S.C., S.T., O.B.C. and Minorities.
(10) To ensure work for 300 days in a year for every citizen (between 18 years to 60 years) throughout the
(11) To promote Eco-friendly mechanism of Power and Energy.
(12) To work for the Economic Freedom, Social Freedom and Political Freedom for everyone.
(13) To assist every farmer @ Rs.1, 00,000/- with interest free and security free Digital Cash Credit (DCC).
(14) To provide “License” and “No Objection Certificate (NOC)” for the project within 10 days of
        submission of application.
(15) To waive off Government fees & Tax for the formation of SHG-100, SHG-10, Society, Farm &
(16) To promote Interest Free Loan System.
(17) To distribute revenue between Central Govt. & State Govt. under 50 : 50 & between states under current
        population, ratio basis.
(18) To provide subsidy @ 75% of Capital Cost for Cottage, SSI Unit and Modern Agriculture, Horticulture,
        Animal Husbandry and Pisciculture within 10 days from the date of submission of application.
(19) To spend @ 20% of GDP for Agricultural Development, Organic Farming, Modern Preservation System
        and to promote Food Processing Industry.
(20) To build up modern Educational System, Party intends to spend 20% of GDP.
(21) To build up Modern Disease Preventive Health System, Party intends to spend 20% of GDP.
(22) To provide Digital Capital Loan (DCL) upto Rs.5,00,000/- ( PII-10) to each New Entrepreneur without
        any interest and security (SHCA - Self-Help Capital Assistance) and provide Digital Education Loan
        (DEL) upto Rs.5,00,000/- ( PII-10) without any interest and security within 10 days of the submission of
        application (HSCA – Higher Study Care Assistance).
(23) To provide Digital Rs.5,00,000/- ( PII-10) as “Human Resource Excellence Assistance-HREA” only for
        two children under Table - 1.
(24) Party works to distribute Parliamentary Post & Power and Party Post & Power between Minority and
        Majority Community on the basis of their population according to 2001 A.D. Census.
(25) To build up Federal Government, Secular Nation and the Political System free of the apprehension of
Atomic Bombs.

(26)   To form 100 states, 10,000 MLAs, 1,000 MPs, 100 Districts, 1,00,000 NGOs & 1,00,000 Courts
       (Through Reorganization Commission-TRC) in the country to promote Administrative & Development
       Facility to the People.
(27) To maintain election procedure throughout the country under Supreme Court, High Court & ECI.
(28) To work for the formation of 10,000 ITIs, 100 IITs, 100 IIMs, 1,000 Universities 1,000 Eco-Friendly
       Planned Cities and 10,000 Organized Marketing Centers.
(29) To distribute Work and Power among B.P.L.and A.P.L.in the ratio of 50:50.
(30) To distribute Work and Power among Male and Female in the ratio of 50:50.
(31) To waive off all types of Tax, Revenue, Excise Duty, Party promotes to form GDP / Digital Transaction
       (DT) based Revenue System except Import Duty and
       Narcotics Substances.
(32) Party works to promote every transaction of every person and organization through “Digital Money” and
      “Mobile Core Banking-MCB” System.
 (33) People can lodge complain through “e-care” (10 toll free numbers, 10 toll free mobile numbers and 10
       e-mail I.D.) and find out remedy for the problem within 72 hours.
(34) To work for “bipartite alliance” before election to form stable Govt.
(35) To provide Security to every citizen.
(36) To select 50% of the Parliamentary Candidates among MBAs, IIT-ians, Scientists and IT based students
       having Entrepreneurship Skills and the rest 50% among Teacher, Labours, Farmers, Social Workers,
       Humanists and Environmentalists.
(37) To select 50% of the Parliamentary Candidates having age group 25 years upto 35 years, 40% having
       age group above 35 years upto 50 years and 10% having age group of above 50 years.
(38) To work for Forming Transparent and Corruption Free Government.
(39) To work for not to select any Candidate having been convicted of Criminal Cases.
(40) To introduce the System of Selecting 5 Members for Parliamentary Representatives and Ministers for
       the tenure of 5 years.
(41) To work for Casting Vote through “Digital SMS System”.
(42) The Party keeps keen respect to Religion and Customs.
(43) To work for Sustaining Communal Harmony.
(44) To work for Neutral Foreign Policy.
(45) To work to promote PII (Price Inflation Index) based „Digital Cash Ration – DCR‟ system.
(46) To work for Entire Decentralization of Power.
(47) To work for simplifying Bureaucracy and Technocracy.
(48) To work for the formation of “Equal Opportunity Commission-EOC”.
(49) To work for building up flood and storm resistant 10 storied building in every village.
(50) To work for elimination of poverty and economic insecurity through integrated development.

(51)    Party works to form Anti Corruption Cell (ACC) by two ruling representatives & six opposition
        representatives headed by opposition leader.
(52)   Party works to provide information, detailed raw data & as well as clear explanation of the process used,
       in the public domain & available on government Departmental Website.
(53)   Party works to allow grassroots members to participate in formulating policies, programmes and
       selecting Leaders & Candidates.
(54)   Party works to give voters the power to recall or call back an elected representative.
(55)   Party works to bring such an Anti Corruption Cell (ACC) that Public Servants can be prosecuted without
       the prior sanction of the Government.
    (56) Party works to create Lok Pal, an independent authority to look into Citizens‟ complaints of corruption
           against elected representatives, Governments & Ministers and recommended action them.
    (57) Party works to allow voters for a negative vote / none of the above / Blank Vote & Vote lock by SMS.
    (58) Party works to form Observing Cell(OC) by all Party‟s two elected representatives to observe Government
          functions to avoid overseeing or oversight.
    (59) Party works to build the weight of public opinion to make the political establishment yield to reforms.
    (60) Party works to bring “Digital Right to Information Act (DRTIA)” to bring speed in work.
    (61) Party works for scientific advancement, social equality & cooperation exist side-by-side.
    (62) Party works to bring Tax Free Political Funding Law (TFPFL) to bring transparency & to restrict the
         growth of Black Money in political funding.
    (63) Party works to unite all Indians to win the Global Peace and Party works against Global Warming.

           “The Party Devotes itself to the Great Ideals like the Service of People, Humanism, Love and Peace
    based on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth and Democratic Agenda”.

                                      PARTY CONSTITUTION
                                            Rule – 1
                                  OF THE PARTY.

    1/1:   Name of the Party: Digital India Peace Party - D.I.P.P.
    1/2:   Flag of the Party: The ratio of length and breadth of the Full white colour Flag will be 3:2 and at the
           middle there will be the Party Symbol of Seven Circles of seven colours (VBSGYOR) &
    1/3:    Party Slogan : Vande Mataram-thrice, Inclub Jindabad - thrice And Manabatabad Jindabad / Humanism
           Jindabad -thrice.
    1/4:   Ideals of the Party : Environmentalism, Humanism, World Love and World Peace.
    1/5:    Tendency of the Party : Economic, Social and Political Freedom through
           Entire Decentralisation of Power, the Development and Excellence of
           Human Resource and to make a “Vibrant Nation with Vibrant People”.
    1/6:   Ideal Personalities of the Party : Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, Netaji,
           Bhagat Singh, Rani Laxmi Bai, Mahatma Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Atal
           Bihari Bajpayee, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Medha Patkar, Lata Mangeskar, Kiran Bedi, Shabana Azmi
           & Baba Ramdev,

                                              Chapter - 2
                                                Rule- 2
                                          PARTY MEMBERSHIP
    2/1:    Qualification: Age: 18 years and above, Indian, Honest, Energetic Person.
    2/2:    Procedure of Application: To submit either Application Form or through On-line Application Form and
           to pay yearly subscription of Rs.100/- or life time membership subscription of Rs. 1,000.
    2/3:    Admission & Inclusion: Totally depends on Central Control Commission (CCC).
    2/4:    Declaration: Person willing to be Member should give the following Declaration: “I would like to join
           „Digital India Peace Party –D.I.P.P.‟. I will abide by all the Agenda and Party Constitution, my Duties,
            Party Discipline. I will not be a Traitor to the Party and the People. I will also work against Global
            Warming, Poverty, Corruption and Casteism.”
2/5:    Recommendation : Recommendation by any Party Member.
2/6:    Issuance of Party Membership : Totally depends on CCC and within 20 days.
2/7:    Issuance of Party Membership to Ousted Member : Totally depends on CCC.
2/8:    Observatory Period of to be Party Member : To be Party Members have to distribute 10 SMS & 10
2/9:    Issuance of Exceptional Membership : Besides sub-rule 2/4, CCC will have the Discretionary Power to
        Issue 50% of Membership per year.
2/10:   Renewal of Membership : To Subscribe Rs.100/- per year within the month of January every year –
        otherwise Membership will be Cancelled without serving any notice.
2/11:   Payment of Subscription : To Deposit the Subscription through Cheque, Core-Banking, Net-Banking,
2/12:   Limitations of the Applicant : To be Member will neither cast vote nor be elected.
2/13:   Power of the Applicant : To campaign first 10 days from the date of submission of application.

                                              Chapter – 3
                                      Rule - 3
                         RIGHTS OF THE PARTY MEMBERSHIP
All the Party Members will enjoy the following Rights:

3/1:    Right to cast vote and give recommendation to others.
3/2:    Rights to elect and to be elected after filling all conditions..
3/3:    To call for explanation regarding Party Line and Development of Party Agenda.
3/4:    Rights to discuss the activities of Party & Party Line and opine in the Party Meeting, Party Magazine
        and Party Website.
3/5: To review the opinion of any Party Member in Party Meeting.
3/6: Rights to pass on any Matter, Request, Suggestion, Prayer, Complain and Criticism to Higher Party
3/7: Rights to attend Meeting where some punishable steps are going to be taken, to defend himself / herself
       and other Members can also raise voice in his / her favour.
3/8: Rights to approach Higher Organization(s) challenging the punishable steps.
3/9: No Party Organization(s) will have the Power to deprive any Member‟s rights.
3/10: Rights to encourage other Members to implement their Rights.
3/11: Humanist Party Member will be given “Digital Cash Assistance - DCA” after holding the Membership
for minimum 10 years under Table – 2.

                                              Chapter - 4
                                        Rule - 4
                             DUTIES OF THE PARTY MEMBER
All the Party Members will abide by the following Duties:

4/1:    They will be aware of Modern Technology and Humanism and inform People about it.
4/2:    They will regularly go through the Party Magazine and to rectify themselves through Self-Criticism.
4/3:    To work for entire Decentralization of Power, Inclusive and Sustainable Development.
4/4:    To work to generate Average per Capita Income (Under Price Inflation Index-PII) minimum Rs.1 Lakh
        per Year.
4/5: To work for Distribution of Work and Power among Male : Female and among BPL: APL in the ratio of
4/6: Your Surname will be “Human” within 20 years for Casteist and you have to campaign it.
4/7: You have to shun Orthodoxy.
4/8: You have to accept Party Education and try to develop Agriculture, Education and Health.
4/9: You have to take initiative to solve Local problem and help the Entrepreneurs.
4/10: To enhance the Efficiency and Productivity of Human Resource.
4/11: To keep vigil eyes so that People can get work for 100 days.
4/12: To stand by people all the time & to form SHG-100 & SHG-10.
4/13: To look for Party Members and to Encourage them to pay Membership Subscription regularly.
4/14: To preserve Party Unity and to be Enduring to Opponent Party.
4/15: To keep away from any type of Strike and arrange for Mass Movement.
4/16: To be Tolerant to all Religion, to keep up Secularism.
4/17: To fight against Poverty, Torture to Women, Child Mortality, Dowry and all types of Inequalities.
4/18: To admit any Mistake, if happened, to the People.
4/19: To work for making India considered being the Greatest in the entire World.
4/20: To work for Universal Humanism, World Love & World Peace.

                                               Chapter - 5
                                 Rule - 5

5/1:   Inclusive Democratic Principles: The Party Organization is established and Maintained on Inclusive
       Democratic Principles. Party co-operates with the Theory and its Implementation through exercise.
5/2:   Inclusive Democratic and Centralized Basic Principles of the Party:
                     (a) Person is under the Organization.
                     (b) Minority is under Majority.
                     (c) Lower Committees are under Higher Committees.
                     (d) All the Party is under Central Committee.

                                               Chapter - 6
                                                  Rule - 6
6/1:   To obey One Man, One Post Principle and Election Code.
6/2:   Party Leadership of every stage will be elected on the basis of Honesty and Work Efficiency.
6/3:   The Surnames of those who will lead the Party will be Converted to „Human‟ within 10 years and their
       Affidavit will be submitted to the     Central Control Commission.
6/4:   Person Elected or Selected by CCC will lead in different stages of the Party.
6/5:   If any Party Leader resigns the Post, that Post will be filled up by the next Party Leader.
6/6:   The Topmost Leading all India Organization Party Congress and Central Committee formed between
       the Interim period of two all India Party Congress will lead the Party.
6/7:   Party Committees of all stages will be Liable to account for their works to their Party Congress, Higher
       Party Committee and CCC.
6/8:   Lower Committees will abide by the Directions given by the Higher Committees.
6/9:   Lower Committees will inform the Higher Committees about their Activities.
                                                Chapter - 7
                                                   Rule - 7

7/1:   Party strictly opposes the Tendency of Power to make Monopolistic in all Strata of the Party.
7/2:   The Decisions of Higher Organizations will be delivered soon to Lower Party Organizations and the
       Lower Party Organizations will implement them through Discussion.
7/3:   Central Committee‟s Decision is Final in the case of Decision taken in the International Matter, National
       Affairs and Matters of More than One State.
7/4:   Party works for the Principles to give due Importance to the Honest, Efficient, Productive and Excellent
       Human Resource in all stages.

                                               Chapter – 8
                                                   Rule - 8

8/1:     50% of the Post of the Party will be filled up on the basis of the votes received through SMS vote to the
        Party Congress and the rest 50% will be selected by the CCC.
8/2:     50% of the Party Representative contesting with Party Symbol will be filled up on the basis of the votes
        received through SMS cast by the Party Members and Common People and the rest 50% will be Selected
        by the CCC.
8/3:     In the Party Congress Members and Representatives will be Elected and Selected from Male: Female
        and APL: BPL in the ratio of 50: 50 respectively.
8/4:     Party works to Elect and Select Party Representatives between Majority and Minority on the basis of the
        Population according to 2001 A.D. Census.
8/5:     32 members of the CCC of just previous proceeding years will elect/select the members representatives
       of the working assessment year.
8/6:     Other members except the 32 members of the CCC will not be entitled to exercise their franchise in
        electing and selecting members and representatives of the CCC.
                                       Rule: 9 - PARTY LEADERSHIP

9/1:    The party leadership of the Central Committee will be selected from active, honest, sacrificing and
       efficient party members from all stages.
9/2:    Party members will obey the directions of respective party organization.
9/3:    Party members will avoid sub-group wrangle and violence otherwise they will face the music.

10/1: CCC will convince party congress of all stages of the party by the month of December every year.
10/2: Every committee and member will have to abide by all the election related rules and regulations laid
       down by the CCC.
10/3: At first the members of group level will select 50% of group committee representative through SMS
      vote and then form group committee obeying party line.
10/4: 50% representatives of the higher group committees will be elected by direct SMS votes cast by the
      members of that area.
10/5: CCC can select 50% of the representatives of all stages of the party but the other committees of the party
      will not enjoy his right.
10/6: Party committees of all stages can inform the members in black and white, E-mail, voice-mail and SMS
      regarding election of the Party.
10/7: CCC and CC can take opinions of the members through inclusive SMS.


11/1: The surname of the candidate will be converted to “Human” through affidavit and it will be submitted to
      CCC within 10 years.
11/2: The age of the candidate should be within 18 to 65 years.
11/3: If any party member wants to be the elected representative of the party congress, he/she has to submit
      his/her candidature to the CCC through SMS.
11/4: Membership should be renewed every year with subscription.
11/5: Members have to sponsor three members or to wait 1 to 10 years respectively and get their membership
      renewed (Chapter-15 applicable).
11/6: Party; members will regularly have to take party magazine go through SMS and listed to voice-mail.
11/7: Party members will have to attend minimum three meetings per year.
11/8: Party members will have to abide by „one man-one post‟ principle.

12/1: Outgoing committee of all stages of party congress will introduce the incoming new representatives with
      the party members.
12/2: Names of the candidates of all stages may be withdrawn before 10 days of the final day of election.
12/3: Campaigning through SMS will be finished before three days of final election.
12/4: Election process and procedure of all stages will be controlled by CCC.
12/5: No committee of any stage of the party (except-CCC) can select any member or representative.
12/6: A member can cast maximum one vote to one competitor for each post of all stages to the member of


13/1: To submit, listen to and consider the political and organizational report prepared and submitted by
      departing central committee and CCC.
13/2: To rectify general agenda and party constitutions if required.
13/3: To discuss and accept other documents if required.
13/4: To declare the names of the elected and selected members of the central committee and hand over their
13/5: To declare he member of the members and representatives of the central committee.
13/6: To recommend the election of next central committee to CCC.
13/7: To declare the names of 32 working committee and core committee members and representatives of new
13/8: Central party congress will never interfere in the work, rights and power of CCC in any way.

                                Rule: 14 - CENTRAL COMMITTEE (CC)
14/1: CC will direct and order all the committees of all stages to obey the decision taken in annual party
      congress and follow the party line and abide by party constitution, CC manages all the works given by
      party constitution and bestowed represent the party.
14/2: Meeting of central committee will be convened at least twice in a year and the Party President will
      convince this through SMS and Voice Mail.

14/3: Central committee will decide the date and venue of yearly party congress after having a discussion with
14/4: Central committee, on some special occasion or on the basis of the direction given by CCC for some
       special purpose, can approach to CCC for getting the opinion of party members or people through SMS.
14/5: Central committee will have to work within the organizational framework of the party and no new post
       can be created.
14/6: Central committee will entertain the power to change the area of work and subject of work of the elected
      organizational party representatives (Excluding CCC).
14/7: Central committee; will enjoy the rights to deploy any members in central work or to transfer (Excluding
14/8: Central committee on some special occasion can dissolve any lower committee after having the
       permission of CCC.
14/9: CC can recommend punitive measures against some rogue member to CCC.
14/10: If any member of the CC is arrested and he has to spend work than two months behind bars, CC can
       issue notice of electing new representative within the period of 30 days.
14/11: CC will never be allowed to interfere in the work, power and rights of the CCC.
14/12: The age of the members of the CC will not be more than 65 years.
14/13: CC will collect the report from lower committee.
14/14: All the lower party organizations and representatives will abide by the directions of CC.
14/15: CC will always work in consultation with the CCC.


   Rule             Organizational stages             Yearly working committee      Yearly core committee
                                                               (YWC)                (YCC)
                                                       (No. of representatives)     (No. of representatives)
   15/1         Group Committee (per 200 voters)                   16                           8
   15/2             Polling Part Committee                         16                           8
   15/3      Gram Panchayat / Municipal/Corporation      No. of Polling Part x 4                8
    15/4               Block Committee                  Number of block seats x 4               8
    15/5             Assembly Committee                           100                           8
    15/6             Parliament Committee                         100                           8
    15/7              District Committee                          100                           8
    15/8                State Committee                    No. of MLA x 4                       8
    15/9              Central Committee                     No. of MP x 4                       8
   15/10          Central Control Commission                       32                           8
                         Rule : 16 – CENTRAL CONTROL COMMISSION (CCC)

16/1:  Age of the members of the CCC will be over 18 years.
16/2:  The member of the members of the CCC will not be over 32.
16/3:  CCC will do the election management and maintenance of the party of all stages.
16/4:  Only the CCC will enjoy the rights of issuing; and cancellation of membership and accept the
       recommendation for cancellation of membership.
16/5: The CCC will have the rights of collection and management of subscription and to nominate 50% of the
       members and representatives.
16/6: Party Symbol, Flag and Slogan will be in the custody of the CCC.
16/7: The CCC will be considered a “Going Concern” in the party constitution. No party committee or
       member or representatives will have the rights to interfere in the work, right and power of the CCC and
       can dissolve it.
16/8: The CCC will take the decisions after consideration of the cases sent by the CC.
16/9: The CCC can accept application against the recommendation of positive measures taken by the lower
       committees including the CC.
16/10: Vacant post will be filled up by new members. If any member/members among the 32 members of the
      working committee retires/retire or resigns/resign and they will have to be selected/elected unanimously.
16/11: The election or selection procedure of the CCC will be controlled by the President of the CCC.
16/12: The CCC will publish all type of candidates list & can appoint 2 crore social workers & observers for
        any purpose.
                    Rule: 17 – OFFICIALS OF VARIOUS STAGES OF THE PARTY

17/1: Party representatives (officials) of all stages, from party Group Committee to CCC will get importance
      under given serial number basis :

        Sr.        Official        Yearly working Committee (YWC)    Yearly Core Committee (YCC) (Monthly
        No                                (Quarterly Meeting)                      Meeting)
         1       President                        1 NO.                            1 NO.
         2     Vice President     50% of (Total YWC Members-4) NO.                 2 NO.
         3    General Secretary                  10 NO.                            1 NO.
         4       Secretary        50% of (Total YWC Members-4) NO.                 2 NO.
         5    Cashier/Treasurer                   1 NO.                            1 NO.
         6      Coordinator                       1 NO.                            1 NO.
18/1: A Human Group / Working Group (BPL, STUDENT, YOUTH (Age : 18 to 38 years), LABOUR, FARMER &
      GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE, SC/ST/OBC & MINORITY CELL) will be formed with those who are not party
     members but active, those who want to eradicate social problems, there who want to generate
     employment, those who want to work for the development of the society and to work for food distribution
     and expansion of education and health.

19/1:    If any party member flouts the rules and regulations of the part, the respective organization can orally or
        in black and white inform directly to the CCC for taking penal action.
19/2:   Sacking from the party is the maximum positive measures and positive measures will be decided
        according to party constitution.
19/3:   If any member commits to disgrace a woman, recommendation for sacking may be initiated
19/4:    Reasons should be intimated to recommend for sacking any post holder, representative and me member,
        investigation should be conducted. That alleged member should be given the chance for self-defense and
        2/3rd of the members must give their consent.
19/5:    If any party organization or party committee tries to violate party discipline, CC may recommend to
        dissolve that organization or committee to the CCC.

                             Rule: 20 – FINANCIAL MATTER OF THE PARTY.

20/1:  Financial Source: Subscription and donation from the party members and its supporters.
20/2:  Management of Financial Matters: CCC will look after and manage all the financial matters.
20/3:  Annual Budget: CCC will prepare the annual Budget and get passed in the Annual Party Congress.
20/4:  All the expenditure of the CCC will have to be passed in the Annual Budget.
20/5:  Accounts of income and expenditure of all the organizations of all stages should have to be submitted to
       the CCC.
20/6: All the committees of all stages will have to abide by the directions laid down by the CCC in financial
matter and management.

20/7: CCC will decide how and in what ratio the income of the Party will be distributed among all the bodies
       of the Party.
20/8: Audited account : CCC will keep Audited Accounts open for public scrutiny.


21/1: A possible public representative of all constitutional stages, who want to contest with the Party Symbol,
      shall have to be won through SMS votes caste by the party members and people of the respective area
      and 50% of the total possible representatives will be selected by the CCC.
21/2: The CCC will bring out the candidature list of all stages.
21/3: Ages of the candidates: 25 years to below 35 years-50%, 35 years to below 50 years- 40% and 50 years
      and above -10% of total candidates will be selected & elected as party supported candidate(s).
                                      Rule: 22 – STATUTORY RULES

22/1: “The Party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of India as by law established, and to
      the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and
      integrity of India.”

                                  Rule: 23 – RULES AND REGULATIONS

23/1: The CCC will make rules and regulations occasionally keeping pace with the Party Constitution and top
      to bottom of the party will abide by those rules and regulations.
                                          Rule: 24 – DISSOLUTION

24/1   At least 90% of the party members will agree to the proposal of dissolution of the party.

                                         Rule: 25 –RECTIFICATION

25/1: Rectification of the party constitution can be done only through the all India Party Congress.
25/2: At least two-third (2/3) of the party members will give their consent to the rectification of the party
25/3: Notice of the rectification proposal will have to be served to the party members at least 30 days before
      of the commencement day of the Party Congress.

                                                   Table – 1

Note: 1) When you have more than two alive children in any situation then all benefits under HREA will be
closed instantly without any notice to you.
2) FIFO Basis Mixing of 100 Humanist BPL= SC : ST : OBC : MINORITY : GENERAL category on the basis
of their population according to 2001 A.D. Census.
3. Within 20 years of age for 15 years for maximum 2 alive children.
4. „Human‟ Surname is Mandatory for Caste Community.
5. Name: Self Selected Name (excluding previous surnames of INDIA) + Human.
6. PII-10 means Price Inflation Index will be adjusted per 10 years interval with base year 2020.
Sl          Code & Conditions.                   Full Name.            Times      APL      BPL
No.                                                                   / Years     (Rs.)    (Rs.)
 1     CPCA :                            Childhood & Pre-School       5 years   500 p.m.   1,000 p.m.
       Conditions       :     Through        Care Assistance                     30,000    60,000
       mother/father/legal guardian.
 2     PECA                              Primary Education Care       5 years   1,000 p.m. 1,500 p.m.
       Conditions       :     Primary          Assistance                         60,000   90,000
       Education Care Assistance
 3     SECA                             Secondary Education Care      5 years   1,500 p.m. 2,000 p.m.
       Conditions : Through mother /           Assistance                         90,000   1,20,000
       father/legal guardian.
 4     SETCA                             Spoken English & Tour        1 Time     20,000    20,000
       Conditions : After Passing 10         Care Assistance.
       Class Examination.
 5     LICA                              Laptop & Internet Care       1 Time     30,000    30,000
       Conditions : After Passing 10th         Assistance.
       Class Examination.
 6     BNCCA                              Bio-matrix Nationality      1 Time      1,000    1,000
       Conditions : Within one year       Card Care Assistance.
       of birth. (Under Government
 7     METCA                            Mobile E-Transaction Care     1 Time      4,000    4,000
       Conditions : After 15 years age         Assistance
       of You.

 8     SEPCA                              Social Excellence & Peace   1 Time    1,00,000   1,00,000
        Conditions : Can‟t receive or          Care Assistance.
       give any dowry and to take
       within one year of marriage.
 9     WHCA                                  Women Health Care        1 Time     35,000    45,000
       Conditions : i) Marriage age             Assistance.
       18 (F) & 21 (M),
       ii) Age difference between 2
       children : Minimum 5 years.

10                  HECA                  Health & Entrepreneurship   1 Time     30,000    30,000
       Conditions : After minimum 15           Care Assistance
       years age of you or 10th Passed.
1 to   Total Non-Refundable                        HREA                         4,00,000   5,00,000

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