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Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes - DOC by wuyunyi


									                                Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                        OrangeMite Studios
                                    September 27, 2009 2:00 pm
                                 49 Fair Acres Dr. York, PA 17403
Board Members:
Present: William Wolfgang, Yvette Hershey, Joshua Olewiler, Megan Kitzmiller, Logan Merkert
Via Webcam: Donald Crouse
Tardy: Brandon Rubinic, Caitlin Spivey.
Absent: Sara Reddington, excused.

    I.      Meeting called to order at 2:12 pm by William Wolfgang.
    II.     Motion to approve minutes for August 30, 2009 by William Wolfgang.
            A. Second by Megan Kitzmiller.
            B. Motion passed, minutes approved. Vote 6 to 0. Unanimous.
    III.    Treasurer’s Report – Donald Crouse III, Treasurer
            A.           Approval of Treasurer’s report
                         1.      Report incomplete due to Amazon order for scripts that will be
                                 amended for next meeting.
                         2.      Motion to table Treasurer’s report by William Wolfgang.
                                 A.      Second by Donald Crouse.
                                 B.      Motion passed, Treasurer’s report tabled. Vote 7 to 0.
            B.           Approval of Upcoming Expenditures
                         1.      Possible purchase of external hard drive. Most likely under $100.
                         2.      Request from Joshua Olewiler to purchase costumes at $10 a
                                 costume, $210 total for Much Ado About Nothing.
                         3.      Motion to approve Upcoming Expenditures by William Wolfgang.
                                 a.      Second by Donald Crouse.
                                 b.      Motion passed, Upcoming Expenditures approved. Vote 6
                                         yes, 1 abstain.
                         4.      Discussion of committee for budget setting of shows in the season.
                                 This committee would also deal with other budget concerns to
                                 assist the Treasurer.

                 5.      Motion by William Wolfgang to create finance committee
                        consisting as Donald Crouse as chair, Joshua Olewiler and Megan
                        a.         Second by Brandon Rubinic.
                        b.         Motion passed, budgetary committee created. Vote 7 to 0.
IV.   Executive Director’s Report – William Wolfgang, Executive Director
           A.           Donald and William looked into purchasing another web domain
                        as to connect with
               and the email addresses being
               for an additional $9.00 a year.
                        1.         Discussing what name that goes before @, decision of first
                                   initial and last name.
           B.           We will be advertising on the website for an Artistic Director
                        because the position is still currently open.
V.    Artistic Director’s Report
      A.         Winter Musical Revue – Yvette Hershey, Director
                 1.     Venue possibilities of either Salem United Church of Christ or
                        Zion United Methodist Church. Salem United Church of Christ
                        approved for rehearsals and auditions.
                 2.     Change of program from jazz themed show to Broadway
                        Introduction/ 101. More finalization coming within the next week.
      B.         Spring Play: Much Ado About Nothing – Josh Olewiler, Director
                 1.     Previous meeting with Mary Snow and discussion of use of the
                        a.         Seating will be more varied so that every seat is the best
                                   seat in the house at some point. Every part of The Barn will
                                   be utilized is the goal.
                        b.         Costumes were discussed, comparison of Mary Snow’s
                                   sketches and Hillary Henson’s sketches. Merging of the
                                   two is coming together and materials and fabrics are being
                                   sought out.

                                 i.      Actual construction of costumes will not occur until
                                         March to make sure they fit the cast appropriately.
                         c.      Scripts have been received and are being revised
       C.         Interim Artistic Director- Caitlin Spivey
                  1.     Looking for public domain plays and discussing possible original
                         musicals with the writers.
                  2.     By October’s meeting Caitlin would like to have one play and one
                         musical to present but is open to suggestions.
                  3.     Discussion of deadline to be set for the Artistic Director to present
                         the season to be written and revised by next meeting by the
                         Personnel committee.
       D.         Discussion of and preview of prospective works for 2010 Summer
                  1.     Will not occur until October Board Meeting.
VI.    Publicity Coordinator’s Report – Yvette Hershey, Publicity Coordinator
       A.         OrangeMite’s Monthly Newsletter
                  1.     Article by Sara Reddington on Glee and Joshua Olewiler on gods
                         behaving badly.
                  2.     Yvette will be working on getting the newsletters that are not
                         included on the website to Brandon to display on the website.
       B.         General Publicity
                  1.     New business Facebook page created and running. Spread the
                         word to cultivate fans.
                  2.     Publicity will begin at a fast pace for Winter Revue as soon as
                         venue and show are set.
VII.   Artistic Coordinator’s Report – Megan Kitzmiller, Artistic Coordinator
            A.    Possibility of putting a poster at Dover High School to attract art students
                  and to coincide with deadlines of high school art projects. As well as at
                  York College and grocery stores.

VIII.   Old Business
        A.        Auditions Committee Report – Josh Olewiler, Auditions Committee
                  1.    To discuss expectations of casting committee and specifics of
                        auditioning process over then next month.
                  2.    Will be further discussed and approved at October Board Meeting.
        B.        Personnel Committee Report – Logan Merkert, Committee Chair
                  1.    Review of and approval of Departmentalized Changes
                        a.     Minor adjustments to be made for October meeting.
                        b.     Will be approved at October meeting.
        C.        Film Search Committee Report – William Wolfgang, Committee Chair
                  1.    Sky Chrastina – Film Department Artistic Supervisor Applicant
                        a.     Resume not included because further communication has
                               not been made beyond interest and film committee needs
                               communication to occur.
                        b.     Motion to make Sky Chrastina the Film Department
                               Artistic Supervisor Interim by Joshua Olewiler.
                               i.     Second by Brandon Rubinic.
                               ii.    Motion passed. Sky Chrastina Interim Film
                                      Department Artistic Supervisor. Vote 6 yes, 2
                  2.    Nicole Mann- Film Department Coordinator Applicant
                        a.     Review of Outline of possible ideas for Film Department
                               event over the next year. (Attachment I)
                               i.     Great way to grow and further the Film Department.
                               ii.    Venue very important and might be difficult.
                                      1.      Drive-in movie night could be possible at
                                              The Barn.
                                      2.      High school an option but probably not on a
                                              monthly basis.
                               iii.   Planned budget should supply Film Department
                                      with some financial aid and revenue from

                                      Independent Films could go directly back to Film
                                      1.     Past shows can be sold in DVD format at
                                             Film Department events and bring in
                                             additional revenue.
                              iv.     Continuing search for venue for independent films,
                                      call for manuscripts, and feedback from Board for
                                      promo video.
                       b.     Motion to make Nicole Mann the Interim Film Department
                              Coorditor by Joshua Olewiler.
                              1.      Second by Brandon Rubinic.
                              2.      Motion passed. Nicole Mann the Interim Film
                                      Department Coordinator. Vote 7 to 0.
IX.   New Business
      A.        Announcements
                1.     Joshua Olewiler has new job as Special Events Coorditor at Stand-
                       Capitol Performing Arts Center and will be aware of opportunities
                       there because interest was apparent.
                2.     Possibility of working in small events with our actors at Strand-
                       Captitol Performing Arts Center.
      B.        General Discussion
                1.     Professional Contract discussion with small revisions.
                2.     Signing of Professional Contracts by board members.
X.    Motion to adjourn meeting given by William Wolfgang at 4:05 pm.
           A.   Second by Yvette Hershey.
           B.    Motion passed, meeting adjourned. Vote 8 to 0. Unanimous.

                                     Attachment I
                                    OrangeMite Studios
                                 Film Department Schedule

Nicole Mann


Gather stories/complete script
Choose locations
Begin filming

Short Film Project:
Call for manuscripts


Complete filming
Edit video

Short Film Project:
Review manuscripts


Short Film Project (SFP):
Final manuscript decision
Call for auditions

Independent Movie Night (Series)
1st movie night
Premiere of promo
Admission for canned goods/toys for New Hope



Scout locations
Begin filming?

2nd independent movie night w/promo


Complete filming
Begin editing

Full Length Feature (FLF):
Call for manuscripts

3rd independent movie night


4th independent movie night
w/ premiere of short film


5th and perhaps final independent movie night for this series
Show short again?

Final decision on manuscript
Organize auditions

Submit to festivals?


Auditions for FLF
Scout locations


Begin filming FLF


Complete filming
Begin editing


Complete editing
Party with film premiere


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