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									Gen Next Business Consultants
 (A consulting venture of Gen Next Business Ventures Group)

            Seven Days Intensive Leadership Building Program
                           “CEO Launch Pad”
               To prepare successful next generation CEO’s
                        From May 10th-17th’2009

   Conducted by: International experts in various domains with 300 Yrs of
   cumulative experience.
Program Highlights

  1. To prepare senior executives, Owners and owner’s Next Generation
      family members to envision a world class organization with a
      quantum leap in size.
   2. To prepare them to leading the organisation of 21 st Century and
      build sustainable organisation by developing a wide perspective
   3. Impart multifarious intense knowledge through 300 experience
      of various faculties

   1. Experience sharing by over 10 experts over 7 days intense Case
      studies, Knowledge sharing through presentations by Faculty and
      workshops/presentations by participants.
   2. This will be spiced with the guest lectures by eminent industrialists
      and professionals.
   3. There will also be 10 -15 legendary books in management and
      learning from one book will be shared in detail by each participant
      through structured presentation for benefit of all others
Faculty: 10 faculty experts from Industry and academicians with strong
practicing experience/Interaction, with each over 20 to 35 years of
experience in their respective area of expertise. They will share their life
time experience in a session or two (each session of 4-6 hours) and will
provide participants to gain from Faculty’s rich ,global experience.
Target Participants:
   1. Owner/Entrepreneurs of SME
   2. Family members/ Next Generation of owners/entrepreneurs
   3. Top /senior executives from SME and Large companies wanting to
       grow globally and big; who need to be lent wide perspective to
       dream big and build vision and strategy and execute them
Location, Duration: Being a Premium program, it will be conducted at
some exotic location in India or overseas away from city to provide serene
ambiance to participants to concentrate without disturbance, assimilate
maximum and interact with faculty intensely from breakfast till late
evenings—even over and after dinner. Due to paucity of time because of
intense coverage of related large no. of topics and practical sessions, it will
be residential so as to facilitate interactions among participants and faculty
may continue till late nights.
Cost: Rs 2,50,000/- per participant ( plus applicable service tax) including
stay, travel –Ex Delhi (overseas or India—to be confirmed), visa charges,
Food and beverages, Training material etc.
The value delivered from the program will be over 100 times of the
investment and will be further offset by multi fold cost of wrong decision
making due to lack of perspective needed.

Pl confirm your nomination by paying Rs 50,000/- by cheque/DD in favor of Gen Next
Business Consultants, Gurgaon.
           Program Structure--CEO Launch Pad
Timings-    9 to 10 am   Presentation   Book and reading material-by one
Daily-                                  participant
day one)
            7 to 8 pm    Presentation   Book and reading material-by one
            1 to 3 PM    Guest          By Eminent Professional/Management Guru
Day         Session      Program        Program description                           Faculty          Remarks
1           Forenoon-9   Program        Program introduction and structure            Prof. A. Sahay
            am to 1 pm   Introduction   Environmental scan India and World-           / Manoj Mishra
                         and Current    Gloom/Boom
                         Environment    What has changed in today’s business?
                                        What is expected of today’s CEO?
                                        How to measure company’s & CEO’s
                                        Country statistics, Budget, Past 5 yrs and
                                        Industry Break-up

                         Emerging       Sectoral profitability                        --do--
                         Business       Trends in emerging industries and society
                         scenario and   Bio-Nano, ITC, Retail, Energy, Water, Food
                         Opportunitie   and Franchising
            Afternoon-   Strategic      Sustainability, Survival and Growth,          -Prof A.
            2 to 7 pm    Planning       Strategic Options and strategies,             Sahay
                                        Opportunities exploration, SWOT-SWAN,
                                        Visioning, Mission-Vision-Goals-Strategies-
                                        Strategic postures for organisation-
                                        Differentiation and Cost leadership
                                        Integration-horizontal/Vertical, Up/Down
                                        De-verticalisation, Outsourcing, Moving up
                                        the value chain, Diversification-
                         Organisation   Vision-Mission-Goals-Strategies-Tactics and   -Prof A.
                         building       action plans                                  Sahay
                                        Competitor intelligence and competition
                                        Team building
2           Forenoon     Leadership     Types of leadership, Key readings,            Dr. Singh /Dr.
                         for 21 st      Leadership-styles-role models-examples        Bhandarkar
                         century        and traits, Challenges in today’s times,      Or Mr. AK
                                        Leader-Manager-Entrepreneur, Innovator ,      Grover (to be
                                        Mentor and Coach                              finalised)
                                        21 century CEO
            Forenoon     Human          Leadership types, role, need for 21 century   Dr. Singh /Dr.
                         resource       leadership, Coaching, Team building           Bhandarkar
                         and IR         Team working, Talent development              Or Mr. AK
                                        Vision                                        Grover (to be
                                        Training, Recruitment, Compensation,          finalised)
                                        Retirement, Retrenchment
                               Legal issues/covers
                               Psychometric tools, Career development
                               Retention, Motivation, Inspiration, Sense of
                               belongingness, Life time employment
    Afternoon   Motivating-    Motivation and Inspiration, Team                Balraj Bhasin
                Inspiring,     building/Leading and Playing, Needs
                Time and       hierarchy mapping in today’s times
                Stress         Emotional Quotient,
                managemen      Spiritual aspect in Management
3   Forenoon    Globalisatio   Global foot print- options of Mfg./Marketing/   Manoj Mishra
                n-Marketing,   Front end and Regional hub, Regions-
                Mfg. and       Markets and Countries,
                Sourcing       Global marketing
                               Global Purchasing/WWP/Hubs
                               LCC/EC-Competitive advantage/ China-
    Afternoon   Mergers and    Decision to choose M&A as strategic option      Dr.
                Acquisition(   for inorganic growth, Charter, Strategy,        Ramakrishna
                M&A)           Planning for M&A, Opportunity identification,
                               Target identification-evaluation-due
                               Negotiation, Closing the deal
                               M&A implementation and post merger
                               issues, synergy, HR issues in M&A
4   Forenoon    Competitive    Competitiveness benchmarks, LCC/EC              Ramnendra
                ness           costs and advantages                            Mandloi/
                Building       Cost reductions:                                Manoj Mishra
                               RM cost-yield improvement, sourcing,
                               Operation costs-SMED, Rejections, COPQ,
                               Cycle time reduction, Mfg. Excellence, TPS
                               Over heads and other costs—Finance,
                               Admn., Taxes and duties, Equity, Debt,
                               Tooling costs-advance, recovery,
                               BOP-Global sourcing, Ancillarisation,
                               Vendor consolidation, Out-In sourcing
                               Strategic reduction-SEZ, Power sharing
                               through renewable power, JV, Buyback,
                               Cost reduction projects
                               Value stream mapping
                               Price revisions, audits-cost/product/price
                               and process
    Afternoon   Costing,       Costs heads, types- product, process,           Manoj Mishra
                Pricing and    Zero Base, Activity based, Marginal,
                Revisions      Contribution analysis
                               Taxes and duties, Subsidies and incentives
                               Tooling costs and its decisions/
                               Impact of volumes on costs, price, Mfg.
                               decisions, Tooling, Location etc
                               Pricing types and decisions
                Tools in       TQM/SMED /JIT/Single piece flow                 Ramnendra
                Modern         TPM/3M/5S/16 losses/VSM                         Mandloi/
                Managemen     BPR/Bench Marking                               Manoj Mishra
                t             Six sigma
                              Breakthrough and Disruptive strategies
                              Kaizen/SGA/ Suggestions /Quality circle
                              Toyota production system
                              Lateral thinking
5   Forenoon    Innovations   Power, Need and relevance for focus,            Prof. A.
                              Organisation for Innovation                     Sahay/Rajiv
                              Bottom of Pyramid                               Raghuvanshi/
                              Types-BTA/Disruptive/Incremental,               Poonam
                              Modular/Architectural                           Raghuvanshi
                              How-When-Where to register and protect
                              Types of IPR
    Afternoon   Partnering    Joint venture, Technology assistance,           Prof. A.
                for           Royalty,                                        Sahay
                Technology-   Patenting of
                Market-       product/improvement/process/innovation,
                Equity etc    Market access freedom
                              Exit/Disinvestment/Equity dilution

6   Forenoon    Finance for   Balance sheet and P&L—reading and               Manoj Mishra
                Sr.           reading between the lines,
                Managemen     Project viability assessment-
                t             ROCE/Payback, ROE, ROI, PAT/EBIDTA
                              Dividend, Book Value, Reserve treatment,
                              Depreciation as cash flow
                              Audits-finance, product/price/process and
                              costs, Risk assessment
                              Corporate governance
                              Stake holder’s interest protection

    Afternoon   Funding and   Funding-                                        Dr. SSD
                Global        Technology up-gradation options                 Pandey
                Corporate     Venture capitalists, Angel investors, Private
                Structuring   Equity
                              Acquisitions, Get acquired, Equity dilution,
                              Tax heaven concept of Global business,
                              Where to incorporate, Mfg. and Sell
                New           Opportunity identification,                     Dr. AK
                projects      Need/aspiration/SWAN-SWOT, Evaluation           Shrivastava /
                              of opportunities, Implementation, Handover      Manoj Mishra
                              and Operations management
                              Decision related to Location, ROCE,
                              PAT/EBIDTA, Subsidy and Incentives, SEZ,
                              Other benefits, Time Horizon, Technology
                              and partner selection-TA/JV/Own
7   Forenoon    ITC           IT and Telecom for Organisations-               Rajiv Ranjan/
                              applications                                    Manoj Mishra
                              e-commerce-Forward and reverse auctions,
                              MRO procurement, Cataloguing,
                              Procurement outsourcing, Payment
                           Supplier portal
                           e-buying , e-selling and Customer support
                           Call centre and BPO for customer support
                           Important IT tools and applications for
                           Purchase, Finance, Marketing, Design, Mfg.
Afternoon   Resource       Renewable energy, Energy conservation,       Sudhir Gupta
            conservation   Environment protection-Air/Water/ Land etc
                           CDM , Carbon Trading and Carbon Credit,
                           Kyoto Protocol
                           Ecology and Effluent treatment
                           Garbage disposal, bio mass treatment,
                           energy production and Incinators
            Next           Workout vision-Mission and strategies for    Prof. A.
            steps/Action   next 10 years                                Sahay/ Manoj
            plan etc                                                    Mishra
Gen Next Business Consultants
402, Ramses, Omaxe The Nile, Uppal South End, Sai Dham
Marg,Sector 49, Sohna Road,Gurgaon, 122002, Haryana

                               Registration Form

Training Course : CEO Launch Pad
Participant’s Organization (Contact Person, Name and Address of
Organization, Contact Numbers)

Training Fee:      Rs. 250000/- (Rs Two lac fifty thousands only) per

delegate plus applicable service tax.

Details of Participants:

  Sr.   Name                Designation      E mail address                Contact No.



Mode of Payment – Rs 250000/- plus service tax , by Cheque in favor of
“Gen Next Business Consultants”, or Cash at our /Breakthrough Solution’s
/Managing partner’s offices or through bank direct deposit /wire transfer to “Gen
Next Business Consultants” at ICICI Bank, DLF 1,Qutub Plaza, Gurgaon, Haryana
in account no. 017705005036 in the name of “Gen Next Business Consultants”,

Date:                                                   Signature & Seal

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