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									                                          RIG NO. 1 UPGRADES - PHASE 1
                                                 s the oil and gas industry continues to drill in more remote areas, at deeper depths, and in more challenging

   Partnering to
                                          A      environments, the advancement of oil and gas related technology to meet these increased demands is
                                                 required. In response, RMOTC has committed a significant portion of its budget to upgrade several items
                                          on its existing drilling rig at Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 (NPR-3). The upgrades include the following:
  Power the World
                                                   Mud tanks with agitators                                Heavyweight drill pipe (HWDP)
                                                   A new 800-barrel system capable of handling             RMOTC will purchase 600 feet of 5” HWDP,
                                                   up to 1,500 GPM will be installed.                      especially useful for rotary steerable system
                                                                                                           (RSS) tests.
                                                    Shale shakers and mud cleaners
                                                    The new system will keep drilling mud clean            Rig up truck
                                                    and the mud weight consistent throughout               A truck on site will allow for greater flexibility
                                                    drilling.                                              and more timely rig moves as trucking com-
                                                                                                           panies’ availability will no longer be a con-
                                                    Upgrade generators                                     cern. RMOTC staff will also have more flexi-
                                                    The new shale shakers and mud cleaners                 bility in adjusting to weather conditions and
                                                    require more power, therefore the generators           manpower during rig moves, thereby increas-
                                                    will be upgraded.                                      ing safety.
                                                    Upgrade pumps                                          Pipe spinners
                                                    Upgrades to the Gardner Denver 2250, a new             These smaller, lighter spinners will result in
                                                    7” fluid end, will allow pump rates up to 650          increased safety as they are more manageable
                                                    GPM. Belts on the OPI pump will also be                by rig personnel.
                                                    changed to achieve better efficiency.

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