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									Headquarters U.S. Air Force
        Fly – Fight – Win

        AF Asset Management -
         A Housing Perspective

                     Mr. Robert Moore

                            PDW Europe Briefing
                                        May 08

                                      Asset Management
A7C Organization

Asset Management Approach

Asset Management Process

Asset Management Tool Sets

AM Flight Organization

CE Reorganization Summary

AFIT’s Role in AM Education

NSPS Standard Position Descriptions

BCE Toolkits

Change Champions


Closing Thoughts

                          Fly – Fight – Win
                                        New A7C Organization
                                     Initial Operating Capability: 1 Apr 07
                                          Civil Engineer

                           Assoc. Civil Eng.                  Deputy Civil Eng.

                                                              Executive Support

                       AF Center for                            AF Civil Engineer
                     Engineering & the                          Support Agency
                    Environment (AFCEE)                            (AFCESA)

  Programs            Resources         Asset Mgt & Ops               Readiness         Planning
    A7CP                A7CR                 A7CA                       A7CX              A7CI
 Requirements          Operations              Energy Mgt.          Emergency Svcs         Spt. Strat.
                                                                                     Inst. Spt. & Strat.
 Program Devel.        Investments         Housing Mgt.               Exped.
                                                                      Exped. Eng.         Basing
Policy & Analysis                         Installation Mgt.                          Strat.
                                                                                     Strat. Initiatives

                                               Env. Quality
                                          Env. Restoration

                                      Fly – Fight – Win                                                    4
                  The Asset Mgt Approach
A structured, standardized approach to maximize value and
utility of built & natural assets

Manage assets from a holistic, portfolio perspective

Standardized processes, levels of service across the org.

Use of IT to analyze data, drive Key Performance Indicators

Making informed asset decisions based on business case
principles (risk, cost & benefits)

Spending scarce dollars at the right place and right time for
maximum effect

Proven internationally and becoming commonplace in the US

                     Fly – Fight – Win                          5
                                          Asset Management
                 • Determine future requirements
                 • Determine current resources & capacity & condition
  Current        • Perform gap analysis                                    Future
Requirements     • Identify opportunities, determine options            Requirements
                 • Build best business case for decision-makers

    Assets                   Capability Assessment                            Assets
   Available                     Gap Analysis                                Required

                         Asset Management Approach

Existing       Update         New            Under-Used          Surplus          Non
Assets         Assets        Assets            Assets            Assets          Asset
 Services &                                                                     Solutions
Sustainment    Renewal      Acquisition      Recover Value        Disposal

                              Fly – Fight – Win                                             6
             Asset Management Tool Sets
Information/data for making decisions
   Inventory, occupancy, condition, criticality, financial

Infrastructure reduction
   Consolidation, reduction, demolition

Life-Cycle O&M efficiency
   Disciplined and scheduled maintenance

Business-like approach to assets
   Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL)
   MILCON exchange
   Utility and housing privatization
   Space utilization
   Natural Infrastructure Mgt (NIM)
                       Fly – Fight – Win                     7
                                 Asset Management Flight
                                         Asset Mgt Flight

Natural Resources Mgmt                   Asset Optimization                 Capital Asset Mgmt
         (CEAN)                               (CEAO)                              (CEAC)

•   Natural Infrst Mgt (NIM)     •   Community / Master Planning        •   Real Estate / Real Property
•   Air Program Mgmt             •   Encroachment / AICUZ               •   Property Assessments
•   Water Program Mgt            •   NEPA / EIAP                        •   Space Utilization
•   Pollution Prevention         •   Energy & Utilities Program Mgt     •   Capitalization
•   Hazardous Waste Mgt                                                 •   Privatization Prgm Mgt*
•   Toxics                       Capabilities Under Development:        •   Assignments / Term**
•   EPCRA                        • Strategic Vision                     •   Compliance Mediation**
•   ASTs / USTs                  • Key Performance Indicators           •   Housing Assist Mgmt
•   ESOHCAMP                       (Dashboard, Scorecard, etc.)         •   Hsg Referral / Relocation
•   Enforcement Actions          • Activity Mgt Plan (AMP) Integrator   •   GOQs
•   Restoration                  • Space Optimization                   •   Dormitory Mgmt
•   Natural Resources            • Business Case / ROI Analysis         •   Furnishings Mgmt
•   Archaeological/Historical/   • Process / Playbook Improvement
                                   Champion, Benchmarking               * Applies only to bases with priv. MFH
    Cultural Resources                                                  ** Applies to bases without priv. MFH
                                 • Asset Mgmt Tng/Educ

         CEAO not expected to perform “new” capabilities yet
                        Fly – Fight – Win
                              CE Reorg Summary
Flight/element organization must be standardized across CE
   IPlan outlines waiver process, but they will be scrutinized

Squadron Reorg must be complete NLT 1 Oct: FOC defined as…
   Flights, elements aligned both organizationally & physically
   Financial, personnel systems are updated
   Positions updated in MPES

More details on UMD, NSPS SPDs, financials,
etc. are emerging

Be sure to use CE Sq Reorg CoP for latest
guidance, forums, FAQs, etc.

                    Fly – Fight – Win
             BCEs absolutely pivotal to success!
                                            AFIT’s Role in
                                            AM Education
AFIT involved since Day 1…helping us educate, develop AM
   Attended major AM events
   Using latest AM info (near real-time) in AFIT courses
   Researching existing program curriculums
   Auditing professional societies courses (IFMA, BOMA)

Developing new 1-week AM Flight Chief Course
   1st offering: Aug 08 (15 slots)
   Curriculum already drafted – topics include
       Transformation & Asset/Activity Management 101
       Span of Control and Interdependencies
       Current Mission & Strategic Planning
       Asset Management Financials
       Organizational Change Management
       Optimization Toolbox
                Working to ensure no one is left behind

                         Fly – Fight – Win                   10
                             NSPS Standard Position

     NSPS Standard Position Descriptions (SPDs) for Asset Mgt
     positions posted in January

        Asset Mgt Flt Chief, Element Chiefs

        Experienced, informed DT met to discuss qualifications,
        skill sets

                         Fly – Fight – Win                        11
                        BCE Toolkit Components
Interactive CE with these files:
  Video with Maj Gen Eulberg
  Briefings w/notes
  Talking Points (high-level)
  Communication Messages
(expanded talking points)
  Published Articles
  Strat Comm Plan

All files will be posted to the CoP,
with regular updates
                           Fly – Fight – Win
                             Change Champions
You are Change Champions
  Deliver and reinforce messages…at every opportunity
  Monitor and address concerns of work force
  Informally assess readiness for change and provide ongoing
  feedback to AF/A7CA
  Provide “success stories” for future articles and best practices

Your buy-in/advocacy/reinforcement key to BCEs’
success in carrying the message to work force

AF/A7CA needs your feedback to adjust communication
messages and tools as needed

Asset Management will NOT succeed without your leadership!
                   Fly – Fight – Win                                 13
                   The Asset Mgt Journey…

We are moving incredibly fast…                            20xx?

…but we have a long way to go!
We’ll get there together as a team



                          If you don’t like change, you’re going
                               to like irrelevance even less.
                                   General Eric Shinseki

                      Fly – Fight – Win                            14
                                                Asset Management
                                                 Closing Thoughts
     Asset Mgt is a journey…culture change & process maturity takes yrs

     Numerous complex efforts on-going, but they’re synchronized and all
     pulling in the same direction
        Will continue to provide updates, guidance
        Relying heavily on FOA, MAJCOM, base input and feedback

     Near-term focus in the field:
        Complete squadron reorg, FOC NLT 1 Oct 08
        Hire/place the “best” folks into key AM positions
        Dissolve stovepipes, encourage cross-functional teaming & educ.
        Aggressively pursue ways to meet 20/20 goal (demo, space use)
        Use BCE Toolkit to educate every single squadron member

                                  CE Transformation CoP
                                   Fly – Fight – Win
                            oP/OpenCoP.asp?Filter=OO-LG-AF-41                            15

CE Transformation – Where Does
Housing Fit?

AF Housing Program

Privatized Housing

Unaccompanied Housing

Special Interest Topics

                      Fly – Fight – Win
                   CE Transformation Vision
                    “20/20 by 2020”
Achieve efficiencies to offset the 20% reduction in funds
 available for installation support activities, and reduce
  the amount of the current Air Force physical plant we
       spend money on by 20% by the year 2020….

    Funding has decreased 14% (20% decrease in
    buying power) over last 2 years
    Must improve business processes and
    organizational structure at all levels - “doing more
    with less” is unacceptable
    Improving warfighter support remains #1 goal
                       Our Challenge:
Enterprise-wide transformation without compromising mission
                       Fly – Fight – Win                      17
                                              Housing Branch
              Asset Management and Operations Division (A7CA), Chief
                               Col Liesel Golden

        Asset Management and Operations Division (A7CA-2), Deputy Chief
                              Mr. Robert Moore

Installation MGT                        Housing Mgt (A7CAH)
                                        Housing Mgt (A7CAH)
     (A7CAI)                              Ms. Connie Lotfi
                                          Ms. Connie Lotfi

      Energy Mgt                                        Housing Ops (A7CAHO)
                                                        Housing Ops (A7CAHO)
       (A7CAE)                                           Ms. Sheila Schwartz
                                                          Ms. Sheila Schwartz

          Env. Quality                            HP PMO (A7CAHP)
                                                  HP PMO (A7CAHP)
           (A7CAQ)                               Ms. Sandra Randolph
                                                 Ms. Sandra Randolph

               Restoration            Housing Mgt (A7CAHM)
                                      Housing Mgt (A7CAHM)
                (A7CAR)               Mr. Roberto Castellanos
                                      Mr. Roberto Castellanos

                              Fly – Fight – Win
                               2008 FHMP Overview
                                  Housing Excellence

“Provide access to
safe, contemporary,
affordable, and
adequate housing on
and off base.”
     CE Strategic Plan, Vol.

                       Fly – Fight – Win
                                  AF Family Housing
                                             Goals and Trends
FY07 and FY09 SPG goals             140000
   Eliminate inadequate units       120000                                                         SPG
   Privatize at least 60% CONUS                                                                    Goal
Requirements trend (FY03-FY09)
is down
   OSD Policy - Off Base First!     60000

   BAH Initiative                   40000
   Mortgage Rates/Available Homes   20000
Projected Inventory for FY09            0
   AF Owned:         37,200                  '00   '01   '02   '03   '04   '05   '06   '07   '08    '09   '10   '11
   Privatized:       41,500              Adequate (MILCON)           Adequate (Privatization)      Inadequate
   Leased:            4,800
   Total             83,500                          Investment Strategy:

                                         Invest in “Worst Keepers First”

                        Fly – Fight – Win
                                         AF Family Housing
                                             Goals Updates
FY07/FY09 SPG Goal to eliminate inadequate housing
   Met FY07 SPG Goal for CONUS installations
   FY09 SPG Goal for OCONUS installations is on-track

Inadequate units defined as:
   Units with Condition Assessment Matrix (CAM) scores 3.75 or less
   Except Japan Bases: units w/CAM scores 3.75 or less and 20 years or
   more since renovated or date of construction

   Privatization through FY09 has exceeded goal – 70% planned privatized
   MILCON execution in trouble: scope creep + cost

Way Ahead
   Integrated MILCON / Privatization Programs
   Privatize all remaining CONUS Bases by 2009 – “New” A7C Goal

                          Fly – Fight – Win
                                               Asset Mgt Analogy:
                                         MFH Portfolio Privatization


# Units



                         FY03   FY04   FY05   FY06   FY07   FY08   FY09   FY10   FY11   FY12   FY13   FY14   FY15
  Privatized             3,856 4,934 8,837 12,617 19,470 30,590 41,533 55,224 55,224 55,224 56,543 56543 56543
  AF Owned - Adequate    39,560 40,649 41,686 40,103 42,208 39,787 32,367 18,487 16,453 15,461 14,142 14142 14142
  AF Owned - Inadequate 60,872 57,275 51,490 43,131 34,505 17,102 4,819   1121   1081    0      0      0      0

                         100,000 to – Win
Reduces AF inventory fromFly – Fight14,000…eliminates 26,000 surplus22
                 Total Housing Program FY09

                  Total FY09 Program: $995M
1,600                                                           FY09
1,400                                  Construction
1,200                                                          $396M
1,000                                  Improvements
  600                                  Maintenance
  400                      Utilities                            O&M
  200                                    Leases                $599M
                          Operations         Privatization
  FY '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13

                        Fly – Fight – Win
      FY09 MFH Investment Program
Program (# Projects)                Units $Millions
New Construction (1)                  182        72
Improvement (9)                     1,920       316
Planning and Design                               8

TOTALS (10)                         2,102      396

                Fly – Fight – Win
                                                  USAFE FY 09 MFH
                                                Investment Program
                               Construction Program
   Base                                 Title                #units        PA ($M)
   RAF, Lakenheath        Replace Family Housing              182           71.8

                             Improvement Program

                                                                      Scope           Cost
       Base                   Project                Project Type      (UN)           ($M)
Lajes Field          Improve Family Housing        Improve            184            41.3
RAF Alconbury        Improve Family Housing        Improve            71             13.2
                     Improve Family Housing and
RAF Feltwell         Infrastructure                Improve            16             11.7
RAF Menwith Hill     Improve Family Housing        Improve            1              0.05

                                                                             Total: $67M

                                Fly – Fight – Win
                                                       Housing Funding
                                          MFH O&M Program
 HCP            FHAC II       FHMP               POM              Program Details
                                                       Operations, Maintenance and Repair,
     Housing Investment Process
                                                       Leasing, Housing Privatization Program
  HRMA: Determines on-base
                                                       Management, Housing Operations
  requirement based on OSD criteria
                                                       Management, utilities
  HCP: Assesses local housing against
                                                       $137 M funded for demolition from MFH
  AF standards, both on/off base
                                                       O&M accounts FY06 thru FY08
  FHMP: AF investment + O&M from
  base FHMPs; assesses HP viability
       FY09 MFH O&M Funding                            Civil Engineer Transformation -- new faces at
                $228 Maintenance                       all levels of organization
$599M program                                                COMMUNICATION is more important
                                                             than ever for requirements advocacy
                                   $100                      If you now have a new role…chances
                                     Utilities               are high that folks who need you…
   Leasing                                                   “don’t know who they don’t know.”
         $94                                           Take Care of Our People remains CSAF
                                            $M         Priority -- you enable this goal!
     HP Support $54           Operations

                                           Fly – Fight – Win
                              New HCP Approach
Prepare for post Defense Planning Guide (DPG) capital
    investment environment – “Integrated approach”

  Emphasis shifting to sustainment

  Incorporate privatization as integral part of MFHP

  Privatization to address future deficits and inadequate housing
  as preferred approach in U.S.

  Frequency – link with HRMA and POM
     Full HCP with condition assessments done every 4 years
     Table-top update done at midpoint between regular HCPs

  Electronic HCP Database

                       Fly – Fight – Win
                          HCP Program Updates
New AF FHMP web-based data base

New HCP Report format

HCPs to be done at non-privatized bases routinely and
privatization initiatives as needed

15-year rule – All units are assessed
      > 15 years – investment
      < 15 years – sustainment

Leased housing – CAM units on expiring leases within the HCP

                       Fly – Fight – Win
                Housing Privatization Plan

Establish the road map to meet the AF/A7C goal to
privatize MFH at all remaining continental U.S.
locations by FY09

Currently on track to meet this goal

Integrate MILCON / Privatization Program

                    Fly – Fight – Win
                   Unaccompanied Housing
                               DPG Goal
 2004 Defense Planning Guidance: “The Military
 Departments will eliminate inadequate housing and
 permanent party barracks by 2007, with the program
 balanced across the FYDP.”

 AF defined “Inadequate” as Deficit or Critical

 AF Invested over $163M per year 2002-2006 (met goal)

New AF policy: E1s - E3s and E4s with less than 3 YOS on base
   Goal: Private room for all permanent party Airmen by 2007

                      Fly – Fight – Win
                         Unaccompanied Housing
                              Meeting The Goals
    Dormitory Master Plan (DMP) –
    Investment Strategy – Meet Goal
        Eliminate Central Latrines
        Eliminate Shared Rooms & Permanent
        Party Deficit by 2007 / Pipeline by 2009
        Replace or Renovate Existing
        Dormitories at the End of Their Facility
                                                   Dorms-4-Airmen Module

Base                 FY09 Projects                             PA ($M)
FE Warren AFB, WY    Renovate Historic Dormitory                     8.6
Eglin AFB, FL        F-35 Student Dorm (new mission)                19.0
Lackland AFB, TX     BMT Recruit Dormitory                          76.5
                                                        TOTAL:     104.1

                            Fly – Fight – Win
                     Unaccompanied Housing
MAJCOMs do not have waiver authority over AF
Dorm 4 Airmen standards

Divestiture of surplus is either by demolition or
alternate use conversion
  DMP details surplus in inventory and
  recommended divestiture

Bases may not assign more than one room per
Airman ( “Suites” ) in order to retain surplus

                   Fly – Fight – Win
                   Unaccompanied Housing
         Prepare for Tomorrow’s Challenges
Dormitory Investment decentralized to MAJCOMs in ‘05
   Is strategy keeping up w/ requirements / AF Goals?

2008 DMP sets new baseline for requirements vs. inventory and
   Provides justification for future investments and identifies surplus
   facilities for demolition
   Tool for MAJCOMs use in building programs

Major challenge: develop investment strategy that takes the AF
beyond the FY04 DPG and meets FY17 goal
   Incorporate demolition into funding plan to reduce inventory,
   consistent with reduced requirements
   Develop funding strategy to renovate / replace existing
   dormitories – TFCS 1.0 – 2.5

                         Fly – Fight – Win
                    Policy - Family Housing
                          Surplus Housing Strategy

  HRMAs indicate AF will have ~ 10,000 surplus units
  AF Surplus Policy issued Aug 03 to eliminate
  inadequate surplus
  Criteria to retain adequate surplus:
     Must have economic life remaining
     Occupancy > 97% (for previous 3 years)
  Vacate through attrition -- minimal
  maintenance permitted
     Health, safety, and Change of Occupancy
     No programmed RPMC or MILCON
Bottom Line:
  Surplus criteria must be met and track your progress
                    Fly – Fight – Win
                             Surplus Dormitories
    The minimum AF standard for occupancy of permanent
    party dormitory for priority 1 and 2 and UOQs/UNCOQs
    used by priority 3 and 4 is 90 percent
    Dormitory facilities no longer needed to house priority 1
    and 2 personnel are considered surplus. Identify surplus
    dormitories and take action to remove from the UH
    Do not authorize BAH for E1s through E4s with less than 3
    YOS unless overall base-wide 90 percent occupancy is
       Bases submit dormitory occupancy reports for review
    Surplus dormitory may be permanently converted to
    another function, leased for enhanced use or demolished
Bottom Line: Take a proactive coordinated approach to determine
  the disposition of surplus dormitories IAW your bases current
                         Fly – Fight – Win
                      Dormitory Master Plan

  Fly – Fight – Win   36

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