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									                                                                                   Manufacture Alabama
                                                                                    Bill Tracking Report
                                                                              2009 Regular Legislative Session

                           Senate Bills                                                          Senate                         House of Representatives
 Bill #                           Subject                         Sponsor      1st Rd.   Committee   2nd Rd.     Final      1st Rd.   Committee   2nd Rd.   Final      Status         Act #   Position

SB28      Appellate/Trial Judges; Experience Qualifications       Bedford        2/3       JUDY        2/19       3/10       3/12       JUDY      3/26SUB                                     Monitor

SB65      Establish Green Fleets Review Commission                Mitchell       2/3       E&NR      3/26AMD                                                                                  Support

SB66      Ethyl Alcohol; Motor Fuel; Exempt fr Regulations        Benefield      2/3      E &NR      3/26AMD                                                                                  Support

SB67      Life Cycled Costing; St Lowest Bid for Pers. Prop.      Mitchell       2/3      E &NR      3/26AMD                                                                                  Support

SB68      Life Cylcle Cost; Use When Purchase St. Vehcl           Mitchell       2/3      E &NR        3/26                                                                                   Support

SB69      AL wireless Telecommunications Siting Act               Benefield      2/3      CT & U     2/19AMDS                                                                                 Support

SB80      Legis. Joint Energy Policy Comm; Office Estab.          Mitchell       2/3        GA         2/24                                                                                   Support

SB99      Appellate/Trial Crt Judge; Limit Contrb $500/Elct.     Smitherman      2/3       C&E         3/10                                                                                   Oppose

SB100     CA: Judicial Vacancies; Vacancy Comm's. Est.           Smitherman      2/3       C&E         3/10                                                                                   Oppose

SB115     CA: AL Inc Tax; Rem Fed Tax Deduct; Expt Food           Sanders       2/03       F &TE     2/19S/As                                                                                 Oppose

SB136     Penalties; Failure to Secure Loads, Trucks             Waggoner       2/03        GA       2/05 AMD   2/17AMD      2/17        PS        2/26     3/10    Pend Gov. 3/10            Support

SB163     CA: 10 Year Road/Bridge; Fund fr AL Trust Fund           Barron       2/03       C&E         3/10                                                                                   Monitor

SB173     Statute Limitat; Toxic Expose; Begin/Discovered         Sanders       2/03       JUDY                                                                                               Oppose

SB202     Campaign Contrib. Reports include Employer info.          Orr         2/03       C&E         3/10                                                                                   Monitor

SB207     PAC to PAC trasfer prohibited                             Orr         2/03       C&E                                                                                                Monitor

SB213     Vehicle Idle Reduction Tech; Increase Wgt Limit          Dixon        2/03       E&NR        3/26                                                                                   Support

SB217     Illegal Alien Employer Prohib ADO Econ. Incent.           Orr         2/03        GA       2/24AMD                                                                                  Monitor

SB240     Prohibit State Contract w/Indiv. Empl. Illegal Alien      Little      2/03        GA         2/24                                                                                   Monitor

SB244     Dissolution of Corp; Employing Illegal Aliens           Mitchem       2/03       CT&U                                                                                               Monitor

SB247     Create AL Security Regulatory Board; Duties             Coleman       2/03        GA         2/24                                                                                   Support

SB259     CA: Legislators Limited to 3 Terms                       Marsh        2/03       C&E                                                                                                Monitor

SB260     Est. AL Pub. Interest Energy Resrch/Dev. Grants         Benefield     2/03       FR&A      2/19AMD                                                                                  Support

SB279     CA: 10 Year Road/Bridge; Fund fr AL Trust Fund           Barron       2/05       F&TG      2/19AMDs   3/03 Lost                                                                     Monitor

SB288     Inc. Tx Credits; Energy Eff. Equip in Homes/Busn        Pittman       2/05       F&TE                                                                                               Support

SB 330    Elevator Safety Board Requirements                       Means        2/10       ID&R                                                                                               Monitor

SB331     Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Act; Amend               Means        2/10       ID&R                                                                                               Monitor

          Manufacture Alabama Bill Tracking Report                                                        1                                                                          11/29/2010

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