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					                                                   MSP Provisioning
Managed Services
SSI will offer three levels of managed services for customer environments. The services provided in each level
are defined in the attached sell sheet.

Service Level Agreement
SSI will provide a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) for each customer.

Service Provisioning
SSI provides managed services utilizing four main support groups as follows:

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is responsible for the proactive maintenance of customer environments,
which includes tasks such as setting alerting thresholds, preventative maintenance utilities/scripts, patch
management, configuration & maintenance of managed tool set, and lab testing.

The Helpdesk is responsible for responsive customer service whenever an alert from the system or a customer is
generated. The alert is handled by Level 1 staff initially, escalated to Level 2 if needed, and escalated to on-site
support staff if further assistance is needed. The Helpdesk is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-
Friday, excluding national holidays. Alerts generated by the monitoring system are escalated based on
thresholds set 24/7/365.

                             NOC - Network
                            Operations Center

                                                   Managed Services

                           Professional Services                     (Technical Account
                          (On-site/Project Mgmt)                    Management, Loaned

The Professional Services group is responsible for Level 3 support, on-site support, and also performs any
project work needed in a customer environment. This group is also responsible for sales engineering, technical
consulting for the other groups, and selection of standards.

The Consulting group is responsible for the overall customer experience. An account manager will be
responsible for technology planning as it relates to the customer’s business, project quotes, customer service,
and contract negotiation.

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