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					Résumé Writing

  How to Get Noticed

  to get an interview
  to market yourself
  to highlight your accomplishments
Which type is best for you?

    Reverse Chronological
      Professional experience
      Education

    Functional
      Skills and experience
      Categorized
Which type is best for you?

    Combination
      Categorized skills
      Work history

    Electronic version – Online
Steps to Writing Résumés
 Step 1 - Plan          Step 2 – Write        Step 3 - Complete

 Analyze situation      Adapt to Your Audience Revise message

 Gather information     Compose the message   Produce message

 Select right medium                          Proofread message

 Organize information                         Distribute message
Résumé Basics

  Appearance counts
  No mistakes
  Meaningful job titles
  Customized for particular jobs
Appearance Counts

  Attractive Layout
  Justify the text instead of using left align
  Choose a common font
      Times New Roman
      Arial

      Verdana
Résumé Basics
    Complete heading
        Name
        Contact info
             Phone numbers
             Email address – deactivate links
             Mailing address

    No “I” in your resume

    Reverse Chronological Order – most recent first
        Education
        Work history
Résumé Basics
   Correct name of your degree or certificate
     Associate in Applied Science Degree in
     Certificate of Technology in _________

   Sample wording:
       Working toward Associate in Applied Science
        Degree in _______. Anticipated completion
        May 2009
Résumé – Get Noticed

    Summary Statement – capture attention

    Accomplishments – not responsibilities

    Evidence of abilities

    Demonstrate your value
Summary Statement
  Keywords that match those of the job description.
  Hard skills (professional and technical experience).
  Soft skills (personal attributes).
  Advanced degrees.
  Years of experience.
  Interesting achievements.
  Anything that sets one apart from other candidates.

    Instead of…Experience working in fast-
     paced environment

    Try… Registered 120+ third-shift
     emergency patients per night

    Instead of … Excellent written
     communication skills

    Try… Wrote jargon-free User Guide for
     11,000 users
 Skilled sales professional with a 15-year track record of
 meeting/exceeding sales targets: two-year winner of top
 performer award, exceeded annual revenue targets by 50 percent
 or more in 2008 and 2009.

 Turns into:

 Skilled sales leader with a 15-year track record of exceeding sales
 goals using a highly adaptable and persuasive selling style.
 Exceeded annual revenue targets by 50 percent or more in 2008
 and 2009 by building on strong organizational and goal-oriented

  13 Most Overused Résumé Phrases
Words that can hurt your résumé
    Aggressive           Goal-oriented
    Ambitious            Hard-working
    Competent            Independent
    Creative             Knowledgeable
    Detail-oriented      Motivated
    Determined           Professional
    Efficient            Reliable
    Experienced          Team Player
    Flexible             Well organized
Cliché                     Better
 Strong communications,    Possess strong
  customer service and       communication, customer
  organizational skills      service and
                             organizational skills,
                             which increased
                             customer satisfaction
                             from 85% to 98% and
                             realized 100% on-time
                             delivery of assigned
Clichés                                       Better
 Introduced new products                      Developed, introduced
                                                and launched successful
                                                new products, which
                                                increased market share
                                                3% and contributed $3
                                                million to bottom-line

  Source: 13 Most Overused Résumé Phrases by Rachel Zupek, writer
Clichés                     Better
 Track record of success    Consistently surpassed
                              sales goal by 10% or
                              more each year.
In Conclusion

      When reviewing your resume, look for the
               following key elements

    Focus: Know the position you want -
     eliminate all the detail that doesn't relate to
     that position.

    Brevity: Less is more. 1-2 pages
In Conclusion

    Keywords: Use plenty of key words –
     computer screening system

    Attention-Grabbing: Captivate the reader -
     convince the reader that you are the best
     candidate for this position
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