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									                            Career Research Essay Outline

   o Interesting grabber about the profession
   o Background information: industry explanation, brief job description
   o Job Outlook
   o THESIS: Argue that this profession plays an important role in today’s society.
      (Use a thesis word: due to, though, although, through, by, since, because, if, despite,
      while, unless, so that)

Part I: Job Overview (educate reader about the basics):
   o Educational requirements (college or vocational degrees, licenses, certificates needed)
   o Typical routines, tasks, responsibilities, work environment
   o Clientele served
   o Professional skills/personal attributes needed

Part II Criticisms of Profession
   o In what way(s) does the public misunderstand or criticize this profession?
   o Provide counter-arguments

Part III: Influences that shape/affect the profession (may be multiple paragraphs)
Research ideas:
   o Technology
   o Outsourcing
   o Economic trends
   o Laws/regulations
   o Environmental needs
   o National/global disasters
   o Risk of Terrorism
   o Community needs
   o Public demand/need
   o Other

Part IV: The profession’s benefits/contributions to members of society
(may be multiple paragraphs)
Research ideas:
   o What sector of the population does this profession serve? (age, demographics, gender,
       ethnicity, economic status, other sector?)
   o How does this profession benefit clientele’s well being (health, wealth, happiness?)
   o Public safety?
   o Community outreach/involvement?
   o Human or virtual relationships?
   o Economic status?
   o Entertainment?
   o Inspiration?
   o Other


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