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English 155/ Spring 2007
Professor Amanda Harrison,
** Schedule is subject to change! Updated 03/12

UNIT #1 - Modern Slavery
  22-Jan   Tuesday

            Introduction, Syllabus, Email/Website Information, Brief Writing Sample
            Homework/ Read: Genre: Chapter 2 & 8
   24-Jan   Thursday
            Sign up for grammar presentations
            Handout: “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott
            You should have bought all the books for class by now!
            In class thesis workshop
            Homework/ Read Hacker 1-54 and Modern Slavery Packet (handouts)

   29-Jan   Tuesday
            Quiz #1
            Film/ Dreams Die Hard
            Due/ Journal #1
            Homework/ Read Hacker 55-90
   31-Jan   Thursday
            Inclass thesis workshop
            Film Viewing/ Human Traffic
            Due/ Essay #1 Outline with thesis (3 copies!)
            Homework/ Read Genre Ch3 and Modern Slavery (handouts)

   5-Feb    Tuesday
            Peer Review workshop on thesis/papers
            LRC Visit
            In-Class: ethos, pathos, and logos
            Due/ Essay #1 First Draft- 3 copies!
   7-Feb    Thursday
            Return Essay #1 first draft to students
            Inclass: Ethos, Pathos, Logos
            Due/ Journal #2

  12-Feb    Tuesday
            Film Viewing/ Human Traffic
            Peer workshop -- Make sure you have 3 copies of your draft!
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   14-Feb    Thursday
             Argument Structure: Classical and Toulmin
             Due/ Essay #1 Second draft -- 3 copies!
             Homework/Read Genre Ch10
             Homework/ Peer Reflection Paper Essay #1

   19-Feb    Tuesday
             8:00-8:15 am, All Students meet in JR307
             8:15-9:30 am, Student Conferences in JR307
             10-11 am, Student Conferences in SN113
             Due/ Journal #3
             Due/ Peer Reflection Paper Essay #1 ( all students at 8am!)
   21-Feb    Thursday
             Student conferences 8am-11am in SN 113

   26-Feb    Tuesday
             Due/ Essay #1 Final Draft ( remember too!)
             Handout Essay #2 assignment sheet
             Watching music videos in class
             Homework/Read Hacker 315-352
             Homework/ Letter #1
UNIT #2 - Music Videos (Visual Arguments)
   28-Feb    Thursday
             Due/ Journal #4
             Homework/ Read Genre Ch7
             Homework/ Prepare Essay #2 outline

   4-Mar     Tuesday
             Inclass: Argument and Counterargument
             Due/ Letter #1
             Due/ Essay #2 Outline -- 3 copies!
             Homework/ 200 word argument
   6-Mar     Thursday

             Homework/ 200 word counterargument
             Homework/ Read Hacker 121-60

  11-Mar     Tuesday
             NO CLASS
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  13-Mar    Thursday
            Due/ Essay #2 First draft -- 3 copies!
            Due/ 200 word argument
            Due/ Extra credit option, Trade (film assignment - from Essay #1)
            Homework/ Peer Reflection Paper Essay #2
            Homework/ Read Genre Ch5-6
            Homework/ work on Essay #2!
            Homework: Begin reading Freakonomics -- plan ahead!


  25-Mar    Tuesday
            Due/ Journal #5
            Due/ 200 word counterargument
            Due/ Peer Reflection Paper Essay #2
            Extra credit posted on class website, Due 05/06
  27-Mar    Thursday
            Due/ Journal #6

   1-Apr    Tuesday
            Due/ Essay #2 Final Draft ( remember
            Handout Essay #3 Assignment
            Inclass: Watching TV Episode, The Wire
            Homework/Read Freakonomics Introduction - P144
UNIT #3 - Freakonomics
   3-Apr    Thursday
            review Freakonomics
            Due/ Journal #7
            Homework/ Read Freakonomics p145-End

   8-Apr    Tuesday
            In-Class Writing/JR248: Please treat this as an exam; you can not make this up!
            Due/Essay #3 Outline & Annotated Bib. -- Only 1 copy for Prof is needed!
            Homework/ "A" paper homework
  10-Apr    Thursday
            Due/ Journal #8
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            Return outlines and bibs to students for review
            Homework/ Letter #2

  15-Apr    Tuesday
            Due/ Essay #3 First Draft -- 3 copies!
            Watching in class tv episode, The Wire
            Homwork/Peer Reflection Paper Essay #3
  17-Apr    Thursday
            Due/ Journal #9
            Due/ Letter #2
            Due/ Peer Reflection Paper Essay #3

  22-Apr    Tuesday
            Work on Essay #3
  24-Apr    Thursday
            Due/ Essay #3 final draft
            Discuss portfolio in detail

  29-Apr    Tuesday
            Bring 2 copies of your Intro letter to class for creative workshop!
   1-May    Thursday
            Due/ Journal #10
            Due/ Extra Credit (posted on website)
  con't…    Portfolio workshop: Bring 3 copies of the 2 papers you are using

   6-May    Tuesday
            Portfolio workshop: Bring 3 copies of the 2 papers you are using
            Due/ Extra credit
            8AM SHARP -- DO NOT BE LATE. Remember: Envelopes + Stamps.

** Always check the class website for an updated schedule
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