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 he   Month1y National Newsmagazine of the Sport 1

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BUD JONES C O * , THE                                              WEDNESDAY, MAY 22
CASES BY GEORGE                                National Individual Tournament Gets Underway
C I N CAR0 MFG. COm                                          Americana Hotel
CRYSTAL LEISURE INC                                          THURSDAY, MAY 23
CUE NIQUE MICRO LOGIC                                                                 -
                                             National Individual Tournament Amorleans H o b 1
                                                               8 A.     -SEMINAR
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                                                             "COME ALIVE IN '85"          -
DELMO BILLIARD COMPANY                                 (Retai l Marketing Discussion)
DIAMOND CUE CO, THE                          Moderator: Loyd M i l e s , Ft. Worth B i l l i a r d Supply
DUFFERIN, INC*                                         "TAPP ING THE UNTAPPED MARKETn
EBONITE RECREATIONBL PBOD. IMC.                         P a t Or+ t z, Soc Ia l D i rector,
FUTURE POOL I N C                                 Senior C i t i z e n s Center, Covlna, Calif.
GALAXY BILLIARD SUPPLY                              10 A.M.        -
                                                                   2 PM ..      -
                                                                               Americana H&el
CANDY ' S INDUSTRIES                                BCA'S "COLLEGE OF POOL KNOWLEDGE"
GEORGIAN ART LIGHTING                          (Panel Discussion Atmad A+ Room P r o p r l d w s )
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GROTE & HUBBELL/NTNqL BLRD M F C              Hotel and Convention C e n t e r During Show Hours
HARVARD ( INDIAN INDUSTRIES)                                      FRIDAY, MAY 24
HENRY W.T.  MALI & CO., THE                          National Individual Tournament Ends
HERITAGE INTERNATIONAL                               A l l American Team Tournament Begins
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                                                                             8 AmM*
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                                                       BOA'S "COLLEGE OF POOL KWWLEDSEm
                                           10 A.M.    -   6 P.M.   - Terrant County Convention Center
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                                                               SATURDAY, MAY 25
                                              A t ! A m ican Team Tournament          -
                                                                                Amer lcana Ho+al

                    E S                                                  SEMINAR
NATIONAL TAVERN NEWS                                             .
                                                               8 A.    -Americana Hotel
NORTH STAR INC                                                "COME ALIVE I N '85"
OLHAUSEN BILLIARD TABLE MFG*                (Continued R a t a l l , Marke-klng, Business Discussion)
PENN-RAY SUTRA CORP                        "tederated by: Loyd Miles, Ft. Worth B i l l i a r d Supply
PETER VITALIE CO                                       "TAPPING THE UMTAPPED MARKETn
PLAYMASTER-RENAISANCE                                   P a t Ortlz, Social Director,
POOL & BILLIARD MAGAZINE                           Senior C i t i z e n s Center, Covlna, C a l i f .
                                           10 A.M.    - 4 P.M.     -   Tarrant County Convention C e n f ~
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TEXAS NAMEPLATE CO                                          B P.M.    +  -
                                                                     F m Worth Club
TOLTEC C 0 . p THE                                   BCA BANQUET AND HALL OF GAME INDUCTION
VIKING CUE M E G *                                                     SUNDAY, MAY 26
WARREN OF STAFFORD                                   A t t American Team Tournament Concludes
WISCONSIN CLOCK CO                                                  8 A.M.
WORLD OF LEISURE MFC.                                SCA Board Meeting          -
                                                                           Americana Hotel
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                Presents                                    VOLUME 1 1 1, NUWER V , MAY 1985
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                                                                          ED I TOR
                                                                  SHARf   J m SIMONSEN

                                                                     FEATURE EDITOR
                                                                        JOE KERR

                                                                  INSTRUCTI ONAL ED I TOR
                                                                     JERRY BR 1 ESATH

     OPEN 9 BALL
                                                                   STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
                                                                     JOSEPH GRANEY

                                                                    CARTOON GRAPHICS

    TOURNAMENT                                                       KARIN FRANCIS

                                                                       PUBLI SHER
                                                                   HAROLD L S I MONSEN

     JUNE 1-8. 1985                                     THE "POOL & BILLIARD MAGAZINEn IS THE
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           $20,000 ADDED
                                                 BOWLIM6 LANES AND UNIVERSITIES: 12 ISSUES EVERY
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           $5,000 ADDED
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                                             THE W MMI NG TEAMS FROM THE PABST 1985 U.S. TEAM OPEN 8-6ALL TOURNAMENT
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 Stripes And Solids                          (SEE OTHER STROKES FEATURE ON PAGE 8 ) . 1 ST PLACE MEN AND WOMEN     -  LEFT TO
                                             RIGHT: ROD FLEN01, STEVE MANICCIA, SCOTT KITTO, TOM HAYDEN, K U I
                                             PICTURED BELOW WERE THE 3RD PLACE FINISHERS IN THE WOMEN'S DIVISION, LEFT
 BCA Hall o Fame
           f                                 TO RIGHT: KARON WOLD, ROSE MALKAV!CH, DEE MARTIN AND KATHY KREWZ.
 The Money Ball                              ASSOCIATION,ANNUAL PRODUCERS OF THE EVENT.

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213/37#-5742                                                         Orange County Sports Arena
    St rickland Wins
    Triple C r o w n !
a   C o n t r i b u t i n g E d i t o r JOE K E R B

    Between March 2 0 and April 13,
    I had the unique pleasure of
    witnessing h i s t o r y being made
    while d i r e c t i n g four major 9-
    B a l l tournaments. It was the
    f i r s t time that any player had
    w o n three consecutive major 9-
    b a l l events. The record is now
    held by Earl S t r i c k l a n d . Earl
    won t h e Ohio State, the West
    V i r i n i a State and the Clyde
    Chiydress World 9-Ball events
    back to back to back.             m he
    took 3rd in t h e Bowling Green
    Open that j u s t ended April 13.
                                                          MIKE    GULLYASSEY  (LEFT)   TOW   SECOND PLACE TO EARL
    Herewith follows a full report                        STRI CKLAND (RIGHT)  I N THE RECENT "WEST V I RGt M I A STATE
    and results on all f o u r events.                    9-BALL OPEN" HELD AT GALAXY 2000

                     Ohio S t a t e                                                    Repeat In W.
    Another great turnout of 64 players and 400
    ^eople a day made the Ohio State +Ball Open
     n Dayton, O h i o a real success. Joe Burns
    ( owner of Forest Park B i l l i a r d s ) made sure
    a l l enjoyed the event while I , as director
                                                                     Joe mania, owner of t h e Galaxy 2000 was t h e
                                                                     graciou~host to "SOm top players at the West
                                                                     V i r g i n i a S t a t e Championships, March 27-31 i n
    and promoter, was indeed pleased to see t h e                    South Charleston. A total of $5,000 was added
    game being played exceptionally w e l l for all                  to the event prize fund by Galaxy and Capitol
    those i n attendance.                                            Chrysler.

    One player who played great nine-ball during                     The newly crowned Ohio S t a t e 9-Ball Champion,
    the entire tournament ecame the           1985 Ohio              Earl Strickland, was ready to lay after h i s
    State 9-Ball Champion"              -
                                   Earl S t r i c k l a n d I        week o l d $6000 victory. E a r l figured he would
                                                                     just win another seven sessions in a r o w and
    Strickland's recent award as the 1984 player
    of the year was truly befitting                                  add $5000 to his rapidly expanding bank roll.
    young s t a r . The exceptionally tough f i e d at
    the event (Sigel, Massey, Di Liberto, S w e e t ,
                                                          great      A s the promoter, I noted that with this w i n ,
                                                                     Earl won an amazing 14 s t r a i g h t sessions be-
    Davenport, Howard, Swanson, Gulyassey, Hall,                     tween the t w o e v e n t s . T h i s second victory on
    Hunter and Billy Johnson to name a f e w ) only                  t h e spring-tour boosted Earl to t h e top of
    prompted young Earl to sweep the tournament                      the 1985 money list and a great s t a r t on re-
    undefeated.                                                      peating as player of the year.
    Other great performances w e r e turned in by              -     Mike Gulyassey from Warren, Ohio played rock-
                                                                     solid 9 - b a l l for the entire tournament. This
    BUDDY HALL, a f t e r l o s i n g to Rick G a r r i s o n i n
    t h e second round of play, Buddy executed 9"                    was his second, 2nd place finish in a major
    opponents in a row and almost won it a l l .                     event. Look for him to get a title r e a l soon.
                                                                     Toby Sweet of Florida pla ed smooth all week
    BOB WILLIAMS of Florida made his best show-
    ing ever i n a major event, finishing t h i r d .                                                    I
                                                                     and w i t h a couple good r o l s could have very
                                                                     easily won t h i s tournament. Mike Sigel fought
    JIMMY HODGES o f Bowling Green, Kentucky, was
    outstanding taking a 4th place f i n a l finish.                 his way through e i g h t tough matches defeating
    RICK GARRISON o f C i n c i n a t t i , Ohio defeated            the l i k e s of V i c k e r y , Danny Di L i b e r t o , Hall,
    Hail, Vickery and Sigel to finish in a very                      Gumphrey , Davenport and f i n a l l y l o s i n g to the
    respectable 7th p o s i t i o n . Look f o r other t o p         second place finisher Gulyassey. S i q e l ended
    finishes by this g e n t l e but lethal opponent.                up t h e event in the 4th spot behind 3rd p l a c e
                                                                     Toby S w e e t .
    The t o t a l prize fund was $21,000 w i t h $ 5 , 0 0 0
    added by Joe Burns. s t r i c h l a n d won $6000 f o r          The total purse reached $77,500 and was paid
    I s t , H a l l took $3,000 for 2nd while Williams               to the top 16 places. First paid $ 5 , 0 0 0 .
    received $2,000. The event paid 24 places.
                                                                                                              CONTINUED ON PAGE 7
              K e n t u c k y , Third
               Jewel In Crown
57 layers arrived at Monroe Brock's Maverick
Clu in Richmond, Kentucky to compete in t h e
4th Annual Clyde Childress for a $3,000 r i n g
and $33,000 in cash between April 1 and 6.
The semi-finals saw Keith McCready taking the
w i n n e r s bracket w i t h an 11-8 victory over the
f i e s t y Earl Strickland.         On the other s i d e it.
was Dave Howard b e a t i n Allen Hopkins 11-7 to
get a chance at S t r i c k and.         Stnckland did a
quick job on Howard, beating him 11-2 and had
his chance at McCready a g a i n . Keith jumped t o
a f a s t 7-2 a d v a n t a g e , racing to 1 1 . He t r i e d
to make it 8 w i t h one of the greatest shots STRICKLAND I N TOP FORM AS HE WINS A TRIPLE CROWN, $21,000
ever made. Keith was hooked and called a two CASH AND A $3,000 DIAMOND R I N G
rail kick bank shot- that went in like it had
eyes. Even a f t e r t h i s spectacular shot, Earl
won the game bringing the score to 8-3. K e i t h                   Beat          A t Bowling Green
kept scoring across s i d e kicks to get out of
trouble but Earl eventually t i e d him 10
It looked like Keith McCrcady w o u l d w i n after
                                                     -   10.   A f t e r the three exciting events i n Ohio, West
                                                               V i r g i n i a and Kentucky, I was more than ready
a l l but suddenly he missed a very makeable 7-                to head back home f o r what I felt was a w e l l
                                                               deserved rest. The Bowling Green 0 en a t Cue
ball and Earl took the session. In the final
match Earl ran away w i t h an 11-6 v i c t o r y and          m e B i l l i a r d s was t o be directed    by   t h e very
                                                               capable Grady Mathews. B u t on short n o t i c e ,
became the first player to win 3 b i g ones in
succession.                                                    Grady had to return home due to an illness in
                                                               his family. Jimmy Hodges, promoter, asked me
B e s i d e the t i t l e and t h e record, Earl picked        to fill in for Grady and I was glad I d i d . I t
up $10,000 cash and the $3,000 Diamond Ring.                   turned out to he another excellent event with
McCready received $6,000 for second and David                  a full field of 32 players v y i n g for $12,000.
Howard was paid $ 4 , 0 0 0 for t h i r d . Hopkins got
$3,000 for fourth place. Other players in the                  It was Earl S t r i c k l a n d in t h e winners bracket
cash were Jay Swanson and Jimmy Reid $1,500;                   once again but this time Kim Davenport edged
Larry Hubbart and Wade Crane $1,000; Buddy                     him out 11-10. Then David Howard got his t u r n
Hall, S t e v e Dobrowolski, Howard Vickery and                and knocked Earl into a t h i r d place f i n i s h by
Dave Bollman $ 7 5 0 ; D i L i b e r t o , Tony Coleman,       beating him 11-4.         The last match went to t h e
Toby S w e e t and Dave Favor $500.                            w i r e at. 10 to 10 between Howard and Davenport
                                                               with a final 1 1     -   10 v i c t o r y for Davenport.
This years C h i l d r e s s also featured a         "9-Ball   Steve Gumphrey played a strong tournament and
Banksi event. The event went o f f with a full                 took fourth for $1,000 followed by: H a l l and
32 player field for $7,400 in t h e p r i z e fund.            Rusty Brandmeyer $ 8 0 0 , Wade Crane and Bobby
Going a l l the way undefeated was the greatest                Leg $500; Stan Shuffettt K. McCready,                  Steve
bank pool player in the world.
Truman Hogue from Louisville, KentuckyT G a r y
                                               H i s name is       ?
                                                               Lii is and Mike Gullyassey $300.
Spaeth took second f o r $1600 followed by:                    My next re ort will come to you from the Glass
Gum hrey $1000; Crane $800; Hall                 G Reichle,    C i t y 9-Bal? Open in Toledo, May 17-19.               check
$5Ot;      Tony Ferguson and Danny M d m a $20 0 .             out t h e i r ad in this i s s u e .

I Manufacturer       o the Most Diversified
                      f                                   1            3812 W. Bumham         Mllw. Wl 53215              I
 Line   of   Billiard Ball Clocks & Plaques                                      PH. (41 4) 383-9661
                   in the World
        njt.BlTIMxt, IflTEJSflATlVBAli
                   1280 NORTH AVENUE
    All Original Registered Designs
ISee Our Clocks at the BCA Trade Showi
                                                              I        DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED                           1
                                                                  COMING THIS MONTH
           Record P r i z e Fund                                  INTERNATIONAL MEET
                                 For                                                                 IN
               P a b s t Teams
The Pabst B r e w i n g Co. and the NPBA
                                                                                            TOM KOLUNS  -  I S 1 Rep.
                                                                                            and coordinator for the
teamed up as a winning combination                                                          I SL Amateur Snooker Team
in their 7th annual team event!                                                             Championships   In Chicago.
The   " 1985 National Team   Championsn         ~
represent Miller Time B i l l i a r d s of                  The 11th Annual International Snooker League
Moline, II., ( Scott Kitto             -
                                       Steve                Amateur Team Championship for t h e Joe Davis
Maniccia-Tom Hayden & Rod F l e n o i ) .                   Memorial Trophy will be at the Chicago ~ t h -
The Miller T i m e team won $6000 for                       l e t i c Club i n Chicago, May 18-26, 1985.
first place against t h e Sheperds
team of Wauwatosc~Wisconsin (Chuck                          The ISL f i e l d w i l l be made up of ten teams
Olla, Tony O l l a , John C h i l d e r s and               representing England, Ireland, Wales, United
John h o k e r   -
               2nd $2,500).                                 States, Scotland, Bermuda and Canada. A for-
                                                            mat i n c l u d i n g three man teams p l a y i n g in a
89   mens teams and 49 l a d i e s teams,                   round-robin competition will be used.
consisting of 4 players on a t e a m ,
from throughout the United States                           The United States t e a m will be lead by Tom
and Canada competed f o r a record                          Kollins and Don Feeney who recently repre-
breaking p r i z e f u n d - of $33,300 in
t h e 7th Annual P a b s t U n i t e d States       np      s e n t e d the U S. in World Amateur Snooker in
                                                            Dublin, Ireland. The teams third member is
Team Open 8-ball tournament h e l d
in Milwaukee, Wi.,          March 29       -
                                          31.       ha      Terry Dowling. As the host country, the USA
                                                            is e n t i t l e d to a second team which will be
                                                            designated the Chicago entry. Chicago Team
                         went to Carom Room from
T h i r d place, $ 1 , 5 0 0 ,                              c a p t a i n Jim Hash has named t w o - t i m e U S Open
Bebit,  Wisconsin (John Brannon, Henry Smith                Straight Pool Cham ion, Dallas West to the
Gary Fiedler and Dave C o l e s ) who defeated a            t e a m w i t h a third        still needed.
Canadian team from Windsor, Ontario, called
the Kozak's (Bob R e s i n , Charlie Kobryn, Mike           The Canadian t e a m of Ken Shea, Ervin Budge
Sardellie and Pat White            -
                               4th place $ 1 , 0 0 0 ) .    and Bill Olson will return to defend last
                                                            year's crown. Out of the last seven years
The $3000 1st place for the women's division                t h e y have captured the I S L title f i v e times.
was won by t h e Breaking Point of West Allis,              T h e i r string was intempted i n 1980 and 1982
Wisconsin (Linda Stepanski, Lynn Reed, Kelli                by the E n g l i s h team of Noel Miller-Cheevers,
Mathews and Lynn M o d l i n s k i ) by defeating the       Alan Wix and Charlie Smith.
Sportsman's Bar of N e w Glarus, Wisconsin who
took the 2nd place $1500 ( P e g Ledman, Cherie             Following the t e a m competition, an individ-
s m i t h t Julie Fitzpatrick and Debby Weber).             ual knockout tournament will determine the
The Breaking Point has been putting together                outstanding player in singles, followed by a
some of the strongest girls teams year a f t e r            Dinner   &   Awards Dance.
year. They have won t h i s event three times
i n t h e last seven years.                                 The   ISL Tournament is held in a d i f f e r e n t
                                                            venue each c r * The site^ were New York in
Cannon Lanes of Cannon Falls, Minnesota took                1975 and 19 9           Bermuda in 1976, 1980, 1984;
t h i r d place in the women's division ( $ 1 , 1 0 0 -     Toronto in 1978 and 1983; London, England in
Karen Wold, Rose Malkavich, Dee Marting and
Cathy Krentz) over N e x t Best Thing ( $ 900
Debby Elastic, Suzi Quail, Joyce Triggs and
                                                       -    1977; Miami in 1981; and Edinburgh, Scotland
                                                            i n 1982. The 1986 ISL Tournament will be in
                                                            London, England, and according to XSL Presi-
Karmen Broncatti) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.                dent, Noel Miller-Chewers, may be enlarged
                                                            to accoroodate twelve countries. Interest in
T h team event is produced each year by the                 this organization has budded in India, Malta
National Pocket B i l iard Association.              $200   Australia, Honq Kong, SriLanka and Thailand.
was paid to a n y t e a m winning one match. $600           Some of these countries will attend the ISL
was t h e purse f o r f i f t h thru e i g h t h place in   Annual General Meeting, on May 25 durin
t h e men s division and $ 5 0 0 for the women.
Ninth thru sixteenth paid $ 3 0 0 for the men.
                                                            Chicago Tournament where the subject wi 1the
                                                            a major d i s c u s s i o n point.
                   BCA H a l l Of Fame Pick For 1985

                                                                                   Jean Balukas

                                                                           The Billiard Congress of America announced
                                                                           t h e election of Jean Balukas to the Billiard
                                                                           Hall of Fame. Though Jean is only 26 years
                                                                           old, she is considered the greatest woman
                                                                           b i l l i a r d player o f a l l time. She entered the
                                                                           U. S. Open when she was but 9 years old and
                                                                           shocked the world by placing 7th in a f i e l d
                                                                           of 16. In 1972, she captured her first. U. S.
                                                                           Open Championship and became the youngest
                                                                           national champion in American sport h i s t o r y .
                                                                           She has now won 7 consecutive U . S . Opens.
                                                                           Dave Maidment, president of BCA, announced
                                                                           that Jean Balukas would be inducted into t h e
                                                                           H a l l of Fame at a special banquet to be held
Jean Ba l ukas (center poses a f t e r w Inn I ng her l as+ major          May 2 5 , 1985, Saturday n i g h t , in Fort Worth,
t i t l e , the Pool & Billiard Magazine's 4 t h Annual C l a s s i c      Texas in the Fort Worth Club. The banquet is
Cup h e l d I n Chicago during December of 1984. W i t h Jean              open to the general public. Since seating is
are B e l i n d a Campos, l e f t , winner o f t h e 1983 Classic Cup      limited, you are urged to get tickets innned-
and VIckt ~ r e c h k n , t h e 1982 Classic Cup t i t l e h o l d e r .   lately. Tickets may be obtained by w r i t i n g
                                                                           Billiard Congress of America, 9 South Linn,
                                                                           Iowa City, IA 5 2 2 4 0 . Prices are $27.50 each
                                                                           for a prime beef dinner. Dave Maidinent h a s
           Those who choose                                                also announced t h a t the featured speaker at
                                                                           t h i s banquet will be Mickey Spillane, author
                                                                           of the Mike Hammer series.
                                                                           The Hall of Fame banquet will be the culmin-
                                                                           ation of billiard week in Fort Worth, Texas.
                                                                           Starting on May 22nd, t h e BCA will conduct
                                                                           its National Individual & B a l l Championships
                                                                           w i t h "128" players in the rtten'~ division and
                                                                           approximately "90" women. These competitors
                                                                           will be v y i n g f o r a special award c a l l e d the
                                                                           Cristofor Columbo Trophy, which is furnished
                                                                           by the Ligure Regional Government of Italy.
                                                                           In addition to the four foot trophy which is
                                                                           engraved w i t h their name, they will receive
                                                                           a free trip for two to the Italian Riviera,
                                                                           all expenses paid and a smaller copy of the
                                                                           Cristoforo Colurabo Award which is being done
                                                                           by an Italian sculpturer.
                                                                           On Friday, the competition in the individual
                                                                           Tournament w i l l be winding down and over 110
                                                                           teams will participate An a t e a m tournament

                                                                           to determine the 1985 All American Champion.
                                                                           The Trade Show of     the Billiard Industry will
                                                                           be held in the T a r r a n t County Convention
                                                                           Center, s i x blocks from the tournaments s i t e
                                                                           at t h e Americana H o t e l . This BCA Trade Show,

    all the rest!
                                                                           in its second year will feature over 100 ex-
                                                                           hibitors u s i n g approximately 4 0 , 0 0 0 sq. ft.
                                                                           of space in the Convention Center.
                                                                           Dave Maidement has declared that F o r t Worth,
    7172 Old Htgfluw 7R                                                    Texas will be Billiard Capitol of the Nation
   Otwr Branch. Ms. Mftif                 PHONE (601) B9S-4877             from May 22nd through May 27th, 1985. 2,000
                                                                           plus participants and interested persons are
                                                                           expected to take part i n various phases of
                                                                           the weeks a c t i v i t i e s .
       $54,000 T a b l e ?                                             NEW PRODUCT
If you haven't registered yet for the Bill-                      An     amazing new product for billiards, pool
iard Congress of America Trade Show ' 8 5 , you                  and snooker players i s being introduced this
owe it t o y o u r s e l f to do i t now. BCA Trade              m o n t h to dealers from around the country a t
Show ' 8 5 is t h e industry's only t r a d e show               BCA' s 2nd Annual Trade Show in Ft. Worth.
of its kind, where everything in billiards,
accessories and recreation room products                         "Slip S t i c l ' , the new product's trade narne,is
will be displayed by leading manufacturers.                      an individual size hand powder developed for
                                                                 the sport by the Sweden Products Company. It
The   show will be held at t h e Tarrant County                  is being marketed and d i s t r i b u t e d in the U S A
Convention Center in t h e heart of downtown                     by t h e Pool & B i l l i a r d Magazine and will be
Ft. Worth,   Texas, May 23-24-25. Continuous                     available at their Booth #lo05 at t h e show.
free transportation will be provided between
t h e convention center and nearby Americana                     Sweden Products Company says that S l i p Stic
Hotel, headquarters for the 2nd annual show.                     is an excellent hand c o n d i t i o n e r for keeping
                                                                 t h e hands and fingers dry while providing a
An    impressive lineup of products are on tap,                  s i l k y smooth coating that allows f o r a free,
o f f e r i n g retailers, wholesalers, chain store              easy stroke on every shot.
buyers, billiard room proprietors and others
a once-a-year opportun.ity to see t h e largest                  Another advertised advantage is that taverns
array of products ever brought together. You                     and rooms can sell the products across their
can make new contacts and take advantage of                      counters for .75 cents each and do away w i t h
the many show s p e c i a l s .                                  the mess created by powder cans and blocks.
One exhibitor will have a $54,000 pool table
on display.
Hake a trip to Texas in May. It's worth it 1
                                                                 Mobil Oil Co.
                                                                             and Pool      U   r   n   Â

                                                                 Fourth ranked woman professional, Ewa Hataya,
                                                                 from Michigan will be perfonniny a pocket-
                                                                 billiards exhibition for the Mobil Oil C O . ,
Meucci I n t r o a s                                             Convention. The show w i l l take place at the
                                                                 Sheraton Hotel in Chicago between May 17-19.
New Cu,e L i n e                                                 Barry Dubow, WPBA spokesman, said the recent
               "                                                 increased level of interest from major firms
                                                                 outside the sport is encouraging.
L o r i Jon        On S t a f f
                                                                 T h i s event adds to the array of promotions
                                                                 happening around the country. It signifies
                                                                 the increased level of interest in business
                                            Lori   Ion           entertainment# an indicator t h a t pool is on
                                                                 i t s way to becoming a top recognized sport.
Meucci Originals will introduce it's newest
line of custom cues a t the BCA Trade Show in
Ft. Worth, Texas in May.                 B o b Meucci, owner
of the cue making company, s a i d the new l i n e
w i l l follow the tradition of being made in a
style and named for a professional player on
h i s s t a f f . The new "Earl S t r i c k l a n d " Meucci
O r i g i n a l s l i n e w i l l feature four unique cues
ranging i n price up to $500.
Earl S t r i c k l a n d and the many other top stars
on the Heucci Staff have recently been join-
by female professional, L o r i Jon Ogonowski.
Both players have made pool headlines during                                     713 432-1806
t h e last several months.          S t r i c k l a n d became
the f i r s t layer in the sport history to win
three 9-ba 1 major events in succession. Bob
~ e u c c i noted t h a t Earl won h i s very first,
                                                                                P. 0. BOX 270837
plus a l l other major events since, with h i s
Meucci and L o r i Jon defeated Jean Balukas t o                            HOUSTON, TEXAS 77277
win t h e title a t Red's Wornens Open 9-Ball in
Houston with her Meucci O r i g i n a l .
                                                                             Florence Says Keep
                                  PROFESSIONAL                               'Image' Ball Rolling
                                         WOMEN                               Richard Florence would like to see the iroa~e
                                                                             of billiards continue to undergo a dramatic
                                                                             change, f r o m roguish to respectable.
                                                                             Florence, the p r e s i d e n t of t h e United S t a t e s
                                                                             Professional Billiards Tour, feels the pub-
                                                                                   rception of the game is s t i l l centered
Barry Dubow, Executive Director of the Women's
Professional Billiard Association recently has
                                                                             %=&    ' hustler1 as portrayed in movies an&
                                                                             on television.
announced that the WPBA is s t i l l conducting a
national membershi drive. Membership patches                                 "Many people still have this idea that b i l l -
cards, and a newsletter are just part o f the                                iards players are roguish characters who
package being offered.                                                       roam around the country looking for anyone
                                                                             who is willing to play for h i s last dollar.
Several corporate sponsors are being sought to                               There may s t i l l be some individuals who live
establish a pro tour for t h e women. Barry said                             l i k e that, but it i s not a t r u e representa-
i f these talks are successful, t h e WPBA w i l l                           tion of the sport today. The USPBT is d o i n g
have more to offer than j u s t the protection of                            something to change that perception.
the players r i g h t s .
                                                                             " A t our championship tournaments, l i k e those
                                                                             at Caesars Palace and Caesars Tahoe, nearly
                                                                             200 of t h e best come to compete and they are
                                                                             serious about their game* They play and look
                                                                                    . Many of these players are now sponso-
                                                                                       companies in t h e hi lliards-industry.
   - -                                                                       These players are concientious about public
                                                                             image. There's no place f o r t h e %hustleri in
                         & MASSEY                                            our game, s i n c e he normally doesn't w a n t to
                                                                             be known anyway.
   KA           WINNING
                                                                             "USFBT tournaments are h e l d in first class
                                                                             establishments and are shown to national TV
                                                                             audiences on ESPN, t h e sports cable network.
                                                                             More and more billiards-oriented companies
                                                    Mika Mammy,              are t a k i n g advantage of t h e exposure offered
                                                    pr61essional             by television and want t o become sponsors.
    Jim McDçrmott                                  player. and w o ~
         President of                               renowned                 "We offer p r i z e s that reach i n t o s i x figures
                                                    exhibition and
     McDermott Cue
   donufocturing, Inc.                              tnck-ihol artist.
                                                                             and that was unheard of 10 ears ago. In or-
                                                                             der to continue with t h e s e benefits          --
            What makes Mike Massey
              a McDermott man?
    In one word, WINNING. Mike says his gome has
                                                                        1    playing venues, the sponsors, the t e l e v i s i o n
                                                                             and t h e money, "this sport has t o become more
                                                                             business like and less flighty."
                                                                             The USPBT and its major sponsors, McDermott
    improved dromotically since he started using a                           Cue Mfg. and Corner Pockets of America, w i l l
    McDermott cue. Maybe it's the absolute stroightnessof                    host their f i r s t 1985 tournament Aug. 5-10,
    the shaft. O the solid hit and feel of the woorf-to-wood
                 r                                                           at Caesars Palace in L a s V e q a s . The second
                                                                             tournament in 1985 will be
    joint. O just the confidence one has when playing with                   held O c t . 2 8 to Nov. 2 at
    the world's finest cue. We prefer to believe it is all of                Caesars Tahoe in Nevada,
    these things. See your McDerrnott Deoler for o FREE                      while a t h i r d tournament
    color brochure containing oil 26 models of our beautiful                 is planned for the first
    ' D " line. Tell him Mike sent you.                                      week in December, 1985 at
                                                                             Caesars Atlantic C i t y in
     McDtnnoW -ThmOfficial Cum for Life BmrWorld S W I M of
                Smo us at B.C.A. Fort Worth, Booth 716-718.
     Tavmrn Pool.
                                                                        II   N e w Jersey.
                                                                             Florence h a s arranged w i t h
                                                                             the C l e a r i n g Bureau of t h e
                                                                             Pool & B i l l i a r d Magazine
                                                                             to have the reviously set
                             W 1 M N 7 H r M A R C T ROAD                    5th Annual C l a s s i c cup re-
                          MENOMONEE FALLS Wl S M 5 1 4 W                     schedule the events dates
                                PHONE t H / 7 5 i 4 M
                                                                             to avoid anv conflict if
                                                                             and when t h e A t l a n t i c City   R J & ; ~ Florence
                                                                             event becomes finalized.
                                         an You Stand Up To This?

                                                                     By Instructional Editor
                                                                         JERRY BRIESATH
                                                                 hip  and your head should always,
                                                                 always be directly over your cue,
                                                                 whether you are bending over just
T h i s month we should go back to a very basic                  a little or a great deal.
but often overlooked necessity in your game.
Many amateur players,     when improving their                   These careful reminders are an
game and begin learning t h e " f i n e r p o i n t s " ,        excellent checklist for trouble
w i l l suddenly go wrong somewhere. They may                    spots i n your game. Stand up to
not be getting down on t h e shot correctly or                   the table with a s o l i d stance.
claim that they feel awkward somewhere and
tire easily when playing.                                        Sometimes it may be helpful to ask
                                                                 a friend or partner on your local
The cure is fast, simple and quite often it                      league t e a m or at your local room
is overlooked. Ask yourself: How am I stand-                     to watch you shoot several and see
i n g and bending over a shot? Perhaps you are                   what you are doing. Quite often,
standing w i t h your feet too close together,                   another player will be able to see
thus f o r c i n g you to bend both knees when you               what you are unable to.
are down over a shot.
T h i s can be both awk-
ward and t i r i n g . In-
stead, keep your f e e t
at least 18 inches
apart. Keep your back
l e g straight and your
front l e g either bent
or. straight, depend-
i n g on your personal
preference. Make sure
that t h e your body
weight is distributed
evenly; 5 0 % on both
back and front legs.
B e i n g balanced w i l l
make you comfortable.

Your grip hand on the
butt of the cue s t i c k
should be only 2 - 3
inches away from your              F H e photo of professional player, W l 11le Munswi, demonstrates
                                   correct stance* Head I n d i r e c t line over cue, g r i p hand 2-3 Inches
                                   from h i p , legs balanced a+ least 10 Inches apart.
                                                                                             RANK PLAYER                               P A       T.P.A    1984         1985

      STRICKLAND, EARL (TX)              80.2% .875                                                 ZUGLAN, STEVE                      18.0%     .830
      SIGEL, MIKE (MO)                   78.7% e861                                                 KARPINSKI, P H I L (DE)            18.0%
      HOWARD, DAVE ( F L )               69.1% - 8 4 4                                              PARSONS, RUSSELL (M I )            18.0%
      HALL, BUDDY ( M I )                61.5% - 8 6 3                                              FAVOR, DAVE (OH)                   17.1%     e745
      MIZERAK, STEVE (NJ)                59.1% -865                                                 FIX, GREG (MN)                     17.1%
      REWE, J I M (PA)                   56.15 a819                                                 BRUNSTETTER, J * (CAI              17.1%
      MCCREADY, KEITH (CA)               54.6% -831                                                 LEGG, BOBBY ( I N )                16.2%     -823
      DILIBERTO, DANNY (NY)              53.6% e825                                                 SPITZER, DICK (SO)                 16.2%
      WEST, DALLAS (ID                   52.6% - 8 4 5                                              BURGE, BILLY                       16.2%
      MATHEWS, GRADY ( M I )             51.5% -815                                                 OOMI NQUEZ, ERNEST0 (C             16.2%
      VICKERY, HOWARD (OH)               50.8% e772                                                 BRUNT, GEORGE (FL)                 16.2%     e834
      MASSEY, MIKE (TN)                  50.5% .794                                                 CARROLL, EDDIE                     1 6 -2%
      HOPKINS, ALLEN (NJ)                50.3% - 8 8 2                                              CATRANO, J I M (NY)                16.2%
      SWANSON, JAY (CAI                  48.4% ,816                                                 JARVIS, MARK (ID                   1 6 -2%
      DAVENPORT, K I M (CA)              44.2% - 8 4 6                                              LEMKE, LOUIE (MN)                  16.1%     .813
      CARTER, JEFF ( W l )               44.2% -825                                                 MORALES, CEASAR ( P I              1 6 -0%   .896
      VARNER, NICK (KY)                  44.2% e828                                                 HQGUE, TRUMAN (KY)                 16.0%
      MEDINA, DANNY (CO)                 43.4% - 8 3 3                                              TRUJILLO, PETE                     1 6 -0%
      MUNSON, WILLIE ( W l )             39.1% - 7 8 2                                              ROBERTS, LOUIE (MO)                16.0%
      SHUPUT,JOHN(NE)                    36.71-815                                                  BREIT, JACK                        16.0%     -782
      GULYASSY, MIKE (OH)                36.1% a845                                                 JOHNSON, BOBBY (KY)                15.9%     -777
      LOUIE, DAN (WA)                    3 5 .OK                                                    WEAVER, DICK ( I D                 15-95     -794
      HUBBART, LARRY (MO)                34.3% -815                                                 SARDELLI, MIKE ( M I )             15.9%
      HUNTER, BOB (MI                    32.75 .833                                                 KOLARI, STEVE                      15.9%
      SPENCER, TOM (ID                   3 1 -2% - 7 6 6                                            SMITH, SCOTT (CO)                  15.9%
      MARTIN, RAY (NJ)                   30.3% .802                                                 ALLEN, RONNIE (CA)                 15.8%     -783
      OAKS, STEVE ( IN)                  27.9%                                                      COLEMAN, TONY (MI )                15.4%     ,756
      REID, JIMMY ( F L )                2 7 - 6 1 -851                                             MIELKE, B I L L (CA)               15.4%
      BUTERA, LOU (CA)                   27.8%                                                      POLO, DON (NJ)                     15.4%
      THOWSON, RODNEY (AZ)               27.6%                                                      BOLLMAN, DAVE (VA                  15.0%     -828
      FUSCO, J I M (PA)                  27.6%                                                      BAKER, PAUL ( I A )                14.6%     .695
      GUWHREY, STEVE (TN)                26-35                                                      ABRUZZO, JOHN ( I D                14.0%
      NOLAN, GARY (OK)                   2 6 -0%                                                    DOBOSINSKI, RON ( W l )            14.0%
      VANOVER, BOB (TX)                  25.4% .a41                                                 DOBROWOLSK I , STEVE               13 -9%
      BELL, TERRY (MO)                   25.2% a815                                                 MEYER, JOHN (NY)                   13.9%
      STIGALL, B I L L ( F L )           25.2%                                                      SPAETH, GARY (OH)                  13.7%     .789
      BRIENZA,PAUL(CA)                   23.0%.802                                                  LHOTKA, PETE                       13.0%
      FISHER, FRANK (TN)                 22-79                                                      LANGE, STEVE ( I A )               1 3 .O$
      BROWN, TOM ( F L )                 22.5% -785                                                 FLEMING, PAT (NJ)                  12.7%
      SLUPIK, RICHARD (ID                22.5%                                                      MACDONALD, CHRIS                   12.6%
      MEGIVERON, DICK (CA)               21.9%                                                      KWONG, TIM (CA)                    12.5%
      TUGWELL, CECIL (CAI                21.6%                                                      HALLETT, DANA (AZ)                 12.4%
      CRANE, WADE (NC)                   21.2% - 8 5 8                                              MEACHAM,BILL (CO)                  12.05
      HODGES, JIMMY (KY)                 21.2% -818                                                 BELL, BUCKY                        12.0%     -761
      DENNIS, BUDDY (AZ)                 2 1 -2% -791                                               SEXTON, HARRY                      12.0%
      BRANDMEYER, RUSTY (MO              21 -1%                                                     KELLY, ED                          12 .O%
      BUSSEY, JOHN (NE)                  21 . I $                                                   FRAKES, N E I L                    12.0%
      MARYO, MARK (OH)                   21.1% -812                                                 MCVAY, GARY (PA)                   12.01
      WILLIAMS, BOBBY ( F L )            20.9% e850                                                 WEIR, B I L L Y                    12.0%
      COOK, STEVE ( F L )                20.5%                                                      MULLOY, B I L L                    12.0%
      MANNICIA, STEVE ( I A )            20.2%                                                      STATON, B I L L (WA)               12.0%
      YEAGER, DAVE ( I A )               19.9%                                                      FLORENCE, RICHIE (CAI              12.0%
      STANELLE, KEVIN ( W l )            19.9%                                                      PINKOWSKI, GARY (NY)               12.0%
      MARTIN, RONNIE                     19.5%                                                      GEILER, RICH (WA)                  12.0%     .741
      SALAZAR, JOE (CA)                  19.2%                                                      HANSEN, RICHARD                    12.0%
      VILLAPONDO, JOE (WY)               19.05                                                      GANDARELLA, SERGIO (C              I 1 -3%
      SWEET, TOBY ( F L )                18.3% a794                                                 MICHAELS, GEORGE ( I D             11.3%
      LILLIS,STEVE(TN)                   18.3$.830                                                  RHODES,DAVID (CA)                  11.2%     .815
      MATLOCK, DAVE (OK)                 18.2% - 7 8 8                                              RUOCCO, TOM (NJ)                   11.2%
      MAYES, RON (ID                     18.2%                                                      KITTO, SCOTT ( I A )               11.2%
      FUTTERNICK, ROY                    18.0%                                                      ROMERO, AL                         11.2%
      IGEL, B I L L (CA)                 1 8 .O(                                                    D' IWERIO, DAN                     11.2%
      SHOOTMAN, CHARLES (CO              18.0%                                                       IVES, MIKE                        10.5%
      LEDFORD, LEON (CO)                 1 8 .O%                                                    WIGGAM, STEVE                      10.5%

P l a y e r R a n k i n g s a r e b a s e d o n a COMPUTERIZED POOLPLAYER ANALYSIS (CPA) d e v e l o p e d b y t h e P o o l & B i l l i a r d Magazine.
T h e CPA r a t i n g r e s u l t s f r o m a p l a y e r s s u c c e s s I n t h e number a n d t y p e o f r e c o r d e d t o u r n a m e n t s d u r i n g t h e p r e v i o u s
3 6 months. T h e CPA, b a s e d o n t h e a b o v e h i s t o r y , I n d i c a t e s t h e p l a y e r s p e r c e n t a g e c h a n c e o f w i n n i n g a t o u r n a m e n t
I n a f i e l d c o n s i s t i n g o f these t o p ranked players.

                                                                         TPA Score
T h e TOTAL PERFORMANCE AVERAGE ( F A ) i s p r o v i d e d b y Accu-Stats. I t e v a l u a t e s a r e a s s u c h a s t h e b r e a k s h o t , k i c k s ,
s a f t l e s , misses, p o s i t i o n , r u n s , etc., and e s t a b l i s h e s a s c o r e s i m i l a r t o a " b a t t i n g a v e r a g e m i n b a s e b a l I .
                                                                           BALUKAS, JEANNE (NY)                  91.9 14,050           1,600
                                                                           BEARDEN, BELINDA (TX)                 69.7   7,060             750
                                                                           OGONOWSKI, LOREE (NJ)                 56.5   6,350          2,500
                                                                           MATAYA, EWA (MI                       55.0   9,900             750
                                                                           BELL, ROBIN (CA)                      52.8 15,300
                                                                           SHAMPO, LORI ( M I )                  40.0   2,800
                                                                           LIVELY, SHERRY (CA)                   38.9   1,975          1,200
       March                                                               TITCOMB, GERI ( F L )                 38.7   2,900
                                                                           FRECHEN, VICKI ( M I )                36.1   5,565
MAR 8 5                         MAR 85
                                                                           WALKER, GLORIA (PA)                   36.0   2,625
                                                                           KENN ISTON, MARY (CAI                 35.1   4,755          1,100
                                                                           CASTEEL, GEORGEANNE (CO)              34.9   1,350
K IM DAVENPORT $ 8 0 0          EARL STR I KLAND $6,000
                                BUDDY HALL $3,000                          SMITH, LAURA (CO)                     32.3   2,285          1,000
DELBERT KWONG $450                                                         LEDMAN, PEG ( W l )                   32.3   2,600
PAUL BRIENZA $300               BOBBY WILLIAMS $2,000
                                                                           TOMASELLO, JEANNE (AZ)                31.5   2,205
                                                                           SCHMITTOU, MARGARET (MT)              30.8   3,100
MAR 85                          MAR 85                                     AARENS, DEBRA (CAI                    27.3   5,365
OXFORD NEBRASKA                 GALAXY 2000                                COX, LEANNE (OH)                      25.9      600
CORNHUSKER OPEN                 W VIRGINIA STATE                           ENGH, JERI ( W l )                    25.4      745            270
B I L L MEACHEM $1,000          EARL STRICKLAND $5000                      SIMONSEN, SHARI ( I D                 24.9   1,265
JOHN RAZMUS $700                MIKE GULYASSY $2500                        BLOOMBERG, JEAN                       24.3   2,650
MAC PERRY $500                  TOBY SWEET $1750                           VALLENCOURT, JEAN                     21.9   2,000
                                                                           WARNES, SUE (WA)                      21 - 2    725
MAR 85                                                                     QUALL, SUZI ( W l )                   21 .O 1,475
OXFORD, NEBRASKA                                                           MCKEE, JANET (WA)                     21.0      455
CORNHUSKER WOMEN                                                           BILLING, B I L L I E (NY)             19.9      850
LAURA SMITH $300                                                           BISHOP, SUE (NJ)                      19.9
                                        April                              TURNER, KRIS CIA)                     18.2   5,305
                                                                           LEMAICH, SUE (CN)                     18.0      800
                                                                           SMITH, REBBECA                        18.0      450
MAR 85                          APR 8 5                                    CASTILLO, E V I E (CAI                18.0      165
COLFAX BILLIARDS                MAVERICK CLUB                              STEPANSKI, LINDA ( W l )              17.8   1,445
LAURA SMITH $10 0               EARL STRICKLAND $10,000
MELODY BIGGS $ 5 0              DAVID HOWARD $4,000
MAR 85                          APR 8 5
                                TRUMAN HOGUE $2,600
                                GARY SPAETH $1 ,600
                                                                             POOL AND BILLIARD
CAROM ROOM $1,500               STEVE GUWHREY $1,000                          INSTRUCTIONAL
MAR 85
                                PPR 85
                                CUE TIME BILLIARDS
                                                                                VIDEO TAPES
BREAKING POINT $3,000                                       Order now for only $59.95 plus $2.50 handling per tape.
                                K I M DAVENPORT $4,000
SPORTSMAN'S BAR $1,500                                      El VHS                          fl BETA
                                DAVID HOWARD $2,000
CANNON LANES $1,100             EARL STRICKLAND $1,200      U Mastercard                    fl VISA
                                                            Account No.                           Exp.
                                                          CHECK T H E TAPES YOU WANT:
                                                          a How to Win at One             Pocket .................. Grady Mathews
     FREE                                                 0 Consistency is the Name of the Game                     ...........       Nick Varner
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    Cla$$)t Cup a e a m                                   0 Championship N i n e Ball ............................................... ic k Varner
                                                          0 Trick and Fancy Shots ................................................. Dallas West
                                                          0A 100 Ball Run i n Straight Pool....................................... Dallas West
                                                          0 H o w t o Play Pool........................................................ o m Kollins
                                                          0 3-C Billiards........................................................... R ichard Bitalis

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                              A r e Made To Be BROKEN
    You may have recently been exposed to several             Steve L i l l i s ,a tournament player, is also a
    articles appearing in other publications re-              concerned individual in regard to t h e future
    garding the changes being made i n tournament             o f t h e sport. W e may not. be in agreement w i t h
    formats and rules. Bmce Venzke took t h e time            a l l of h i s views, but we applaud the efforts
    i n his National Billiard News feature, April             he makes on behalf of t h e ame. I personally
    Issue, to answer several of the points b e i n g
    made by Steve Lillis. I have j u s t received a
                                                              believe that if a l l top p ayers showed equal
                                                              concern, the sport would far surpass its pre-
    a seven page a n a l y s i s of t h e new 9-ball rules    sent status.
    from Steve Lillis which he has also forwarded
    to the other industry publications. Unfortun-             The major p o i n t now being made is that it i s
    ately, we do n o t have the space to print t h e          O.K. and healthy for the sport to continue t o
    entire review here, but the chances are good              discuss or to criticize various ideas on what
    that. you may read it elsewhere.                          should or shouldn't be done or what is or is
                                                              not good f o r organized pool. B u t no one i n d i -
    Steve L i l l i s is a proponent o f the fact that        vidual can speak for everyone else, not Bruce
    9-ball has enjoyed success as a popular game              Venzke or Steve L i l l i s or Harold Sinionsen. It
    because it presents f a s t , exciting action. I t        is of the utmost importance that everyone who
    i s a good argument and one that most will ag-            is sincerely interested in the sport, support
    ree with. A major c r i t i c i s m of the new 9-ball     a professional organization that can digest
    r u l e s is the free push after the break. S t e v e     views from t h e masses of players and fans and
    feels t h i s causes t o o much delay. I tend to          arrive at u n i f i e d decisions. The best bet i n
    disagree. A f t e r p l a y i n g and watching hundreds   this area currently seems to be the PBA. What
    of sessions of "two f o u l " 9-ball, one f o u l 9-      is important is t h a t they have put rules down
    ball with only one free push hardly presents              on paper. These rules are not carved in stone
    a cause for delay alarm. Especially i n l i g h t         forever but are requested to be used in 1985.
    of the injustice of being penalized by being              G i v e them a chance, make your views known and
    hooked after the break that this r u l e solves.          if changes are needed, let's shoot for 1986.
    The second major point Steve makes is in ref-             I have forwarded S t e v e ' s ideas to Pat Fleming
    erence to the call-shot r u l e . Lillis says;            Chairman of the Rules & Sanctioning Committee
    " C a l l Shot changes.. -9-Ball. Players will not        of the Professional Billiards Association.
    f r e e wheel on particular shots....     Fans are        Other members of the PBA Rules Committee are:
    de rived of the unexpected thrill of seeing               Howard Vickery, Mike Massey and Grady Mathews.
    a g a l l slop i n .

                          -   CALL    "DOC" RUTTER      F I R S T FOR YOUR ~ E WCUE         OR CASE        -
                          -   MOST MAJOR B R A N D CUES       -   30   TO 40 D I F F E R E N T C A S E S   -
                                     'Doc'5'       Bohemian Cue Service
                       1660 w.       HWY   96,   ARDEN HILLS,       MINN 55112          ( 6 1 2 ) 633-8970
M Y 4-5
 A                    9-BALL         M Y 18-19
                                       A                 9-BALL             M Y 25-26
                                                                             A                     9-BALL         JUNE 1                9-BALL
TRI-STATE CLASSIC                    BOWLING GREEN CLASSIC                  STARS & STRIPES O E    PN                       N
                                                                                                                  MADSEN 2 D ANNUAL OPEN
MR. BILLIARDS                        C E TIME
                                      U                                     GREAT AMERICAN BLRDS                  MADSENS BOWLING 8 BLRDS
ASHLAND, KENTUCKY                    BOWLING GREEN, KY                      SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA                LINCOLN, NEBRASKA
(606) 325-7063             $65       (502) 782-3740           $65           (916) 334-1776             $50        (402) 464-9822              $35
L i m i t 64 players. Dble.          $2,500 based on 32 p l r s             Celebrate Memor l a l Day             9 f t . tables, l i m i t 64,
E l i m race t o 7, f i n a l 9      p l u s $420 added. L t d 64           in this    $1,000 added               pay 24 places. Dble elm
$420 added. 8 f t t a b l e s        Dble elim, 8 f t t a b l e s           race t o 6 s i n g l e elim.,         race 5, 7 I n f i n a l s .
                                     No Major Tourn Winners                 $6,000 tournament.                    Guarantee $1,000-1 f o u l
MY 5                       9-BALL
1ST SUNDAY NW JERSEY                MAY 18-19      889-BALL                 MAY 25-26               9-BALL        JUNE 2                9-BALL
  U                                 GUS'S BI-ANNUAL B R B X
                                                      A O                   FLA* MEMORIAL D Y O E A    PN         1 S SUNDAY O I0
                                                                                                                     T        H
                  E                 SILVER JUG                              GOLDEN C E U                          (SEE MAY 5)
 (201) 584-1162               $50   LAMONT, ILLINOIS                        MELBOURNE, FLORIDA
Double e l i m i n a t i o n race   (312) 789-9621       $30                (305) 254-5477            $100        JUNE 2         9-BALL
t o 7, Handicapped event            Sat. i s 8-ball 8 Sun i s               Dble. elim., race t o 11                   UDY E
                                                                                                                  1ST S N A NW JERSEY
                                    9-BaI I. Each event w i l l             one f o u l r u l e .                       A
                                                                                                                  (SEE M Y 5)
MY 5
 A                    9-BALL        be Imtd t o 32. Dble elm
  T             H                   Gus Gustrowsky Promoter                 MAY 26                 9-BALL         JUNE 4-8          9-BALL
PUW LOUNGE                                                                  4TH SUNDAY KENTUCKY                    AD           PN
                                                                                                                  S N S REGENT O E
SANDUSKY, OHIO                        A
                                    M Y 18-26              N OE
                                                          SO KR              R
                                                                            M . BILLIARDS                         SANDS REGENT HTL CASINO
(419) 627-928              $25       INTERNATIONAL A A E RMTU               ASHLAND, KENTUCKY                     RENO, NEVADA
Dble e l i m t o 6, f i n a l 9     S O K R LEAGUE CHWSHP'
                                      N OE                                  (606) 325-7063                                         E
                                                                                                                  (916) 334-1776 M N $300
                                    CHICAGO ATHLETIC CLUB                   Race t o 7, f i n a l s t o 9,                       OE
                                                                                                                               W M N $150
M Y 12             9-BALL            (312) 366-6330                         dble eIIm, 1 f o u l r u l e .        $20,000 added t o men's
MONTHLY DETROIT                     Tom K o l l l n s , United                                                    8$5,000 added t o women.
           U                        States 1.S.L.        Rep. i s          MAY 28     -   JUNE 1 9-BALL           Gene Stary producer.
LIVONIA, MICHIGAN                   t h e event coordinator                4TH ANNUAL SPRING O E        PN
422-95 10             $25                                                     - ATR
                                                                           QM S E BILLIARDS
                                                                           NORFOLK, VIRGINIA                      JUNE 5-9                  EM
                                                                                                                                    8-BALL T A
Lmtd 16 players, Double             MAY 19           !+BALL
elim., race t o 7.                                                         (804) 853-8900                         VALLEY INTRNTL CHMSHPS
                                    CAESARS PALACE QUALIF.                                                        HACIENDA RESORT HOTEL
                                    C E TIME
                                     U                                     $10,000 t o t a l and 3,000
MAY 12                 !+BALL                                              1st. Winner a l s o gets a             LAS VEGAS, NEVADA
                                    SUCCASUNNA, NW JERSEY                                                          ( 5 17 892-4536
2ND SUNDAY OHIO                     (201) 584-1162       $75               f r e e e n t r i n t o t h e U.S.
                                                                           Open 9 - ~ a l l Tournament.           Over 100 chartered team
MR. BILLIARDS                                                                                                      leagues from 26 states
POTSMOUTH, OHIO                       A
                                    M Y 23-25                   HW
                                                                SO                                                and Canada are expected
(614) 353-9390                      2ND BCA TRADE S O       HW                                                    t o p a r t ic i pate.
Race t o 7, f i n a l s t o 9,
Dble ellm., 1 f o u l r u l e          .
                                    TARRANT CONVENTION CTR
                                    FT W R H TEXAS
                                    ( 619) 698-0886
MAY 16-19     3-CUSHION             L a s t May t h e BCA Trade
W R D CHAMPIONSHIP                  Show featured some 80
HEESWYCK-DINTHER                    e x h i b i t o r s . Should be
HOLLAND                             a successful repeat.
(303) 831-1000
                                    MAY 22-24                     8-BALL
M Y 17-19               9-BALL      BCA NATIONAL INDIVIDUAL
HI-Q BILLIARDS                        F        OT,
                                    F . W R H TEXAS
TOLEDO, OHIO                        (319) 351-2112                  $125
419 882-9090
1 s t $5,000 guaranteed,
                          $200      F i e l d l imited   -      128 Men
                                    8 64 Women. A l l e n t r i e s
race t o 11, dble e l l m I         r e t u r n e d I n p r i z e s and
f o u l - 4 1/2 X 9 tables.         awards p l u s added money
L i m i t e d t o 48 players.
                                    MAY 24-26                 TEAM
CE CREONR                                      OT,
                                    FT. W R H TEXAS
DOWNINGTOWN, PA                     (319) 351-2112              $250
(215) 269-6080            $100      O Iy sanct ioned leagues
Lmtd t o p l a y e r s 17 yrs.      e l i g i b l e . 64 Mens teams
o r younger. F i e l d t o 16       and 64 Womens teams.
players. Pays 8 places.                                                                       x t time, w don't
$1,000 added.

                                                                             until      AFTER     we see

                                                                           h i s "pool p l a y i n g
                                             POOL & B I L L I A R D MAGAZINE TOURNAMENT CLEARING BUREAU ( 3 1 2 ) 893-7828
1985      TOUR GUIDE                               CALL WHEN SCHEDULING OR L I S T I N G EVENTS    FREE SERVICE   -

                                                                                                                        SEP 3 0    -
                                                                                                                                 OCT 5   9-BALL
                                         JUNE 9             9-BALL                  JULY 16-20                9-BALL    $27,000 ADDED
                                         BC OPEN QUALIFIER                          BUSCH WORLD OPEN                    GREAT AMERICAN TOUR
                                         CUE TIME                                   MILLER TIME B I L L I A R D S       (WATCH FOR DETAILS)
                                         SAUCCASUNNA, NEW JERSEY                    MOLINE, I L L I N O I S
                                         ( 2 0 1 ) 584-1162                         ( 3 0 9 ) 764-8008           $275   OCTOBER                   9-BALL
                                                                                    WOMEN ENTRY FEE              $200   GREAT AMERICAN CLASSIC
  TOP PURSE WINNERS                      JUNE 9
                                         2ND SUNDAY OHIO
                                                                   9-BALL           New Women'd D I v . $2,500
                                                                                    1st.$15,000        added and a
                                                                                                                        GREAT AMERICAN BLRDS
                                                                                                                        SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA
                                         MR B I L L I A R D S                       $ 7 0 0 0 1 s t p I. f o r Men.     ( 9 1 6 ) 334-1776             $50
  STRICKLAND, EARL ( T X )               PORTSMOUTH, OHIO                                                               R a c e t o 6, d o u b l e d i m .
 CRANE. WADE ( N O                       ( 6 1 4 ) 353-9390                         JULY 2 1              9-BALL        $1,000 added. $6,000 P F
 MORALES, CEASAR (PI                     R a c e t o 7, f i n a l s t o 9           CAESARS PALACE QUALIF.
 DAVENPORT, K I M ( C A I                D b l e Elim, 1 f o u l r u l e            CUE TIME                            OCTOBER 9-13                9-BALL
 MCCREADY, K E I T H (CA)                                                           SUCCASUNNA, NEW JERSEY              5TH ANNUAL DAYTON OPEN
 HALL, BUDDY ( M I )                     JUNE 9                   9-BALL            ( 2 0 1 ) 584-1 1 6 2     $75       FOREST PARK B I L L I A R D S
 HOWARD, DAVE ( F L )                    MONTHLY DETROIT                                                                DAYTON, OHIO
 GULYASSY, M I K E (OH)                  CUSHION N CUE                              JULY 2 4 - 2 8       3-CUSHION      ( 5 1 3 ) 277-9407            TBA
 MASSEY, MIKE (TN)                       ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN                       B I L L I A R D S DIGEST OPEN       W a t c h for d e t a i l s . J o e
 WILLIAMS, BOBBY ( F L )                 382-9797                     $25           CHRIS'S B I L L I A R D S           K e r r promises increased
 MATHEWS, GRADY ( M I )                  L i m i t e d t o 16, D b l E I l m        CHICAGO, I L L I N O I S            p r i z e fund. I n f o r m a t i o n
 CARTER, JEFF ( W I )                    race to 7       -  4 1/2 X 9 ' s           3 1 2 286-4714             $350
                                                                                    A p o s s i b l e $29,000.00
                                                                                                                        ( 2 1 6 ) 376-0202
 DILIBERTO, DANNY (NY)                                                              p r i z e fund I n t h i s 3 r d    OCTOBER 1 7 - 2 0         9-BALL
                                         JUNE 11-15             9-BALL
 GUWHREY, STEVE (TN)                                                                Annual event. L i m i t e d         4TH ANNUAL AKRON OPEN
                                         CHARLOTTE OPEN
 VICKERY, HOWARD (OH)                                                               t o 42 players.                     STARCHER B I L L I A R D S
                                         ROB'S ROOST
 REID, JIMMY ( F L )                     CHARLOTTE, N. CAROLINA                                                         AKRON, OHIO
 HOPKINS, ALLEN ( N J )                                                             AUGUST 5 - 1 0         9-BALL       ( 2 1 6 ) 724-9962          $125
                                         ( 7 0 4 ) 596-8027      $250
 SWEET, TOBY ( F L )                                                                CAESARS PALACE CLASS IC             $10,000 6 4 p l a y e r t o u r n .
                                         WOMEN' S ENTRY          $200
 VARNER. NICK (KY)                       $5,000 A d d e d t o men's-                CAESARS PALACE                      $2.000 G u a r a n t e e d Added
 HOGUE, TRUMAN (KY)                      $2,000 Added t o women-                    LAS VEGAS, NEVADA                   b y promoter Joe Kerr.
 BOLLMAN, DAVE (VA)                      L i m i t e d to 64 each div.              ( 2 1 3 ) 378-5742                  I n f o . ( 2 1 6 ) 376-0202.
 SWANSON, JAY ( C A I                                                               Watch for f u r t h e r I n f o
 SPAETH, GARY (OH)                                                                  on t h i s annual event.            OCTOBER 28-NOV 2 9-BALL
                                         JUNE 17-21              9-BALL
 THOMPSON, RODNEY ( A Z )                LAST CALL FOR 9-BALL                                                           CAESARS TAHOE CLASSIC
 MASGAY, M I K E                                                                    AUGUST 28-SEP 1 9-BALL              CAESARS TAHOE
                                         REOSRTS INTRNL HOTEL                       B.C. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP
 SALAZAR, JOE ( C A I                                                                                                   LAKE TAHOE, NEVADA
                                         ATLANTIC CITY, N J
 L M E , L O U I E (MN)                                                             HOLIDAY INN ARENA                   ( 2 1 3 ) 378-5742
                                         ( 2 1 2 ) 226-2592         $500
 HUBBART, LARRY (MO)                                                                BINGHAMPTON, NY                     Watch for f u r t h e r i n f o
                                         $30,000 a d d e d t o m e n ' s
 LOUIE, DAN (WA)                                                                    ( 6 0 7 ) 729-4504                  o n t h i s annual event.
                                         $10,000 a d d e d t o s n r ' s
 HODGES, JIMMY (KY)                                                                 Gary Pinkowski i s prod-
                                         $ 1 0,000 a d d e d t o women
 HUNTER, BOB (MI                         T o t a l $50,000 a d d e d 1
                                                                                    u c i n g t h i s 1 s t annual      NOV 2 9   -     DEC 1 9/14.1
 AYLER, LARRY (TN)                                                                  e v e n t . $25,000 i n a d d e d   5TH ANNUAL CLASSIC CUP
                                                                                    money. $100,000 t o u r n y .       HOLIDAY I N N MART PLAZA
                                         JUNE 2 3             . 9-BALL              AUGUST 31-SEP 1 9-BALL
                                                                                                                        CHICAGO, I L L I N O I S
                                         4TH SUNDAY KENTUCKY                                                            ( 3 1 2 ) 893-7828           $500
                                                                                    LABOR DAY OPEN                      S i n g l e e l i m In 9-ball &
                                         MR B I L L I A R D S                       GREAT AMERICAN BLRDS
 THE POOL & B I L L I A R D MAGAZINE     ASHLAND, KY                                                                    14.1, w i n n e r s m a t c h u p
                                                                                    SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA              for CLASIC CUP TITLE.
                                         ( 6 0 6 ) 325-7063 '
                                                                                    ( 9 1 6 ) 334-1776          $50     Inv.       3 2 men & 1 6 women
            ACTS AS THE                  R a c e t o 7, f i n a l s t o 9.
                                                                                    $1,000 added, $6,000 I n
                                         D b l e Elim, I f o u l rule,              p r i z e money. R a c e t o 6,
   TOURNAMENT CLEARING BUREAU                                                                                           DECEMBER 21-22          *BALL
                                                                                    single elimination.                 CHR ISTMAS OPEN
  FOR PROMOTERS, DIRECTORS AND           JUNE 26-30         8/9-BALL                                                    GREAT AMERICAN BLRDS
                                         MILLER L I T E WORLD SERIES                SEP 12-22               9-BALL      SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA
                                         MGM GRAND HOTEL                            HOUSTON B I L L I A R D CLASSIC     (916)334-1776             $200
                                         LAS VEGAS, NV                              WATCH FOR DETAILS                   $1,000 added, P r i z e F n d
                                         ( 7 0 2 ) 293-2600       $50               PRODUCED BY RED WALLING             $7,400 w l t h f i e l d of 3 2
                                         M e n ' s & Women's 8-bat 1                                                    - R a c e t o 11.
         CALL US COLLECT                 amateur championships.


                                        JUNE 3 0
                                        SEMI ANNUAL 9-BALL
                                                                   9-BALL             A          SHOWCASE BILLIARDS
                                        CUE TIME
    ON YOUR INTENDED DATES.             SUCCASUNNA, NEW JERSEY                                     CUSTOM CUE REPAIR SERVICE
                                        ( 2 0 1 ) 584-1162            $100
THE POOL AND B I L L I A R D MAGAZINE   R a c e 7, D b l e e l i m , H d c p                            (Repair any cue)
                                                                                                                Custom Made
   ASSISTS I N SCHEDULING AND           JULY 6-7                  9-BALL
                                                                                                              2 DC. Hustler Cue:
                                        1 7 7 6 INDEPENDENCE DAY
                                        GREAT AMERICAN BLRDS
                                                                                   "Over 15 years experience"^^^^ TO YOUR   SPECS
                                        SACRAMENTO. CALIFORNIA                     ALL WORK GUARANTEED                         $80.00
        MONTHLY TOUR GUIDE              ( 9 1 6 ) 334-1776            $50          Clay Etheridge & Al Albrecht             1028 W. 104th Ave
                                        Raceto6, slngleellm-                       (303)457-2501                            Northglenn,Colo. 80234
          FREE OF CHARGE.               f o r m a t w l t h $1,000    In
                                        a d d e d money

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