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					                                     Thank You...

...for downloading the "Sales Page Template."

This is a straight forward one page template that you can use to
create simple websites and sales pages. It looks nice and uses
efficient HTML and CSS coding.

You have Personal Use Rights to this template file and the
accompanying images. You may reproduce and customize the
template as many times as needed for use on your own websites
provided you leave the copyright notice at the bottom of the page

You May Also re-distribute this template and the associated
images provided the following conditions are met:

   ●   You MUST distribute the original zip file UNMODIFIED
   ●   You MUST post an active link back to on the download page
       and acknowledge the site with following text: “Sales Page Template created by Go-To Guy!
       Enterprises – Distributed with Permission”.
   ●   You MAY NOT charge money for this sales page template. You may give it as a bonus for a
       mailing list sign-up, post it in a membership site, or include it as a bonus with a paid product.
       But, you may not sell it as a product on its own.

If you are a web developer, you may customize this template for a client's website – but you may not
charge them for the base code or graphics.

There is a small link back to my primary website in the copy statement at the bottom of the template. I
ask that you leave this link in place if you choose to use this template, but that is not a requirement.

Please Accept This Special Gift

As our way of saying thank you we would like to extend you a special 20% discount on any of the
products we sell on the Internet Marketing Insights blog.

Just visit our products page at:

At checkout, enter the following discount code: GTGSpecial

Again, thank you for downloading this template. We appreciate your business.
Have a Prosperous Day,

Andrew Seltz
The Go-To Guy!

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