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									    Simply The Easiest
    Way To Earn A Full
    Time Income Online

           By Jason Fulton
 You may not share, sell or give away this product. I own full copyrights to this
product and give no one permission to use any part of this content as their own.
     The Easiest Way To
      Earn A Full Time
       Income Online
This method would have to be the easiest way I know of to
earn a full time income online in the shortest possible time.

I didn't say it was EASY, I said it was the easiest. There are
no push button systems that will make you a gazillion
dollars over night.

This method will provide you with a full time income and a
hungry customer base of people wanting what you have.

This is going to be a short report, simply for the fact, it's a
simple method that anyone can use.

You can either outsource all of this yourself, or do some of
it, or all of it, depending on what you want to do.

It's scalable and can be outsourced almost completely. I
know a lot of you are after automation and are happy to
spend a few dollars to do so.

So let's get into this!
You’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s more profitable to sell
tools to miners then actually doing the mining yourself”. It
rings true a lot online. If you can create the tools miners
want and put yourself in front of those miners with a well
priced tool, you will make yourself a small fortune online.

Well this is what you want to do and let me tell you right
now, there are A LOT of miners out there and they are all in
only a few spots so finding them is easy!

This method is all about creating hot little reports and
ebooks and selling the PLR's to them so other people can
then sell these products.

You've all most likely heard of PLR. You've probably
already purchased a few products with PLR's before.

PLR is big business. Selling PLR's (IE, letting other people
sell your product) to high quality products can make you an
absolute fortune.

People go nuts for high value PLR products. One thing
most Internet marketers hate doing, especially those who
are newer online is creating their own products.

Most find it too tough or time consuming, when really it's
not, especially if you outsource.

In this guide I'm going to show you how to build a business
out of selling hot PLR ebooks and reports to the miners!
The steps are simple

Step #1 – Find A Hot Niche
Step #2 – Create A Hot PLR Pack
Step #3 – Advertise Your Pack
Step #4 – Repeat
Step #1 – Find A Hot Niche

This is a very simple step. You want to find a niche topic
that people are buying products in, in droves. Why?
Because PLR packs sell better in niches that are hot.

Marketers want to sell products in niches that are hot right
now and the main way marketers tell if a product or niche is
hot, is to see what is selling over at in their
marketplace at…

But don’t use that link, I’ve found a better tool at the link

This lists all the ebooks in Clickbank by their popularity.
From most popular to least popular.

You will find most of the topics will be Internet marketing
related, which is not a bad thing considering your market to
sell your PLR packs will be to Internet marketers, most who
already sell in the IM niche.

But what you choose is up to you. Just find a topic within
the first 30 search results. For this example, I’m going to
pick the topic of free traffic generation.

There is a product in that list right now which is in the top
10 and it’s about how to get floods of traffic for free. That’s
a topic a lot of marketers are into right now.
You don’t have to choose the IM niche, you can choose any
topic that takes your fancy within the top 30 to 40 products
in that list.
Step #2 – Create Your Hot PLR Pack
The first thing you are going to want to do is get your PLR
ebook or report created.
You can either create this PLR pack yourself or outsourceit.
There are so many products out there already on how to
create information products or content yourself, so I’m
going to show you how to outsource this step, for very very
little, but I quickly want to run over this method again with
Here is what you are going to do. You are going to have
these ebooks created for you, then you are going to sell the
PLR’s to other people for say $25. So you create or have
this product created, then you let other people sell the
product as their own.

The first thing you should understand is what PLR actually
Put simply it refers to Private Label Rights. Now if you are
new to the internet you may still be totally in the dark about
what that means, so let’s explore this bit first of all.

Here it is in a nutshell.
A PLR product is something that someone can buy and use
for various different purposes. For instance they can put
their own name on it and publish it just as it is.
If you are selling PLR's to customers with lists in your
niche, and your product is of high quality, these people with
lists will go nuts for your PLR as they can simply change a
few things and mail it out to their list and make instant

Now you may wonder why you cannot just write
something, sell it and retain the rights for yourself. You
could, but it can be difficult to do so. If the product doesn’t
take off you won’t be making any sales at all. In essence
you are offering nothing more than a book, and if no one
wants to buy it you’re sunk before you start.

With PLR content you are offering more than just the
content. You are offering the chance for people to use it and
earn from it – and this is what we are going to look at now.
In short, there is a lot you can do with PLR content – and
this is especially true if you are the person coming up with
it in the first place.

So when people purchase your PLR pack, they have a
product and salesletter they can put straight up and start
selling with their name on it and start profiting from it.

Now if you sell 50 PLR licenses to this product at $25 a
pop, thats $1250 you’ve just made. Since you will be the
only one allowed to sell PLR’s to this product, you can
continue selling this product for life.

I will talk more about this shortly, but right now, let’s get
your first PLR product created.
The best way and quickest way to do this is to outsource the
product to a writer. It's not expensive, or as expensive as
you may think.
Again, there is nothing stopping you from writing this
product yourself. You want it to be around the 7500 to
10,000 word length.
Before you go and hire your writer, you need to make sure
you know exactly what you want covered inside your PLR
We need to decide exactly what we want the ebook to
cover. We want to give our ghostwriter as much information
as we possibly can. This helps them create a better product
and it keeps the cost down even more. So what we need is
to come up with all the chapter headings or at the least a list
of topics we want covered and some research links that they
can use.
This is a vital step and you can’t miss it.
If the products I used for research are cheap enough, I will
generally buy them and dissect them to see what I want
covered in my ebook. No, I didn’t say copy it, I said use it
for research.
Nothing wrong with that.
Failing that, the sales letter will work fine. Check out their
bullet points and write down what they are covering. You
want a clear idea of what you want covered. Write out a list
of topics you want covered. Give your ghostwriter the best
idea of what you want that you can.
So for instance, using twitter as the topic of my ebook, I’d
want covered, the basics of twitter and how it works, how
to find followers quickly and get them to follow me, how to
write good twitter posts, the best way to sell to my
followers using twitter, etc, etc. Ideally you would give
them the chapter headings for each chapter you want
You also what to find some research links your writer can
use. So I will scour Google for free information on my
topic and try and hand it to my ghostwriter to use as
So for instance, if your product is on Twitter, I might type
something like
“Twitter FAQ”
“Twitter TOC”
“Twitter Guide”
And get a list of websites with some good free information
I can let my ghostwriter use as research. You will need this
for when we hire someone.
Another thing I will do is go to forums related to my niche.
So I'd search the WarriorForum for "Twitter" and find out
exactly what questions people are asking and use that to
give me an idea of what I should be covering.
You can do the same thing for any niche with a forum.
Simply type
"Your niche forum"
Just like that (of course, replace the words your niche with
your actual niche topic) and you will get a list of the most
popular forums in your niche.
Ok, so you've done your research, the next thing you want
to do is go and get your ebook created.
Like I said, you could create this yourself, especially if you
have writing skills, but this is something that can be
outsourced and there are plenty of great writers available
right now in the hire section.
You could create hot little reports of about 5000 words in
length too if you wanted to, and that's very cheap to have
outsourced, but I do recommend going for the 7500 words
to 10,000 words.
This will cost you around $150 to $200. For 5000 words, it
will cost you around $100.
Here are some top writers available right now to hire

There are plenty more on there as well. Make sure you
choose someone with feedback that's been a member for a
while. This won't guarantee success, but it greatly enhances
getting back a good product.
Always ask for examples before hiring them.
Once you've found someone you like, PM them or email
them and tell them about the project you had in mind.
Tell them about the research you have and ask them how
much it will cost to get that written for you and if they think
they could do a good job.
If so, hire them and send them over all the research you
Make sure you ask for an ETA on the project and ask for
revisions if needed. Make sure revisions come with the
service you are buying.
The next thing you will need for your PLR pack is a
salesletter. You are getting your ebook created, but your
buyers will need something to sell it with.
Well again, you can easily outsource this. In fact, you can
outsource a whole long copy salesletter for only $50.
He writes great copy and he is a WarriorForum member.
The great thing about this guy, other then the price is he
writes his salesletters from a question form that you fill out.
He basically asks you tell him everything your product will
do for your customer. While you don't have you product
back yet, that's fine as you've done the research on what
you want inside your ebook.
You can simply hand him this research.
Again, there are plenty of good salesletter writers on the
WarriorForum for hire section. This is cheapest I've seen,
but not by much.
The next thing you want to do is hire a graphic design
person to design and format your salesletter. When you get
your salesletter back it will most likely come in document
form like Word, you will need to put it into html form, but
that's where the graphic designer comes into play.
You will have to wait till your salesletter comes back before
you can do this.
Again, the WarriorForum for hire section comes into play.
There are dozens of high quality designers ready to do your
design work.
We want mini site graphics and our salesletter put into that
template and graphics. (You can do the html part yourself if
you have the know how).
What you want to order is a mini site package. Have a look
at exactly what I mean here.
This guy is offering high class mini site graphics for $37. It
comes with all the graphics you will need.
Go look at his examples. The $37 pack is more then
enough. Like I said, there are dozens of great graphic
designers in that section.
Often for a lot cheaper then $37. I just chose him because
of his quality of work.
Tell your graphic designer exactly what your ebook is going
to be on and also ask him or her if they would mind putting
your salesletter copy into the template for you.
Most will do this free of charge.
Again, all of this can be done by yourself if you have the
skills. You could do some of it to save costs or all of it.
If you are a good writer, do the writing, if you are good at
copy, write the sales copy, if you are good at graphics,
design the graphics for your PLR product.
Ok, so now you have a product in word document form,
and a salesletter formatted inside your mini site graphics.
All you need to do now is zip up all the files into one zip
file and you are ready to start selling!
I should mention that if you are not happy with the quality
of the ebook you are given back by your writer, ask for
revisions. Be very specific with what you do and don't like
and give them feedback and tell them exactly what you
want fixed.

Step #3 - Advertising Your PLR Pack
So you have a product with salesletter and graphics, it’s
now time to sell your PLR’s. The best place to do that is on
the WSO board. It costs $40 to list your WSO, but it’s well
worth it.

You will also need to accept payments and you want to be
able to contact your customers as well after they purchase
so you can offer them more and more PLR’s.

So you will need an autoresponder. Aweber is best and they
have a $1 trial for 30 days. Plenty of time to start making
your first dime online before payment is due. Sign up for

Once you signup for your Aweber account, you want to
setup an autoresponder for this product. You want to create
a very short message that will be delivered to people after
they buy.

All this message will say is something like “thanks for
buying, after purchase you should have been directed to a
download page to download my product, if you have any
questions, email me….. also would you mind leaving a
review of what you thought about my PLR package on my
WSO page below…. as it will help me out a great deal,
Something similar to that. So when people buy, they
instantly get that message and I will talk about how to do
that in a minute. You also want to ask for a review so you
can get your WSO looking popular, which in turn will make
you more sales.

The next thing you need to do is accept payments, and I
highly suggest you use WSOPro, and Paypal. WSO pro lets
you accept payments for WSO’s with Paypal and then sends
your customers straight onto your autoresponder mailing
list and it’s exactly what you want.

It does many other things as well. You can read everything
it does below….

You can just use a Paypal buy now link, but you want to get
your customers straight onto your mailing list without
having them to subscribe manually. It does cost a set fee to
use, but it’s worth it.

So set that up and you now have an autoresponder and
payment link ready! It will also protect your downloads as
well so no one can steal them!

Make sure you put your ebook in .doc format or odt format
so people with microsoft office or open office can open
them. People need to be able to change the text in your
ebook if they want to.
The next thing you want to do is create your WSO listing.
The best way to do this is to go look at WSO’s that are
selling well and copy their layout.

You want a strong title for your WSO and a strong headline.
You also want to do the following things. You want to show
them an example of the product, show them what the
salesletter looks like, you want to tell them exactly what
rights they get and you want to give away a few review
What you should do is take a screen shot of your salesletter
and add that to your WSO listing and add a screen shot of
the table of contents for your ebook and add that to your
WSO. You can either put them straight into the listing itself
or attach it to your WSO post so people can download and
view the photos.

So, first things first. The title is the first thing Warriors will
see. Something like this might work….

Generate Unstoppable Free Traffic – BRAND NEW HOT
PLR – Limited Licenses

That would work well. Inside your WSO, you want to let
people know what your product will teach their readers.
Here is a great example….
Like I said before, you also want to upload a picture of your
salesletter to your WSO. Just take a screenshot of it so
people can see what they are buying. You should also attach
a sample of the writing to the WSO. 500 words would do.

The next thing is very important. Make sure you let people
know exactly what rights come with this PLR product.
Basically what they can do with this PLR product of yours.

You want to let people sell your product and put their name
on it, but you don’t want them to be able to sell any rights
to this product, only you can sell people the rights to sell
this product.

So you want to put the terms like this…

- Can be sold as an individual product

- Can be used as a bonus for a paid product or membership

- Can be packaged into a paid product

- Can not be given away for free

- Can not be sold on auction sites

- Can not be broken into web content (must be sold)

- Can be edited
- Can NOT sell any sort of rights to this product (individual
use only)

You also want to give away in your WSO to say the first 5
or 10 people a free copy of your ebook with PLR’s. You
want to give these review copies in hope they leave a good
review for you in your WSO thread.

You can’t bribe people to leave a good review, but you can
ask them to leave their thoughts about your PLR package
good or bad on your WSO listing and that you would
appreciate it.

Getting reviews like this boosts your sales quite a lot.

Once you have created your listing, set it live and pay for it
once approved. Make sure to answer any questions that
come up quickly. Pricing is up to you, but I suggest $27 to
be a good start price and make sure you set a limit on how
many you sell. I would sell no more then 100 packages,
then I’d pull the offer down.

People want limited number PLR’s. After 50 sales, I’d
increase the price to $37.

How To Get More Sales
A WSO alone could very well get you the number of sales
you need just by itself, but there are also a few different
ways to keep sales coming in.
This is perfect if you want to make a business out of it thats
almost automated.
You've learnt how to find hot products people want to sell,
you've learnt how to outsource the whole process, now let's
learn how to setup this profit stream on autopilot.
The first thing you should do, once you've had a bit of
success selling your PLR packs is to register a domain
name and sell your PLR packs from your website.
Here is a good example.

This is Tiffany Dow's website, one of the biggest sellers of
PLR around. Go look at her website.
She has branched out into PLR articles, reports, you name
it. She's a one stop shop for PLR products.
Right now I would stick with just selling reports and
ebooks, but nothing stopping you from branching out into
selling other PLR content.
You don't need anything fancy, just a simple website
offering your PLR packs when they are ready. A blog would
do just fine. You could write about topics related to using
PLR content and update the blog every time you release a
new package and also put an email collection form on there
as well to give people updates on when you release new
content or a new blog post or even send them some high
quality information.
Another good way to start seeing an increase in sales
automatically would be to setup an affiliate program.
I'd use a service like Payspree, which will accept Payments
via Paypal for you and allow you to setup an affiliate
program as well and offer up to 100% commission on sales.
Your best affiliates will often be your customers. So I
would email your customer list and also put a link on the
download page for your PLR packs to your affiliate
program signup form.
Over time you will build your customer base up and you
will have a ready base of buyers looking for your PLR.
The key here is quality.

Step #4 - Repeat The Process

Once you have your first PLR package up and selling, you
want to quickly get your second pack up and running.
Business is all about momentum.
The more PLR packs you have out there the more sales you
will make, its really that simple.
If you have one PLR pack and you sell one copy at $27,
you make $27 a day. If you have 10 packs out there, you
make $270 a day and if you make 2 sales a day of each
pack, you make $540 a day.
It's a numbers game and you want to stack the numbers in
your favor. Get your PLR packs out there on the WSO
board, and make sure to always mail your customer list
when you have new offers.
You want to expand into as many different hot niches as
possible and you want to create bigger packs for a higher
This is something I want to touch on. What a lot of people
buy PLR products for is because they have a list of
customers or prospects and they want to offer them more
highly quality products.
If someone has a list in the mens pick up/dating niche and
you have a PLR pack on that topic which is hot and good
quality, they will pay you over and over again for more
They would be stupid not to.
If they have a list of say 5000 customers and they buy your
PLR pack and offer it to their list and say 100 buy at $17.
They just made $1700 for doing nothing.
What happens when you release another PLR pack on
another aspect of men's dating, maybe even a higher priced
PLR pack for $57 like an audio product or video product.
Do you think they will purchase that? Of course they will.
That's the beauty of this business. Customers for life.
While it's important to expand into different niche markets,
make sure you are creating more PLR products in the same
niche markets as well on different topics and even in
different formats like I just talked about.
This is a huge opportunity here.
People who make money with your PLR packs will come
back and buy everything you have to offer.
That's why it's important to have a website with all your
products and to have a mailing list of customers.
You should also be doing one time offers and upsells as
well. If someone buys a PLR pack from you, before they
reach the checkout, offer them another PLR pack on the
same niche or give them an upgrade.
For $27, they get the book and salesletter but for $37, an
extra $10, they get a squeeze page and 7 emails to go with
That brings me to my next topic which is increasing your
sale price.... and the best way to do that with PLR packs is
with upsells or adding more to your package.
Like I just said, adding a squeeze page people can use to
collect email addresses and giving them emails they can put
into their autoresponder is a great upsell or even just to
make the price of your product higher.
You could then sell them PLR packs full of articles they can
use for promotion or on their blog for another $10.
The possibilities here are endless. You could, like I've
talked about, create big courses with PLR content, bigger
ebooks, audio products, video products, membership sites
All in the one niche and then expand into different niches
and start all over again.
At first what I would do is create a few smaller PLR packs
in 3 or 4 different hot niches, then expand on those niches
with more PLR products.
Within 6 months you could have 20 to 30 PLR packs selling
for you day in and day out, ranging from $27 all the way up
to $97 for more advanced content and more specific niches.
Once you have a good customer base, it never hurts to
email them and ask them what type of products they want
and in what niches.
This will give you a good idea of what you should be
selling and what your customers want.

Wrapping It Up!
This business can and is making people 6 figures online.
There are a group of people doing this full time, especially
on the Warrior Forum.
I've learnt so much about this process simply by watching
what people are selling on the WSO board, what topics are
hot and what people are selling PLR products and how they
are doing it.
PLR is a huge market. Internet marketers want products to
sell. They want products they can offer to their customers,
they want products they can use to break into a niche.
If you have a stockpile of quality niche PLR content, you
will also have customers and you will always have money.
To me this is one of the easiest ways to make a full time
income online. Much easier then Adsense or affiliate
Sell people products they can profit from and you will
always, always have customers, as long as the content is

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