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ABE Kazushige

Abe Kazushige was born in 1968 in Yamagata Prefecture. After high school, he studied
film production with the renowned director Imamura Shohei at the Japan Film School.
His interest in the film criticism of Shigehiko Hasumi, as well as literary criticism,
prompted him to begin writing novels.

The style of Abe’s novels is concrete, vivid and fast-paced, as if the readers are
watching a film. Laced with black humor and razor-sharp insights into Japan’s “lost
decade,” Abe’s novels are a unique reflection of the youth culture in Shibuya, and are
widely acclaimed by critics and readers alike as the new voice of Japanese literature in
the twenty-first century.

Works by Abe Kazushige include:
          Amerika no Yoru (La nuit americaine; Day for Night). The English title (like
          the Francois Truffaut film by the same name) is a film term for shooting
          scenes during the day for use as night shots on screen.
          ABC Senso (The ABC War). This work has been likened to Anthony Burgess’
          A Clockwork Orange.
          Mujo no Sekai (Heartless World). Won the Noma Prize for Literature in 1999.
          Indibijuaru Purojekushon (Individual Projection). Short-listed for the
          Akutagawa Literature Prize, 1997.
          Koshakufujin no Gogo no Pati (The Dutchess’ Afternoon Party). A collection
          of short stories.
          Nipponia Nippon. Short-listed for the Akutagawa Literature Prize, 2001.
          Sin-semilla. This two-volume novel won the Ito Sei Literature Prizeand
          Mainichi Culture Prize in 2004.
          Grand Finale: Won the Akutagawa Literature Prize, 2005.

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