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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is one form of rental services on the Internet that allows individuals

and organizations displaying their products or services on the web / Internet site.

Who needs Web Hosting?

As noted above, each person or company can rent space or take advantage of

these web hosting services, supported by advances in information technology

available today, the utilization of web hosting service is a reliable alternative

means for: Promotion, Disseminating Information, Salesmanship, Public Service

until with just a place to shed the gray hearts content into web-based diaries

(blogs: web logs), due to abandoned lover.

Why Need Web Hosting:

The speed of spreading information about the Services, Products, Public

Services and the other is one of the benchmarks of success business individuals

or corporations,

First example: in Indonesia, only with less than Ten Thousand Rupiah within one

hour, by not leaving the house and only with home phone connection from

The second example: A medical student, with limited funding, in anticipation of

buying medical textbooks that cost could reach millions of dollars, can easily

obtain information on science and technology through a web site, and it is the

responsibility of education providers to provide services web site to promote

education. Even a lecturer should have a web site.

When do you need a Web Site?

When you want to market products or services beyond the local, provincial, state,

oceans and continents, when you want others to get correct information on

matters of humanity, when you want to disseminate knowledge for the welfare of

fellow human beings, when you want to do business transactions that allows your

customers to reach it from a villa resort with high privacy, that's when you need

web hosting services.

Where to rent Web Hosting:

Hundreds and even thousands of web hosting service providers, there can start

by searching from Google or yahoo search engines, some web hosting service

provider in Indonesia.

What technology is used?

One of the technologies used are the fail over hosting, this technology lets you

stay online service 24 hours due to be supported by a number of server
computers that automatically replaces the task of server computers that were


How to Manage Web Hosting:

After you have / use the services of web hosting services, then how to manage it,

this is a challenge that is not cheap, because the information must always be

added and updated. Simple tips that is, do the preparation on Off Line position to

save. Good luck.

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