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					          Increase Your Sales with Email Promotions

If I ask you, if anybody asked people to your company regarding your products or

services, you must provide information to you instead? After providing the

information, whether you provide more information to them?

Actually could I forget my prospects with the initial information you provide, or

have other problems? So give him the information again, and do not let them find

solutions to your competitors, when they could be your potential customer?

Basically, the process that resulted in sales it takes 5 or 6 times the contacts.

And remember the rules 60-40. This means that if you do not do follow-ups at

least once you give the info first; you will not succeed in selling!

If you contact your prospect 6 times, the n the percentage:

The first contact 44%

Contact both 16%

Third Contact 14%

Contact the fourth 12%

Contact fifth 8%

Sixth contacts 3%
The conclusion is that to achieve 100% or the sales or product demo, it demands

that you have to send sales messages in a "follow-up"!

But do not forget! One method of marketing via e-mail will work fine if you treat

them each individually. This can be done if you send them a message in the form

of "personalized" meaning they were greeted by .

Indeed you can do it manually, but it would be sweet if you do it automatically.

After that you must develop a chain messages (follow-up) and adjust them while

running time.

Well now try, take paper and pencil and write down all the products and the

benefits and features. This will help you make your sales messages in a

sequential (follow-up).

Get started now with your sales letter. Then modify it over time. Do not be too

long because the readers would get bored and will not read them all.

Your second message should be sent one day or several days later after first

contact. Give more information, more detail, and most importantly more Many

Maybe you can write a few paragraphs and include a free article on your

expertise! Your prospect will see the page and would appreciate it and your sales

will increase!

Then follow your message will serve as a reminder that should have sent one or

two days later. Do it now soon! Do not forget here you could mention more

benefits, or special offers - essentially for them to buy!

Follow-up messages should be sent there at intervals to clear a week later

because it can make them upset. So briefly describe your product or service

again (because it could be the prospect you've forgotten it!), And emphasize the

most important thing, or ask them why they have not taken a decision or who

know they have another question.

I hope this article will help you to develop a system that can do the follow-up all

your prospects. Remember once you do that - go ahead!

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