34 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Blog

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					            34 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Blog

1. Promote on Technorati.com

2. Create a lens on Squidoo.com

3. Create a profile MySpace, Yahoo, and MSN

4. Use Instant Messaging for social networking

6. Deliver comments to other blogs

7. Collect email addresses and send newsletters 2 times a week

8. Write an article and deliver to the directory of articles

9. Use the eBay-namely the world's largest STOR

10. Get Google Adwords and earn learn

11. Promote your tools or stuff on Craigslist

12. Be a host to form Parti online.

14. Use a pod-cast?

15. Create a free eBook with links to web / blog.

16. Offer a free ecourse (eBooks)

17. Always review a few products on the Amazon

18. Review the product and post to epionions.com

19. Post a comment every day to your business forum.

20. Post your business to Wikipedia

21. Advertise in Ezines or webpage.

22. Make folders in backflip.com

23. Create a video about your product and post to YouTube
24. Make a donation to Yahoo Answers

25. Post your photos on Flickr.com

26. Create a delivery to Digg.com by showing your blog.

27. Do not forget to announce your blog to yahoogroups and googlegroups

28. Include your blog URL always passes on your email signature file

29. In addition to the content diligent comments on other blogs, also fill t he guest

book or message board on the web other

30. Submit your blog URL to Search Engines and Directories like Google, Yahoo

and Dmoz

31. Diligent follow-up in some busy forums and do not forget to leave your blog


32. Promote a free classified ad service and reply paid

33. If you blog for business activities can promote the business forum

33. Make a mouthful RSS for your article

34. Create your own forum at Ryze.com

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