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									Must Have Android Apps 2010
This article is a compilation of must have Android apps (2010) which are recommended
additions to your Android smart phone. Read to know about the best Android apps developed
so far.

What sets Android apart from all other smart phone operating systems, is the same feature that
sets Linux apart from all other proprietary computer operating systems. It is an open source
software that has a devoted team of hundreds of developers. It is estimated that there are more
than 70,000 apps developed for Android based smart phones including Droid X and Droid
Incredible. In this article I have presented reviews of some of the must have Android apps
(2010), for your perusal.

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

The list below includes must have free Android apps, as well as paid ones. These top 10 must
have Android apps range from categories of productivity to fun and entertainment apps that you
must check out.

One of the best Android apps developed recently, Wavesecure is your complete Android cell
phone security solution. It is an online back up software, phone tracker and data security
software, all rolled into one. It is extremely useful in time of emergency, if your phone gets
stolen. It can help you locate it and wipe out the data just in case, if the phone is not retrieved.
Your contacts and data is uploaded to a cloud server database, from where you can retrieve it
any time. I think that I have made a sufficient case to prove why it is one of the must have
Android apps (2010).

Trip Journal
Trip journal is an award winning Android app which has been widely acclaimed by users
worldwide. One of the most innovative Android apps ever developed in recent time, Trip Journal
lets you record your travel experiences in detail quite easily. You can track your travel route on
Google maps and create a virtual travel journal using it. It can be integrated with Google Earth
quite easily. You can directly share your travel information and photos on Facebook and other
social networking sites. To know why this is one of the best Droid X apps, you need to get it
check it out for yourself!

Pandora Radio
Pandora radio is perhaps one of the most popular of smart phone apps, that has enjoyed
popularity on the Android, as well as iPhone platform. Pandora radio lets you listen to your
personal chosen artists and songs on the go. It is one of the best android apps (2010), which is
a must have for music lovers. Also check out some of the top Android games.

If 'I exist, therefor I tweet', is your motto, then you must have Twidroid, which is a specially
designed Android application for Twitter fans. Tweet from your Android phone anywhere,
anytime with this application.

Astro File Manager
The Astro File manager is your complete Android file managing software. Install it and simplify
your file organization. It will make it easier for you to access any file on your Android smart
phone storage. This is one of the most useful Android apps.

Another hugely popular Android application, which has enjoyed popularity on the Apple iPhone
platform is Shazam. Point your Android smartphone at any song being played in the background
and let Shazam recognize it for you! Check out the tour dates of artists, videos and thousands
of songs using Shazam.

Google Sky Map
One of the must have free Android apps is Google's application that lets you keep track of the
celestial wandering of planets and positions of stars. If you are totally into sky watching, the
specially designed Google Sky Map is an Android application that you must have.

An augmented reality application for your Android smart phone, Layar can provide you with live
wiki information about objects that you point your Android phone camera at. A useful application
to have when you are moving into a new city. This is one of the cool apps for Android.

TasKiller Free
This is a must have Android app, that works as your Android task manager. Close any program
that you have opened quite easily using this neat little software.

If you are looking for a web browser, that is custom made for the Android platform, then Dolphin
is what you are looking for. This is the best browser for Android phones, until Google comes up
with a Chrome version for Android. Check out the best Droid Incredible apps too.

More Must Have Android Apps

Here are some useful Android apps, that you should check out at the earliest.
                           • Adobe Reader
                           • AndroZip Pro File Manager
                           • SplashID Password Manager
                           • DroidAnalytics
                           • SlideScreen Pro
                           • CoursePro
                           • gReader Pro
                           • iSilo
                           • ConnectIn
                           • CatchTheBus - MBTA
                           • VR Mileage Tracker
                           • Droidbox Pro
                           • Easy Note
                           • GDocs
                           • Adobe Photoshop Express
                           • Photobucket Mobile
                           • Sherpa
                           • Bluetooth File Transfer
                           • Springpad
                           •    ShopSavvy
                           •    The Weather Channel
                           •    Opera Mini 5
                           •    Kindle for Android
                           •    Amazon MP3 Store
Hope that you have noted down the must have Android apps (2010) listed above. There are
plenty more that you can check out on the Android market site. You can truly understand the
freedom that the Android platform provides you with, when you check out some of these top
Android apps!

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