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World Youth Day-Sydney


									                         WORLD YOUTH DAY - SYDNEY

                             (WYD/SYD08)               HOP TO IT

WYD is a long awaited appointment with a long preparation. The Catholic Community in
Sydney is ready to receive our beloved Pope Benedict XVI and the Youth of the World
for a week-long celebration of the Faith in its diverse, multifarious, colorful dimensions.

A little bit of History/Geography
Australia was declared The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit on 14 May 1606,
(Pentecost Day) by Pedro Fernandes de Queiros, Captain of a Spanish Fleet exploring the
South Pacific.

Australia is also known as the „Land of the Southern Cross‟                      constellation
of stars that is only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. It was an                 important
navigational aid to ships as it points to the South Pole. For ships lost at sea, the S.C. was
a symbol of hope, like Jesus Christ-it lights our way and gives us direction. When
Australia was founded, the S.C. was adopted as a symbol for the Flag as a reminder that
she is a nation guided by the light of Christ.
Pope Benedict will be the third Pope to visit Sydney. Pope Paul VI said to the youth in
1970, “within this people itself so young, you are the young amid the young. We would
like you to see this as a sign of the special liking the Church has for the Youth.”

The key word these days is „ACTIVATE.‟ WYD O8 in Sydney is a „once-in-a lifetime‟
opportunity for young adults to embark on a spiritual and geographical adventure of
Australia and to join with God, the Pope and the Youth of the World in renewing their
Country, our Church and themselves.

Stages of Preparation: The stages in pastoral preparation is an essential basis for each
WYD. – is an absolutely crucial time of evangelization, catechesis and prayer with all our
young people. The theme chosen by the Holy Father is “You will be my witnesses….(Acts
1:8). The Holy Spirit is the driving force of all our pastoral preparation. He is THE
Evangelist. All Catechists must be certified and accredited to teach in order to rule out
false indoctrination of the Youth.
Every Parish, School, College and University in Australia has a „Holy Hour of Power‟
(Eucharistic Adoration) every week to pray for the Youth of the world and the future of
the Church and Community. We hope that the habit of Prayer will long endure after
Online ePilgrimage offers the whole world a monthly catechesis, prayer, inspired
writing, testimonies the life of a young Saint, ten Patrons-companions on the journey,
pilgrimage sites and a message of hope.
(Msgr .Anthony Fisher OP Auxiliary Bishop and wyd coordinator says: “Australian
youth are full of faith, full of hope and full of love”).

SPIRITUAL : Catechesis has three themes for :
                16th… Called to live in the Holy Spirit
                17th… Holy Spirit Soul of the Church
                18th … Sent into the world- Holy Spirit Principle Agent of Mission
A Pilgrimage leading to Randwick Stadium will be punctuated with Prayer to prepare to
receive the Holy Spirit.
* Prayer at the start of the Pilgrimage.
* Prayer while crossing the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
* Prayer while walking through the streets of Sydney.
* Prayer while passing the Power Stations. Pilgrims will stop at 7 Power Stations (7 gifts
of the Spirit). Each has a prayer to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit.
Live figures in costumes, will dramatize the Stations of the Cross at different locations.
Days in the Dioceses:-a unique opportunity to celebrate the faith together with other
young people of the international community to learn more about the local culture and
experience it through cultural events, occasions for dialogue, celebration and hospitality.
The Church can do nothing without Her!
Recognizing the role that the Marian devotion has played in the lives of Australian
Catholics, WYD is providing then with an excellent opportunity for remembering aspects
of the religious history and how Mary Help of Christians came to be chosen as
Australia‟s patroness. The new image of Mary mirrors the natural beauty of this land.
She is in our midst as that ecclesial woman of whom it is written „ a great sign appeared
in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun…(Rev.12:1)

A Welcome to Dioceses and Homes:
The spirit of welcome is strong in the hearts of Australians who are renowned worldwide
for their easygoing manner and hospitality…good old fashioned and modern cultural
Aussie hospitality.
They are waiting excitedly for the young pilgrims of the world…‟looking forward to
what we will give and what we will receive‟-Christ‟s call to receive the power of the
Spirit to “be witnesses to the ends of the earth.” Cardinal Pell emphasized what the Pope
speaks of - that WYD is an event in a secularized society such as Australia.
Boarding and lodging is free of charge in family homes or other places of
accommodation - Parish halls, schools, gyms etc.
Night under the Stars: on 19 night: Sleeping Bags, thermal sheet, warm clothing,
Meals covered by meal vouchers in Package A, Package B and Package C. Food will be
taken to the Pilgrims at venues through food outlets sites with special food for medical
dietary restrictions.
Transport: Passes come with Package. All transport free within Sydney during the
Volunteer services are the „heart and soul‟ of WYD given special Training, Uniformed,
given didactic materials via the net. Free accommodation, Transport and Meals.
Each registered Pilgrim receives …
-a guaranteed seat and wyd Meals
-unlimited Rail and Bus travel throughout Sydney during the event.
-Backpack with Pilgrim Guide, Liturgy Guide, Youth Festival Guide, Torch, Bandanna,
WYD tattoo, special Rosary and other things.
-entry pass for all catechetical sessions, meals and Youth events.

Estimated: : 200,000 registered pilgrims
              125,000 international pilgrims
              100,000 domestic pilgrims
40 extra flights into Sydney just for WYD

Wyd Big Aussie Barbaque Australia has ever seen.
Over 80 Rotary Clubs hosting 120,000 pilgrims for the BBQ. at around 200 locations.
Incredible quantities of food will be supplied:

The following statistics are not to cause your mouth to water, but as an eye
spinner. When I think of the quantities and the wastage that will be, my heart
pumps with compassion for our starving millions, drawing tears to my eyes. Such is
the affluence of this country even on a daily basis!!. “Woe to you Australia…..”

                        Unfathomable and Incredible!!!
25 million items ordered and supplied to 400 venues -Breakfast
                                         250 Catechetical sites
                                         900,000 hot evening meals
Local Companies have offered: 2.3 Million Bread rolls to feed the millions
                                Sausages, Onions, Tomato sauce,
                                Chocolates, Biscuits, Lamingtons (cake)
                                Meat pies, Tined beans, Caramel slices, Tinned fruit.
                                1.1 million Bottles of water

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