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					Grab/Hook – Your first impression is 2 or 3
                                                               Your Business Name
sentences. Don’t start with your mission                            Executive Summary
statement! Hook the reader with what makes
your business special. Examples include:

      • Partnership with Google
      • Recently signed first major contract
      • Endorsement from industry VIP

Problem – The first ingredient of a great
business idea is a:                                     Year Founded:

      • Pain                                            Industry:
      • Problem                                         Amount Requested:
      • Annoyance

Unique Solution – Anyone can come up with a
                                                      Unique Selling Proposition – This section
problem, but do you have a unique solution for
                                                      simply answers the question, “What makes
the problem? Are you the:
                                                      you special and sustainable. For instance,
                                                      Wal-Mart is special because of the low
      • Fastest?
                                                      prices that they offer.        Wal-Mart is
      • Cheapest?
                                                      sustainable because of their incredible
      • Highest Quality?
                                                      infrastructure, systems, and brand.

Market Potential – This should be YOUR market          Business Model – In every other section
potential not simply a quote from a research           you want to think outside of the box. You
organization that says your industry will reach        want to stand out and differentiate
$100 Billion on 5 years. How much of the market        yourself, but when it comes to your
can your business realistically capture based on       business model investors and bankers
your:                                                  want:

      • Geographic Location                                   • Simple
      • Capacity to Fulfill Sales                             • Sustainable
      • Access to Financing                                   • Safe

Management Team – Many will tell you that your management team is your most important
section in your business plan. I disagree, but many decision makers may also agree. So
unfortunately you need to come up with a solid management team even if you can’t afford them.
Focus on experience, but you should also focus on:

      • Energy
      • Enthusiasm
      • Excitement
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Financial Projections – Build your financial               This will give you a start on your revenue
projections based on a set of data driven                  projections. You will want to do the same for
assumptions. For example:                                  your expenses. If you have room you should
                                                           also consider a projected Statement of Cash
• Website receives 10,000 visitors per month               Flows.
• Historically we convert 5% of visitors into sales
• Average sale is $25

                     Jan.      Feb.       Mar. Apr.               May        June     July
  Revenue            xx        xx         xx          xx          xx         xx       xx
  Expenses xx                  xx         xx          xx          xx         xx       xx
  Profit             xx        xx         xx          xx          xx         xx       xx

                                                  Request – Unless you want your plan to end up
                                                  as an afterthought you must make a request, a
      Breakeven Analysis                          call to action, at the end of your executive
 $600,000                                         summary. Ask the reader to take some specific
                                                  action such as:

                                  Breakeven                •   Read Business Plan
                                  Analysis                 •   Call
       $0                                                  •   Send Email
            1   4   7 10 13                                •   Set up Meeting

And remember Famous venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki said in his book, The Art of the Start,

“Of the effort you put into write a business plan, 80 percent should go into the executive
summary. These are the most important paragraphs of your organization’s existence.”

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