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Get instant access to text messaging and your favorite social networking sites with the 3G-enabled
Samsung Exclaim from Sprint, which features a dual-slider design that includes a side-sliding
QWERTY keyboard--great for quickly typing out messages and e-mails. In addition to fast 3G speeds
from Sprint's high-speed EV-DO network, you'll enjoy GPS navigation capabilities for accessing the
optional Sprint Navigation turn-by-turn direction service as well as access to Sprint TV's
video-on-demand with full-motion video and vivid sound. Other features include a 2-megapixel
camera/camcorder, Bluetooth for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, microSD memory
expansion (up to 16 GB), and up to 6 hours of talk time.

The unique, dual slider design and full QWERTY keyboard on the Exclaim makes expressing
yourself and staying connected on the go a breeze. Sprint Service
 Supporting the EV-DO high-speed data standard, this phone enables you to download and stream
high-quality video, straight onto your phone. Where coverage is available, EV-DO connectivity provides
average download speeds ranging from 400 to 700 Kbps, with peak rates up to 2 Mbps. With Sprint
TV, you can make your cell phone your always-on source for news, weather, sports and more. This
comprehensive video service combines high-quality streaming audio and video from channels
including ABC, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports, E!, CNN, The Discovery Channel, and more. The
Sprint Music Store enables you to buy, download, and then jam out wherever you are with new songs
or old favorites. Offering a growing selection of more than 1.6 million songs, the store provides you two
copies of each song--one for the phone and another for the PC, as well as the ability to burn songs to a
CD using Windows Media Player. Save your songs to a memory card with a capacity that's right for
you. You also get several streaming-radio applications, including Sprint Radio with more than 150
channels. This GPS-enabled phone provides optional access to Sprint Navigation for driving directions
on your mobile phone--by voice and onscreen. Along the way, turn-by-turn directions will be
announced in a clear voice and displayed on your phone. For example, Sprint Navigation will say, "Go
1.2 miles and turn right on Elm Street." As you approach the turn, you will hear, "Turn right on Elm
Street." Sprint Navigation also provides proactive traffic alerts with one click re-routing. And it's easy to
find restaurants, banks, cafes, hotels and more from over 10 million points of interest across the U.S.
With Sprint Mobile e-mail, you'll get easy access to your favorite home e-mail services including AOL,
Yahoo!, Gmail, and MSN/Windows Live Hotmail and more. And Sprint Mobile e-mail Work enables you
to access e-mail from corporate servers, including Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and Lotus
Notes Domino versions 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 (with the latest software update). You can also can easily stay
in touch with family and friends using Sprint Messaging, offering threaded SMS text messaging and the
ability to share pictures and video with MMS seamlessly in one application. It also offers Sprint IM with
access to Yahoo! Messenger, AOL's AIM service and MSN Messenger. This phone also provides
access to Sprint Football Live--free for any phone with a data plan. You'll be able to follow all the live
play-by-play action with the Live Game Center for both pro and college football games, as well as stay
on top of the pro football draft with a Live Draft Tracker and in-depth analysis and bios on nearly 500
top prospects. Access by texting "FOOTBALL" to 7777 on the handset to download Sprint Football Live
from Sprint Digital Lounge (standard text messaging and data rates apply).

It's never been easier to text, IM, e-mail, share photos and post comments and check your
status on your favorite social networking sites.

And with Sprint One Click, you'll be updating your MySpace or Facebook page and enjoying
YouTube videos in just a push of a button. Phone Features
 The Samsung Exclaim features a unique dual slider design that provides ultimate flexibility with its
side-sliding full QWERTY keyboard and bottom-sliding alpha-numeric keypad. The 2.6-inch LCD
screen has a 240 x 320-pixel resolution and 262K color depth, and it sits above a five-way navigation
pad that's joined by standard send/end and soft navigation keys. This phone features Sprint's One
Click navigation interface, which places eight shortcut tiles along the bottom of the home screen.
Instead of navigating through endless phone menus, you can put the things you use the most--features
like call logs, texting, Web access and GPS navigation--right up front with instant information related to
each feature. For example, when you scroll to text messaging, you'll see the number of new messages
received and a single click takes take you to the newest messages. Here's how it works: Add your
favorite items to the carousel, which is a row of tiles along the bottom of your phone's home screen.
The carousel can hold up to 15 tiles, which you can add, remove and rearrange to suit your needs.
Highlight a tile to reveal its menu on your home screen. Add up to 8 "bubbles"--at-a-glance items that
display on your home screen, like the weather or your daily horoscope. Browse and download new tiles
from your phone's "Personalize Home Screen" tile. New tiles are available every two weeks. Press
your navigation left or right key to select a tile; up or down to select a bubble or menu item. The
"Home" tile always stays put, so you can easily get back to your default display. The Exclaim is
focused on social networking, with new interactive Facebook and MySpace tiles right on the home
screen as part of the One Click interface. You can now add Twitter to their home screen using One
Click as well. Facebook tile: Provides One-Click access to share “What’s on your mind,―
check status updates, monitor your news feed, manage your inbox and track the status of your friends.
MySpace tile: Offers the ability to update your status, monitor your friend lists, review your pictures and
albums, manage your inbox and friend requests and track your comments. Twitter tile: Allows you to
post Tweets with one click, check updates for everyone you are following, see responses to your
Tweets, manage the list of people you are following and those who are following you and see what the
whole Twitter-verse is saying. hands-free communication is easy thanks to the integrated
speakerphone. This phone also provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity (version 2.0), and includes
profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and file transfer. With the A2DP Bluetooth
profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones. You can
connect your laptop (either via Bluetooth or wired USB) and enjoy dial-up networking--surf the Internet,
send e-mail, and access files from a server (additional charges or subscription applicable). Other
features include: 2-megapixel camera allows you to capture images for personal and business
purposes and send them to friends and colleagues Social Zone: The Social Zone application is your
gateway for keeping up with all your favorite social communities such as Photobucket, MySpace, and
more. From the easy-to-use dashboard view, you can respond to friend requests, view and send
messages, post comments and update your status or profiles, all from your phone. You can also use
your phone's camera to take photos, then upload them straight to your networking sites without closing
the application. Streaming Music: Listen to R&B, hip-hop, country and rock, and access Sirius, Vh-1
and MTV to see the latest headlines and video clips of your favorite artists. Background music playing
mode: Use the Sprint Music Store to listen to music while sending text messages, browsing the Web,
or playing a downloaded game. Speaker-Independent Voice Dialing: Say the name of any entry in
your phone book and the number is dialed automatically without using the keypad. This feature is
speaker-independent, so there is no need to train the phone to respond to any one person's voice.
Receive an audible status report of your phone/s coverage, signal strength, and battery strength.
Text-to-Speech: The Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature comes installed and uses voice playback to guide
you through phone menus and through placing and receiving calls. Wireless Backup: If your phone is
ever lost, stolen, damaged or replaced, you can use Wireless Backup to restore your contact
information quickly and easily. Additional charges apply. T9 text input: Compose messages easier and
faster. Predictive text input and the internal dictionary predicts text as you type, making it simpler to
send messages. Vital Statistics
 The Samsung Exclaim weighs 4.69 ounces and measures 2.1 x 4.4 x 0.7 inches. Its 960 mAh
lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4.75 hours of talk time. It runs on the CDMA 800/1900 frequencies
as well as Sprint's EV-DO 3G frequencies.

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