The Seeds of Discontent

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					                             The Seeds of Discontent
 “The media system has been set up to serve       Marcos, the voice of The Zapatistas,          Fault Lines, will reach far beyond the          or the political system that allows them to
 the interests of those who make the policies     called out from the remote mountains of       biotech protests that have erupted              thrive. Each issue will provide access to a
 behind closed doors—large profit-driven          Chiapas to all oppressed cultures for the     throughout San Francisco now, at the            growing infrastructure of individuals and
 media corporations—while the broad and           creation of an independent media net-         time of our inaugural issue. Our mission is     organizations that are engaging in a con-
 vital interests of the population have           work. He said: “It is necessary not only      to unite the struggles of oppressed cul-        stant battle for immediate results.
 largely been neglected. This system has          for independent voices to exchange infor-     tures throughout our city and across the
 contributed to a political crisis of the high-                                                                                                    This is why we are Fault Lines. Each
                                                  mation and to broaden the channels, but       world. By connecting the marginalized
 est magnitude and unless it is confronted                                                                                                      aspect of this struggle for revolution rep-
                                                  to resist the spreading lies of the monop-    voices of these communities, we are fight-
 directly will severely limit our ability to                                                                                                    resents a crack in the system's façade.
 make progress on any of the other major          olies. The truth that we build in our         ing for a radical change in the socio-eco-
                                                                                                                                                Only when these fissures are united will
 social and political problems.”                  groups, our cities, our regions, our coun-    nomic status quo.
                                                                                                                                                our movement be powerful enough to
                                                  tries, will reach full potential if we join
 -Robert W. McChesney, from The Problem                                                            We do not pretend to be objective.           crumble this amoral structure.
                                                  with other truths and realize that what is
                    of The Media, 2004                                                          Fault Lines encourages those who are dis-
                                                  occurring in other parts of the world also                                                       This newspaper may only be a small
                                                                                                gusted with the commodification of life
    The corporate elite’s stranglehold on         is a part of human history.”                                                                  tremor, but if you can feel it, then you
                                                                                                and the commercialization of culture to
the media is not a conspiracy. It is a fact.         Two years later, his call was answered     join us. While we wish to clearly and           know a massive shift is brewing in the
In recent years, the US government has            by the activists who converged upon           accurately record the events of our time,       underground.
bowed to corporate pressure, slashing reg-        Seattle during the World Trade                we recognize that perception is insepara-        Dignity is that nation without national-
ulations on media ownership. Diverse,             Organization protests. In 1999, this          ble from perspective. No one remains             ity, that rainbow that is also a bridge,
independent newspapers, book publish-             resistance spawned the first Independent      unaffected.                                      that murmur of the heart no matter where
ers, movie studios, and television and            Media Center, and, in only five years, this                                                    the blood lives it, that rebel irreverence
radio stations have been swallowed or                                                              Our agenda will not be cloaked behind         that mocks borders, customs, and wars.
                                                  global network of community-based col-        the myth of "professionalism." In
squashed by the five monstrous conglom-           lectives has sprouted almost 150 chapters     Independent Media, bias and integrity are        Hope is that rejection of conformity and
erates that now own the vast majority of          reaching from Mumbai to Montreal. The                                                          defeat.
                                                                                                not mutually exclusive. We do not consid-
all media outlets. Over one-third of the          explosion of this phenomenon proves that      er our legitimacy to be compromised by           Life is what they owe us; the right to gov-
fifty wealthiest Americans generated the          the public refuses to accept the corporate    promoting our values.                            ern ourselves, to think and act with a free-
majority of their fortunes through media
                                                  account of our world. Mainstream news                                                          dom that is not exercised over the slavery
and related industries. The mission of                                                             Although we support "equality"and
                                                  coverage is distorted to present profit-                                                       of others, the right to give and receive
this oligarchy is to generate profits and it                                                    "freedom" we will not settle for paying
                                                  driven, ecologically destructive, socially                                                     what is just.
is accomplished by suppressing the truth.                                                       homage to vague concepts and ideals.
                                                  irresponsible ideologies. Independent                                                          For all this, along with those who, beyond
                                                                                                This publication is a tool for direct action.
   Our mission is truth.                          Media Centers are spreading the word                                                           borders, races and colors, share the song of
                                                                                                Knowledge is power, but facts alone will
                                                  that this belief system is fucked.                                                             life, the struggle against death, the flower
   The Zapatistas are an indigenous                                                             not dismantle the military-industrial
insurgency movement demanding politi-                Just as the first IMC has transcended                                                       of hope, and the breath of dignity…
                                                                                                complex, which profits from fabricated
cal and economic democracy in Mexico.             the conflict from which it emerged, the       wars, the centralized clan of media execu-             -Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos,
In 1997, Subcomandante Insurgente                 newspaper that you are now holding,           tives who dictate our national discourse,                                  January 1996

                               Issue 1 | June 2004              Biotech2004 | Food For Animals | The Corporation | Copwatch | CAFTA
                                                                                                                                                       been affected so much by not having me –
                                                                                                                                                       that he lost his ability of perfect sight. My
                                                                                                                                                       mind tells me that it’s genetic, his grand-
                                                                                                                                                       mother wears glasses and so does his father.
                                                                                                                                                       Even I wear reading glasses, but that day
                                                                                                                                                       everything else was blocked out when I
                                                                                                                                                       heard he was wearing them. I thought - but
                                                                                                                                                       he’s so young, this all affected him to that
                                                                                                                                                       amount! I don’t have peace in my heart, not
                                                                                                                                                       knowing the answer to this and not know-
                                                                                                                                                       ing where Peter is. He may be a step, mile
                                                                                                                                                       or state away, and I won’t have peace until I
                                                                                                                                                       see him again.Office and Mail
                                                                                                                                                          Now, four years later, I spend my time in
                                                                                                                                                       here trying to do everything I can to get out
                                                                                                                                                       – so I can find my son. I schedule my duties
                                                                                                                                                       as a prisoner in such a way to make certain
                published by:                                                                                                                          to not break any rules, and I keep to myself
       The SF Bay Area                                                                                                                                 in here. I write Peter letters, it’s a way to
                                                                                                                                                       speak out to him, even though I cannot mail
         Independent                                                                                                                                   them to him. I don’t have an address due to
        Media Center -                                                                                                                                 the fact that everything surrounding Peter,                                                                                                                                 and finding him, has been denied to me.

           Office and Mail
       2940 16th Street - Suite 216
                                                    Locked up - Locked down                                                                                          Fighting back
                                                                                                                                                           A lot crosses my mind now, and writing
         San Francisco, CA 94103                    A jailed mother refuses to forget her child                                                        Peter letters is a way to get it all out. In
                                                                                                                                                       these letters I ask him how he’s doing, and
              (415) 864-1006
                                                     The California Coalition for Women                 After that last visit with Peter, I was        hope that my heart reaches and finds him
        Office Hours: MWF 12-5pm
                                                  Prisoners advocates fundamental changes           taken back into my dorm and a neighbor-            in the best of spirits. I don’t ever want Peter
                   Email                          in the prison-industrial complex through          ing woman was watching television. The             to think I ever stopped loving him, but
                                                  education and community participation.            t.v. cameras were inside the visiting room         these letters remain unsent. Peter- how was
                                                  The following is a letter from an incarcer-       that day during my “special visit” with            school today, did you do your homework,
                                                  ated woman to her son. She is just one of         Peter. The prison system allowed me to             what’s your favorite subject, do you like
                    Web                           many women whose rights CCWP is fight-            have the visit, without telling me that cam-       sports and if you do- what kind? Peter, do
                                                  ing to protect.                                   eras were taping it. One of my neighbors           you have any best friends? What are their
       SF Bay Area:
                                                                                                    called out when I went into my cell, and           names? Peter, are you eating your favorite
        Global:                          Losing Peter, my son                     said “your son is on t.v.”, and in the dimmed      food (spaghetti) still? Peter, my beloved
                                                     I lost Peter when he was nine years old.       lights I turned and saw Peter on the televi-       son, how are you adjusting to your new life?
             About Indybay                                                                          sion. The newscaster twisted the story, and        Do you know that Mommy never stopped
The San Francisco Bay Area Independent            He was the best mother’s day gift and was
                                                  created by my former husband and myself,          said that Peter was being removed from me          loving you, and I have your name engraved
Media Center is a non-commercial, demo-                                                             - the parent who’d supposedly kidnapped            in me to remind me of you everyday?
                                                  but we were in an extremely bad relation-
cratic collective of bay area independent                                                           him. Afterwards I couldn’t sleep, and felt
                                                  ship. His father, Anthony, was an abusive                                                                I have no contact with my ex-husband,
media makers and media outlets, and                                                                 like I was having a heart attack because I
                                                  man. Not only did he beat me but he’d hit                                                            Anthony, and he has my son. If I had con-
serves as the local organizing unit of the                                                          couldn’t feel my arm. I prayed to God, and
                                                  Peter too. A picture of my son’s ear reminds                                                         tact with him, I’d want to say that I’m ter-
global Indymedia network.                                                                           said, “if You take my son from me, please
                                                  me of Anthony’s abusive nature. Peter’s ear                                                          ribly sorry for the poor choice I made. I
                                                                                                    don’t get me sick in here too”. I was on
             Fault Lines                          was badly bruised - Anthony dropped him                                                              pray to God everyday, that he’s being a
                                                                                                    lockdown for two weeks, in a dorm with
                                                  and hit him so hard, that my son lost hear-                                                          good father to OUR son because OUR son
          Mission Statement                       ing in that ear.
                                                                                                    thirty other women and a small patio to get
Fault Lines, the newspaper of the San                                                               sun since we weren’t allowed to go out.            deserves to be happy. I want to tell other
                                                     One of the abusive things that he did          There wasn’t much sun that month, and I            mothers that I know the pain they’re feel-
Francisco Bay Area Independent Media
                                                  snapped my spirit, and I did what I did.          didn’t feel the rays from the sunlight on my       ing; the awfulness that comes because we
Center, aims to give all communities the
                                                  Anthony, Peter’s father and my former hus-        skin nor in my heart. I only have one pic-         don’t know where our children are, the anx-
opportunity to actively participate in a col-
                                                  band, raped me. Afterwards I was bleeding         ture of him, and it was from that “special         iety that comes around certain dates like
lective process of media production and dis-
                                                  to death and I couldn’t get up. The next day,     visit” – the last day we saw each other. The       birthdays. I know the loss of joy in those
tribution. By operating with transparency,                                                                                                             days, because they’re not things to celebrate
this newspaper hopes to achieve the goal of       I did what I did to get me jailed. In my cul-     social services took pictures of him, and I
                                                  ture, you don’t say my husband’s hurting me       have only a photocopy of it.                       without our children. I know, because we’re
allowing the public, not corporate conglom-                                                                                                            all facing the same problem of not being
erations, to set the agenda for news cover-       and my child, so after I made my poor                 The County I was convicted in contact-
                                                  choice and was arrested- I couldn’t say “but                                                         able to see our children due to the fact that
age. Our mission to train and empower mar-                                                          ed my mother, and told her that Peter              we’re convicted for violent crimes. I think
ginalized voices is a commitment to disrupt-      he’s beating us”. The last time I saw Peter       would be put into foster care if he had no
                                                  was when he came in for a visit after I was                                                          it’s more painful to not see our children,
ing the socio-economic status quo. This                                                             immediate relatives that could care for him.       then the sentence we have to serve.
                                                  already incarcerated. We had our visit, and       So, my mother told the county that he had
publication was created to be used as a tool
                                                  the entire time I was embarrassed since I         a father and the county called Anthony. My             But we need to get our spirits and men-
for radical change in our communities by
                                                  was wearing orange and we spoke through           mother and I both felt it was better for           talities strong and together, to fight the
exposing the stories and raising the issues
                                                  a glass. He asked me, “Mommy, what did            Peter to be with his father, even though           good fight! We have to do whatever we can
that the media plutocracy seeks to sup-
                                                  you do?” and I said, “ I broke the law and        Anthony was abusive. We thought that if            to work the program to heal our scared and
press. We are the people, we are the media        I’m going to be here until I fix the problem.     something was to happen, he’d actually be          scarred cores, and not let the prison system
and we are dissenting from the ground up.         But remember to be good and that I love           held responsible.                                  work us. Do your time, as “they” say, and
              Get Involved                        you.” That was the last time I saw him, and                                                          don’t let time do you. There is always
                                                  he was nine years old. That day, I felt in my        Peter was on the witness list to testify
The IMC has an open door. You can write for                                                                                                            tomorrow, and there is always hope. We
                                                  heart that would be the last day that we’d        against his own mother, even after the court
Fault Lines, film events and rallies, self-pub-                                                                                                        cannot lose that hope, not now – not ever.
                                                  see each other. Sad and depressed, I was          system wouldn’t take the picture of his ear-
lish articles to the web, take photos or just                                                       so badly hurt by Peter’s abusive father- into         All names in this article have been
                                                  worried about him. I was concerned for his
help us run the office. As an organization                                                          evidence. They said it was because the court       changed to protect the identities of those
                                                  well being, how he was handling the fact
relying entirely on volunteer support, we                                                           couldn’t determine Peter’s age in it. Still,       involved in this incident.
                                                  that his mother was in jail. It was painful …
encourage all forms of participation.                                                               though, my son didn’t testify.
                                                  it was painful, and it was one of the worst                                                               For information on how you can support
The print working group reserves the right        moments of my life. Yes, being separated             During the prosecution, I was shocked                women prisoners, contact the California
to edit articles for length, content and clari-   from my son Peter was worst than hearing          to hear that Peter is wearing glasses. My                      Coalition for Women Prisoners at
ty. We welcome your participation in the          my sentencing.                                    heart dropped because my baby could’ve                               info@women
entire editorial process.
       Fault Lines Volunteers
Lani Riccobuono, Lauren Kay, Ali Tonak,
Kelah Bott, Liam O'Donoghue, jankyHellface
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          Fault Lines Thanks
Balazo Galleria, Christina, Myth of Progress,       Fault Lines encourages our readers and members of the community to        In an age when information and news are so tightly managed and con-
The Eddie Haskells, Dying in your Beauty            get involved in making media. Our goal is to train and empower mar-       trolled by the corporate media, industry and government, a free, inde-
Sleep, Middle Class Assasins,The                    ginalized voices to reclaim our lines of communication and speak truth    pendent and alternative press is essential for any hope of creating a
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                                                    ability are also greatly appreciated.                                                        San Francisco, CA 94103

2 | June 2004 | F a u l t L i n e s
                                                                                                   panied by a group of fifteen supporters        ate with the fasters, their support staff,
                                                                                                   their first night before they packed up to     Dolores Huerta and Loni Hancock
                                                                                                   sleep in a downtown office. They returned      (Assembly woman from the Contra Costa
                                                                                                   and this process became a daily ritual.        area). Though the original three demands
                                                                                                                                                  were not conceded to, significant conces-
                                                                                                      On day nine of the fast, over 100 sup-
                                                                                                                                                  sions were made. The Governor had
                                                                                                   porters came to a candlelight vigil to sup-
                                                                                                                                                  signed an agreement to refinance the loans
                                                                                                   port the fasters. Some were invited, many
                                                                                                                                                  taken out by the WCCUSD, lowering the
                                                                                                   had just heard of the fast on the news or in
                                                                                                                                                  interest rate from nearly six percent to less
                                                                                                   the papers. Letters had come in from the
                                                                                                                                                  than two percent, saving the district at
                                                                                                   United Farm Workers of America and
                                                                                                                                                  least $600,000 annually. The Governor
                                                                                                   other organized labor groups, school
                                                                                                                                                  also agreed to pay a visit to the West
                                                                                                   boards, community and social justice
                                                                                                                                                  Contra Costa Unified School District this
                                                                                                   organizations. On day four, Dolores
                                                                                                                                                  coming fall.
                                                                                                   Huerta, co-founder of the UFW, came out
                                                                                                   to show her support for the fast and for          All in all, the fast was the first successful
                                                                                                   public education in California. Huerta, a      action to force the Governor into negotia-
                                                                                                   veteran of many non-violent direct actions,    tions and the first action to give faith to the
                                                                                                   recommended that the fast be moved to the      movement for more equitable public educa-
                                                                                                   steps of the State Capitol. On May 16,         tion funding. On day 26, in the presence
                                                                                                   Oakland Mayor and former Governor of           of a large group of parents (including their

  Starving for Justice                                                                             California Jerry Brown came out and
                                                                                                   signed a resolution in support of the fast
                                                                                                   and, inspired by this action, declared May
                                                                                                                                                  own), children and teachers from
                                                                                                                                                  Richmond, California, the last two fasters
                                                                                                                                                  broke their fast at Downer Elementary
  By Julio and Charles Houston                                                                     17 (the actual anniversary of Brown vs.        school, one of the public schools targeted
                                                                                                   Board) “Equal Education Day” in Oakland.       for closure.
      In 1967, normal proceedings of the             In response to this crisis, March4Education
California State Legislature came to a           organized an eight day march from                     On “Equal Education Day,” the fasters      While the successes of the Fast are undeniable,
screeching halt as members of the Black          Richmond to Sacramento, which included            and their small support team traveled to       it remains clear that California public schools
Panther Party (BPP) stormed into the state       community members, parents, teachers and          Sacramento and set up camp outside the         are still in crisis. Fast4Education urges every-
capitol. This organized group of poor, but       students during spring break vacation.            Capitol. Again, they were greeted by police    one to remain involved and committed to tak-
socially-conscious citizens had armed            Carrying signs bearing slogans such as “No        and threatened with arrest. Again, their       ing action to continue the fight for equity in
themselves in defense against police brutal-     Vacation for Education,” they persisted           first vigil drew a small crowd of about fif-   public schools and appropriate education in the
ity. They entered the capitol to remind pol-     with the hope of meeting Gov.                     teen people. But they remained and their       classroom. Be on the look out for future
icy makers that “constitutional rights” have     Schwarzenegger and urging him to listen           support team kicked into high gear. With action alerts and be
been promised to all people, not just the        to the children of Richmond and respond           the support of numerous state legislators,     proactive in suggesting possible future actions.
wealthy. The BPP fought to make law-             to demands of revitalizing and restructur-        they secured a permit and the buzz grew        Though this battle directly benefits West
makers aware of the dire socio-economic          ing funding for public education in               within the Capitol and in the community.       Contra Costa Unified, our heart remains com-
conditions facing the urban black folk who       California.       When they arrived in            As local community leaders and dedicated       mitted to ALL children in ALL districts,
they were supposed to be representing.           Sacramento, the marchers were greeted by          Sacramento families joined, the support        starting in California.
                                                 a cold indifference. Very few assembly            team grew and daily attendance to the vig-
   On June 4, at a SPEAK OUT meeting                                                                                                              Though the fast itself is over, the fasters are still
                                                 members who opened up their conference            ils grew dramatically. Though some
between the current state legislature and                                                                                                         struggling not only to recuperate physically but
                                                 rooms to provide temporary relief to the          fasters had already broke their fast and
Fast4Education, a grassroots, civil and                                                                                                           also financially as the fast cost them nearly a
                                                 activists, who had marched for many miles         many more would eventually step out for
human rights movement committed to                                                                                                                month’s wages and the logistical demands of
                                                 in the sun. At that moment it became clear        health and other reasons, the circle
ending inequity in school funding, one of                                                                                                         the fast cost the fast4education thousands of
                                                 that more drastic tactics were needed to be       remained strong and several legislators and
the Assembly members remarked, “Never                                                                                                             dollars in rental car fees, cell phone bills and
                                                 more effective in representing the urgency        top-ranking California politicos began to
before has the assembly floor been forced to                                                                                                      gas. Please visit the Fast4Education website
                                                 of this issue.                                    pay daily visits to the fasters’ camp. When
stop business as usual and grant full atten-                                                                                                      to see where you can send donations, and where
                                                                                                   Dolores Huerta and key organizers with
tion to an issue as it did when those of you        Through discussions and organizational                                                        future Fundraisers will be held. La Lucha
                                                                                                   the Dolores Huerta Foundation arrived for
fasting for education rolled onto the floor,     meetings, the group decided to pressure                                                          Sigue
                                                                                                   the second time, the legislative support
except once when the Black Panther Party         the lawmakers into listening to their
                                                                                                   seemed to multiply. With the fasters’                                 . . . Fast4Education vive.
stormed in, wielding rifles and shot guns.”      demands (the actual demands can be
                                                                                                   health in jeopardy, she made personal visits
                                                 accessed at with
   Thirty-seven years later, almost to the                                                         to numerous legislators and before long,
date, with the same urgency and passion
                                                 the spiritual offering and profound state-
                                                                                                   legislators were lining up to address the
                                                                                                                                                                Poem from
for justice as the BPP, this multiracial,
                                                 ment made by a non-violent symbolic fast.
                                                                                                   fasters’ demands at SPEAK OUT meet-
                                                                                                                                                        Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez
                                                 At 12am, on may 10th, 2004, Gabriel
multi-generational group of concerned                                                              ings. A resolution in support of the fast        Here’s a message for you, loud and clear,
                                                 Hernandez, David Johnson, Thomas
people       known        collectively    as                                                       was signed by 41 members of the legisla-         Mr Governor:
                                                 Prather, Wendy Gonzalez, Karina Oliva,                                                             Beware!
Fast4Education rose up from working-                                                               ture in two days.
                                                 Fred Jackson, Jessica Vasquez, Cesar Cruz                                                          When young people walk 70 miles in the heat
poor urban communities to demand the
                                                 and Israel Haros-Lopez began their                  On day 25, the resolution was intro-           Not to skip class, not for fun, not for
same attention from the same state legisla-
                                                 Fast4Education. They made a controversial         duced to the Legislature as fasters watched      money, but for knowledge—
ture. They declared that there are still
racist and classist funding structures that                                                                                                         Beware!
prevent poor people from gaining fair and                                                                                                           When young people starve themselves for
equal access to public education. They                                                                                                              24 days
needed to starve themselves for almost a                                                                                                            Not to skip work, not for fame, not for
                                                                                                                                                    glory, but for education,
month and be pushed onto the assembly
floor in wheel chairs, but they made their
                                                                                                                                                    Their sacrifice is a threat
voices heard, and they did it peacefully.
                                                                                                                                                    Their commitment is a threat
Ironically, this action was taken on the
                                                                                                                                                    Their courage is a threat
50th anniversary of the historic decision of                                                                                                        Their self-respect is a threat.
Brown v. the Board of Education declaring                                                                                                           They threaten those who have little need
segregation and “separate and [supposed-                                                                                                            for educated youth
ly] equal” public policy, unconstitutional.                                                                                                         and want more prisons instead
   The Richmond, CA group responsible                                                                                                               Their selflessness threatens the selfish.
for starting this campaign, originally known                                                                                                        Look out your window, Mr. Governor
as March4Education, was created in                                                                                                                  And see the example they are setting
response to the disproportionate toll taken                                                                                                         Their example says that
                                                                                                                                                    another California is possible
by the West Contra Costa Unified School
                                                                                                                                                    And more than that:
District (WCCUSD) as a result of the dis-
                                                                                                                                                    another world is possible.
organization (and budget deficit) the district
                                                                                                                                                    You are looking at the only future that can
inherited from past administrations, as well
                                                                                                                                                    save us all, Mr. Governor.
as the drastic effect of the Schwarzenegger                                                                                                         Beware of the beauty in that example
budget cuts on both basic and extracurricu-      decision by start in the fast at Frank Ogawa      from the Assembly floor . The news was           It is more powerful than all who govern
lar public school programs. Currently at         Plaza in downtown Oakland because of its          circulated that even Republicans were            anywhere, everywhere
Richmond High School, there are NO               high visibility and easy access to BART and       intending to sign-on en masse when a call        It comes with the power of hope, justice,
counselors, NO school psychologists, NO          other methods of transportation. Police           was received by the Governor himself urg-        and the vision of a full humanity.
Librarians, indefinitely closed libraries and    officials greeted them by confiscating their      ing the Republican Assembly members to           Their example is a gift to us all.
next to no athletic programs or art pro-         tarp and awning and threatening them with         caucus. The resolution did not pass but the      To us all.
grams, let alone extracurricular activities.     arrest, but they remained and were accom-         Governor’s aides were sent down to negoti-       To us all, always

                                                                                                                                                          F a u l t L i n e s | June 2004 | 3

        Art Censored by Thugs
    SF's Capobianco Gallery has been
                                                  Breaking Ranks
                                                  Refusing to torture lands staff sergeant in jail by Rob Eshelman
 forced to close after owner Lori Haigh                                                          would load a 9mm pistol, and pretend to         headlines around the globe, confirming
 received death threats and anonymous                                                            be charging it near their head, and make        rumors that had been circulating for
 demands that her exhibit of works by                                                            them think we were going to shoot them.         months. International non-governmental
 East Bay artist Guy Colwell be shut                                                             Once you did that, they did whatever you        organizations such as, Human Rights
 down. Haigh was spat on, the gallery                                                            wanted them to do basically."                   Watch and the Red Cross, had issued
 was pelted with eggs, trash was dumped                                                                                                          multiple reports and alerted members of
 in front of the entrance, her children                                                             From the beginning of his service in
                                                                                                 Iraq, Camilo had reservations about the         the US armed forces, directly, about abus-
 were threatened, and she was called                                                                                                             es inside the jail. In January, the senior US
 "anti-American" for showing Colwell's                                                           invasion. However, after participating in
                                                                                                 the torture of detainees and the abuse of       military commander in Iraq, Lieutenant
 "The Abuse," which depicts Pfc.                                                                                                                 General Ricardo Sanchez had even initi-
 Lynndie England and another soldier                                                             Iraqi civilians while stationed in Ramadi,
                                                                                                 he had had enough. "There comes a point         ated an internal military investigation to
 smiling gleefully as they look upon a trio                                                                                                      probe these allegations.
                                                                                                 when you have to realize there is a differ-
 of naked, hooded Iraqi prisoners who are
                                                                                                 ence between being a soldier and being a           Despite these indications, American
 hooked up to electrical wires. In the
                                                                                                 human being," he told the British paper.        news sources remained virtually silent on
 background, a third American soldier is
 escorting a Muslim woman in a dress                                                                Like thousands of other American sol-        the allegations of torture. During numer-
 into the torture chamber. The painting is                                                                                                       ous interviews with reporters, Camilo
                                                                                                 diers serving in Iraq, Mejia is not a US cit-
 black and white, except for American                                                                                                            divulged his participation in prisoner abuse
                                                                                                 izen. Facing mounting immigration prob-
 flag patches on the soldiers' uniforms,                                                                                                         and psychological torture. Being forced
                                                “There has been poor strategic thinking in       lems back home, Camilo was granted a
 which appear to be splattered with                                                                                                              into this systemic injustice was a main
                                                this. There has been poor operational plan-      two-week furlough, last October, in order
 blood.                                                                                                                                          argument for gaining conscientious objec-
                                                ning and execution on the ground. And to         to return to Miami and resolve the issue of     tor status. But until the photos were leaked,
      Maxxam/Pacific Lumber                     think that we are going to ‘stay the course,’    his residency status. Camilo did not return     officials within the military and Pentagon
      Racks Up 325 Violations                   the course is headed over Niagara Falls.”
                                                                                                 to Iraq at the end of this temporary            had effectively kept things under wrap.
     According to state and federal regula-            -Former commander-and-chief of the        reprieve. Instead, he went underground.
                                                           United States Central Command,                                                           The photos created a public relations
 tors, Maxxam's Pacific Lumber has                                                                   Taking such precautions such as avoid-      nightmare for the US government. Under
 racked up 325 violations of environmen-              retired General Anthony Zinni, in an
                                                                                                 ing communication through cell phones           mounting pressure, court-martials were
 tal laws since 1999. The pattern of illegal       “60 Minutes” interview aired May 23rd.
                                                                                                 and e-mail, Camilo lived clandestinely and      issued to seven soldiers from the 372nd
 cutting consists of destroying habitat for        Zinni does not stand alone in his harsh       plotted a strategy to become the first sol-     Military Police Company. In an effort to
 the endangered marbled murrelet and           criticisms of pre-war motivations and war-        dier serving in Iraq to gain conscientious      stem media scrutiny, the military and
 spotted owl, failing to acknowledge           time strategy by top civilian officials with-     objector status. While hiding out in New        Pentagon tried desperately to spin the
 watercourses, and over-cutting boundary       in the Pentagon such as Paul Wolfowitz            York City, Camilo consulted the advice of       events at Abu Ghraib as an isolated inci-
 lines. About 75 percent of the violations     and Donald Rumsfeld. His comments                 Gulf War veterans. They encouraged him          dent carried out by a few rogues. Evidence
 degraded water quality. The new list of       have been echoed by a growing number              to contact Tod Ensign, a lawyer and direc-      to the contrary, such as Rumsfeld’s approval
 violations adds to the 250 previous viola-    of former top military officers, including
 tions accumulated from 1995-1997. A                                                             tor of Citizen Soldier, a New York-based        of a list of acceptable interrogation meth-
                                               former General and National Security              veteran’s organization. Ensign agreed to        ods and allegations of abuse at Bagram air-
 new report released by the Environmental      Advisor Brent Scowcroft and former
 Protection Information Center details the                                                       work with Camilo in preparing his consci-       base in Afghanistan and other bases in Iraq,
                                               head of Central Command Norman                    entious objector application. “We agreed        continues to emerge.
 crimes of this notoriously destructive        Schwartzkopf. The dissent of such gener-
 timber corporation.                                                                             after World War II not to carry on individ-
                                               ally hawkish bigwigs signals a growing rift                                                          On May 19th, Specialist Jeremy Sivits,
                                                                                                 ual defense of this country unless we were
                                               between the architects of the Iraq invasion                                                       the first of the seven court-martialed sol-
                                                                                                 directly attacked,” Ensign said in a press
                                               and those who have actually spent time on                                                         diers to face trial, appeared before a military
                                                                                                 statement, explaining one aspect of his
                                               the battlefield.                                                                                  court inside the ‘Green Zone’ – the heavily
                                                                                                 plans for Camilo’s defense. “We would
                                                                                                                                                 fortified area in central Baghdad now home
                                                  Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia has gone           work with international agencies. Clearly,
                                                                                                                                                 to the Coalition Provisional Authority. In
                                               much further, and taken a much greater            in the case of Iraq we chose not to do that.”
                                               personal risk, in denouncing the Iraq occu-                                                       pleading guilty, Sivits agreed to testify
                                               pation. By going AWOL in November,                   In March, after five months of preparing     against the six other American soldiers
                                               2003, Camilo became the first conscien-           his case and successfully remaining beyond      implicated in abuses at Abu Ghraib.
                                               tious objector of the second Gulf War. His
                                               motivations for this action spotlights war,
                                               in an often-overlooked moral context, and
                                                                                                    "If that didn't work, we would load a 9mm
       Turkish People Anxious                  portends yet another fissure in the crum-            pistol, and pretend to be charging it near
            to Greet Bush                      bling facade of “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”
                                                                                                    their head, and make them think we were
    Grassroots groups from across Turkey          Camilo Mejia is the soft-spoken, 28-
 are mobilizing to greet NATO and Bush         year old son of a Costa Rican anti-war              going to shoot them. Once you did that, they
 with fierce resistance. The North
 Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
                                               activist mother and a father who wrote folk
                                               anthems for the Sandinista rebels in
                                                                                                 did whatever you wanted them to do basically."
 will be having it's annual meeting in         Nicaragua. As a teenager, he left a middle-       the reach of authorities, Camilo surren-        Following a tearful apology, he was sen-
 Istanbul June 28th - 29th, and smaller,       class life in Nicaragua and moved to his          dered himself to the military in Sherborn,      tenced to the maximum penalty for his role
 momentum-building protests across the         mother’s home in Miami, Florida. Camilo           Massachusetts. At a press conference prior      in the abuses – twelve months in prison
 country will take place almost every          split from his family’s anti-Yankee tradition     to turning himself in, he denied the legiti-    along with being discharged from the
 week leading up to the larger demon-          and joined the United States Marine Corps         macy of the Iraq occupation, calling it, “a     Army for bad conduct and a reduction in
 stration in Istanbul.                         in 1995 in order to feel more a part of           war for oil.”                                   rank to private.
      Follow the demonstrations on Istanbul    American society. After completing his
                IMC                                                          In a ‘60 Minutes’ interview taped prior         A dark irony unfolds when Sivits’ pun-
                                               three-year service, he enrolled in college
                                                                                                 to turning himself in, Mejia explained his      ishment is compared to the sentence that
                                               and enlisted in the Florida National Guard
     Repression in Guadalajara:                                                                  refusal to return to his unit. “When you        Camilo Mejia received a few days later for
       ACLUE Trade talks turn                  to help pay his tuition. In April of last year,
                                                                                                 look at the war, and you look at the reasons    refusing to participate in such abuses.
        violent for protesters                 only a semester away from completing a
                                                                                                 that took us to war, and you don’t find that    Camilo got twelve months imprisonment, a
                                               degree in psychology and Spanish, Camilo’s
    Extreme police repression broke out                                                          any of the things that we were told that        bad conduct discharge, and a reduction in
                                               National Guard unit was deployed to Iraq.
 at the ALCUE trade summit in                                                                    we’re going to war for turned out to be         rank to private. Although he is now locked
 Guadalajara, Mexico. Global justice              As a Staff Sergeant and squad leader,          true, when you don’t find there are             up, his statement before the military jury of
 activists demanding public participation      Camilo claims to have participated in and         weapons of mass destruction, and when           eight soldiers, including six who served in
 and democratic debate over develop-           witnessed acts of abuse against Iraqi civil-      you don’t find that there was a link            Iraq, leaves no doubt regarding his com-
 ment polices, along with bystanders,          ians and detainees. In an interview with          between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda,            mitment to oppose war. He said, "I respect
 were brutally beaten, gassed, and arrest-     The Guardian (UK) published May 14,               and you see that you’re not helping the         this court but from the bottom of my heart.
 ed. The majority of those detained were       Camilo described how his unit, while sta-         people and the people don’t want you            I sit here a free man. When I am behind
                                                                                                                                                 bars - if you put me behind bars - I will be
 picked up in the street in the hours later    tioned at a military detention facility out-      there,” he said. “To me, there’s no military
                                                                                                                                                 a free man as well because my actions and
 as they attempted to retreat to safety. As    side of Baghdad, was ordered to prepare           contract and no military duty that’s going
                                                                                                                                                 my belief against the war have set me free.”
 they have refused to release the names,       Iraqi prisoners for questioning.                  to justify being a part of that war.”
 charges and locations of the arrestees,                                                                                                                Rob Eshelman is a freelance journalist
                                                  "We had a sledgehammer that we                    In April, while Camilo was in custody
 they are considered to have been "disap-                                                                                                            based in San Francisco. His articles have
                                               would bang against the wall, and that             and awaiting trial at Fort Stewart,
 peared" by the authorities. Those arrest-                                                                                                                 appeared in Clamor Magazine, the
                                               would create an echo that sounds like an          Georgia, the first images of American sol-
 ed have faced severe physical abuse at                                                                                                                    Brooklyn Rail, and CounterPunch.
                                               explosion that scared the hell out of             diers torturing Iraqi prisoners held at the
              continued in opposite column                                                                                                       He can be e-mailed at:
                                               them," he said. "If that didn't work, we          Abu Ghraib detention facility made

4 | June 2004 | F a u l t L i n e s
                                            Speaking Out                                                                                                 the hands of the guards. In negotiations,
                                                                                                                                                         police have proposed to ransom all but 9
                                                                                                                                                         of the disappeared in exchange for pay-
                                                                                                                                                         ment for property damage.

                                            OPINIONS & PERSPECTIVES

  Leave Cary Verse Alone
  by Lani Riccobuono
   All parolees in California face extreme       We need to ask whether a white business-          responsibility are what truly work to pre-
challenges upon release. If you have a           man who molested a daughter or a niece            vent sexual abuse."
felony conviction on your record, no matter      would ever be sentenced to chemical cas-
                                                                                                       Why focus our precious time and
where you go to apply for a job, potential       tration. The answer? Probably not.
employers will be sure to ask you about it.                                                        energy harassing people who have served                Arrest and Felony charges for
                                                     Sadly, Verse cannot get respite from          the sentence for their crime? There is a                protester at Boston Military
Without many job opportunities, it is easy
                                                 public attention. Mainstream media has            saying that forgiveness means giving up                     Recruitment Center
for folks to fall into the trap of poverty. To
                                                 been vilifying him and making a spectacle         all hope for a better past. The best way to
make matters more complicated, “safety                                                                                                                      Joe Previtera, 21, was arrested on May
                                                 of every move he makes. If you turn on the        honor all people who have been sexually
nets” for impoverished people, such as
                                                 television on any day that Verse has had to       assaulted is to work towards REAL safe-               26 and charged with felonies for alleged-
receiving food stamps and living in public
                                                 leave yet another home he has been chased         ty in our communities. People feel safe               ly making a bomb threat after dressing as
housing, are unavailable to those with
                                                 out of, the news will show people in the          when there is accountability for individu-            a hooded Iraqi prisoner in front of the
felony convictions. With parolees facing
                                                 new neighborhood protesting his presence.                                                               Tremont St military recruitment center
such desperate situations, it is no wonder                                                         als' actions, in addition to a chance to
                                                 Interviews are shown with people talking                                                                in downtown Boston military recruit-
there is such a revolving door pushing peo-                                                        learn from their mistakes. These are
                                                 about buying guns and keeping their kids                                                                ment center in downtown Boston. In his
ple back into prison. The situation is even                                                        things that take time, and require a lot of
                                                 indoors. The news anchors tell us that the                                                              arraignment on June 1st, a Suffolk
worse if you are a parolee like Cary Verse.                                                        commitment from everyone involved, but
                                                 local police are ready and willing to come                                                              County District Attorney suggested that
   Cary Verse is a convicted sex offender,       out and check the locks on our doors. Nice        are necessary if we are to create a society
                                                                                                                                                         the Boston College student's bail be set
and his sentence is an indefinite one. He        try, but unfortunately locking your doors         where we don't just lock people up
                                                                                                                                                         at $10,000. However, a National
was released from prison after serving 12        will not end sexual assault. It is a valid pre-   instead of dealing with our problems.
                                                                                                                                                         Lawyers Guild attorney and Previtera's
years, and went directly to a state mental       caution to take, but it is not part of any            Hassling people who have been paroled             mother, also an attorney, persuaded the
institution where he was imprisoned for an       type of solution.                                 from prison will get us nowhere. What we              judge to free him on personal recogni-
additional five years. On top of all that, he                                                      really need are preventative measures and             zance.
                                                    Sexual abuse will not stop because we
has been chemically castrated and is moni-                                                         restorative justice, instead of "punishment,"
                                                 mutilate the body of one man and pay
tored 24 hours a day by a global positioning                                                       since that doesn't address the roots as to                  Starbucks Workers in
                                                 close to 175,000 dollars a year to track his
system strapped to his body.
                                                 every move. It is a wider problem that we         why such crimes happen in the first place.                NYC Attempt Unionization
   When was it decided that corporal pun-        as a society must deal with together. Rose        No one would ever argue that what Verse                  First in the nation, baristas from the
ishment (e.g. chemical castration), purport-     Braz, director of Critical Resistance, a          did is acceptable. But it is also not accept-         36th St. and Madison Starbucks in
edly abandoned long ago by our criminal          grassroots organization seeking to reverse        able to act like no one can ever move                 New York City submitted union cards
justice system, is acceptable? It is not un-     the state's reliance on prisons, has pointed      beyond the mistakes that they have made               to the National Labor Relations Board
imaginable, given the continuing trend of        out that this situation has not been dealt        or that something as inhumane as chemical             last month (NLRB). Employees note
our criminal justice system towards              with in a way that promotes real security         castration or putting people in prison                the primary reasons for unionization is
extremes like three strikes and capital pun-     for our communities.                              would prevent these mistakes from hap-                to fight back against recent cutbacks by
ishment, that the existence of chemical cas-                                                       pening in the future.
                                                    "Sexual abuse is a problem which cannot                                                              management and reduction of hours,
tration might be used to justify other forms
                                                 be resolved by banning people like Mr.             Lani Riccobuono is a member of the Fault Lines       forcing them to poverty level standards.
of mutilation in the future. We also need to
                                                 Verse from the community," said Braz.               collective and an active prison abolitionist. For   Starbucks --considered by Forbes to be
look at who has and who has not been sub-
                                                 "Studies show that specialized treatment,         more information about the abolition movement,        one of the top 100 corporations to work
ject to these forms of extreme punishment.
                                                 restitution, and collective community                               visit    for-- made a record $268 billion in
                                                                                                                                                         profits last year, yet is only able to pay
                                                                                                                                                         workers $7.75/hr in one of the highest

  No Exclusion, No Oppression                                                                                                                            cost of living cities in the nation.
                                                                                                                                                         Recent moves by Starbucks to fight
                                                                                                                                                         unionization include hiring the union-
  Reportback from the Trans-Form Feminism Conference 2004 - by Lauren Kay                                                                                busting law firm Akin Gump to file
                                                                                                                                                         motions to the NLRB to nullify the
   On May 8th, 2004 in New Paltz, New            “womyn-born womyn” into their event,              dangers and oppression trans men face                 union's request for voting.
York, over two hundred people gathered on        accentuate the need for this conference.          when they do not "pass." The determina-
the State University campus to explore the       Camp Trans, an organization Dexter was            tion to view these myths as prejudices                 G8 Meeting Means Repression
intersection of the transgender and femi-        involved in last summer, has been protesting      against trans men is work that the feminist               for Protest Organizers
nist movements. The event was the Trans-         this policy of "don't-ask-don't-tell" intend-     movement must take on to understand fur-                  From June 8-10, 2004 the leaders of
form Feminism Conference.                        ed to discourage transsexual and transgen-        ther the complexities of sexism in order to           the world's richest industrialized nations
                                                 der folks from attending. The closeting of        dismantle it. Feminists must also attack
   The participants were reminded to be                                                                                                                  (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,
                                                 those who do not adhere to the strict bina-       these misconceptions in an effort to form
respectful of the safe space the conference                                                                                                              Russia, the United Kingdom, and the
                                                 ry gender system sets up a double standard        stronger ally status with folks of all genders
would create for the discussion of sensitive                                                                                                             United States), who are known as the
                                                 for those "out" in sexual orientation.
and personal themes dealing with gender.                                                           or no gender, and commit to fighting these            "Group of 8" or G8, will meet at Sea
We learned to respect anyone’s right to              One of the workshops I chose to attend        multiple oppressions.                                 Island, Georgia. At the meeting, Bush
define themselves and never assume how           was intended to discuss feminism and mas-            The masculine gender identity was not              and company will discuss the war on Iraq,
they identify from external cues.                culinity, dealing with issues like those faced    the only one considered, as Intersex, male to         terrorism, the global economy, and the
    Dexter, one of the main organizers of        at the MWMF. It was labeled appropriate-          female (ftm), genderqueer, and genderpi-              policy in the Middle East. Protest organ-
the conference, gave a presentation of the       ly "An Imperfect and Ongoing Dialogue."           rate(!) identities were represented and dif-          izers have been planning actions and
history behind his interest in organizing a      The group examined the effects, expecta-          ferentiated. The experience of one trans per-         events to resist the G8, but have had to
much-needed discussion on how gender-            tions, and challenges that trans men face         son does not represent the experiences of all         change many of their arrangements
politics have played a great role in shaping     when they "transition" to the socially con-       trans people. Time was limited, so the atten-         because the Governor of Georgia has
his feminism. He began to do this impor-         structed ideal of the male gender expression      dees dispersed, hopefully with more knowl-            declared a state of emergency from May
tant work in the feminist movement to            (i.e. begin to be "read" or to "pass" as male).   edge on how feminists can be better allies
                                                                                                                                                         24th through June 20th. This means that
become an ally to those who do not neatly        Folks grappled with the reality of sexism         beyond just the use of a new vocabulary.
fit into one gender or the other or do not                                                                                                               the Governor is allowed greatly expanded
                                                 and the newly granted privileges of being
                                                                                                      It was important for me, as a radical              powers, such as the right to "seize any
find love with solely those who are of the       male as a trans man. Some methods of
                                                                                                   feminist, to see how the binary gender sys-           property, public or private, close down
“opposite” gender. Reshaping our ideas           combating the myths that are associated           tem (one that separates men/women,                    events whether public or private regard-
about specific gender roles and how some         with identifying as male were attacked and        gay/straight, masculine/feminine, and pits            less of permit status, detain citizens with-
folks are unable and/or not wanting to           dissected. A few that the group brought up        them against each other as opposites)                 out charging them with crimes, impose
maintain those roles was one of goals of the     included the false assumptions that "real"        oppresses people of all genders. I encourage
conference. Dexter explained how being           men don't speak up and act against violence                                                             curfews, override local ordinances and law
                                                                                                   those who wish to make gender equality a
able to transition from his assigned gender      against women, that all guys are sexist and                                                             enforcement, and to use military person-
                                                                                                   reality and a feminist issue to attend the
was a liberating experience that was assist-     misogynist, and that all privileges that are                                                            nel for civilian law enforcement."
                                                                                                   proposed second Trans-Form Feminism
ed by his studies in feminism.                   granted to bio-men (men that identify with        Conference next year (see www.transform-
  Other "feminist" events like The               their assigned gender from birth) are given for more information).
Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival                  to trans men. The "locker-room" was a                                  Lauren Kay is a member           Newswire
(MWMF), with its policy of only admitting        commonly used scenario to explain the                               of the Fault Lines collective

                                                                                                                                                                  F a u l t L i n e s | June 2004 | 5
                                         T   A
                                       CONAMIN TION
          Biotech Profit Motive Undermines Academic Freedom - by Ali Tonak
   "I am living proof of what happens when         Further tests indicated a match with syn-      list of AgBioWorld, a major portal for the       had showered Berkeley with $50,000,000.
   biotech buys a university. The first thing      thetically-created DNA constructs manu-        biotech industry. The supposed author of
                                                                                                                                                      Last summer, Chapela protested the
   that goes is independent research. The uni-     factured by several corporations, including    this e-mail, “Mary Murphy”, was soon
                                                                                                                                                   kowtowing of University administrators to
   versity is a delicate organism. When its mis-   Berkeley’s sugar daddy, Novartis.              revealed to be a fictional character created
                                                                                                                                                   private entities by moving his office, piece
   sion and orientation are compromised, it                                                       by someone "working for Bivings" or
                                                      Advocates of genetically modified                                                            by piece, onto the lawn. In an online arti-
   dies. Corporate biotechnology is killing this                                                  "clients using our services,” as Todd
                                                   organism(GMO) development dismiss                                                               cle published in Counterpunch he
   university.” - Ignacio Chapela, Feb. 2004                                                      Zeigler, head of the PR firm’s online
                                                   ecological safety concerns by pointing out                                                      explained his motivation for this action:
    Tenure, a reward of permanent employ-          genetic manipulations designed to prevent      department, admitted in a BBC interview.
                                                                                                  This confession came as a result of an               “Beginning at 6 o'clock this morning,
 ment given to exceptional university pro-         contamination, such as “Terminator” seed
                                                                                                  investigation by a British anti-GM cam-          as I enter the final days of my contract as a
 fessors, is an essential aspect of academia.      technology. While tinkering with DNA to
                                                                                                  paigner, Jonathan Matthews of the                faculty member at the University of
 This status allows researchers to ask con-        create more productive and pest-resistant
                                                                                                  Norfolk Genetic Information Network,             California at Berkeley, I intend to mark
 troversial questions without fear of losing       crops, they also program the plants to be
                                                                                                  who traced the origin of the e-mail to a         and celebrate them, by doing what I
 their livelihood or academic opportunities.       sterile. Since these GMOs can’t reproduce,
                                                                                                  computer operated by Bivings.                    believe a professor in a public university
 Tenure is meant to encourage free thought         they reasoned, genetic changes will be                                                          must do: to further reason and under-
 and critical thinking, but the case of            contained to the individual plant. The             Despite this revelation, serious damage      standing. For the brief time that remains
 Ignacio Chapela, an assistant professor in        transgenes found among the Oxacan crops        had already been inflicted upon the legiti-      of my terminal contract at Berkeley, I shall
 the Environmental Science Department at           shattered this hypothesis. Both Monsanto       macy of Chapella and Quist’s research by         sit holding office hours, day and night,
 the University of California-Berkeley, it         and Novartis, the world’s two largest pro-     “Murphy’s” critique. In response to the          outside the doors of California Hall. This
 was used as a weapon. According to those          ducers of transgenic corn were implicated      controversy created by this e-mail, Nature,      is the building housing the Budget
 who question the increasingly cozy rela-          by these findings.                             a leading scientific journal, published the      Committee of the Academic Senate, and
 tionships between supposedly public uni-
                                                      Genetically modified pollen can travel      following notice in April 2002: “In light of     the office of the Chancellor, the two arms
 versities and corporations, this was not an
                                                   great distances via wind and water cur-        these discussions and the diverse advice         of our university governance in charge of
 isolated case, but a warning to other pro-
                                                   rents. It’s not uncommon for genes to cross    received, Nature has concluded that the          my file.”
 fessors not to oppose private funders and
 an indication of a growing trend.                 between species through vectors such as        evidence available is not sufficient to justi-       Chapela’s tenure decision remained in
                                                   viruses and bacteria. The factors contribut-   fy the publication of the (Chapela and           limbo for another 6 months, but eventual-
    In 1998, pharmaceutical giant Novartis         ing to gene flow are numerous and, at this     Quist’s) paper. As the authors nevertheless      ly, last fall, a rejection was delivered by
 signed a $50,000,000 deal with Berkeley’s         point, non-computable. While the origins       wish to stand by the available evidence for      Chancellor Robert Berdahl. An uproar
 College of Natural Sciences, without the
                                                                                                                                                   ensued as hundred of letters supporting
 consultation of the faculty. In exchange
                                                                                                                                                   Chapela poured in to the Chancellor’s
 for the funding, Novartis gained exclusive
                                                                                                                                                   office. Many academics wrote to Berdahl,
 patent rights to one-third all of CNS’s
                                                                                                                                                   questioning his decision and demanding
 research. Among other perks, the contract
                                                                                                                                                   greater transparency in the tenure process.
 explicitly grants Novartis direct influence
                                                                                                                                                   Recently, the Graduate Assembly of the
 over the scope of the college’s research.
                                                                                                                                                   University voted unanimously to further
 Ignacio Chapela, along with several other
                                                                                                                                                   pressure Berdahl into exposing the factors
 colleagues, criticized the deal, warning
                                                                                                                                                   contributing to his rejection. “We’re just
 that the influence of the world’s second
                                                                                                                                                   being supportive of the transparency of the
 largest pharmaceutical corporation would
                                                                                                                                                   process,” said Jessica Quindel, president of
 dictate priorities. The legitimacy of this
                                                                                                                                                   the Graduate Assembly told The Daily
 concern was quickly justified.
                                                                                                                                                   Cal. “There’s been a lot of secrecy about
              Illicit Ex osure
                       p                                                                                                                           this—we just want to know why he was
                                                                                                                                                   denied tenure.”
     Chapela’s long-standing relationship
 with the agricultural community of Oxaca,                                                                                                            This fall Berdahl's term as Chancellor
 Mexico began when he helped set up a                                                                                                              comes to an end. This change of adminis-
 laboratory that facilitated the export of                                                                                                         tration has encouraged Chapela to fight
 profitable Shitake mushrooms to Japan.                                                                                                            for his tenure at Berkeley. The new
 While examining the native maize popu-                                                                                                            Chancellor will have the power to reverse
 lation in Oxaca in October of 2000, one of                                                                                                        Berdahl’s decision, so there is still hope,
 Chapela’s graduate students, David Quist,                                                                                                         but if Novartis has it’s way, Igancio
 made a shocking discovery. Despite a ban                                                                                                          Chapela’s days of unveiling biotech falla-
 imposed by the Mexican government                                                                                                                 cies at Berkeley will soon be history.
                                                   of Oxaca’s maize contamination remain          their conclusions, we feel it best simply to
 upon genetically-engineered(GE) corn in                                                                                                              Genetic engineering has taken place
                                                   unclear, the cultivation of GE corn had        make these circumstances clear, to publish
 the birth place of modern maize domesti-                                                                                                          for hundreds of years by the farmers of the
 cation, there was clear evidence of genetic       been outlawed by the Mexican                   the criticisms, the authors' response and
                                                   Department of Agriculture since 1998.          new data, and to allow our readers to judge      world. A fruit that tasted better then
 contamination.                                                                                                                                    another was selected to be planted year
                                                   This precautionary measure was obviously       the science for themselves.”
    DNA, the fundamental genetic unit is           not enough.                                                                                     after year increasing its abundance. Others
 found in every living organism, is a biolog-                                                        Nature may have been reluctant to sup-        were artificially mated with each other to
 ical fingerprint. The DNA of every organ-                       e
                                                                 Rtribution                       port the Berkeley scientists’ conclusions,       produce tastes and odors pleasant to our
 ic organism holds a unique genetic code,                                                         but subsequent studies conducted by the          senses. The problem arises when profit
                                                       Fearing that this discovery would not      Mexican Government (National Institute
 making it useful in criminology and other                                                                                                         coupled with irresponsible science dictates
                                                   be taken lightly by the millions who eat       of Ecology, INE, and National                    these choices rather than the producers
 legal matters, such as determining parent-
                                                   corn tortillas 3 times a day, Ignacio          Commission of Biodiversity) confirmed            and their particular needs. The giants of
 hood. In Mexico alone there are 59 dis-
                                                   Chapela was contacted by the director of       the presence of genes from transgenic            Biotech have no concern in the preserva-
 tinct races of corn each with large numbers
                                                   Mexico's bio-security commission, Dr.          maize within native crop populations.            tion of the biodiversity for future genera-
 of sub-varieties. The presence of DNA
                                                   Fernando Ortiz Monasterio. Monasterio          Monsanto’s smoke screen could not hide           tions of animals and plants; they are look-
 from genetically modified corn revealed by
                                                   met Chapela, one of the few trusted            the fact that international agriculture laws     ing to maximize their shareholder values
 Quist’s discovery presented a serious
 threat to the biodiversity of the native          liaisons between the secretive biotech         had been broken. One of the biotech              next month or next year. The tenure sys-
 specie, because genetically-modified crops        industry and lush, green fields of the         industry’s central claims, that programmed       tem has also historically preserved the
 have the potential to cross-breed with            Mexican campo, in an abandoned build-          sterility would prevent this, had been com-      integrity of research conducted in the uni-
 native crops, altering the evolution of the       ing. In a scene reminiscent of a mafia         pletely invalidated.                             versity, selecting the ripe minds and nur-
 entire population.                                movie, a furious Monasterio berated                                                             turing them over the years. Today both
                                                                                                     The process to grant Chapela tenure
                                                   Chapela for exposing the biotech industry                                                       UC Berkeley and the global population
     While indigenous farmers rushed to                                                           began promisingly with a favorable 32 to
                                                   to a potentially disastrous backlash. "'You                                                     have reached a critical turning point where
 preserve their heritage by saving seeds and                                                      1 vote within his department. Despite
                                                   have gotten yourself into some serious shit                                                     the decisions concerning tenure and nour-
 plants, Chapela and Quist began to inves-                                                        the merit of his work and the affirmation
                                                   this time,” Monasterio reportedly shouted.                                                      ishment are dictated by capital.
 tigate the source of the contamination.                                                          of his colleagues, his tenure approval
                                                   “But you will not stop us — no one will
 Since the Monsanto Corporation was the                                                           stalled once it reached top-level adminis-
                                                   stop us!”                                                                                        Tenure Justice Now! If you are disturbed
 first company to incorporate biotechnolo-                                                        trators. With no feedback from the
 gy into agri-business, the researchers               In an attempt to save face, Monsanto        closed-door tenure committee Chapela              by corporate influence on a public univer-
 examined the Oxacan maize for the pres-           hired the Bivings Group, a Washington          was convinced that “there is another set          sity, especially concerning the safety
 ence of a particular, Monsanto-patented           PR firm. To discredit Chapela and Quist’s      of criteria that counterweigh the strength        GMOs, visit and
 genetic sequence. In five out of seven sam-       research, an e-mail criticizing their meth-    of the case,” clearly implying the influ-         take action now.
 ples, this turned out to be the case.             ods and findings was sent to the mailing       ence of Novartis, the corporation that

6 | June 2004 | F a u l t L i n e s
                                                                                                          adequate compensation. Today the balance of           purpose is to internationalize state power not to

     C      IG
   US pushes GM “aid” on Africa - By Jamie Hurlbut
                                                                                                          appeasing the western powers and appealing to
                                                                                                          the people’s call for economic justice continues
                                                                                                          to be the major force guiding Zimbabwe’s gov-
                                                                                                          ernment. Robert Mugabe’s Independence Party
                                                                                                                                                                provide aid. The industry leaders at BIO 2004
                                                                                                                                                                want to move the productive aspects of farming
                                                                                                                                                                from the field to their lab. They plan to steal the
                                                                                                                                                                farmer’s resources by tying him to their off-farm
                                                                                                          won the first all race election in 1980 on a          seed product. By creating the conditions for the
    One major issue in the debate over geneti-      consolidate power through force and imposed           Marxist platform of land and wealth redistrib-        farmer’s exploitation, they will be able to extract
cally-modified(GM) “frankenfoods” has been          British rule by the less than 5 percent white         ution. At the dawn of Mugabe’s regime, whites         the value from his labor and soil in the familiar
the US’s attempts to force it upon developing       minority of the population. Britain’s acquisition     were less than three percent of the population        industrial lab setting directly instead of exploit-
nations. Tactics include tying loans to GM food     was named “Rhodesia” in 1895. European set-           but had a third of the best lands. The new gov-       ing the farmer for the harvest of his crop. Also,
purchases and Congress’ passing of the              tlers then immigrated en masse and Rhodesia           ernment was forced to confront the challenge          by forcing other countries to pay for repackaged
HIV/Aids Act, which links health assistance to      was split into Northern Rhodesia and Southern         faced by many post-colonial African leaders.          seeds of indigenous crops agro-business plans to
acceptance of GM food aid. The refusal of sev-      Rhodesia, separate from South Africa.                 They had won political independence but not           steal the huge social wealth that comes from cen-
eral post-colonial African governments, includ-     Repressive measures were enacted to control the       economic independence.                                turies of crop cultivation in those local commu-
ing Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, to             Africans such as the imposition of a hut tax,                                                               nities.
                                                    which forced them to seek employment at slave              Zimbabwe’s economy was based on agricul-
accept GM food aid recently brought this con-                                                             ture, but the large export farms were still owned         Some critics argue that Zimbabwe’s famine
troversy to a boil. African leaders who reject      wages from the colonizers.
                                                                                                          by the whites, who constituted less than one          problems arise from the redistributing of the
GM food aid should be tried "for the highest            Disappointed by the lack of gold, the whites      percent of the population. African farming was        large productive farms that were owned by the
crimes against humanity in the highest courts       stole the vast majority of arable land on             largely subsistence. The decade of fighting           whites and the government’s stubborn foreign
of the world," according to US Ambassador to        Zimbabwe’s high plateau and the people’s cattle       amongst pre-Independence political and guer-          policy. They argue that with the (white) manag-
the UN Food Agencies Tony Hall (Reuters             as spoils of war. They expelled most of the           rilla groups created bitter rivalries that hindered   ing of large farms the problem will be solved
News Service, December 9). Condemnations of         Africans to the middle and low lands called           the fusion of a popular national agenda. This         through profits on the market. But with only a
the African refusal generally range vitriolic, as   Native Reserves. Africans were barred by law          discord and the extreme corruption of Mugabe’s        few large farms creating a limited variety of crops
in Hall’s case, to dismissive, as typified by the   from doing skilled work and served as cheap labor     administration allowed Zimbabwe’s economic            which are primarily sold on the market, the
business press, who classify the African behav-     for the huge farm plantations that the whites set     policies to be dictated by international financial
                                                    up with generous bank loans. Failed liberation                                                              country’s real problems of self-determination will
ior as “silly.” The “liberal” media portrays the                                                          institutions , which called for all harvest sur-
                                                    wars left Africans disenfranchised and their polit-                                                         not be solved. There will always be a large mass
African people as starving victims of the pow-                                                            pluses to be sold on the market for profit rather
                                                    ical parties faced constant persecution. After the                                                          of unemployed farmers who will be unable to buy
erful urban elites controlling their government.                                                          than stockpiled creating volatile conditions and
                                                    collapse of the neighboring colonies of Nyasaland                                                           food and unable to do their own subsistence
Examining the case of Zimbabwe, however,                                                                  hampering progress.
                                                    and Northern Rhodesia, which became                                                                         farming because the arable land is used by the
illustrates the entangled nature of the forces                                                                In light of its history, Zimbabwe is particu-
                                                    Zambia, the settlers of Southern Rhodesia                                                                   large industrial farms.
vying for power in Africa.
                                                    declared Independence from the British                larly cautious in negotiating with the foreign
    The colonial history of southern Africa is                                                                                                                      The intensified contradictions by today’s cor-
                                                    Empire in 1965. With the outlaw colony                powers. Increasing international pressure and         porate rulers are creating the conditions for a
marked by greedy overseers appropriating land                                                             mounting humanitarian crises forced Zimbabwe
                                                    increasingly alienated, African guerrilla groups                                                            massive amount of unrest in Zimbabwe and
and labor from the native populations. Because of                                                         and a few other countries to accept GM food
                                                    began to attack the large white farms while                                                                 across the world. As the corporate elite become
their proximity to South Africa, where the first                                                          aid. They fought to prevent contamination of
                                                    operating out of newly liberated Zambia and                                                                 more dependent on the work of people in other
colonizers arrived, the people of Zimbabwe are no
                                                    Mozambique in an attempt to expel the set-            the local crops by demanding only milled grain,       countries, the work of generations past, and the
strangers to exploitation. Lured by tales of gold
                                                    tlers.                                                but USAID refused this demand, leaving the            genetically rich material of the countries of the
riches, the British South African Company
invaded the lands of the indigenous Ndebele and         The settler government and the main polit-        countries little choice but to accept the poten-      global South, they are at the same time pushing
Shona people. They were led by a British entre-     ical leaders of the guerrilla movement eventual-      tially devastating donations.                         for the privatization of knowledge and genetic
preneur named Cecil Rhodes whose forces seized      ly signed a truce conceding that the land of the        By refusing to mill the grain or provide non        material. It’s creating a pressure cooker that is
on the conflicts between the ethnic groups to       colonizers would not be stolen but bought for         GM aid, USAID makes clear that their primary          sure to explode with great force.

                                                                                                                                             The first SSRI anti-depressant (selective serotonin reuptake
                                                                                                                                             inhibitor) was found to cause a paralytic illness that was never
                                                                                                                                             evident in animal tests of the drug. There are hundreds of such
                                                                                                                                             instances in which the animal model did not anticipate the
  By Kelah Bott                                                                                                                              human reactions with disastrous results for public health.
                                                                     2002 that higher life forms (living, sentient beings) are not               Another potentially dangerous use of animals in biotech-
                                                                     patentable. The case which resulted in this ruling involved a           nology is their utilization in xenotransplantation.
                                                                     transgenic mouse for use in cancer research developed by Dr.            Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of organs or tissue
                                                                     Philip Leder of Harvard Medical School. He engineered a                 from one species to another. Scientists are researching ways to
                                                                     mouse specifically designed to develop cancer. After obtaining          genetically modify pigs and baboons in order to make good
                                                                     the US patent on the “oncomouse” (onco means tumor) he                  candidates for animal to human transplantation. Whether it's
                                                                     licensed it to DuPont?, the corporation that funded his                 pigs or baboons supplying the organs, the threat to public
                                                                     research.                                                               health remains the same. The possibility that an animal virus
                                                                                                                                             could jump from one species to another and create a new epi-
                                                                        Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation on Economic               demic is a real one. Scientists could unwittingly breed a new
                                                                     Trends, compared the modern patent craze to the enclosure of            contagion with the transfer of genetically modified tissue
                                                                     public lands – the commons – throughout the 16th century                between species. In 1996, Dr. Robert Michler wrote in the
                                                                     Europe in his book, The Biotech Century. Privatization orig-            Emerging Infectious Disease Journal, “The risk for xeno-
                                                                     inated with the parceling of land that had once belonged to             zoonoses is likely to be restricted to the xenogeneic tissue
   Since the first commercial growth of genetically engi-            the village or community for cattle grazing . The concept of            recipient. Nevertheless, one must consider and anticipate the
neered crops in 1996 there has been a growing debate about           land ownership changed the nature of people’s relationships             potential for xenozoonotic transmission through the human
the potential dangers and unforeseen consequences of                 and “the customs and traditions of generations were declared            population, constituting a public health concern.”
biotechnology. From the advent of GE corn, cotton and soy-           null and void.” Rifkin cited the impact that land privatization
                                                                     had on society as an indicator of the enormous consequences                 Those opposed to GE agricultural crops claim that biotech
beans less than a decade ago, the global biotech crop has
                                                                     that the privatization of “the genetic commons” could hold.             is simply too unpredictable; once unleashed, unforseen threats
increased 40-fold. Currently, more than seven million farmers
                                                                     According to Rifkin, “The most intimate commons of all is               to biodiversity could be irreversible and devastating. With the
in 18 countries utilize biotechnology, raising the need for
                                                                     being enclosed and reduced to private commercial property               burgeoning population of transgenic species and widepread
global awareness.
                                                                     that can be bought and sold on the global market.”                      exploration of GE tissue and organs, this argument can easily
    Environmentalists, consumer and animal rights advocates,                                                                                 be applied to biomed, as well. Mice can fit through remark-
                                                                         The biomedical industry rationalizes their patenting of
and socio-economic justice activists have long been wary of                                                                                  ably small holes, and transplant recipients with transgenic
                                                                     higher life forms by it’s claims that their “inventions” such as
the potentially devastating effects of tinkering with genetics.                                                                              organs may someday live among us. There is reason to be con-
                                                                     the transgenic mouse could help researchers find the cure for
Although agricultural biotech supporters argue that GE crops                                                                                 cerned with what may happen when GE life forms mingle
                                                                     cancer. Non-human animals have been used for centuries as
could end world hunger, the long-term effects on public                                                                                      with their non-transgenic counterparts. As Jeremy Rifkin has
                                                                     models to study human illnesses, but the results of such ani-
health and biodiversity are unknown. But while public dis-                                                                                   said, “The artificial creation and propagation of cloned,
                                                                     mal-based research has been mixed. The pharmaceutical
course around the biotech industry is almost exclusively             industry – a significant field in biomed – uses animals to test         chimeric, and transgenic animals could mean the end of the
focused on the genetic engineering of our food supply, agricul-      all of their products, but their reliance on animals has often led      wild, and the substitution of a bioindustrial world.”
tural research actually represents a small fraction of the indus-    them in the wrong direction. Humans and animals do share
try. A study by Bio Economic Research Associates reports that                                                                                    The threats to the health and integrity of our natural envi-
                                                                     many similarities, but on the cellular and molecular level even         ronment and everyone in it are clear, but in the growing world
only ten percent of the US’s 1200 biotech companies special-         subtle differences can manifest in large differences in the body.
ized in agriculture (both plant and animal) in 2003, while the                                                                               of biotech, ethical concerns often take a back seat to the prof-
                                                                     Humans regularly take ibuprofen (Advil) for minor aches and             it motive. Technology is allowing us to cross boundaries that
bulk of the industry focused on biomedical research.                 pains, but give that same drug to your dog or cat and it could          were never before possible. Just as the enclosure of the com-
    One crucial aspect of the biomed industry's ability to make      prove fatal.                                                            mons during the middle ages turned land into a commodity,
profits, fueling this recent explosion, is genetic patenting.            Many people use products of the pharmaceutical industry             genetic patenting is turning our very bodies into commodities.
Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to allow General Electric         with little thought of the potential hazards. It is assumed that        In their noble quest to cure cancer and feed the hungry, the
patent rights on a human-made bacterium capable of break-            the mandatory testing of pharmaceuticals on animals has                 biotech industry is raking it in with annual revenues increased
ing down crude oil in 1980, there has been a landslide of cor-       ensured a safe product. However, the pharmaceutical industry            from $8 billion in 1992 to $34.8 billion today. As their profits
porations rushing to claim patents on everything from vegeta-        is littered with failures in this regard. In 1997 the diet drug         soar, 20 million animals a year are killed and countless genet-
bles to human genomes. The legal and moral implications of           combination Fen-Phen (fenfluramine, phentermine, dexfen-                ic wildcards are created. As Jeremy Rifkin said, “The biotech
allowing individuals, corporations and universities to own the       fluramine) was taken off the market when it was discovered to           revolution will force each of us to put a mirror to our most
genetic structure of living beings has stirred a global contro-      cause heart-valve abnormalities in humans. No such abnor-               deeply held values, making us ponder the ultimate question of
versy. The Canadian Supreme Court, for instance, ruled in            malities were ever found in the animals used to test the drug.          the purpose and meaning of existence.”

                                                                                                                                                                       F a u l t L i n e s | June 5th, 2004 | 7
                                                                                                biggest threat to United States judicial

  The Next NAFTA?                                                                               independence that no one has ever heard
                                                                                                of and even fewer people understand."
                                                                                                                                                              Case Study
  Bush Approves CAFTA, Opposition Unites                                                           On June 7, a NAFTA tribunal will con-
                                                                                                vene in Washington D.C. to decide if
                                                                                                                                                              in Exploitation
                                                                                                                                                              Harken Costa Rica Holdings
  - by Liam O’Donoghue                                                                          California's ban on MTBE, a carcinogenic
                                                                                                gasoline additive that has made the water
                                                                                                                                                              vs. Costa Rica
                                                office. "CAFTA is an opportunity for            of communities across the state undrink-                       Harken Costa Rica Holdings - a firm
                                                Democrats to draw a clear distinction           able, impinges on future, potential profits                 with close corporate ties to Harken Energy
                                                between themselves and the Administration."     of Canada's Methanex corporation. If the                    of Texas, which just happens to be
                                                  The protesters' suggestion did not go         panel decides in favor of Methanex, as they                 President Bush's former oil company, is
                                                unheeded.                                       did in a nearly identical case in which                     already threatening Costa Rica with a
                                                                                                Virginia-based Ethyl Corporation success-                   CAFTA investment suit - even before the
                                                   The day of the protest, six Democratic       fully sued the Canadian government to                       agreement is signed.
                                                Reps., including California's Barbara Lee       eliminate a MTBE ban, U.S. tax-payers                          Harken obtained an agreement to drill
                                                and Hilda Solis, released a letter blasting     will have to pay Methanex $9.7 million or                   for oil off of Costa Rica that was contin-
                                                CAFTA. "We have already seen the dam-           deregulate MTBE usage.                                      gent on the outcome of an environmental
                                                age that NAFTA has done, economically
                                                                                                                                                            assessment. The assessment determined
                                                and ecologically," Lee wrote. "Just as with
                                                                                                                                                            that the project was incompatible with the
                                                NAFTA, women and minorities will bear
                                                                                                                                                            country's environmental law. The drilling
                                                a disproportionate price for an unsound,
                                                                                                                                                            was to take place in Costa Rica's
                                                unfair trade policy."
                                                                                                                                                            Talamanca region - one of the richest
                                                   Since its 1992 passage, the free trade                                                                   marine ecosystems on the planet, which
                                                agreement with Canada and Mexico has                                                                        contains reserves for three indigenous
                                                caused more job loss in California than in                                                                  communities, an UNESCO World
                                                any other state. Between 1993 and 2002,                                                                     Heritage Site, the Cahuita National Park,
   On May 27, the day before US Trade           the Economic Policy Institute reports that                                                                  and a UN-designated wetlands site.
Representative Robert Zoellick signed a         NAFTA destroyed a net total of 115,723
deal intended to expand NAFTA policies                                                                                                                         In response, Harken tried to bring an
                                                California jobs, primarily in the manufac-                                                                  international suit against Costa Rica
to include six Central American nations,        turing sector. At the protest, San Francisco                                                                demanding more than $57 BILLION -
the California Coalition for Free Trade         Labor Council representative Alan                                                                           almost THREE TIMES Costa Rica's
and Human Rights (CCFHR) protested              Benjamin said, "The American work force                                                                     annual GDP - for profits Harken claims it
outside the Federal Building. With the          has been devastated by NAFTA, and we                                                                        would have made from the project. Under
approval of the Executive Branch, the           won't let it happen again."                                                                                 the terms of their contract, however, Costa
Central American Free Trade Agreement                                                                                                                       Rica was able to exercise its right to keep
                                                   Besides labor concerns, a number of
(CAFTA) now moves to Congress, but if                                                                                                                       the case in domestic courts. Under
                                                CAFTA provisions could reduce afford-
several statements released by legislators                                                                                                                  CAFTA, they would have had no such
                                                able access to vital human services includ-                              photo: Jesse Colorado Swanhuyser
last Thursday are any indication, the Bush                                                                                                                  choice. Harken would have been able to
                                                ing health care and medications, water,
Administration's current push for corpo-
                                                education and energy. The authority of
                                                                                                Under CAFTA, these Nicaraguan                               circumvent national courts and take its case
rate globalization may have reached a           public officials to protect health standards    girls may be forced away from                               directly to ICSID.
dead end.                                       for professional licensing, environmental       their rural homes in one of the                                According to the local press and mem-
   Rep. Nancy Pelosi took the protest as        and occupational health, alcohol and            few remaining Sandinista farming                            bers of the Costa Rican government, both
an opportunity to publicly condemn the          tobacco protections, privacy rules, and         villages and condemned to a life                            Harken and the Bush Administration have
treaty with Costa Rica, El Salvador,            patients' rights could also be undermined,      of sweatshop labor.                                         used the threat of the impending CAFTA
Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua              according to a study by the Center for                                                                      as a lever to press Costa Rica to settle this
(negotiations with Dominican Republic           Policy Analysis on Trade and Health.                                                                        case - either paying three times its GDP
are pending). Reading a letter from the                                                             In another case, Glamis Gold Ltd, is                    for the right to protect its environment and
                                                   California environmental laws and
                                                                                                suing California for the right to open a                    indigenous communities, or giving in to
House Democratic Leader, Dan Bernal,            even the authority of the Supreme Court
                                                                                                massive, open-pit, cyanide heap-leach                       Harken and allowing the drilling.
Pelosi's deputy district director told the      have also been challenged by the Chapter
protesters, "CAFTA is on a midnight             11 provision of NAFTA. Chapter 11               mine in the Imperial Valley on the sacred                                                 - Antonia Jujasz
train to nowhere...The integrated mar-          gives corporations the ability to sue for-      grounds of the Quechan Indians. This
                                                                                                                                                                 International Forum on
ket cannot be built upon the suppression        eign countries, which has resulted in           method of mining has been banned in sev-
                                                                                                                                                                Globalization Assessment:
of workers."                                    cases of NAFTA provisions overriding            eral countries and Montana. The prece-                        Democracy vs. Corporate Rule
                                                national laws. These lawsuits are decided       dent set by a recent tribunal decision that
   Jesse Swanhuyser, Director of CCFHR,         by panels of three judges who are select-       forced Mexico to pay U.S. Metalclad                              The situation is clear: the CAFTA
a united coalition composed of representa-      ed by the plaintiff and the defendant           Company $16 million when it refused to                       will expand an agreement that is funda-
tives from the AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, and        nation from a pool of World Bank and            reopen a toxic waste dump that would have                    mentally at odds with democracy. In a
various agricultural, religious and immi-       International Monetary Fund officials. In       had devastating effects on the local popu-                   democracy, there is a commitment to
grant organizations explained why the           a statement to the New York Times, John         lation suggests that California may have to                  balance the many competing interests
group chose to gather outside of the            D. Esheverria, a law professor at               pay $50 million or overturn its mining-                      that exist in a society. Those doing the
Federal Building, which holds Pelosi's          Georgetown University said, "This is the                                                                     "balancing" are - most often - represen-
                                                                                                operation laws in the name of free trade.
                                                                                                                                                             tatives of the people. One interest might
                                                                                                                                                             be the ability of corporations to operate
                                                                                                                                                             and make profits. Another interest

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                                                                                                                                                             might be the preservation of the lands
                                                                                                                                                             and rights of indigenous communities,
                                                                                                                                                             or the right of the citizens to clean and
                                                                                                                                                             healthy drinking water.
                                                                                                                                                                Each of the laws in question here
                                                                                                                                                             derived from a democratic process
     For $20 you will receive 10 issues filled with unique coverage and in-depth features available only in Fault Lines.                                     which began with affected communities
      We are committed to disrupting business as usual by researching the stories that are blacked out by the media                                          who organized successfully to demand
          plutocracy and creating a space for them to be utilized as a tool for radical change in our communities.                                           action by their elected officials, who
                                                                                                                                                             then balanced the competing interests
                                                                                                                                                             at hand to pass laws that served the
    Name                                                                                                                                                     overall public interest. That should be
                                                                                                                                                             the end of the story.
   Address                                                                                                                                                      Now, this is not to say that interna-
                                                                                                                                                             tional courts are inherently flawed.
   City                                      State            Zip                                                                                            Rather, it is to say that these rules and
                                                                                                                                                             these courts are. They are thoroughly
                                                                                                                                                             unbalanced, one sided and undemocrat-
    email                                     Phone
                                                                                                                                                             ic. Therefore, for this reason alone,
                                                                                                                                                             much less the hundreds of others will
                                                                                                                                                             we reference today, the CAFTA must
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                                                                                                                                                             be rejected, the NAFTA must be
        media lab, website, and projects, including Enemy Combatant Radio, Street Level TV, and Fault Lines newspaper. Donate online at
                                                                                                                                                             rescinded and the real alternative poli-
                               or send us a check or money order payable to:
                                                                                                                                                             cies that already exist must be applied in
                           SF Bay Area IMC, 2940 16th St Ste 216, San Francisco, CA 94103-3682.                                                              their stead.

8 | June 2004 | F a u l t L i n e s
    Honduran Government Agrees
    to Campesino Demands
    Resistance Negotiates Victory, But Threats Continue - by Jessica Pupovac
                                                                                              the negotiating table. After hours of           stories. The organizers of COPINH and of
                                                                                              deliberation, many of their local demands       other affiliated organizations fear for their
                                                                                              were met, including: the establishment of       safety, but have vowed to continue to fight
                                                                                              a “green belt” around the major municipal       for just, inclusive development and for their
                                                                                              centers; the cessation of logging for a 40-     rights to an education, a livelihood, and a
                                                                                              day period of investigation, with commu-        life free from intimidation.
                                                                                              nity participation in conducting surveys;
                                                                                              strict regulations regarding potato seed        For information on how to support this strug-
                                                                                              imports; the immediate firing of Director       gle, please contact author at
                                                                                              of Education Mario Roberto Cantarero;                  Celebrating successful
                                                                                              public audits of various local municipali-
                                                                                                                                                  negotiations, COPINH leader
                                                                                              ties; a series of land reform resolutions;
                                                                                              and the release of 77 of the 80
                                                                                                                                                   Berta Caseres issued the
                                                                                              campesinos arrested during the land                   following proclamation:
                                                                                              recuperation (the other three are to be           Today we can scream VICTORIA!
                                                                                              released any day now).                            Tonight there are community festivals of
                                                                                                  Despite these victories, things have once     every kind and the people are collecting
                                                                                              again grown tense for the CRRP organizers         signatures on the agreements... but this
                                                                                              in Intibuca. Professor Idalecio Murillo, a        is only a recess, because it is now time to
                                                                                              teacher involved with pushing for educa-          organize for the next big event: the
                                                                                              tion reform within the CRRP, awoke on             National March of the NATIONAL
                                                                                              the morning of May 27, as bullets riddled         Coordination of Popular Resistance,
                                                                                              his home. Later that evening, two armed           from every end of the country... So,
                                                                                              men arrived at the COPINH offices, cock-          please prepare actions in front of the
    Last week, as President Bush signed the    systems. Other demands include the resig-      ing their guns and trying to force their way      Honduran embassies in the US, because
Central American Free Trade Agreement          nation of specific individuals, such as a      inside. After banging on the doors and            among other issues there is still more
(CAFTA), a tense showdown took place in        Director of Education, who has a long his-     walls for almost a half an hour, the men
                                                                                                                                                work to be done on water and forest
the hills of Intibuca, Honduras between        tory of hiring and firing teachers based on    fired two bullets into the house before
                                                                                                                                                preservation, against the mines, and on
Honduran Special Police, known as Cobras,      political allegiances.                         finally leaving .
                                                                                                                                                the EXPULSION OF GRINGO
and a newly formed convergence of                                                                Local law officers have all but ignored        TROOPS FROM HONDURAS! We
                                                  These demands were punctuated by sev-
Honduran popular movements. The                                                               these incidents and have refused to file          do not forget one struggle when another
                                               eral CRRP-related direct actions during
Regional Coordination of Popular                                                              reports. Witnesses, after describing the cars     is won...This is the end of one battle, but
                                               the weeks that followed, including block-
Resistance (CRRP), a local branch of the                                                      and authors of these acts of violence, have       not the war!
                                               ades of major thoroughfares, which pre-
Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous                                                       suddenly and inexplicably changed their
                                               vented contaminated potato seed from get-
Organizations of Honduras (COPINH),            ting in and freshly cut lumber from getting
formed unprecedented alliances among a
broad spectrum of allegiances, joining
campesino (farmer) and indigenous move-
ments with labor unions, agricultural feder-
                                               out. In one episode, 500 sacks of GMO
                                               potato seed were confiscated.
                                                  In an official statement issued May 1
                                                                                                 Fair and Balanced or
ations and the local Catholic Church. To
combat the extreme poverty and profound
exclusion that have characterized Honduran
                                               expressing solidarity with anti-imperialist
                                               movements around the world, the National
                                               Coordination of Popular Resistance,
                                                                                                 Racist and Distorted?
society for generations, CRRP took aim at      Honduras’ largest coalition of resistance         - by Sarolta J. Cump
local corruption and exploitation as well as   groups, echoed the above demands, adding
                                               that their government must not sign away           On February 1, Maria Esperanza              ment. Media complicity regarding this
global empire building, and this past month
                                               their futures by becoming a party to the       Hernandez, an undocumented Mexican              agenda of “whitewashing” becomes even
it struck an impressive first blow.
                                               imbalanced and exploitative CAFTA.             worker was on her way to a 4 a.m. shift in      more evident when comparing the dispro-
   The actions began early on the morning      Their final demand was that Honduran           the laundry room of a local nursing home.       portionate coverage of two other unrelated
of April 26, as members of the resistance      troops be immediately withdrawn from           Her usual ride was unavailable that morn-       murder cases involving Bay Area women
movement flooded into the regional             Iraq and that “American troops now enter-      ing, so her daughter, known to family and       recently. Both were pregnant at the time of
Ministry of Education offices. Once the        ing our national territory be withdrawn”       friends as Carmen, offered to accompany         their murder and each case is being inves-
initial camp was set up, the non-violent       (The second statement was in reference to      her on the four-mile walk from their
occupation of government offices spread to                                                                                                    tigated as a result of domestic violence.
                                               a new US military base being built on          home in Newark, CA. On their way
the Mayor’s office. Before the work day        Honduran soil).                                through the quiet Fremont neighbor-                The body of Laci Peterson, 27, a white
began, the CRRP had moved into the                                                                                                            woman from Modesto, was discovered in
                                                   The government’s backlash was swift,       hood, these women were brutally mur-
regional joint office of the Honduran                                                                                                         April 2003. In July 2002, the torso of
                                               but ultimately ineffective. COPINHs’           dered. The assailant, described by neigh-
Foundation for Agricultural Research, the                                                                                                     Evelyn Hernandez, 24, a resident of San
                                               phone lines were cut, death threats and acts   bors as a six foot tall white male, alleged-
Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock                                                                                                      Francisco, surfaced in the bay along the
                                               of intimidation against various CRRP lead-     ly beat both women to death with a large
and the Honduran Corporation for                                                                                                              Embarcadero. Evelyn Hernandez and her
                                               ers grew more numerous and extreme, and        tree branch. The brutality of this crime,
Forestry Development.                                                                                                                         5-year-old son had been missing since
                                               Noel Pinel, President of the National          Fremont’s first double homicide in almost
    Their diverse and ambitious list of        Federation of Potato Producers (FENA-          two decades, was largely ignored by the         May. Her son Alex is still missing along
demands reflected the cornucopia of social     PA), was charged with aggravated robbery       media, besides a smattering of coverage in      with any substantial press coverage, even
and economic problems rampant in               and is currently awaiting trial. On May 20,    a few local papers.                             within the local press. Meanwhile, the
Honduran culture. Demands ranged from          80 members of COPINH participating in a                                                        case of the white woman, Laci Peterson
the banning of genetically modified pota-      land recuperation in Tutule la Paz were           According to a report issued in June         generated national coverage and the trial
toes, which could pose a serious threat to     awaken and arrested in the early morning       2000 by the National Network for                of her husband continues to garner front
native crops, to more equal distribution of    hours by trucks full of police.                Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR),           page coverage.
agricultural land. Maquila workers in local                                                   immigrant women are among the most
factories should be free from arbitrary dis-       While demands remained unanswered
                                                                                              vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, and             This contrast implies not only institu-
missal and have the right to form labor        and the various occupations continued,
                                                                                              human rights violations in the U.S. An          tional racism, but the sensational coverage
unions, they demanded, and also called for     tensions grew as Cobras swarmed the
                                                                                              excerpt from ‘Hands that Shape the              of Laci Peterson’s case has generally failed
the cessation environmentally destructive      cities. Rumors that paramilitary units,
                                               consisting of security agents working for      World,’ an NNIRR report, states: "the           to examine the case in terms of a nation-
mining and logging practices. They                                                                                                            wide epidemic of domestic violence. The
demanded that the local government stop        the logging firms, were preparing to strike    U.S. government has not only failed to
                                               spread through the resistance. The             protect the rights of immigrant women,          legislation that now bears her name will
exploiting economic desperation by inflat-
                                               resilience and organization of this newly      but has implemented new legislation             not secure more funding for battered
ing remittance taxes and stealing the con-
tributions of loved ones working in the US.    forged alliance was proven by their stead-     negatively impacting the well-being,            women’s shelters, affordable daycare, or
They demanded that public funds stop           fast response; in the face of this intimida-   health, employment, and family life of          other feasible means of attempting to mit-
being misappropriated to private compa-        tion, they established a presence outside      immigrant women."                               igate an unrelenting social problem that
nies under the guise of development and        the county jail and increased the number                                                       affects one out of four women across all
also a halt to privatization schemes under-    of highway blockades.                              The lack of media coverage directed to      socio-economic barriers. Instead ‘Laci and
way for education, water and healthcare           Then, on May 22, representatives of         legislation, such as Gov. Schwarzenegger’s      Connor’s Law’, treats unborn fetuses as
services. They demanded the release of         the President’s office, the Ministers of       proposal to repeal a law that allows undoc-     victims separate from their mothers in a
movement leaders being unjustly held in        Defense, Education, Transportation and         umented workers to apply for drivers’           court of law, distorting the true context of
one of the world’s most notorious prison       Agriculture finally agreed to sit down to      licenses, seems to legitimize this assess-      this crime.

                                                                                                                                                        F a u l t L i n e s | June 2004 | 9
                                                                                                   had to respond. She’s the human face of           tainly wouldn’t have gotten this film made
                                                                                                   one aspect of the Wal-Mart brand, so they         without the (Canadian) government, but
                                                                                                   made her publicly accountable. Wal-Mart           industry wants to be perceived as an
                                                                                                   can deflect bad publicity, because it’s so        equal. They should be subordinate to the
                                                                                                   huge, but when Kathy Lee takes a hit, she’s
   Inteview with The Corporation Director Mark Achbar                                              got to come up with some answers.
                                                                                                                                                     government and the public, not the other
                                                                                                                                                     way around.
   by Liam O'Donoghue                                                                                 FL: So how can the public work towards
                                                                                                                                                        FL: In some cases, like certain aspects of
                                                                                                   increasing corporate accountability?
   Despite being the top-grossing                the institution itself, and this film is a part                                                     biotechnology shown in the film, where
Canadian documentary ever, Manufacturing         of that growing consciousness.                        MA: Demanding progressive legislation         corporations have begun patenting living
Consent, an exploration of Noam                                                                    from politicians is a good start. With all        organisms and discoveries relating to the
                                                    FL: But corporate ideology is so                                                                 human genetic sequence, there doesn’t
Chomsky’s media control theories directed                                                          the deregulation that’s been lobbied for,
                                                 inescapable, as if this system were a fore-                                                         seem to be much of a question as to who’s
by Mark Achbar, has never aired on a com-                                                          look at how the Bush administration has
                                                 gone conclusion and there are no alterna-
mercial network or major cable station in                                                          systematically reduced constraints on air         writing the rules. What are the implica-
                                                 tives. How do you get outside this envelop-
the US. His latest film, The Corporation,                                                          polluters. It’s a case study in the film’s the-   tions of these developments?
                                                 ment to get a critical detachment?
has already surpassed Manufacturing                                                                sis, because the euphemisms used to justify           MA: I’m not an expert in that field, but
Consent’s success in his homeland, but don’t         MA: You go see this movie (laughs).           it are stunning in their duplicity. It’s          I just find it deeply offensive that some cor-
bother looking for this one in TV Guide          It’s very hard to escape unless you move to       Orwellian - good is bad, black is white, and      poration has any claim to my genetic make-
either. The film’s theme - that the corpo-       an island, and even then airplanes are            the Clean Air Act puts more pollution in          up. It’s morally repugnant that they’re
rate entity is a psychopath - might make         going to fly overhead and stuff is going to       the air. But accountability can start locally.    divvying up the genetic commons. We
advertisers a little squeamish. So even          wash up on your beach, so I don’t think           The film shows Arcata, California, doing          need to find another system of incentives to
though The Corporation has triumphed at          escape is a goal. We need to diminish the         this, and there’s a community near                allow the research to be done. I’m not say-
film festivals around the globe, including       harmful effects of industry or we might not       Minneapolis that’s trying to pass a law say-      ing, “Let’s all be luddites and not explore
an Audience Award win at the Sundance            have a world to debate the modern busi-           ing, “Officers of corporations have a duty to     how to cure diseases;" but there must be a
Film Festival, the only way to see it in the     ness structure.                                   make money for their shareholders, but not        system of public ownership and manage-
US is during its limited summer tour of             FL: Ray Anderson (CEO, Interface,              at the expense of human rights, the               ment of these research facilities.
selected cities.                                 world’s largest commercial carpet manufac-        environment, etc.”
                                                                                                                                                        FL: What about universities?
    The Corporation parades a mind-bog-          turer) is portrayed almost heroically in the
gling series of facts: AOLTime-Warner            film. His goal of 100 percent sustainability                                                           MA: Maybe, or it could be an interna-
owns the rights to “Happy Birthday,” a cor-      for his company is very radical now, but do                                                         tional body or a section of the UN.
porate cabal led by DuPont, Goodyear, and        you see environmental consciousness as a
                                                 growing corporate trend?                                                                               FL: The film paints a very negative pic-
JP Morgan attempted to covertly over-
                                                                                                                                                     ture of privatization, from the genetic
throw FDR during the New Deal-era, Fox              MA: Ray is very unusual, but he’s a                                                              patenting to the revolts in Bolivia against
News tried to pay investigative reporters to     model for businesspeople who want to take                                                           Bechtel’s ownership of the water supply
lie. The unique framework of this compre-        an environmental initiative. Right now, by                                                          (including rain), but some public institu-
hensive indictment makes what could have         cutting waste, he’s managed to make money                                                           tions are so bureaucratic and inefficient.
become a sensory overload accessible and         by instituting his environmental objectives.                                                        Couldn’t privatization benefit, say,
even humorous. Since the corporation is          The real question comes when you have to                                                            American public schools?
considered a legal individual by law, the        sacrifice profit to meet environmental
filmmakers apply the actual diagnostic cri-      goals, and publicly traded corporations                                                                MA: That’s a tough question, but it
teria of the World Health Organization to        aren’t prone to do that unless forced to do                                                         seems to me that the incentives are all
gauge its personality. Going down the            so by regulation.                                                                                   wrong. What do you do if a school isn’t
checklist of psychotic traits ranging from                                                                                                           profitable? Shut it down? That could be
amorality to callous deciet, even a FBI psy-        Plus, there’s a lot of greenwashing. Some                                                        pretty disruptive and the children could
chologist agrees - it’s a psycho.                of the worst violators, like the oil compa-                                                         suffer greatly. Call me old-fashioned, but
                                                 nies, try to portray themselves as environ-                                                         there’s just something not right about the
    Achbar’s conclusions aren’t without their    mentally conscious. The nature of the                                                               public education system being manipulated
detractors. Between clips of early news-         institution is to manipulate and lie in order                                                       for profit.
reels, corporate propaganda films and            to preserve its self-image; it’s one of the
explosive free trade summit footage, high-       items on the psycho checklist. There are                                                               FL: But isn’t this already happening?
ranking (and invariably smiling) business        sincere people like Sir Mark Moody-Stuart                                                               MA: Well, there’s the infiltration of
figures such as the CEO of Goodyear, the         (former Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell,                                                              schools by advertising, with McDonald’s
former chairman of Shell, and Nobel Prize-       who’s shown in the film serving tea to a                                                            serving lunches, etc. Then there are actual
winning economist Milton Friedman give           crowd of Earth First! activists after they                                                          for-profit schools that are owned by pub-
their opinions on capitalism (lest the right     hang a “Murderers” banner from his roof )                                                           licly-traded corporations. This means that
wing call the progressives unfair). Critics      fighting for reform from within a very slow       In theory, the invisible hand will take           their principle motivating force has to be
like Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Michael           bureaucracy. But, the professional impera-        care of companies that completely                 profit, which seems to clash with what it
Moore face off in the other corner, but the      tive says it’s easy to make money when            stomp on their workers, because                   should be - education.
truth is apparent - corporations value prof-     you’re flaring gas in Nigeria and creating a      people won’t work there, but work-
its above life. Here, Mark Achbar discusses      lot of pollution, because it’s far away and       ers are desperate, so they do.                       FL: What about the theory that says
some of the issues raised in The Corporation     nobody notices.                                                                                     what’s best for the market is best for
and solutions to reforming this dominating                                                                                                           the people?
                                                     Ray Anderson is a leader in terms of his         FL: But how do you enforce the well-
and amoral system.                               vision of corporate sustainability, but we        intentioned legislation that manages to get           MA: I think the inequalities in society
                                                 can’t rely on epiphanies of CEOs across the       passed? Sam Gibara (Chairman and former           today prove that market forces need a little
                                                 land to solve the crisis. We, as consumers,       CEO of Goodyear) seems to be taunting             regulation. In theory, the invisible hand
   Fault Lines: History has humbled every        need to put a great deal of pressure on the       the public in the movie when he says,             will take care of companies that completely
formerly dominant institution from the           manufacturers of the goods we consume to          “Governments are powerless compared to            stomp on their workers, because people
Roman Empire to communism. You’ve                instill a sustainable chain of production and     where they were before.” When breaking            won’t work there, but workers are desper-
said that the corporation is unlikely to         disposal, but the pressure needs to come          the law is profitable, corporations are noto-     ate, so they do. Parecon by Michael Albert
                                                 from legislators, as well as the public and       rious for simply paying fines for violations.     is about participatory economics. It’s com-
become the first to defy history, but with
                                                 the corporations, themselves.                     The film even shows how 57 US multina-            pletely different model for seeing how an
globalization, corporations are becoming                                                           tionals were fined in one week for trading        economy could be run, and under what
more pervasive and powerful than ever. Is           FL: Well, the film shows the public            with officially recognized enemy states, but      principles, and how to get the things we
a reversal of this trend likely any time soon?   outcry when it was revealed that little kids      they just write a check and it’s back to busi-    value enshrined in an economy. I think it’s
                                                 in Honduran sweatshops were making the            ness as usual. This seems ludicrous, because
   Mark Achbar: I’m starting to see a                                                                                                                a model worth considering- or at least dis-
                                                 clothes for Wal-Mart’s Kathy Lee Gifford          under California’s "Three Strikes" law, for
groundswell of people no longer willing to                                                                                                           cussing. I’m not smart enough to design an
                                                 line, and Kathy Lee apologized and stood          example, repeat offenders can get 20 years
acknowledge the legitimacy of this institu-                                                                                                          alternative society, but it has to come as a
                                                 up for these kids, but Wal-Mart still             for stealing a candy bar, so why aren’t corpo-
tion. If you would’ve said that the Berlin                                                                                                           result of the democratic process. It’s
                                                 exploits cheap labor and they haven’t             rations held to the same standards?
Wall was going to fall, two years before it      crumbled. It seems like America demands                                                             important that there are some people who
did, nobody would have believed you.             more accountability from its celebrities             MA: There’s actually people like Robert        are thinking forward and trying to conceive
There comes a tipping point, and you never       than its corporations.                                                                              of a system that’s not what used to be called
                                                                                                   Benson at UCLA who advocate “Three
know when it’s going to happen . . . but you                                                                                                         “communism” and takes the best things in
                                                    MA: Kathy Lee’s public image matters           Strikes” legislation for corporations. I          terms of allocation and use of markets and
get a sense of things.                                                                             think the problem is a question of equality,
                                                 to her a lot- and I think she genuinely cares                                                       put it together in a humane, equitable way
   There’s certainly been a move towards         about how kids are treated- so it made            like with these “triple P’s”(Public-Private       that promotes good values. We need to
reform, there’s more of a consciousness of       strategic sense to expose her, because she        Partnerships). They can be good. We cer-          keep our humanity intact.

10 | June 2004 | F a u l t L i n e s
                                                        Arts and Action
                                                        CULTURE, POLITICS & CRITICISM

                                                                                                                           Crypto - compiled by Iain Boal
                                                                                                                      1      2                  3                   4                   5                         6

                                                                                                                                          7            8                                                   9

                                                                                                                                                             10                  11                 12


                                                                                                                                                14                               15                               23

                                                                                                                      16           18                               17

                                                                                                                             19                                                                      22

                                                                                                                                                                    20     25

                                                                                                                                   21           26           24

                                                                                                                                                                                        27           28

                                                                                                                      29                               34


                                                                                                                      31                                                                             32


                                                                                                                             Across:                                        Down:
                                                                                                                             1. Basque autonomists                          2. White bloc?
                                                                                                                             3. TV staple?                                  3. Diminutive red
                                                                                                                             7. Hub of noncorporate news                    4. Dogged philosopher
                                                                                                                             11. More heaven than hell?                     5. Surprising lack of speech
                                                                                                                             13. Plant plunder                              6. Lovely bovine

   Glitch-Hop Apocalypse                                                                                                     14. Governmental game
                                                                                                                             15. McNamara’s fog maker
                                                                                                                             16. Shameful weapon?
                                                                                                                                                                            8. Spanish saturnalia
                                                                                                                                                                            9. Buttress against the state?
                                                                                                                                                                            10. Stable Youth
   D.C.’s Food For Animals Rages                                                                                             19. Nordic nip                                 12. Mother of communes
   Against the Bush Machine - By OverDose                                                                                    20. Fixed worth
                                                                                                                             22. Old Deal
                                                                                                                                                                            17. Painful attempt
                                                                                                                                                                            18. Identical cut
    Backpackers might not admit an obliga-           There’s plenty of MCs that drop                                         26. Capital’s 3D maps                          21. Fundamental compound
                                                                                                                             28. Anarchist assistance                       23. Lather bar
tion to respond, but it seems like the more       rhymes like abstract origami--intricate, but
                                                                                                                             29. Modern fate                                24. Classical work
formulaic and commercialized mainstream           confusing--who call themselves “verbal                                     30. Boasting phase                             25. Chief WTO battleground
hip hop becomes, the harder the under-            acrobats.” Vulture’s more like a boxer. “I                                 31. No choice for thatcher                     27. World-weary giant
ground strives to shatter associations with       love dissecting complex, poetic rhymes,                                    32. Sweat shop                                 28. Old proverb
its jiggy counterpart. When the first,            and unraveling messages,” Vulture said.                                    33. Old mole’s sidekick                        29. Ceremonially correct
stripped-down sounds of punk emerged                                                                                         34. The Spinoza crowd
                                                  “But sometimes I just want to say “Fuck                                                                                   34. Creative companion
during the 70s as a revolt against puffy
                                                  Bush” and I don’t need three sentences to
arena rock, cultural and political repres-
                                                  do it. I can say it in two words.”

                                                                                                       6th Street Books and Cafe
sion, and basically everything except alco-
hol and safety pins, people called it “unlis-         The convergence of so many twisted
tenable.” “Musical anarchy,” they scoffed,        visions and influences on Scavengers sounds
and snorted down another rail of low-                                                                                      144 6th St. btwn. Mission & Howard
                                                  like the eye of a culture storm. Living in the
grade blow off a BeeGee’s record sleeve so        belly of the Republican beast obviously                                            415.626.8969
they could fit into tight pants.
                                                  played a role in the urgency of Vulture’s
    “Unlistenable” is a term that today’s         various condemnations. “There are a lot of
bling-bling set would probably use to             people who go to the protest or perform at                      Now serving sandwiches, salads, coffee & bagels.
describe Food For Animals, ‘cause if you          the protest, just because it’s expected or the                        Fresh made sandwiches only $3.00
tried to bounce your head to their debut,         cool thing to do, but they never make their                      Toasted bagel w/ cream cheese & coffee $1.75
Scavengers (coming out this month on              own statement when they’re outside the
Muckamuck Records), you’d be likely to                                                                                Katz Bagels and Jermiah’s Pick Coffee
                                                  crowd,” he said. “This record is our political
catch a seizure. It’s a rusty corkscrew in your
                                                  contribution. Coming up with these lyrics                 Social justice groups welcome to use space!
ear, sharp and twisted. This slab from D.C-                                                                                  Internet access & a free-use library!
                                                  changed me, because it made me question
area. duo Vulture Voltaire and Ricky Rabbit
glitch-smacks the platinum teeth right out        what I wanted to say about the system.”                                We have great book deals, most under $10.00
of the mainstream’s mouth. Samples get                                                                                History·Politics·Urban Studies
                                                     With lines like “Lookin’ at your $100
chewed up, regurgitated by robotic mon-           clothes where’d you get those/is that the
sters, and shotgun-hitched for the shudder-       total for your shit or your zip code”
ing, bombastic beats. “It’s a reaction to liv-    Vulture’s social commentary is a hip hop
ing in the suburbs,” Rick Rabbit said of his
                                                  reverse. How many MCs are dissin’ folks
chaotic programming. “Since everything
                                                  for dressing too nice?
else was the same, I just had to make chaos.”
   While Ricky plucks and mutilates snip-            “We like existing outside the US money
pets from across the musical spectrum to          machine.” Vulture said. “Adhering to one
create his pastiche, Vulture spits wild reac-     set of ‘standards’ or George Bush’s moral
tions to political and artistic phoniness and     center is going to bury us all. We want to
stagnation. The line “Scavenger raps over         explore, to take what we think is great and
scavenger tracks/I pick apart and salvage         use it to create new things.”                    June 4: Last Laugh Terror Squad & 3 bands
                                                                                                   June 5: Shotgun Wedding, Allegienere, Burn at the Stake, Versailles
the facts” sums up FFA’s mission of robbing                                                        June 6: art and music, Time in Malta, Walken, Stars & Bars
                                                      It’s doubtful that “existing outside the     June 10: Hansel, Scrappy's Light Show
the wasteland. Street-style collides with
                                                  US money machine is going to be a prob-          June 11: Genevieve & Edward,TopR the Underground Rock Star, The Dead Hensons, art opening and fashion show, Adam Infanticide
cerebrum on rhymes like, “You’re a cat with                                                        June 12: Panache magazine benefit (bands TBA)
no claws/ I make you bust a mean Jackson          lem for FFA. As long as Vulture keeps            June 13: Needle Exchange Benefit - Dory Tourette And The Skirtheads, Two Gallants, Floating Corpses, Monster Friend
                                                                                                   June 17: Snow Cuts Glass, In Ink Please, Dear Nora
Pollack in your drawers.” This shit is dis-       screaming every verse like he’s on a sinking     June 18: The Coppertones & 2 bands
ruptive like a preschool on Ritalin strike,       lifeboat and Ricky’s beats sound like Afrika     June 19: hardcore show, Kaos Pilot 3 bands
                                                                                                   June 20: art opening of artist Ana Fernandez and friends
running in 50 directions at once, trying to       Bambaata crashing a garbage truck through        June 25: a benefit for Femina Potens Gallery, featuring butcher & Smear, the Floating Corpses, Butch v. Femme, and Piper McKinzie
set the teacher on fire, pissing on textbooks,    a Radio Shack, I don’t think that they’ll        June 26: hardcore show, featuring: Bright Calm Blue, Takaru, Lachance (L.A.), Roque State (L.A.), With Eyes Like Static, Coffin
                                                                                                   June 27: Agents of Satan & 3 bands
fingerpainting on the American flag.              have to worry about what to wear on TRL.

                                                                                                                                                                                       F a u l t L i n e s | June 2004 | 11
June 8, SF: Protest G8 and BIO
                                              June 11, ATA, SF:                           June 18, Fresno:
                                                                                                                                       July 25-30, Quito, Ecuador:                     "BOOM: The Sound of Eviction"               "Occupied Territory"                         Americas Social Forum
Reclaim the Commons plans to shut-            Video screening benefiting the Eviction     Anarchist/anti-authoritarian gathering.
down the Biotechnology Industry               Defense Collaborative. 8 p.m., 992                                                       NGOs and other elements of "civil soci-
                                              Valencia.                                   June 19, Golden Gate Bridge:
Organization international convention,                                                                                                 ety" will gather to discuss "alternatives"
and an anti-G8 demo will reclaim the
                                                                                          Health Care for All                          to the neoliberal order, within the
                                              Jun 11,12,13,16, SF and                     Doctors, medical students, health practi-
streets.                                      Berkeley: ISM Training                                                                   bounds of global capitalism.
                                                                                          tioners, union members, activists, and
                                              Four days of International Solidarity
June 8, Dolores Park, SF:                                                                 allies will march on the Golden Gate         July 26-29, Boston:
                                              Movement training for work in
Guerrilla Video Screening                     Palestine.
                                                                                          Bridge to demand health care for all.        Democratic National Convention
The perfect cap for a long day of dis-                                                    Simultaneous marches will take place in
rupting the BIO convention and reclaim-       June 12: International Day of               many other cities. 7 a.m.-1 p.m., Crissy     An unwelcoming party as Kerry and the
ing the streets, a free guerrilla video       Action and Solidarity with Jeff             Field.                                       rest of the corporate elite invades Boston.
screening in the park. 9 p.m.                 "Free" Luers                                June 25, Dolores Park, SF:                   Aug. 27-Sep. 4, New York City:
                                              Jeff "Free" Luers is an environmental
Jun 8-10, Sea Island and                      activist and political prisoner sentenced
                                                                                          Tranny March                                 Republican National Convention
Brunswick, Georgia: G8                        to 22 years in prison.                      The friday before PRIDE: The annual
                                                                                          march of trannies, friends, allies and       Hundreds of thousands of pissed-off                                  June 12, Justin Herman Plaza, SF:           admirers.                                    protesters will confront the full force and
The Group of 8 (G8) Summit will bring
                                              World Naked Bike Ride                                                                    might of Bush, Dick and their cronies.
together the leaders of the world's richest                                               June 25, Justin Herman Plaza, SF:
                                              A clothing-optional ride to protest oil
nations to decide political, economic and     dependency. 11 a.m.                         Monthly Critical Mass, 5:30 p.m.
social issues affecting over 6 billion peo-                                                                                             For details and contact info, or to submit
ple. Protesters face martial law and          June 14, SF:                                July 23-29, Belgrade, Serbia:                 your event, visit
machine-gun toting military troops.           Memorial for Gloria E. Anzaldúa             People's Global Action (PGA)                  endar
                                              Memorial for lesbian Chicana cultural
June 9, New College, SF: History              theorist and creative writer. 10 a.m.,      PGA is a network of autonomous
of Palestine                                  3543 18th St.                               grassroots movements around the
Presentation on the history of Palestine                                                  world, sharing an opposition to capital-
& benefit for ISM.                            June 14, SF:
                                                                                          ism and committment to direct action
                                              Reggae Benefit for California
June 10, Lake Merritt BART,                                                               and civil disobediance.
                                              Prison Focus
Oakland: Protest BART Layoffs                 Benefits women prisoners living in soli-    June 27, SF: SF Pride
BART continues to layoff transit workers      tary confinement and California Super-      The parade starts at Market and Beale at
while protecting its bloated management       maximum security prisons. 8:30 p.m.,        10:30 a.m. and proceeds west to Market
and administration. 8:30 a.m.                 295 China Basin Way.                        and Eighth Street.

  2940 16th Street - Suite 216 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 864-1006

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