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Useful Tips for Giving Gifts to Coworkers


Celebrating holidays at work can and should be a fun experience for all. Giving or receiving an inappropriate gift, however, is not unheard of.

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									         Useful Tips
         for Giving
           Gifts to
                BooJee Beads

Celebrating holidays at work can and should
        be a fun experience for all.
Useful Tips for
  Giving Gifts
 to Coworkers
Celebrating holidays at work can and should

be a fun experience for all. Planning and

taking part in an office party that includes gift

exchange can boost morale, improve

relationships between colleagues and

generally leave everyone delighting in the

excitement of the holiday season. Giving or

receiving an inappropriate gift, however, is

not unheard of. Sadly, there are many

stories of people receiving gifts from co-

workers that left them speechless, and not in

a good way.

Follow some simple tips and you’ l l always
do well at gift-giving time.

                  BOOJEE BEADS LANYARDS
                             Keep it Simple

Giving gifts is easy when you know

someone very well. This is not always the

case with co-workers so the general rule of

thumb is to keep gifts as simple as possible.

ID lanyards are some of the most neutral

gifts one could give to a colleague or

supervisor. Because ID lanyards are widely

used in the workplace to begin with, they are

useful and necessary. However, most of the

time, the ID lanyards that people wear tend

to be drab and not very stylish.

                 BOOJEE BEADS LANYARDS
The ideal gift for co-workers then is that of

jewelry lanyards. Stylish and smart, jewelry

lanyards enhance appearance even if one

wears a uniform to work. Because there are

so many design options available, there are

jewelry lanyards to suit every personality

and style. Even if you are buying a gift for a

white elephant exchange, a decorative lan-

yard is ideal simply because of the fact that

it brings style to a tool used every day.

                 BOOJEE BEADS LANYARDS
     Make Sure Everyone is on
                         the Same Page

When it comes to the white elephant gift

exchange, it is important that everyone

involved understands how the game works.

In a white elephant gift exchange, each

participant purchases a gift amounting to the

same cost. This way no one gift over-

shadows all the rest. Numbers are written

on pieces of paper and each person draws a

number from a bowl. The first person to go

chooses a gift to unwrap. The next person

to go can choose to “ steal ” gift number

can choose an unwrapped gift for them-
It is likely that everyone in the office under-

stands the elephant game. However, no as-

sumptions should be made and the game

should be explained clearly before it is

agreed upon that it is a part of the holiday

celebration. There have been stories of co-

workers being offended that the gift they

loved was stolen from them; or offended that

their gift wasn ’ t stolen at all! The point of a

holiday celebration is to bring co-workers

closer together, not send them off in oppo-

site directions.

                   BOOJEE BEADS LANYARDS
    Be Sensitive to Individuality

It is easy to forget that not everyone

celebrates the same holidays. When

planning holiday celebrations at the office, it

is important to ensure that sensitivity is

shown to the diverse beliefs of those in the


Be sure to include everyone in a celebration

that remembers holidays are personal to

each individual.

                   BOOJEE BEADS LANYARDS
                          Odds and Ends

Gifts for the boss should be discussed with
all the employees. An agreement should be
reached as to whether the gift comes from
the group, or each person. There isn ’ t a
hard fast rule on this; it’ s up to the group.
Special gifts for a co-worker or co-workers

who are also personal friends should be

given in private. Joke gifts often end up of-

fending or upsetting and should therefore

not be a part of holiday gift giving at work.

                 BOOJEE BEADS LANYARDS
the Holidays
    at Work
We spend a lot of time where we work, and

that can make the holidays a tricky time of

year. Many people have different ways of

celebrating holidays; and different holidays

that they celebrate. There is no reason why

you shouldn ’ t want to or be able to show

your holiday spirit at work. The best rule of

thumb is to simply keep things simple. By

doing this, you can make sure no one is

offended at your celebratory mood. Here

are some tips for celebrating holidays at


                 BOOJEE BEADS LANYARDS
                     Keep Feasting to

                                        a Minimum
It is a well known fact that the holidays are

all about food, especially unhealthy baked

treats that bring pounds with them.

Rethink what you bring to work and how

often you and your coworkers will indulge

with food items. When you work with

patients, there is a high likelihood that they

will bring in treats for office staff, which

eliminates the need for you and your co-

workers to also bring in snacks.

             Keep Socializing to

                                        a Minimum
It is important that the workplace remain

professional at all times. Even if everyone

is excited about the impending holiday

office party or is simply in a great festive

mood, patient care and work responsibili-

ties should always be priority number one.

There isn ’ t much to celebrate if you get

behind in your work. If the work day is

very busy, perhaps the best idea is to plan

a time when the office staff can hold a

holiday celebration when there is time to

relax and really get into the holiday spirit.
Giving gifts to coworkers can be a fun way

to show how much you appreciate them.

Since ID lanyards are items widely worn in

medical settings, these make the ideal gift

for all of your coworkers. The thing about

ID lanyards is that they are useful tools;

and are used by the majority of medical

professionals. Many ID lanyards today

feature retractable reels that allow cards to

be swiped to gain access to secure areas.

Not only are these items very handy tools,

they can also provide a way to dress up


Everyone knows scrubs are worn for

comfort, not fashion. Even though scrubs

come in a wide variety of styles, patterns

and colors today, finding alternative ways

to show personal style is always welcome.

The lanyard, when decorative and stylish,

gives medical professionals a way to look

and feel great at work. Ideal gifts, indeed.

Check with office or department policy to

make sure you plan decorations, dress

and events in a way that stays in line with

that policy. The holidays are a time to

celebrate, not a time to offend. Through
adequate communication, employees can

easily come up with a way to celebrate

holidays together, without leaving any

particular cultural aspects out. Through

inclusive celebrations, it is possible to

create a more cohesive team.

Need a last minute
 gift? Give them a
beaded lanyard or
a holiday lanyard.
And don’t forget to
   enjoy the party!

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