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									                                                      Morgan 1

Student Examples

Mrs. Morgan

World History

15 October 2010

      Paraphrase/ In-text Citation Student Examples

    The word, and the outrage, spread quickly. A
week later, Imus was gone, banished from his
multimillion-dollar television and radio show even
before he had the chance to complete the all-too-
familiar cycle of public penance that high-profile
sinners are usually granted. Original

    When the news hit about Imus comments all hell
broke loose. Within seven days Imus was force to
give up his multimillion-dollar media gigs before he
had a chance to do the familiar media dance of
apologies (Kosova 27). Paraphrase Version

    When the phone rang at 7 o’clock on Sunday
morning, I knew the call was too early to be
anything but terrible news. “Adam is dead.” My
brother-in-law’s voice was shaking. “He bought a
gun. He shot himself.” Original
                                               Morgan 2

     I was awoken by tragic news about the death of
my nephew committing suicide with a gun (Dalmas
18). Paraphrase Version 1

    One Tragic Sunday morning I got a phone call
from my brother-in-law with word of my nephew
Adam’s suicide by a firearm (Dalmas 18).
Paraphrase Version 2

Direct Quotes and In-text Citations

   “Nothing I saw that day gave a hint of
Adam’s emotional fragility” (Dalmas 18).

    Paul C. Dalmas was clueless to his nephew’s
suicidal tendencies. He stated, “Nothing I saw
that day gave a hint of Adam’s emotional
fragility” (18).

Paraphrase of Original Text

1) “Her younger sister has also served
in the military police” (Anderson 5).
                                     Morgan 3

Sgt. Mosely’s sibling followed in the
footsteps of her career in law enforcement
(Anderson 5).

2) “In her college classes now, Sgt
Mosely has done what the other
nursing students only read about in
textbooks” (Anderson 5).

With a lot of hands on experience, Sgt
Mosely is farther ahead than other
nurses in training (Anderson 5).

3) “Whether or not you’re planning to
go to college, you can find a career
through the Army Guard” (Anderson

The Army Guard offers post
secondary opportunities for many
young people (Anderson 5).
                                      Morgan 4

1.) “There seem to be two kinds of
people in the world: those who have an
iPad and those who want one”
(Karpen 6).

Everyone loves the iPad, it’s a
worldwide phenomenon (Karpen 6).

2.) “Somehow Apple always seems to
get it right” (Karpen 6).

Apple produces a superior product
(Karpen 6).

Apple dominates the competition
(Karpen 6).

3.) “Could one go even farther and say
that not only will the iPad and similar
portable devices replace mobile laptop
                                   Morgan 5

computers but also desktop computers”
(Karpen 6).

Can hand held electronics like the
iPad excel more and outdate common
house hold computers (Karpen 6)?

1) “The first step in preventing such a
   serious catastrophe in the future is
   to determine what happened”
   (Karpen 11).

To stop a major disaster from
happening, you must find the cause
(Karpen 11).

2) President Obama has taken steps
   to end the cozy relationship
                                   Morgan 6

   between oil companies and the
   agencies that regulate them, since
   some have claimed that the BP
   tragedy was partly the result of lax
   government enforcement”
   (Karpen 11).

The close connection between oil
companies and their government
watch dogs has been noticed by the
Obama administration. Since then the
president has vowed to put a stop to
corrupt business relationships
(Karpen 11).

3) “In short, it’s bad” (Karpen 11).
                                    Morgan 7

In brief, the situation is dire. (Karpen

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