eMploy Unit Readiness Checklist

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					                       Unit Readiness Checklist
                                  April 28, 2006

_______ Finalize internal business processes
           Work with eMploy Project Team and HR Rep
           Test processes and associated tools/documents

_______ Review Security Roles and submit M1s
          Hiring Manager
          Unit HR

_______ Communicate & Implement Training Plan
          Deliver ‘Presentation In a Box’
          Communicate training calendar and expectations
          Transition Workshops April 19, May 2, May 9
          E-Learning available April 17
          Instructor Led Training (HRC202) begins April 18
          Learning Labs begin May 15
          April 21 & May 19 UL meetings

_______ Communicate & Implement Transition Plan
          Communicate new business processes
          Create uniqunames if needed by May 15
          Update Kerberos passwords May 15
          Check spam blockers by May 15
          Transition MPathways job requisitions
          Plan minimal posting and hiring between May 1 and May 22
          Change all posting end dates to < May 12, 2006
          Create unit standards for Comments, Hiring Team, Approvers,
                Reports To
          Create standard formats for job requisitions

HRAA Resources: EPCs
                HR Representatives