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									Why Teachers Get Fired: The Reasons Behind the Question

                          Perhaps you might wonder why teachers get fired. Or perhaps you wonder if
                          teachers can be fired? Yes they can. Like any other profession, regardless of
                          the nature of work, employers who are the principals in this case, have the
                          power to dismiss a teacher. If you are currently a mentor in any school, do not
                          relax. You too can experience this kind of scenario.

                          Are you surprised or shocked by this knowledge? Now is the time to learn
some reasons that often lead teachers to be pulled out from the profession. Listed here are some
attitudes to avoid and things that you must not do.

Reason # 1: Incompetent. Teachers must pass a set of credentials before being assigned to a class or a
specific topic. Education is one of the most dynamic professions, thus teachers must keep up with this
pace as well. The dynamism should also be exercised by mentors. When we talk about incompetent
teachers, we are not saying how many students this particular teacher did not passed. The proportion of
approval and disapproval not only depends on the teacher. But if this teacher is not improving the
lesson plans, not attending seminars to improve knowledge and only remain in his current
understanding and being stagnant, these are big reasons to no longer keep an individual who does not
embrace change.

Reason # 2: Lack of respect. Teachers must exude concern for their students, whatever their level of
intelligence. It is a fact that students must exercise respect within the school and especially while in the
classroom. Mentors also must follow this rule. Way even if they are above their students in terms of
skills. It is a bad example to humiliate one of the students because they can not read or write well. It is
even harder if you tend to control your students on how you would want them to behave. I know you
are following a strict rule not only to lecture but to discipline them as well. But if you go above teacher
discipline, students might complain about your attitude. And this is not a good feedback that can also
mean career pull out.

Reason # 3: Lack of skills. Teachers must have more than the skills of good teaching. There are indeed
many avenues a teacher should tap in order to become effective. If you happen to only appreciate
teaching, but lack the interpersonal skills, better be aware that this may be used against you. A teacher
must know how to extend their lessons beyond the books or journals. They must also exercise
organization and management. Besides teaching, mentors are also leaders and organizers of the class.
Somehow, one way or another, it must be found in you. Such a lack of skills only paves way for more
trouble and problems on your side.

These reasons must not be present in the mind of the teacher and so in the heart. Thus do the opposite
and be the best teacher you can be. You can read some references or even ask your former mentor for
some procedures on how to be effective. Bottom line: why teachers get fired because of the value of
student output and bad results they can generate at the end of the course or term.

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