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                              Costa Rica Information

Although Costa Rica is a small country each province is very diversified in terms of
weather. Costa Rica is divided into several climatic zones, each of which is distinct and
individual. Although generally classified as a tropical country, because of its close
proximity to the equator, Costa Rica has no real winter period and the sun shines
throughout the year. With over 12 hours of sunshine a day, the sun rises at about 5 am
and sets at about 6 pm consistently throughout the year.

The main reason for the diversity in Costa Rica’s weather is attributable to the various
elevations at which different parts of the country are located. For example, Guanacaste
has a dry arid climate as it sits on the lowlands. On the other hand, Montverde, a
highland city, is misty and foggy throughout the year due to its higher elevation. The
Central Valley with San Jose enjoys average temperatures of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and
with a cool coastal breeze.

The average temperature in Guanacaste is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolest months
of the year are November, December and January.

There are two seasons , a wet season, (high season) and a dry season (low season).
There is no real summer or winter in Costa Rica and the rainy season (or wet season)
lasts from June to November. The months of December through April have little to no
rain and September and October have the heaviest rain period.

The national currency is the Colone and US Dollars are easily exchanged at all banks.
Other foreign currency can be exchanged through private agencies. All major credit
cards are accepted. The Colone rate of exchange is 518 Colones per dollar (as of Oct
2007) and can be expected fluctuate per increase.

Costa Rica's official language is Spanish. On the Caribbean Coast, a small minority of
Jamaican descendants speak a local version of English and most Costa Ricans can
understand and speak some English. Quite recently all public schools made it mandatory
to learn a second language.
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                          Concierge Services Overview
Airport Pick-Ups
Is this your first trip to Costa Rica and you don’t want to worry about directions and
driving? Maybe you’re too tired from your long journey and desire someone else to do
the driving. Please allow us to arrange a ride for you, and we can always arrange a
rental-car to be delivered to your location at a later date.

Car Rentals
We can arrange car rentals suitable for your needs and party size. Everything from
compact cars to 4X4 trucks are available (We recommend a 4WD vehicle, especially in
the green season).

There are many restaurants in the area. From the casual “Tico Sodas”, where you can
dig into a Casado de Carne, to the more upscale restaurants where you can enjoy haute
cuisine as good as it gets. Here is a list of some of the best options for dining in the area.

       More Expensive: (average cost per person $20-$30)
       Playa Hermosa:       Hotel La Finisterra Restaurant
                            Villa Del Sueño
                            Hotel El Velero

       Playas del Coco:      Papagayo Seafood
                             La Dolche Vita
                             Louisiana Bar & Grill
                             Café del Mar
                             Sol y Luna

       Playa Ocotal:         Father Rooster
                             Hotel Ocotal

       Less Expensive: (average cost per person $6-$20)
       Playa Hermosa:        Pescado Loco (Bar Restaurante)
                             Bar Labarinto
                             Bar Vallejos
                             Aqua Sport

       Playas del Coco:      Coco Palms Hotel

       Playa Panama:         BeachClub
                                                                              BeachFront Properties

                     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Q: Is the water safe to drink?
A: Yes! Water is potable in all parts of the country. We recommend that you travel with a bottle
of water at all times to prevent dehydration.

Q: Are the beaches in the area safe for swimming?
A: Yes. Hermosa, Playas del Coco, Playa Ocotal and Playa Panama beaches are located in
Bahia Culebra (Snake Bay, named after its shape), which is reef protected and the surf is
very calm. There are no riptide currents that are associated with the other beaches to the
south. Nevertheless, the ocean should always be respected by those who intend to enjoy it.

Q: Are there any travel safety tips you can offer?
A: Unfortunately, petty theft in Costa Rica is common. While enjoying a swim, please always
keep an eye on your belongings on the beach, or have a member of your party watch them for
you. Keep your money on your person or in a safe place, and never leave anything of value in
your car! It is also a good idea to keep a copy of your passport with you. Leave your passport
at your vacation home in a safe place. You don’t want to loose it! Simply use your common

Q: Are Credit Cards and US Dollars accepted by local businesses?
A: Credit Cards- For the most part, Yes. We advise you to notify your credit card company of
your intent to travel abroad prior to your departure. U.S. Dollars - are generally accepted, but
it’s better to use the local currency (Colones). Paying for goods or services with $100 bills can
be problematic. Please see bottom of page.

Q: What should I pack?
A: Costa Rica is very laid back and casual so there isn't a need for formal attire. Feel free to
go light on luggage as even the nicer restaurants have relaxed standards of dress. Also be
sure to pack walking shoes or amphibious hiking shoes to visit some areas you may want to
see. These areas are forested and feature hot springs, various wildlife, waterfalls, and
volcanos. You may also want to ride the zip lines of a canopy tour and they require closed-
toed shoes.

Q: Do I need a passport?
A: As of December 31, 2005, US visitors to Costa Rica are required to have a passport.

Q: What precautions should I take?
A: The Centers for Disease Control offers recommendations for certain vaccinations (such as
tetanus), there are no health requirements for visiting the Costa Rica.
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Q: Where can I buy bread, milk, meats…?
A: The Super Luperon is located on the main road in Playas del Coco (10 mins from
Hermosa). It’s very similar to the grocery stores in the states. Please look at the Coco map on
the last page for “Supermarket” for directions. They are open everyday from 7:30 to 7:00
except on Sundays, their hours are 9:00 to 2:00. If you need just the basic’s (bread, milk,
drinks…) we have a small “super” here in Hermosa.

Q: Will my cell phones work in Costa Rica?
A: Yes, SOME carriers have coverage in the Hermosa and Coco area. Please check with
your carrier for official detail.

Q: How can I exchange Money?
A: Every bank will allow you to change your currency into Colones. It is recommended that
you visit the bank at the Liberia airport upon your arrival. Here you can exchange money and
pay your exit tax (bring your passport) If you prefer to exchange currency on the street with a
local vendor, make sure you know the current exchange rate.

Q: When do I pay my departure tax?
A: 95% of the tourists pay the exit tax, at the airport, just before their departure from Costa
Rica. This creates a huge bottle neck at the bank and causes you to stand in line for long
periods of time. You can pay this tax anytime (bring your passport) at any Bank. It is
recommended you pay this as soon as you arrive in Costa Rica or anytime during your

** NOTE: Due to a recent counterfeiting scandal, $100 bills with serial numbers CB are not
accepted by commercial establishments or banks. If you bring $100 bills with you, make sure
you check their serial numbers.
                                                                             BeachFront Properties

                                     WATER TOURS
“Drums of Bora” Sailing Tours
Being propelled on the open water by brisk winds,
the only traffic you need to concern yourself with
are the; dolphins, whales, turtles, and rays that
can be frequently sighted as you sunbathe on the
deck. In the meantime you can soak up the
dramatic panoramas offered by Costa Rica’s
rugged Pacific coastline.

Boat trips are, in fact, the ideal way of exploring
the Gulf of Papagayo because of its craggy
                                          coastline is filled with secluded coves and little beach
                                          hideaways that are otherwise inaccessible by land.
                                          You will be treated to pristine beaches that are
                                          perfect for sunbathing, picnic, lunches, beach games,
                                          snorkeling, cave exploring, and river mangrove tours.

                                          Passengers aboard “Drums of Bora” will enjoy all you
                                          can eat food, open bar, and a free flow of
                                          champagne as you bask in the sun.

                                         Guests can be picked up at either; Playas del Coco,
                                         Playa Panama or Playa Hermosa.
                                         The 50 Ft all Teak yacht can accommodate up to 15
                                         guest with a 3 guest minimum. We can quote you a
price upon request for special events, such as a corporate cruise or
private party. A specific program can be tailored to your request.

“Drums of Bora” is registered with Archivo Nacional de Costa Rica,
Matricula GPC 8762, and has a Certificado de Navegabilidad Nª
19587: It is also insured with INS for R.C LIMITE UNICO COMBINADO
for 50 Million colones. Documents are available upon request.

½ Day
Departs at 8:00am
Returns at 1:30 -2:30pm
Departs at 3:00pm.
Returns at 6:00pm – 6:30pm
                                                                            BeachFront Properties


6.5 hours.
Departs at 9:00 AM
Returns at 3:30pm

We’ll pick you up right on the beach and then head
out on our spacious, double decker boat for
snorkeling at a beautiful coral reef in just 6 feet of
water! Afterwards, we’ll explore the mangrove
ecosystem taking in the abundant array of wildlife.
Then it’s on to a private white sand beach for;
strolling, relaxing, sunning and checking out the wave
caves while the crew prepares you a delicious
B.B.Q.. 6 person minimum.

                           THE SNORKELING TOUR
                           2 hours.

                           Visit two great snorkeling spots and take in the amazing
                           diversity of the underwater reef and rock world in Bahia
                           Culebra on our boat. Snorkeling gear, fresh fruit and drinks are
                           provided. 4 person minimum.

                            SWIM WITH SHARKS AND RAYS

                            Visitors can observe the graceful movements of the harmless
                            Spotted Eagle rays as they swim around them while our
                            guides share fascinating facts about these wondrous
                            creatures. Also, take a dip in the pool with the ambassador of
                            the sea, “Gisy” the shark. For children, start off playing with
starfish, anemones, lobsters, hermit crabs, horseshoe
crabs, sea slugs, and urchins. This will be the first stop in
your child’s encounters with the marine world. Our guides
will introduce your child to these adorable creatures and
teach them the importance of conservation.
Bring: bathing suit and towel. Dry tours are also
                                                                          BeachFront Properties


Dive shop hours are 7:00am till 5:00pm daily. Divers must check in or call us the day
before they want to dive. The morning
boat departs at 8:30am and returns at
around 12:30pm. The main facility is
located in Playa Hermosa.

Diving Safaris is a PADI 5 Star Gold
Palm training facility, offering courses for
beginners (Discover Scuba Diving) and
certification courses from open water diver
to professional levels (Dive Master and
Assistant Instructor). Diving Safaris is
                                                long-term member of DAN Partners in
                                                Dive Safety Program. The dive boats
                                                are equipped with oxygen and first aid
                                                kits and our Dive Master’s are trained
                                                yearly in Emergency First Response and
                                                DAN O2 provider.

                                                Diving Safaris has 5 boats operating
                                                full time. The Giorgiana is a 42-foot
                                                Aluminum Striker with a large sun deck,
                                                and covered deck, platform and fresh
                                                water rinse. The Safaris III is a 35-foot
custom with a platform and covered area. Mi Reina Grace, Soyla and Esperanza are 28
ft fast boats with Suzuki 4-Stroke outboard motors and are equipped with diver friendly
ladders for easy entry on to the boat and shaded area.
                                                                            BeachFront Properties

The Tranquilamar fleet of four Cummins
diesel powered sportfishers quickly take us to
where the fish are located. Our boats are
equipped with the latest radio equipment.
This provides instant communication with
other boats and shore stations. Tranquilamar, Duquesa, Duquesa II are all 27 foot boats
with matching hulls, while the Elsa stretches to 29 feet.
Our dual frequency fish finders give us an undersea view down to 1,200 feet, while our
global positioning system provides us with our exact location from data provided by eight
orbiting satellites. We also have an enclosed head aboard each of our boats.
The boats are all equipped with the best fishing tackle available. Our custom built
fighting chairs and Braid stand-up equipment provide our customers with a choice of fish-
fighting methods. We carry Penn International outfits matched to specific IGFA weight
standards to assure that any record fish may be properly recognized. Tranquilamar
Sportfishing operates on the Northwest coast of Costa Rica. Here lies the legendary
Gulf of Papagayo, world famous as one of the best fishing spots on earth. This natural
fish trap, is rimmed by the Bat and Catalina Islands and home to; sailfish, blue, black and
striped marlin, giant yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dorado, and roosterfish.

                               Walk in the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano
                               National Park.
                                    (Old woman’s cave volcano national park)
                                   The Rincon de la Vieja Adventure Tour includes a
                                   special perspective into a variety of climates while
                                       casually hiking through dry forest and rainforest
                                         environments. This national park provides the
                                  opportunity to see a variety of flora and fauna while
                                 observing the great force of this active volcano. You
                                  will be mesmerized by natural gases, bubbling mud
                                 pools, and sulfur ponds all of which are natural proof
                                                                of the volcanic activity.
                                                                       BeachFront Properties

 Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, nature hike in the national park,
lunch, bottled water.
What to bring: hiking shoes or running shoes, long or short pants, insect
repellent, hat, credit card, traveler’s checks, sunglasses, sun block, camera or
video camera, binoculars, spending money in cash.
Duration: Full day.
A Full Day of Adventure at an Ecological Site.
(Guachipelin Cattle Hacienda)
This tour provides a complete day of fun – filled adventure inside of a traditional
Cattle ranch. During the day you will experience an exciting canopy tour as you
pass through 10 canopy cables in the                                            tree
tops, repelling and rock climbing in a                                         river
canyon, horse back riding on a beautiful                                       trail,
inner – tube ride on a exhilarating river                                      with
rapids and relaxing sauna, mud baths,                                           and
hot springs pools. This tour will give you                                     both
adrenaline and serenity.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual
guide, canopy tour, lunch, hot springs
water, volcanic mud baths, sauna,
horseback ride, waterfall tour or canyoning, bottled water, lunch.
What to bring: running shoes, sandals, bath suit, camera or video camera,
repellent, sunglasses, hat, sun block, shorts, long pants, binoculars, traveler’s
checks, credit card, spending money in cash.
Duration: Full day.

Arenal Volcano Adventure – Rainforest Hike and Hot Springs.
This tour will provide a historical perspective into
the culture of Costa Rica while learning about one
of the most active volcanoes in Central America.
You will see an abundance of beautiful landscapes,
climates and flora and fauna, along with various
types of forests. There will be opportunities to
experience a precious hike in the rainforest,
captivating views of the Arenal volcano and
                                                                     BeachFront Properties

soothing hot springs waters. This tour is one to soak in the experience and have
unforgettable memories.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, lunch, hike in the rainforest, hot
springs, dinner, bottled water.
What to bring: hiking shoes or running shoes, sandals, swimsuit, long pants,
protection from the cold or rain, camera or video camera, sunglasses, hat, towel,
traveler’s checks, credit cards, spending money in cash, binoculars.
Duration: Full day.

Palo Verde National Park (Wildlife Refuge) and Guaitil Pottery
                          Making Village.
                                 The tour begins with an exotic and relaxed river
                                 boat ride on the Tempisque River. This river
                                 allows for the unique opportunity to see a
                                 variety of plants, trees and animals including an
                                 abundance of migratory birds, crocodiles,
                                 monkeys and iguanas. The tour is guided by an
                                 official river boat captain. The second part of
                                 this tour takes place at the Guaitil Indian
Pottery making Village. We are shown first hand the steps of pottery production in
the indigenous Mayan ancestral traditions.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, boat tour, lunch, visit and shopping
in Guaitil, bottled water.
What to bring: camera or video camera, sunglasses, comfortable shoes,
repellent, sun block, short pants, (principally in the summer), or long pants,
binoculars, hat, credit cards, spending money in cash.
Duration: Full day.

A Cultural Experience: Liberia City Tour and Shopping.
This tour takes you on a cultural and historic
journey into the city of Liberia. You will learn
about famous people, streets, architecture and
other historical sites that have shaped the
foundation for the “White City”, the nickname for
                                                                        BeachFront Properties

Liberia. In addition you will have a guided tour to several Costa Rican souvenirs
shops to enjoy unique hand crafts and memories.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, tour of Liberia City and Shopping.
What to bring: camera or video camera, credit card, comfortable shoes,
spending money in cash, hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothes.
Duration: Half day.

Miravalles Volcano Walk into the Live Crater, Hot Springs and
Amazing Waterfalls.
This fascinating tour will take you on a scenic
and naturalistic view into the culture, history and
beauty of the Miravalles volcano. You will
experience volcanic heated waters of the
springs, walking high above the canopy forest in                                          a
hanging bridge, and gorgeous views of up –
close waterfalls. You also will have a fun and
educational guided horseback ride through local
rural roads.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, hot springs, hike in the rainforest,
hanging sky bridge, guide horse back tour, lunch, mud bath, sauna, waterfall.
What to bring: camera or video camera, swimsuit, running shoes, spending
money in cash, short pants, long pants, sandals, sunglasses, hat, repellent, sun
block, binoculars, credit card.
Duration: Full day.

Floating and Sight Seeing Wildlife on the Corobici River.
                             This tour will catch your attention with beautiful sights
                             such as many colorful aquatic birds, reptiles such as
                             the Jesus Christ lizard or the large green or black
                             iguana, and mammals such as howler and white face
                             monkeys. All of these wonderful animals along with
                             being on a relaxing raft, in a wide river, amongst a
                             serene gallery forest. This river journey is one to
                             appreciate and remember.
                                                                         BeachFront Properties

Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, raft tour, tropical juice, fruits,
cookies, lunch, bottled water.
What to bring: camera or video camera, insect repellent, sun glasses, sun block,
binoculars, shorts (principally in the summer), long pants, hat, comfortable shoes,
sandals, spending money in cash or credit cards.
Duration: Full day.

Do the Colorado River Rapids! ( class 2+3)
In full filled ride, you will travel down the beautiful
Colorado River on Kayak. You will enjoy the
refreshing water splashing on you as you see
beautiful trees amongst a tropical dry forest. This is
fast and rejuvenating! This is a river adventure that
you won’t forget.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide,
equipment and rafting tour, lunch, bottled water,
Liberia city tour and shopping.
What to bring: camera or video camera, sun glasses, repellent, sun block, water
shoes, spending money in cash, shorts, swimsuit, hat, towel, credit card, sandals,
comfortable shoes.
Duration: Full day.

Discovering a Hidden Waterfall in a Tropical Dry Forest and
Liberia City Tour.
                                         This tour gives you unique insight upon
                                         historical culture of Costa Rica and the
                                         tropical dry forest of Guanacaste, C.R. You
                                         will walk down a trail in the tropical dry
                                         forest to discover a huge and beautiful,
                                         hidden waterfall. You can swim and relax
                                         among the mist and wonder of this
                                         incredible place. You will also find a variety
                                         of native plants and trees and even howler
                                         monkeys if Mother Nature permits.
                                                                        BeachFront Properties

Following the waterfall experience, there will be a tour of Liberia city which will
provide insight to the culture and foundations of the “White City. You will also
have the chance to enjoy shopping in a variety of city stores.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, waterfall, lunch, Liberia tour and
shopping, tropical juice, bottled water.
What to bring: camera or video camera, swimsuit, spending money in cash,
credit card, sandals or water shoes, short pants, repellent, sun block, hat, running
shoes, binoculars, towel.
Duration: Full day.

Pura Vida! : Laid – Back Life in Playa Tamarindo, Playa
Brasilito, and Playa Flamingo.
(Only available in the city of Liberia and the Gulf of Papagayo area)
                                    This multi-beach tour guide will give you the
                                    opportunity to learn about the culture, history of
                                    Costa Rica and the exotic flora and fauna of
                                    this beautiful country. You also will be able to
                                    relax comfortably as you enjoy three of
                                    Guanacaste’s most beautiful and serene white
                                    sand beaches.
                                    Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide,
                                    bottled water, beach tour of Beaches
Tamarindo, Brasilito, Flamingo.
What to bring: camera or video camera, swimsuit, spending money in cash,
credit card, sunglasses, hat, short pants, comfortable shoes, repellent, sun block,
binoculars, towel.
Duration: Full day.

Focusing in on Tropical Birds at Dawn.
                                  This amazing early morning tour will provide the
                                  opportunity to see a wide variety of tropical birds.
                                  Bird watching starts at approximately 6 a.m. in the
                                  morning until 8 a.m. This all occurs in the tropical
                                  dry forest in the community of Cartagena,
                                                                     BeachFront Properties

Guanacaste. Costa Rica has more than 830 species of birds. All early risers can
definitely appreciate all the sights of this bird-lovers paradise.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, bottled water, coffee, cookies, bird
tour entrance tickets, guided bird tour.
What to bring: camera or video camera: repellent, sun block, sunglasses,
spending money in cash, hat, hiking or running shoes, binoculars.
Duration: Half day.

Air Adventure Combo: Canopy Tour, Wildlife Park, Playa
Tamarindo and Playa Brasilito.
This is a combination tour full of adventure, action,
relaxation and wildlife. You will able to go high in the
tree top canopy to experience the adrenaline ziplines
that take you from tree to tree. You will also
experience the precious views of Costa Rican birds
and mammals in the natural wildlife park. Finally, you
will be able to relax at your own pace and enjoy the
sun, sand, warm ocean water, and peaceful
environments of Tamarindo and Brasilito beaches.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide,
equipment and canopy tour, tropical juice, entrance
tickets to Monkey Park, tours of Playas Tamarindo,
Brasilito, bottled water.
What to bring: camera or video camera, repellent, sun block, sunglasses,
spending money in cash, credit card swimsuit, sandals, short pants, long pants,
towel, running shoes, binoculars.
Duration: Full day.

A Hike in a Tropical Dry Forest with Historical Insight at Santa
                     Rosa National Park and Liberia City Tour.
                          This beautiful tour will first take you on a hike in the
                          tropical dry forest of Guanacaste where you can see a
                          variety of tropical birds, mammals such as howler
                          monkeys or coati-mundis and reptiles such as Jesus
                          Christ lizards or green or black iguanas. Then you will
                          visit the famous Casona house inside the Santa Rosa
                                                                          BeachFront Properties

National Park and climb up to a marvelous look out point of incredible land
scapes. Finally you will go back to Liberia city for an insight full tour into the
culture and foundation of the “White City”. It will provide fun and knowledge for all.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, tour of the Casona house, heroes
look-out point, hike in the tropical dry forest, lunch, bottled water, Liberia city town.
What to bring: camera or video camera, binoculars, repellent, hiking or running
shoes, spending money in cash, credit card, sun block, sunglasses, short pants.
Duration: full day.

A visit to the Pottery making Village of Guaitil and the folk city
of Santa Cruz.
This tour will provide an interesting
perspective into Indian Pottery making and
culture and one of Guanacaste’s famous
historic cities. At the Guaitil Indian Village,                                         you
will see first hand the steps of pottery
production in the indigenous Mayan
ancestral traditions. Following this tour, you                                           will
go to the folkloric village of Santa Cruz to
learn about the culture, history and folklore                                              of
special area.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual
guide, visit and shopping in Guaitil Indian
Village, visit to Santa Cruz, lunch, bottled water.
What to being: camera or video camera, short or long pants, comfortable shoes,
spending money in cash, credit card, sunglasses, sun block, repellent.
Duration: half day.

Tasting our land on a Costa Rica Coffee
This tour will star whit a journey into the culture of
Guancaste and beautiful views on the way to the well-
known Matambu Coffee Plantation in Hojancha,
Guanacaste. You will take an up-close walk into the coffee
fields and factory during each steps of the production of
                                                                        BeachFront Properties

coffee. From raw coffee beans to the rich aroma and taste freshly brewed Diriá
Coffee, this tour will fill your eyes, heart and mind with knowledge and
appreciation. A one of a kind delicious Costa Rican coffee which has contributed
to ancient and local traditions of this rural area.
Includes: A/c transportation, bilingual guide, tour of Diriá Coffee plantation, coffee
beverage, bottled water.
What to bring: camera or video camera, spending money in cash, credit card,
sunglasses, sun block, repellent, hat, sandals, shorts or long pants, comfortable
shoes, binoculars.
Duration: full day.

You and your guide will start by
exploring the tropical dry forest in Barra
Honda National Park. You will access
the entrance of the caves either by
hiking or on horseback. Descending
into the cave you enter a surreal,
underground setting characterized by
the sound of echoing droplets of water
that have formed amazing stalactites
and stalagmites over a millennia.
Afterwards, enjoy lunch and a visit to
the Guaitil Indigenous Artisans Village.

Recommendations: This tour is not
recommended for people who are claustrophobic or afraid of the dark. Hiking shoes,
camera, binoculars, shorts, hat, sun block.

Duration: Full Day
Meals Included: Lunch.
Minimum age: 10 years old.
                                                                                 BeachFront Properties

4 hours.
Departs at 9:00 AM
Returns at 1:00pm

We offer a variety of forest trails and mountain trails, and on all of our trails you will get to
see beach, forest and, of course, plenty of fabulous vistas. (Gentle and happy horses are

3.5 hours
Departs at 8:30am/12:30pm
Returns at 12:00pm/4:00pm

                             This very exciting three and a half hour tour will take
                             you             through
                             Guanacaste’s tropical
                             dry forest on nature
                             trails through rivers
                             with plenty of beautiful
                             vistas to take in along
                             the way. A perfect
                             opportunity to see
                             wildlife        (howler
monkeys, birds, iguanas and much more). 2 person
                                                                            BeachFront Properties

This full day expedition features a guided visit
to Monteverde Cloud Forest, located in the
Tilarán mountain range. Upon arrival, your
guide will take you for a nature walk through
the cloud forest where you will experience
several different ecosystems that are
characterized by different types of plants and
animals. The area is home to more than 2,000
species of plants, 400 species of birds, and
100 different species of mammals. Afterwards,
you can enjoy lunch prior to your visit to the
Sky Walk - a network of suspension bridges,
platforms and paths, built within the Cloud
Forest. You will be able to observe flora and
fauna from ground level all the way up to the
tree canopy. On your mid-afternoon return to
Guanacaste, you will stop en-route for dinner.
Recommendations: camera, binoculars, hiking shoes/boots, light jacket
Duration: full day

Meals Included: lunch and dinner

Full day
Operates: Thursdays, or daily with 6 persons, minimum

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit the oldest colonial city in the
Americas! Granada, located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua,
was founded in 1524. Cross the border from Costa Rica into
Nicaragua and enjoy the awesome view of the lake and the
                          twin cones of Ometepe volcano that
                          rise from its waters. Once in Granada
                          you will take a relaxing boat ride
                          among the small islands (islitas) that
                          pepper the water off the banks of the lake. You will then have
                          lunch at a local restaurant and be able to explore Granada on
                          foot. The trip also includes a visit to the town of Masaya for
                          shopping at two local markets – Mercado Viejo and Mercado
                                                                             BeachFront Properties

Nuevo. Your guide will make sure your trip is an unforgettable one.

Included: Round trip transportation, bilingual tour guide, Costa Rica and Nicaragua
tourist taxes, boat ride, lunch, Granada City tour, & a visit to Masaya’s Crafts Markets.
Attire: light casual clothing, comfortable shoes

Recommendations: camera, sunscreen, cap, comfortable shoes
NOTE: Valid passport with 6 months, minimum, prior to passport expiration.

If you want to view magnificent range of beaches
that Costa Rica has to offer this tour is for you.
Visit Tamarindo, Conchal, Flamingo, Coco,
Hermosa, Panamá, or any other area that you
They make all the stops that you want. Take all
the time you wish to relax and enjoy.

Food and beverages are not including in this tour.

Other Important Numbers

USA Embassies                      519-2000
Canada Embassies                   242-4400
American Airlines                08004210600
Continental                      08000440005
Delta                            08000562002
USAir                              520-0593
Liberia Airport                    668-1010
EMERGENCY SERVICES                   911
Highway Patrol                       117
American Express                 08000123211
Mastercard                       08000110184
Visa                             08000110030
Central line                       666-0085
Century 21                         672-0273
Taxis (Coco, Hermosa,Panama)       670-0072
UPS                                290-2828
DHL                                209-6000
BeachFront Properties
BeachFront Properties

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