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									                     What’s on in Dushanbe

We would like to draw your attention to the Pamir Invest Forum 2010, hosted jointly by the Association of
Entrepreneurs and Mountain Farmers, Milal-Inter and State Committee of Investments and State
Property Management of RoT, with the financial support of the GTZ Sustainable Economic Development
in Tajikistan, will take place between 8-9th of October, 2010 in Khorog. The purpose of the Forum is to
reveal the economic potential of GBAO and attract the interest of investors to various sectors of the regional
Detailed information about the Forum can be found at
We would like kindly ask interested persons/organizations to contact us regarding their participation in the
Forum. Please fill in the registration form for either
    i)            Investors;
    ii)            Private Entrepreneurs, Enterprises or Organizations and
    iii)          Presenting persons
and return the filled form to the following address until the 9th of August, 2010 (a week of delay will be
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at
Tel: +992 (3522) 2-92-64                  Fax: +992 (3522) 2-64-92
Email: Website:

Zerafshan Valley - to the Yagnob. Would you like to join ZTDA and invited journalists on the 5day expedition
to the Ancient Sogidana?
In the 1st millennium B.C., Soghd (Sogdiana or Sogdia) was a center of a developed ancient civilization with
high levels of culture, arts and crafts. In the VIIIth century the troops of the Arab Caliphate invaded Central
Asia, and with fire and sword spread a new religion – Islam. The Sogdians escaped to this inaccessible
mountain gorge. At the eastern edge of the Zerafshan Valley, it is still possible to hear the Sogdian language
spoken. This was the language of the Persian kings – the language of Roxanne, the wife of Alexander the Great.
This Yagnob Tour combines walking in some of the least frequented mountains of Central Asia as well as
exploring extinct culture, meeting with people speaking language echoes from thousands of years ago.            Dates of t
Services included: Transport service Dushanbe – Margeb – Dushanbe, Port rage during the trekking,
Accommodation at the traditional home stay in Margeb village as well as in tents on the trek, Guide Service,
Full pension.
Price for person: 235 USD                  Maximum number of requests: Five, Min: Three
We will be happy to welcome you!! Your requests and questions send at

                                                   La Grande Dame Cafe
                                                          Beer on Tap is also now available
                                                             Cnr Bukhora and Shevchenko St
                                                                    Ph 93 501 0089
                                 What’s on in Dushanbe
                                     In recognition of completing our
                              First Year of Business and in celebration of
                                    63 Years of Indian Independence
                                      Restaurant Anahita is offering
                        15% off all Indian dishes for in restaurant sit down orders
                                  between now and 31st August 2010
                            Thanks to you all for helping make us a success

Zerafshan Tourism Development Association is organizing the Press tour to the unique area of the
Interested in Mountain Biking?
If you have a mountain bike and are interested in doing some group rides in and around Dushanbe,
please contact Bill Salisbury at <> .
Please indicate your approximate level of experience and whether you prefer difficult or moderate bike
rides (Anyone aware of any easy rides in the area that do not involve traffic, pray tell!) This way
appropriate route and grouping may be established.
Rides will involve limited on-road riding, and mostly off road or poor quality roads and dirt tracks.
Riders are strongly encouraged to have a helmet and water bottle(s) or camelback, and a basic tire
repair kit and pump.

GO RECYCLING! Environmental and economic benefits of recycling are well known. By turning waste into
valuable raw materials, recycling creates jobs, builds more competitive manufacturing, reduce the pollution and
save nature resources. Today there are few small companies operating in Dushanbe, which recycle paper and
plastic waste, using them to create toilet paper, plastic bags and some other valuable things. Two local public
organizations - "Little Earth" and "Youth of 21 century" trying to promote recycle and separate waste
management across the various institutions. Today we also offer you a collection service of paper waste. If you
have a lot of old newspapers, magazines or paper documents and don't know what to do with that - we can help.
We will come and pick it from you (WEIGHT OF YOUR PAPER WASTE HAS TO BE 30 KG OR MORE).
Paper waste will be transfer to the small recycling company. Small money generates by selling these waste to it
will be use within the environmental activities of local public organizations. For more information, please
contact Timur Idrisov, "Little Earth" - or Umed Ulugov,
"Youth of 21 century" -, 918 613427

                            Casino "Shangri La" - We are closer than Las - Vegas!
"Storm international" invites you to visit "Shangri La" casino that situated not far from Khujand city, it is
unique legal casino in radius of 250 km. The Entertaining centre "Shangri La"- it is show programs, lotteries,
Restaurant! Good music! Super games, concerts with participation of such great stars as "Jalla", Jeanne Friskie,
etc. Fans of gambling can play on the tables or on slot machines. To customers' services: there are 11 tables -
some kinds of poker, American Roulette, Black Jack; 40 modern slot machines. The customers of our complex
will be impressed by the restaurant "Shangri La", that offers to taste dishes of the European, Tajik and Kirghiz
kitchens in original service. Many tournaments regularly held for constant customers of the casino. On 26th of
June will draw super-lottery! There are 15000 dollars in drawing. "The unique action! Call now, and receive
free entrance. phone: 92 702 3000 You can get free coupon (fliers) for 25 dollars in hotels and restaurants of
Dushanbe city. You have right to make the first rate in 25 dollars if you will show this coupon, during the game
with the coupon payment doubles.
Ph: 92-702-3000                                    e-mail:

                                                                                                 30/2010 - WOID
                                      What’s on in Dushanbe
                                   PROSPEKT MEDICAL DUSHANBE
                                  Tajikistan's only European Staffed clinic.
   Opening Times during:        8.00 - 16.30 Mon-Fri         8.00 - 16.00 Sa-Su
                                    Please contact reception on 7019000
                      E-mail: Web:
   Get your immunization against:
   - Poliomyelitis                                        - Typhoid fever
   - Hepatitis A                                          - Varilrix (Chickenpox) vaccine
   - Oral cholera vaccine                                 - And many others
   We do:
    Insurance medicals                                    Physical medical examinations before
    Direct billing with insurance - for                     joining health or fitness clubs
      emergency care                                       Counseling available
    All types of visa medicals                            Preschool medical examination
    Vaccinations (travel and children)


    Fitness, Taekwondo, Taibo, Kickboxing!
 If you want to be on shape or start new sport you can choose among Fitness, Taibo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing.
  The classes are a fun way to exercise, lose weight and get out the frustrations of the day, while learning basic
  of techniques! Beginners are welcome. Your coach will be World Champion, Champion of Asia, and
  Champion of World on Kickboxing. Sessions can be scheduled upon your request at the Tae Kwondo Centre,
  Bohtar 25, behind the Pizza Shop and Eric Krause. English speaking coach. For information, call Tyuryaev
  Daler (coach) - 918 61 93 11

 Relaxing, Therapeutic, and Anti-cellulite Massage. Certified masseur (about 10 years of practice) offers
  Therapeutic, Relaxing, and Anti-cellulite Massage: whole body, back (osteochondrosis), neck-shoulder zone,
  etc. She works at client's home at a convenient time. Please call 919-35-78-14 and ask Dasha (speaks Russian
  and little English).
 Galina, a professional Russian massage therapist with over 10 years of practice (also worked in the USA and
  UAE) offers accupuncture, therapeutic, relaxing or weight loss massage of the whole body or back and neck
  zone (osteochondrosis), etc. Able to work in your home at any convenient time. One session costs 100 Somoni.
  Please call Galina at 907-91-74-10 (speaks English and Russian).
 Anti-cellulitis, therapeutic, and relaxing massage; cosmetic massage and manual therapy. Visiting masseur with
  a medical university diploma andwith 10 years of massage experience with Tajikistan National Taekwondo
  team. Speaks basic English. Surprising and flexible rates! Tel: 93 600 86 98 Maxim

    YOGA                                                            Pranam Yoga.
          Yoga at Indian Cultural Centre                    I am excited to be offering yoga courses in Dushanbe
    The free yoga class at the Indian Cultural Centre,       for anyone interested in more than just a physical
    45 Bukhoro Street, Dushanbe is being conducted           exercise. I am a Yoga Alliance certified Instructor
    every Tuesday and Thursday at 1730 hours and             offering Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa, Core and power
    Saturday at 1100 hours. For registration kindly          yoga classes. Pass the word to the yoga enthusiast you
                                                             love. To receive a class schedule and to be included
    contact 2213988 or 2217172 or send email to
                                                             in our class roster, please contact me at                        Classes are scheduled early
                                                             morning, mid-day, and evening to suit any schedule.
                                                              Private and group lessons may be arranged. Look
                                                             forward to hearing from you! Tolkyn Martin
                                                                                                     30/2010 - WOID
                                What’s on in Dushanbe
                                      WEEKLY GATHERINGS

  Goulya’s Outdoor                                 .

                                                                SALSA DANCING
                                                    Salsa Dancing Lessons! ...And Argentine
Dear friends,                                       Tango!

As we changed the destination last Sunday, this     Dance classes are changing a bit with the
Sunday, August 8, we are still happy to invite      introduction of Argentine Tango! Salsa lessons
you for a middle-difficult hiking to Siama          will continue on Tuesdays and tango will be on
River, the most beautiful river around              Thursdays,       in     place     of      salsa.
Dushanbe. It is situated in Varzob Valley, 54       Lessons are held at the Padida Theatre, located
km (1 hour by city car) north direction from        just behind the POXAT (Rohat) Teahouse near
Dushanbe. The route goes along the left bank        the intersection of Rudaki and Somoni Ave.
of the Siama River. The aim of the route is a
wooden hunter’s house surrounded by a               Lessons are from 19.15 until 21.15. You do
mountain garden, where a Siberian man, hermit       not need a partner or experience to join us,
and artist, Ivan lives (some people already         however, we do ask that you arrive on time so
know him). After having lunch by Ivan’s             that we may warm up with the basic steps
house, we are usually permitted to get inside to    together.
see his unique pictures, photos and wooden
crafts.                                             This is a non-profit effort to raise money for
                                                    the Padida Theatre and simply for the fun of
To come back by the other side of the river, we     dancing. A donation of 10 somoni is requested
have to cross the river on a hand trolley (flying   for each lesson.
fox). For using a cable and excursion, we are
requested to gather 7 somony fee each.              Questions? Contact Deanna at
                                           See you there!
We will leave the city at 9.00 am and return at
about 17.00 pm. You should take some food,
water, a cup for tea or coffee, camera, and etc.
We will provide guiding, coffee, tea, cookies,
beautiful landscapes, wonderful views for
taking pictures and good mood.

We'll meet at 9.00 at the crossroads of Rudaki
and Karamova streets (near the Agriculture
University), in front of billiard "Zvezdnaya
noch". Transportation can be provided but cost
extra. If you are ready to join our group, please
let us know by mobile phone – 93 5050567
(Artyom). See you on Sunday, Goulya.

                                                                                      30/2010 - WOID
                                 What’s on in Dushanbe
                                 Hooray for The Hash House Harriers
                      The Dushanbe Hash House          includes some planned misdirection, takes about an
                      Harriers is a registered         hour to navigate. The run is followed by a Hash
                      chapter of the Hash House        House Harriers' roasting and toasting circle. The
                      Harriers, the world's most       circle is infamous for its outlandish traditions and
                      eccentric running club. There    bawdy songs. So, the Hash Grandmaster advises
                      are Hash House Harriers'         that you bring a sense of humor (and a grain of salt)
                      kennels in virtually every       when you come out. The hash is open to all
major city in the world. What is it? A Hash House      comers.
Harriers' run is a game, a paper chase, created on     PS -- If you have half a mind to Hash then that's
the theme of hare and hounds. The sport of mock        enough. Well, that and 30 Somoni, which will buy
hunting is no doubt as old as humanity, but the        you beer and a light meal -- as well as all the fun
Hash House version traces it's roots to Kuala          you can tolerate.
Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938. It was founded by            NB: Although billed as a "Drinking Club with a
British businessmen. Find a brief history here:        Running Problem" there is a solid walking       contingent in the DHHH. So telescope your
The game is played out like this: The hounds           walking stick and stagger out here. And...soft
(harriers) follow a trail marked clearly on the        drinks are always available for the wimps and
ground by the hares, usually with shredded paper.      drivers among us.
The four or five kilometer pre-set circuit, which
                                This Week's Hash - Run Number 300
                                    When: ~ 1600hrs (4:00 PM) ~
                        Where: Building Supply, formerly Svesdnaya Noch
                                      ***ALL CAR CALL***
                                      ***Summer Schedule****
                                            The Rundown
Meeting Time: 1600hrs, Saturday 07 August, 2010
Meeting Place: Car park at Building Supply formerly known as Svesdnaya Noch, now renamed High-
Ho Korner.
Hares: Ass Fondler and Never Came
Host: At the residence of Ms Sloppy Finnish
Directions: Building Supply, formerly known as Svesdnaya Noch Billiard Hall is on the South East
corner of Karamova and Rudaki. Many of us know the location as where Goulya's Outdoor
Adventurers meets on Sunday mornings. For that reason, its new appellation is High-Ho Korner.
The Pitch:***ALL CAR CALL *** As well as being the Dush Hash’s three hundredth turnout, this
weekend will be the final appearance of our glorious Grand Moster and Religious Adviser, the
Honourable Flashman Bruce and his Memsahib and Hash partner, The Lady Felicity Shagwell. The
Hash aristocracy are departing The Dush forever and we look forward to an exciting three hundredth
to see off this famous couple before we invite Lady Shagwell into the circle for what we hope will be
something of a record number of Down-Downs – all nominations will be considered. The trail will be
laid by AF and NC in the hills of western Dushanbe. AF set one here a while ago and lost half the
group on a hill that was only designed for sledding down, not hashing up. Therefore, this trail will be
both short and flat. Honest.
   And.... As always the DH3 always really does sincerely spank Baloney, Fondler and the Devil
   Dogs for snagging the Pivo and getting it cold – without you, we would be nothing. Or sober.
NB: Check out the newly revamped DH3 website with fresh pix, run write ups and more! (Spanks also to Web Monkey A** Fondler for the Web
Once again don't forget the...***Summer Schedule**** 1600hrs –One-Six-Double-0 (4:00 PM)
On On
The Long One
                                                                                             30/2010 - WOID
                                      What’s on in Dushanbe
                                     Enjoy exquisite Food & Beverage offers
                                         from Hyatt Regency Dushanbe

Luncheon in Focaccia Grill

Enjoy a superb lunch for TJS 45* per person inclusive of soft drinks chilled juice, water, coffee and
Monday to Friday from 12:30 to 14:30
two courses         TJS 45
three courses       TJS 55


Weekend Breakfast at Hyatt

Indulge yourself with family and friends with an American Breakfast buffet every weekend from
06:00 to 10:00 in Focaccia Grill.

TJS 75 per person

Children up to 6 years old – free
From six to twelve years old – 50% discount


Buy One get One Free*

Treat yourself in The Bar and The Lounge every day from 18:00 to 21:00 with a wide selection* of
signature cocktails, spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks.

*promotion is applicable only as ―buy one get one free‖ inclusive of cocktails, standard spirits, sparkling wine, wines,
beers, soft drinks, coffee and tea

Please call us at +992 43 377 1234 for further information or reservation.


                                                                                                  30/2010 - WOID           6
                               What’s on in Dushanbe

         FULBRIGHT FOREIGN STUDENT PROGRAM (2011-2012 Academic Year)

As part of the range of Fulbright programs, the Fulbright Foreign Student program offers graduate
students and young professionals the opportunity to study in the United States, thereby earning a
master's degree.
 Eligible Fields of Studies:
The Fulbright Foreign Student program is open to all fields of study, with the exception of business,
economics, law, medicine, public administration, and public policy.
Applicants must be citizens of Tajikistan residing in Tajikistan at the time of application or permanent
residents holding a valid passport issued by Tajikistan.
Applicants must have completed their undergraduate education and hold at least a degree equivalent to
a U.S. bachelor's degree.

Complete Application Includes:
Completed Online Application Form
Academic Transcripts, Diplomas, and Translations
Three Reference Letters
TOEFL and GRE Test Scores (if available)
Signature Form
Resume or CV
Copy of Passport Bio-data Page

Grant Benefits:
J-1 visa support
Tuition and fees
Health insurance coverage
Monthly stipend
Books and supplies

Selection Criteria:
Nominees must have a sufficiently high level of English to undertake full-time graduate level study in
the U.S.
Nominees should have outstanding academic records.
Nominees must have satisfactory required test scores of TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT.
Nominees should have high motivation, serious commitment to completing the program and
leadership potential upon returning home.

Application Deadline:
The application deadline is September 10, 2010. Potential applicants can access the on-line
application by going to

Nominations are made by the U.S. Embassy and are reviewed in the United States by independent
review committees. The J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board has final approval of all nominees.

To receive additional information regarding the Fulbright Foreign Student program please contact the
U.S. Embassy at (992) 37 2292314 or

                                                                                 30/2010 - WOID          7
                                What’s on in Dushanbe
                 Fulbright Visiting Scholar program (2011 - 2012 Academic Year)

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar program brings accomplished Tajikistan scholars to the United States
to conduct advanced research at U.S. universities for a period up to one academic year.
Applicants must be citizens of Tajikistan residing in Tajikistan at the time of application or permanent
residents holding a valid passport issued by Tajikistan.
Applicants must hold a doctoral degree or equivalent professional qualification at the time of
Eligible Research Fields:

Agriculture                           Film Studies                             Social Work
Dance                                 Political Science                        Chemistry
Mathematics                           Architecture                             Language/Literature (non-
American History                      Geography                                U.S.)
Economics                             Psychology                               Sociology
Medical Sciences                      Art                                      Communications
American Literature                   Geology                                  Law
Education                             Public Administration                    TEFL/Applied Linguistics
Music                                 Art History                              Computer Science
American Studies                      History (non-U.S.)                       Science
Engineering                           Public/Global Health                     Theater
Philosophy                            Biological Sciences                      Creative Writing
Anthropology                          Information Sciences                     Linguistics
Environmental Sciences                Religious Studies                        Urban Planning
Physics/Astronomy                     Business Administration
Archaeology                           Journalism

Selection Criteria:
Applicants must submit a detailed statement of proposed research activity at a U.S. university (only
research grants are available for citizens of Tajikistan).
Applicants must possess English language proficiency sufficient to achieve the project goals.
Applicant should demonstrate the intrinsic value of the project to the scholar, his/her home institution,
country and U.S. institution.
Applicant should demonstrate the ability to serve as a cultural ambassador for Tajikistan.

Grant Benefits:
Round-trip travel from Tajikistan to a host institution in the United States
Full financial support in the United States
Medical Insurance
Access to professional and cultural enrichment opportunities

Application Deadline:
The application deadline is November 15, 2010. Potential applicants can access the on-line
application by going to
Nominations are made by the U.S. Embassy and are reviewed in the United States by independent
review committees. The J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board has final approval of all nominees.

To receive additional information regarding the Fulbright Visiting Scholar program please contact the
U.S. Embassy at (992) 37 229 23 14 or
                                                                                     30/2010 - WOID        8
                                   What’s on in Dushanbe

The U.S. Embassy Dushanbe Public Diplomacy Section is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 competition for
the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program.
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the FLTA Program is a
nine-month non-degree program aimed at strengthening foreign language instruction at U.S. colleges and
universities, while providing current or future teachers of English with the opportunity to refine their skills,
increase their English language proficiency, and extend their knowledge of U.S. society and culture. FLTA
participants also interact with their host communities in conversation groups, extracurricular activities, and
community outreach projects. FLTA participants must return to their home countries upon completion of the
FLTA participants may assist in or teach up to twenty hours of language classes a week and are required to
enroll in at least two courses per semester, one of which must be in U.S. Studies. The remaining coursework
should relate to their careers in English language teaching. FLTA participants will also be expected to facilitate
cultural events, language clubs, and language tables.
All FLTA participants receive free tuition, a monthly stipend, accident and sickness coverage, and travel
FLTA participants will be required to attend an orientation arranged by ECA during the summer of 2011 before
arriving at their host institutions in August. FLTA participants will also be required to attend a mid-year
enrichment workshop that will be hosted by ECA in the United States to share and discuss foreign language
teaching best practices and their current teaching experiences with other FLTA participants.
Applicants must be teachers of English or in training to become teachers of English, and at minimum must
possess the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor’s degree by June 1, 2011 to allow time to submit an official transcript
prior to the start of the FLTA Program. Fluency in English is mandatory, demonstrated by a score of no less
than 550 (paper based TOEFL); 213 (computer based TOEFL) CBT); 79-80 (internet based TOEFL) IBT) or
6.0 (overall score International English Language Testing System) IELTS). Satisfactory TOEFL or IELTS
scores should be obtained from candidates prior to inviting them for the interview stage, if possible. Applicants
must demonstrate maturity, dependability, integrity, and professionalism. Applicants must be residing in their
home country throughout the nomination and selection process.
Applicants must be at least 21 years old and no more than 29 years old by the August 27, 2010 application
deadline. The FLTA program does not support dependents or family members. By extension of this policy,
pregnant candidates may not participate in the program if the birth is due during the program period.
Selection will be based on the candidate’s leadership skills, ability to motivate students to learn, and interest in
teaching Tajik language and culture to U.S. students. Ideal candidates for the FLTA Program have a desire to
meet people and become a part of their host community by participating in community events and campus
activities. FLTA participants should also be creative and self-reliant team players, who are able to maintain
excellent relationships with faculty, staff, and students. Preference will be given to those candidates who have
little or no prior experience living in the United States. Participants must be flexible with placements at smaller
or more ethnically diverse U.S. academic institutions in order to meet the goal of the FLTA Program to place
participants in all 50 States and at diverse institutions.

Applications must be submitted online. Please refer to the box on the right for instructions on how to
apply online.

The link for applying online is -
 Applicants who submit applications online must still mail or submit personal information form, transcripts and
diplomas from all institutions attended with certified English translation, three letters of recommendations,
TOEFL or IELTS score report, copy of passport, and complete medical history and examination form to:
Tahmina Niyazova         U.S. Embassy Dushanbe             Public Diplomacy Section
109 A Ismoili Somoni Avenue                                (992) 37-229-2316
Applications must be received by the U.S. Embassy by 5 p.m. on August 27, 2010.
Late applications will not be considered. Qualified candidates may be invited to an in interview.
More information is available at

                                                                                          30/2010 - WOID          9
                                   What’s on in Dushanbe

   Pashto language teacher needed. Please call           Looking for child Car seat - Group 1. For
    me:935154011 ask Gulnoza.                              children with weight 9-18 kg (20-40 lbs) and
                                                           for 9 months - 4 years). Contact: 93 505 22 14
   Looking for a native English speaker to teach          (Jamilya)
    two Tajik children English. The children are 14
    and 12 from a poor but wonderful family. They         I am looking for English-speaking people for
    have taken some English and are extremely              communication and friendship. I know
    well-behaved and a pleasure to work with.              English/Russian/Tajik. My name is Jamshed. e-
    Looking for someone who can provide high-              mail:
    quality service for a reasonable price as the
    family, again, is struggling. I am a family           We are looking for a Treadmill to buy. Call
    friend and you can contact me until beginning          Martin 98 580-5014, English only.
    of August at 985-863-806. After that, please
    call the mother Parvina directly (she doesn't         Looking for used or new Spanish books
    speak English) at 918-146-700.                         Call Peter 985 147539

   My name is Denis. I'm looking for English             I am looking for English or Amerikan friends
    teachers to prepare for the test taking the            for practicing my English! It can also be a
    TOEFL. Please send your condition by e-mail            tandem Russian-English. Ph 918714261. DEN
    <> or please let me know
    by      cell    phone      919      82     0701       I am looking for a large map of the former
    Maybe you have a friend or some one who                Soviet Union -- 2 X 3 meters or larger. Dennis
    teaches English, please send my details to them        T. Cosgrove; or
    or if you have their contacts and if it possible
    please send their e-mail and cell phone number
    to me                                               We are looking for two Russian Speaking
                                                         nannies: One for two girls of 6 years old and 4
   Looking for a nice apartment with fair rates         years old. and other one for two boys of 12 y.o.
    while you are here in Dushanbe? Please don’t         and 10 y.o. Mo-Fri – from 14.00 to 18.00.
    hesitate to call +992.98.544.2251 to find out        Contact: 918 178 762 (Nigina)
    more about comfortable two-room apartment
    located on Muhammadiev (former Chehov)                 Adopt ―Foster‖
    Street, which is one-minute-walk from Stake-           Fearless, Earless, Sweetest Dog
    House and four-minute-walk from Opera and              Ever - is looking for a good home.
    Ballet Theater. Apartment is fully renovated           If you are interested in adopting
    and has everything for your convenience. I'll be       this very friendly dog, please
    happy to answer any of your questions                  contact Ginny Phillips, daytime 229-2105, or
    regarding this opportunity.                            after 5:00 PM & weekends call cell 98-580-
    I am looking for singers who would like to join
    me in creating a choir of hobby musicians in
    Dushanbe. If you feel you would like to do
    music in Dushanbe with other music lovers,
    write me at
    Look forward to hearing from you and your
    ideas. Cheers!

                                                                                    30/2010 - WOID        10
                                        What’s on in Dushanbe

   SUMMER LESSONS and FUN!!! Learn: Modern,                         mail : Address :
    Jazz, Aerobics, Sensual and Interpretative Dance from            Dushanbe, 51 Aini Street, College / School of
    a foreign teacher... Enjoy the beat and build your self-         Choreography.
    confidence through                    self-expression in
    dancing. Learn the art of Public Speaking and build           Learn to PLAY PIANO easy and fun with an
    your self-confidence through different activities. Be          experienced (teacher of music and singing with
    smart! Be active! Be fluent! Learn and Enjoy!!!                teacher education) female tutor. Russian/Tajik
    Come and Join the class!!! Contact Person : Aireen -
                                                                   speaking tel 2365956. Mobile phone 919649484
    Performing Arts & Dance Teacher, TOEFL Instructor,
    English Language Teacher 981057632 (mobile ) E-

                                            Language Teachers / Instructors

 Pashto and Dari language lessons:                             Learn Tajik or Russian with an experienced teacher at
  One on one and group lessons are available for                 reasonable rates! Tajik and Russian language teacher
  those interested in speaking languages of                      Kibriyo Saidova has 12 years of experience teaching
  Afghanistan. Please contact Zalmay Khpalwak at                 Tajik and Russian for NGO and embassy employees,
                                                                 both adults and children. In addition to language
                                                                 instruction, Ms. Saidova provides insights into local
                                                                 culture, including cooking lessons or trips to the market,
 Russian Language Course I am a professional                    if desired. Ms. Saidova speaks English fluently.
  linguist/translator, experienced in teaching of foreigners     Individual or group classes. Contact: Kibriyo - 2281085-
  (Codest International S.r.l., Chemonics International          home,       935265878       -     mobile        or kibriyo-
  Inc., Busi Impianti Spa, Embassy of Turkey etc). I   
  provide private lessons of Russian. Recommendations
  are available upon request. This course is designed for
                                                                Teaching Russian in English. Russian for
  English speaking students of Russian, who have worked
  through an elementary course of Russian and wish to            beginners. I am a Russian class teacher with
  continue their study of the language with a teacher.           several years experience with foreign students, oral
  Should      you      be    interested,  please,    mailto:     and written language include grammar and,                     exercises for the beginners, individual or group
                                                                 lessons. The student start talk and write Russian
 Russian Language Classes Students will be                      language from the first lesson Contact me Dilbar
  approached individually. Duration – (1.30) an hour             93-503-74-08
  and a half In order to live and work in the real world,
  man models reality. Role-play is the simplest and a           Tajik language specialist Dr. Sadbarg Halimova is
  very effective means of modeling, and therefore it             available to provide lessons on a flexible schedule
  occupies an important place in education schemes               for intermediate through advanced learners.
  from pre-school playground to the training of                  Lessons can be customized to learners’ needs. Dr.
  cosmonauts. Role-play is the oldest and, it seems,             Halimova has several years’ experience teaching
  most universal form of teaching all living beings that         foreigners, including Americans, Koreans and
  possess intellect. Even adults who have the most               others. To arrange a meeting, call 95 161 7452
  serious professions ―act out‖ the most crucial                 (Russian or Tajik)
  situations in their life. We turn to Role-play, for
  example, when we are planning an important
                                                                Dr. Sanalbar Khudoidodova is available to provide
  forthcoming conversation or when we are analyzing
  some serious misfortune. Our course-work consists of           Tajik language instruction to foreigners. She has
  several types of exercises, which reproduce or imitate         been teaching the Tajik language at the National
  situations where there is contact between people. The          University of Tajikistan for many years, and has
  situations are specifically chosen and constructed so          worked with foreigners before. She also has
  that you are forced to use spoken Russian. Should you          experience implementing grants in Tajikistan. 951
  be interested, please, mailto:             503 487 (Tajik or Russian).
  or call at 93 527 67 00

                                                                                                 30/2010 - WOID          11
                                        What’s on in Dushanbe
 Teacher of Russian, Tajik, Uzbek available. 15                DARI/ FARSI TEACHER AVAILABLE
  years experience teaching foreigners in Dushanbe,              I am a native Dari speaker, with good experience
  clients included UNDP, embassies and many                      teaching both oral and written language; individual
  INGO’s. Lessons can include conversational practice,           or group lessons; reasonable rates negotiable;
  reading, grammar and exercises. Able to travel to
                                                                 Contact me (Basir) at 919 668316.
  offices and to houses for lessons – as wished. Why
  not arrange an informal meeting to discuss possible
  arrangements? Telephone Resolat, Mobile : 918 62
                                                                Russian/English Language Instructor The qualified,
  70 16. House :2-24 66 93 (Speaks some English to
                                                                 experienced, professional and flexible Instructor of
  talk on the telephone.)
                                                                 English and Russian Languages. I have a MA in
                                                                 Linguistics and International Cultural Relations and I am
 Teacher of Persian language and art (drawing painting          working for International Language School as the
  , design ). I'm an Iranian woman in Dushanbe. I am able        English/Russian Languages Instructor. I would like to
  to teach Persian language and my specialty is that I write     offer private classes of English/Russian languages for
  short story in Persian and I have some good knowledge          elementary and intermediate level students to
  in old Persian literature . I used to work in Khalil Allah     communicate foreign language in real life situations
  Khalili library in Dushanbe to help to publish old Persian     successfully. If you are interested in Russian/English
  books. I have given private Persian lessons for foreigner      literature, history or art I would like to offer reading and
  in Dushanbe, from France or US. I am also an Industrial        discussion classes on miscellaneous cultural subjects to
  designer and I'm able to teach drawing, painting lessen        make the language process more varied and exciting.
  and I have given art lessen in International school (QSI )     English classes for specific purposes (business, medical,
  In Dushanbe and in the Bactria Center .I love to teach art     technical etc.) are available, too. Flexible schedule of
  and also its my pleasure to teach Persian to the people        classes at your office or house. Please feel free to
  who are interested in this language. Able to travel to         contact Regina at 907 800 688 or mailto:
  houses for lessons.               919681530.        email:

 Translation services from Russian, Tajik, and                    the translation. Should you be interested, please do
  Arabic to English and vice versa. Good price and                 not hesitate to contact me. Please find below my
  good quality is guaranteed. Contact number: 93 447               contact details: Email:
  02 78                                                            Mob.: (+992 90) 780 66 46 / 90-7767241
                                                                   Home: (+992 37) 227 28 20
 Quick, qualitative, accurate translation of
  documents, all kind of reports from and to all three          Professional translation, interpretation from English
  languages; English, Russian and Tajik at reasonable            into Tajik and Russian or vice versa. Well
  prices. Do not hesitate, just give a call. Contact             experienced and able to professionally translate
  details:, +992907715366.                   documents in various of subjects and sectors.
                                                                 Please contact following people
 Freelance translation (English/Russian). Mobile N.             Contact information: mob -934358282, Sangin
  907721797, 985055015 Madina, email                             Contact     email:         phone:                                  918729055(m) after 17:00.

 I am a professional English-Russian translator. I             Translator/interpreter available, French-Russian-
  have over 15 years of experience in rendering                  English,         
  translation services to various international                  Traductions écrites, consécutives et simultanées
  organizations and UN agencies including the World              entre langues suivantes : Français, Russe et
  Bank, ADB, EBRD, UNDP and UNICEF. In my                        Anglais,     écrire    à
  work, I am using flexible rates depending on the               Cell phone +992.91.9697513
  complexity of the original document and urgency of

 Household Staff                                                 Zamira as cook/housekeeper/nanny. For us, she
  Looking for new positions for our cook, Zamira,                 cooks, does food shopping, keeps kitchen clean.
  and housekeeper, Kibrio.                                        Dinner parties and entertaining not a problem.
                                                                  Plans meals with little direction. Zamira
                                                                                                 30/2010 - WOID           12
                                  What’s on in Dushanbe
   previous worked as Nanny and is very patient          call on the following number: 236 00 95. My e-
   with kids. Russian, Tajik, Basic English              mail:
   Kibrio cleans house, irons, keeps toys in order,
   makes basic breakfast, helps get kids ready for
   school. Adaptable and hard working. Kids love       Nanny/ housekeeper – I can recommend you
   her stories. Speaks Russian, Tajik                   our nanny Zarina, she is currently nanny of my
   Contact Wendy for letters of recommendation or       3.5 years daughter since last summer and at the
   information. wendywerner@gmail; Mobile:              same time she did all our housekeeping. She has
   935734330                                            several years of experience working with
                                                        children of age between newborn and up to 6
 Reliable housekeeper/babysitter. Mavlyuda             years old. Since we are leaving at the end of
  worked for us for over 1.5 years primarily            June she will be available from following
  taking care of our house and sometimes                month. If you are interested please feel free to
  watching our children aged 5 and 6 during the         call   me for recommendation /further
  day and in the evenings. She is a kind, quiet,        information: Nata Imanova, mobile -
  reliable person and a hardworking thorough            985215733, my e-mail address is -
  cleaner. As the mother of two herself, she  , alternatively you can
  brings the maternal instincts and knowledge           contact Zarina directly at 907-828988.
  when watching over children. We would highly
  recommend her. Call Julie 98-106-6182 or Paul  An experienced 'nanny' and 'house cleaner'
  93-503-1454 for a recommendation or call        with intermediate English is looking for a job in
  Mava directly (limited English) at 918-618-     foreign families in Dushanbe. If interested
  8777.                                           please phone at: 93 502-32-02 (cell).

 I am interested in working in Ngo in central  Experienced Driver with Vehicle – Nissan
  Asia. I am 32 years old and I come from               Patrol for rent for month / day / hour. (Firdavs)
  Switzerland. I have a documentary / journalism        Tel: (992-90-1000575) / (992 - 918) 629724
  background and I have also managing and many
  other skills. With pleasure I would like to send  Skilled/Seamstress: Let me be your seamstress
  my cv.                         at a very reasonable price, I create patterns and
                                                        design custom made suits, designed State of the
 Looking for work as a housekeeper.                    Art Stylish Stitching for the Ladies on local
  Experience working as both a nanny and a              dresses and design curtains. If you are in need of
  housekeeper in foreign families, with over 4          my services, please call Kibriyo Saidova and
  years working in a Korean family posted to            can be reached on Tel: 2281085 or Mob:
  Dushanbe. Languages: Russian, Tajik, and              935265878.
  some English. Zulya: tel. 951-54-33-32.
                                                       Personal or Research Assistant. For those who
 Classical duet (violin – piano) offers services for   is very busy and needs some assistance with
  those who like instrumental music. We can play        household matters, conducting research or
  on your parties, gatherings, events. For more         writing reports. I have about 10 years working
  info please call Natalia – 9181733                    experience with international organizations.
                                                        NAATI accredited professional translator from
 My name is Farzonai Safarali. Year of birth:          English into Russian. References available. For
  1995. I speak Turkish, English, Tajik, Russian        further information please call Gulya: (91) 982
  and Uzbek. I would like to volunteer for an           73 63 or email:
  international organization during my summer
  break. Please, if you are interested, give me a

                                                                                   30/2010 - WOID      13
                                 What’s on in Dushanbe
 Please note that “What’s on” team can change style of your text and remove big pictures if it will
                                            be necessary
         Do not forget to ask us to remove your advertisement if succeed in selling the item

iPad, a magical and revolutionary product, 16Gb, Wi-Fi, 10 hour battery life. Brand new,
unpacked, arrived directly from USA by DHL. Cost is only $800 (cost in US including tax $600,
delivery by DHL $200 and customs clearance fee $100). Have to sell because am not allowed to use at
work. Please contact For more information about the product visit

Elemax 7600 Generator, electric start, 5.6 kva output, Honda OHV motor, voltage regulator, $1,200 -
reduced price!
Call Paul 903-53-1454

If you are new in this country and need to learn Tajik, then I have these two books which will help you
to learn Tajik. These books are 10 months used.
1. A Beginner's Guide to Tajiki for US$20( Had bought for $60 from Amazon Books)
2. Tajik-English Dictionary for US$10 (Bought for 100Comoni from the book store)
 OR both books for US$25
If you are interested in buying these books then call 93 447 7327
Excellent Tajik style souvenirs for sale: group of young and motivated man from
Khujand would like to offer you a flash with Tajik national flag. You can use it for
yourself or as gift. Producing Comapy – Maxator. For only 90 Somoni you can get:
        4GB flash, size 4x1.8 cm, with National Tajik flag and 7 stars, cover with national
embroidery, gift box. Plus – Photos of Tajikistan, Tajik Shashmakom music. Please
contact 907605550

HP Mini 110 netbook computers - 6 available!
HP Mini 110-1030NR, 10.1" screen, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270
These computers were purchased new in January in the U.S. and have been used for a two-month survey
this summer so their condition is like-new. Each comes with both a 6-cell and a 3-cell battery! $300or
best offer

For sale: 2 Nikon professional lenses for film or digital cameras. Both are in excellent condition and
come with caps and filters. They were used by a professional photographer.
Nikon 24-70 2.8 like new condition. Selling for $1,400 or best offer
Nikon 80-200 push/pull 2.8 lens excellent condition. Selling for $600 or best offer
Feel free to e-mail me with questions:
New laptop bag is for sale. Size is for 15 inch notebooks. Brought from Afghanistan, made of genuine
leather. The quality is excellent. Color is yellow. Price is $ 140. If you are interested you can write in
English or Russian to, Artyom.

Toshiba Satellite A355-S6931 16.0-Inch Laptop, 1 year lightly used
    2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 processor (Centrino 2)
                                                                                              30/2010 - WOID
                                What’s on in Dushanbe
     4 GB RAM
     320 GB hard drive
     Labelflash dual-layer DVD drive
     Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 (64-bit version), easily upgradable to Windows 7 (I
      currently dual-boot with Ubuntu and can leave that on or remove as you wish)
    16-inch screen for true 16:9 aspect ratio and native 720p high-def resolution
    Intel GMA X4500MHD graphics (up to 1750 MB total available memory)
    Good battery life (approximately 2 – 2.5 hours)
    Great sounding Harman/Kardon speakers
    Available approximately August 1st
    $500 or best offer
   Contact with questions or to view

3 and 4-rooms apartments in the new building in the center of Dushanbe (near of the Spartak stadium).
Tel. 918 178 762.

2006 Hyundai Tucson, Silver
$11,900 – Reduced!
2.0 liter, 4 cylinder, 16 valve, Automatic, ABS, CD player, 70,000 km, well maintained
New tires purchased in November 2008
Customs cleared – no additional import fees/paperwork.
Call Paul 903-53-1454

2004 Jeep Liberty Limited for Sale
4WD Automatic, 85,000 miles
$9,800 (Kelley Blue Book Value) OBO
Available in late August 2010
Contact Anthony 98-580-5062

SUV For Sale
2001 Infiniti QX4 ---- 4WD, automatic, Leather seats, sunroof
Customs cleared. Mileage: 149,000 Miles
Good condition, New tires, serviced regularly.
Handled the rocks, rivers, mountains, and roads of Tajikistan in style!!
$12,800 obo
Contact Iftekar at ; mobile: 935436642 or
Wendy at; mobile: 935734330

1999 Toyota, 4 door, 4X4 Hi-lux Truck.
White with Blue interior. 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine.
Runs good. Very capable off road vehicle.
New front axle, new radiator, new suspension parts.
First $7,900 takes it.
Call Mark Cell 98 - 580 - 5021
Toyota 4-Runner 2001, gold, low mileage, petrol, automatic, roof rack.
                                                                                          30/2010 - WOID
                                What’s on in Dushanbe
Excellent condition, good tyres, new battery. Includes two spare tyres and
big tool box. Not custom cleared. Ideal for family.
Car immediately available.
Price: 12000 USD or best offer.
Contact:, Mobile: +992 90 7770201

Blue Toyota Surf, (4WD automatic) for just $5,000
Mileage- 230,000; Good condition; turbo-diesel.
Contact No: 907356750

330058 KM          PRICE 3000$         TEL : 907 84 27 85 E-MAIL:
ask Dilshod (Tajik, Russian, English).

Black 2008 Nissan Xterra S (4WD automatic)
Low mileage (19,000 miles); Beautiful condition and available in July 2010 ; INCLUDES! Several
unused air filters and oil filters. $12,000 OBO based on KBB (including extra parts). Contact: Will 98-

Make: BMW                  Engine: Six                Fully loaded,               Black Leather
Model: 530                 Cylinders                  Automatic                   interior
Year: 2001                 Transmission:              Ari Conditioner             Used: 104,000 KM
Four Door                  Tiptronic                  Car Phone
Black Color                Fuel Type: Diesel          CD player
Owned by a banker. No Accident. Almost no Scratch condition. Recent engine overhauling.
Price: 12,500 USD negotiable Contact number: 935888109

249958KM              TEL : 90 770 80 08 Interesting people can come to WFP office Dushanbe

                                                                                              30/2010 - WOID
                                     What’s on in Dushanbe
         THERE ARE CHANGES IN PLACING RENT ADVERTS, please contact us by email!


 An apartment for rent near the Opera and Ballet for long duration in the opposite of LG-Volna shop . it is in the
  second floor. There are 2 bedrooms and 2 living rooms. Fully furnitured and always have electricity and power.
  There are LG conditioners (summer and winter), a modern Fridge, a Tv is connected to satellite and a washing
  machine. The apartment is very clean and all the furniture are new. There is water filter is connected to the
  water so there is always clean water. For more information get in touch on these numbers: 918657808- Tahmina
  918615411- Yusuf We both speak English. (*2)
 Available on August 1, 2010: The 2-room apartment for rent by OWNER. Nice, clean, completely furnished
  and equipped, spacious 2-room apartment right in the center of Dushanbe city (walking distance to I.Somoni
  monument square, "Safina" TV company/Rudaki ave., Opera and Ballet Theater, Vefa Business Center and the
  Asia Grand Hotel). Satellite-TV, water heater, washing machine, microwave, AC/heater and great views on
  Dushanbe city are here for you! Call: 919-13-53-13 (English-speaking). (*1)
 Somoni Apartments Available Now Extremely well presented, spacious, well maintained and equipped,
  centrally located apartment available for short stays, longer by negotiation. Located near the "SOMONI" statue
  it comes complete with two phone lines, satellite TV, DVD etc. and the usual kitchen appliances including
  microwave, toaster.... Two specious bed rooms, a large lounge and separate bath and toilet. Good provision of
  utilities with sufficient water pressure. Laundry/cleaning service provided as required. Reasonable tariff,
  dependent upon occupancy and duration of stay. Full receipts/bills provided. Enjoy your stay in Dushanbe!
  Local contacts in Dushanbe: E-mail: (English/Russian/Tajik) Mobile: (93) 5007916
  (Russian/ Tajik);         Telephone: 237 40 39 (evenings)
 The apartment is 4 rooms (two bedrooms). It is on second floor. It has been repaired and has a good European
  style and high-ceilinged. There are two phone lines, four split Air conditioners, satellite dish 29‖ TV, new
  washing machine, new refrigerator, oven, very nice furniture and etc. The water is from the ―President’s line‖
  and is always clean. The area is very secure because the building is located on Rudaki Street and in front of
  Somoni district Department of Interior Affairs. There are always foreigners renting apartments in this building
  and houses in the neighborhood. It is very convenient to live in this area. Most of Embassies and International
  Organizations are located in this area of the city. Also, ―Magic cheese‖ pizzeria with internet café, ―M&P‖
  Holland supermarket, Turkish restaurant ―Merve‖, Chinese ―Golden goose‖ and Indian ―Dehli
  darbar‖restaurants are located in 5 minutes walking distance. Wee guarantee – you will not be
  disappointed!!! Our address is 117/1 Rudaki Street, Apt. 15 Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Phones: Mobile: 93 504
  0190 any time, E-mail address:, Ask for Tahmina.
 For long period of time ,total square 90 m2 , after major repairs , in 4-th flour brick House : 3 living
  room , kitchen , restroom ( toilet) and bathroom separately , 2 - balcony. Location – district Ismoily
  Somony , 4-th bas- stop started from bas- stop ― Restoran ( choihona) Rohat ― sideways to Medical
  University , the house is on Ismoily Somony Avenue . In 3 living room : 1-st room - slipping furniture ,
  bed for 2 person 2-nd room –sofa, 2 armchair , tv- flat screen - diagonal – 100 sm , receiver , plate -
  Europe, conditioner - winter-summer , wardrobe ; 3-rd room – big table , 6 chair , conditioner ;Bathroom -
  water heater , laundry washer- automat ; Kitchen – kitchen furniture, electro oven, gas oven , Electricity full
  time , water full time plus personal water pump , city telephone Price 650 usd/ monthly In case of your
  interest , please write e –mail to address or by mob + 992 93 5051419 (*1)

     If you came to stay in Dushanbe for a long time and need to find good warm nicely furnished apartment for
    yourself or your family the best thing will be calling us. Or if you want to find or change your office premise
    for a better one and for a cheaper price please also call us. Dilya 918 614168 or Saodat 918614167.
    Russian/English/Tajik, email

                                                                                                    30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe

     Please note that What’s On reserves the right to refuse any job vacancy announcement
                          the publishers feel is age/sex discriminatory

                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

Programme funding officer, Tajikistan and Afghanistan
Fixed term contract for two-years, with possible extension
Salary: USD 16, 548 – 18, 849 gross pa, including 25% social fund contribution
Based: Dushanbe, Tajikistan or Herat, Afghanistan, depending on the permanent residence of the
successful applicant
Closing date: 5pm (Tajikistan time) Friday 20 August 2010
This role is responsible for leading programme funding work in Act Central Asia, Christian
Aid’s representative offices in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The post holder will be a member
of Central Asia Team which is part of the Asia and Middle East Division within our
International Department. The role’s main focus is to support the programme team in our
Tajikistan and Afghanistan offices in securing and managing programme funding from
institutional donors and large foundations, and to develop our NGO partners’ and country
offices’ programme funding capacity, including proposal applications, contract management
and compliance; co-ordination, learning and review; monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
Essential qualification, experience and skills for this position are a university degree or equivalent
qualification in addition to well developed written skills in English and Russian or Dari/Tajik,
including experience of preparing proposals and reports; excellent verbal communication and
presentation skills in English and excellent numeracy skills for budgeting and financial analysis.
You must be able and prepared to travel for a total of up to 75 days per year, including to areas of
instability or conflict, specifically Afghanistan. You must have confidence to deal with senior
people within the organization and other agencies; excellent IT skills, especially word processing
and spreadsheets; good analytical ability and relevant work experience, including proposal and
report writing; experience of narrative and financial reporting to institutional donors, planning,
monitoring and evaluation of development and emergency programmes. You must be able to
prioritise tasks and work to competing deadlines and be a good supportive team member; self-
motivated, with proven ability to take the initiative.
It is desirable that you have a degree in development studies or a related subject; experience of
working in the Central Asia Region; verbal communication skills in Russian or Dari/Tajik; good
knowledge of official donors such as DFID, EC, ECHO; project planning, monitoring and
evaluation techniques, especially Logical Frameworks. It would also be helpful for you to have had
proven success of securing funds from institutional donors and experience of partner-based work;
working in a high security risk environment and training and facilitation skills.
Please show your suitability for this post by giving answers to the following questions: Using
the guidance notes may help you formulate your answers.
Innovation and creativity
Please describe the most complex problem that you were faced and how you came up with a new
approach to getting work done or addressing an issue.
Effectiveness and accountability
Please provide an example of a time when planning and organizing your work tasks was especially
critical, for example to meet tough deadlines or to deal with several priorities.
Team work

                                                                                           30/2010 - WOID
        What’s on in Dushanbe
Please tell us about time when you realized that you needed to involve other members of your team
in order to achieve a shared objectives.
Communication and interaction
Please describe a time when you have built strong collaborative relationships with people outside
your immediate colleagues.
We value the contribution each person makes to the success of our organization, so you can expect
a range of rewards and benefits, and the flexibility that helps you enjoy a good work/life balance.
To apply for this post, please send a request to for Act Central
Asia Application Form for Employment and detailed Role Profile.
Please email your completed form quoting the reference
number below. Please note that CVs will not be accepted.
Job reference: CAR/03
Closing date: 5. 00 pm Tajikistan time, 20 August 2010
Interview date: week commencing 30 August 2010. Only short listed candidates will be
contacted for an interview.
Christian Aid values diversity and aspires to reflect this in our workforce. We welcome
applications from people from all sections of the community, irrespective of race, colour, gender,
age, disability, religion or belief.

                                  JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                        Project on Prevention of Domestic Violence (funded by SDC)

Title: Programme Coordinator for Behavior Change Campaign (BCC)
Duties and responsibilities:
 General coordination of activity aimed on behavior/attitude change regarding Domestic Violence in project
    areas in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan
 Supervision of development and implementation of the Strategy of Behavior Change Campaign
 Close cooperation with the partner organizations in conduction of activities of BCC
 Preparation, observing the development and dissemination of materials on ВСС in project areas
    (informational newsletters, posters, booklets, radio programs, articles in print media, advertising video and
 Evaluation of Behavior Change Campaign (M&E)
 Preparation and conduction of verbal and written presentations on results of Behavior Change, impacts and
    lessons learned;
 Development of a new project activity accordingly to the Strategy of BCC
 Regular submission of reports and regular submission of budgets (quarterly)
 Fulfill other duties
 University degree in Education, Culture, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and other related fields
 Professional work experience, preferably with International organizations at programme management level
 Skills on development and redaction of project materials
 Good knowledge of computer applications and Web design
 Good communication and negotiation skills, diplomacy and ability to work in a team
 Fluency in Tajik, Russian and English (spoken and written)
Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.
Application Process
Please e-mail your CV and cover letter to

The deadline is August 13, 2010
                                                                                                   30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
                                JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                                 FIELD OFFICE ACCOUNTANT
The USAID-funded project Land Reform project, implemented by Chemonics International, is looking
for a qualified Field Office Accountant to be located in Dushanbe. The Field Office Accountant will
be responsible for a wide range of administrative, financial, contractual and reporting responsibilities.

Specific task and responsibilities:
The accountant will be responsible for overall day-to day management of project finances.
Accordingly, the accountant will maintain an efficient and effective financial structure to support the
project. The accountant will be required to master all routine processing aspects and features of the
specialized accounting software used by the project office. Other tasks and responsibilities include but
are not limited to: accounting code assignment; weekly reconciliations; monthly reconciliation and
reporting; tracking and clearing advances; management of all project bank payments, etc.
     Diploma in accounting, tax, economics or a related field
     Minimum four years previous experience in similar position, preferably at least two years with
        a foreign organization and one year with a USAID-funded project
     Experience in using accounting software, word processing and spreadsheet programs
     Ability to write and verbally communicate clearly and concisely in English, Russian, and Tajik
     Attention to numeric detail
     Good team work skills
     Demonstrated initiative and self-motivation in handling all assigned tasks
     Accounting test will be required

Send cover letter noting relevant experience, CV, and a list of three professional references to no later than 17:00 on August 6, 2010. No telephone inquiries, please.
Kindly note that only finalists will be contacted.

                                JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

Title: Khujand Branch Administrative Assistant
Organization: Habitat for Humanity – Tajikistan
Duty station: Khujand
Closing date: August 12, 2010
Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan is a non-governmental charitable organization dedicated to
eliminating poverty housing. Established in 1999, Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan has served more
than 3000 low-income families, they helped build and own through low-cost mortgages.
Position title: Khujand Branch Administrative Assistant
Duties and responsibilities:
                                                                                            30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
How to apply: Interested applicants can email their resume and cover letter to with text
―Admin Assistant‖ in the subject line no later than August 12, 2010. Only short listed candidates will
be contacted for the interview.
For more information about the organization please visit: and

                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

As one of the fast growing global suppliers of telecommunications network solutions, ―Huawei Tech.
Co., Limited‖ has been approaching a critical development stage. Today, with its headquarters in
Shenzhen, China, more than 85,000 Huawei Employees provide communication solutions to
customers in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Tajikistan LLC (Under establishment)
of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is currently looking for initiative and open-minded professionals to
join us as:
1. Chief Account under the following requirements:
     College or higher Degree holder in Finance
     Master local accounting , finance and other law regulations very well
     Experienced in Local taxation planning, declaration and payment
     Verbal and written fluency in English, Tajik and Russian
     Excellent management working experience of Finance Dept
     Chief Accountant Certification
     Registered Accountant Certification is better
     Consulting or/and training experience is better
     Good computer software knowledge

    Interested persons are required to email their CV in English to Madina Karimova or bring it to: LLC ―Huawei Technologies Tajikistan‖ Mirzo
   Tursunzoda str.21 A, Dushanbe Tajikistan (―Asia Grand‖ Hotel). For any question contract phone:
   227 23 10.
                                 Dead line is August 10, 2010

                                                                                         30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
                              JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

The U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe is hiring a Chauffeur. Under the direction of the American GSO, and
general supervision of the Embassy motorpool dispatcher, operates Embassy official vehicles for the
purpose of transporting mission personnel and official visitors.

NOTE: All applicants MUST complete NARRATIVE SUPPLEMENTAL FORM in order to
provide detailed supporting evidence that he/she meets all of the following qualification
requirements. Applicants who do not submit a completed supplemental narrative form will not
be considered for this position. To view the complete job vacancy announcement and download
the Narrative Supplemental form, please visit U.S. Embassy internet site at:

    1. Completion of elementary school is required.
    2. Six months of chauffeur experience is required.
    3. Level I (rudimentary knowledge) of English and Level II (limited working knowledge) of Tajik
        is required.
    4. Must have local driver’s license appropriate to type of vehicle operated.
    5. Must be familiar with local traffic laws and area traffic patterns.
Interested applicants should submit a current resume (curriculum vitae) plus any other
documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) along with the completed
Narrative Supplemental form that addresses the qualification requirements listed above at:
                                         U.S. Embassy Dushanbe
                                     Attn: Human Resources Office
                                            109A Somoni Ave.
The deadline for application is August 17, 2010.
 Applications and documents presented become the property of the Embassy and will not be returned.
Successful candidates, who meet the criteria for this position, will be called and invited for an

                              JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

The U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe is hiring a Custodian. Performs various janitorial duties. Responsible
for cleaning Embassy building, annexes, and buildings within the Embassy area. Cleans, disinfects
and deodorizes toilets, commodes, and other restroom fixtures. Dusts, waxes and polishes office
furniture. Cleans floors and carpets of offices, corridors and other Embassy areas by mopping,
vacuum cleaning and sweeping.

NOTE: All applicants MUST complete NARRATIVE SUPPLEMENTAL FORM in order to
provide detailed supporting evidence that he/she meets all of the following qualification
requirements. Applicants who do not submit a completed supplemental narrative form will not
be considered for this position. To view the complete job vacancy announcement and download
the Narrative Supplemental form, please visit U.S. Embassy internet site at:
    1. Completion of elementary school is required.
    2. Some prior janitor experience is required.

                                                                                        30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
   3. Level I (rudimentary knowledge) of English and Level III (good working knowledge) of Tajik
       and/or Russian is required.
   4. Ability to use issued cleaning equipment. Ability to work in a team.
   5. Knowledge of how to handle cleaning equipment.

Interested applicants should submit a current resume (curriculum vitae) plus any other
documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) along with the completed
Narrative Supplemental form that addresses the qualification requirements listed above at:

                                      U.S. Embassy Dushanbe
                                  Attn: Human Resources Office
                                         109A Somoni Ave.
The deadline for application is August 18, 2010.
 Applications and documents presented become the property of the Embassy and will not be returned.
Successful candidates, who meet the criteria for this position, will be called and invited for an

                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

The First MicroFinanceBank (FMFB) is a Tajik financial institution established by the Aga Khan
Development Network (AKDN), International Finance Corporation (The World Bank group),
and KfW (German Credit for Reconstruction). The Bank was set up to alleviate poverty by
providing financial services to individuals and the small enterprises, especially in the remote areas of
the country.
FMFB is seeking to hire for the position of:
                                   Manager of Bank Cards Division

Location:             Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Reports to:           Head of Customer Service & Business Development Manager

I. Job Summary
The Manager of Bank Cards Division is responsible for management of the bankcards project and
ATM service, which involves the implementation of a series of automated teller machines, other
relevant devices and the introduction and promotion of bankcard services at FMFB and its branches.
The manager will be required to operationalize the bankcards division at FMFB by developing
partnerships with relevant institutions such as processing companies and sponsor banks. The manager
will also be required to conduct appropriate training of FMFB staff on ATM and bank card operations
and will be required to work with the Marketing Officer in developing marketing strategies for the
bank cards business. The job will require the candidate to have strong project management skills,
marketing skills and training skills.
II. Job requirements

1. Education: University degree in a relevant discipline related to Economics, Finance or Banking
2. Experience:
    Required: At least 1-2 years experience in finance with a bank or financial institution;
      experience in bank cards management and ATMs operations; experience in project
                                                                                          30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
3. Language: Strong preference for candidates fluent in English, Russian and Tajik
4. Good knowledge of up-to-date technology, communications and computer usage
5. Familiarity with legislation of Republic of Tajikistan, especially finance and banking activities and
Please apply in confidence by sending your CV to the following email address:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

Salary and package to attract the best candidate.

Deadline for applications: August 30, 2010
         The First MicroFinanceBank, Tajikistan is an equal opportunity employer and
                does not discriminate based on religion, gender, race or ethnicity.

                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                      Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
                                         Office in Tajikistan
Communication Assistant
Type of vacancy: fixed-term
Functional level: G5
Duty station: OSCE Office in Tajikistan
Deadline for applications: 20 August 2010
Number of posts: 1
• Completed secondary education supplemented by technical training in communications networks,
   switchboards, communications systems to include VHF, Satellite systems;
 Minimum 4 years working experience with telecommunication equipment with a special
   knowledge in switchboard communications, ISDN lines, and programming. and also experience
   with satellite communication systems;
 Technical knowledge in IT areas, to include MS Windows 95, MS Windows 3.XX Basics, MS
   Office 95 & and MS Office 97;
 Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and in local languages;
 Valid driving license;
Tasks and Responsibilities
 Planning, implementation, operation and control of all Center’s and Field Offices communications
   networks and devices in accordance with its mandate and in co-ordination with local authorities as
 Installation and maintenance of the communication equipment in all the offices of OSCE OiT;
 Installation and maintenance required for ongoing functioning of the Satellite, VHF/HF and other
   communications equipment in the offices and vehicles; Update of telephone directory, ensuring
   ongoing functioning of OSCE repeaters;
 Responsible for the operation of the internal telephone network and switchboard. Installation and
   support of the detailed billing system for the traffic generated by internal extensions; assistance to
   the Admin/Finance Officer with preparation of traffic lists;
 Creation and implementation of preventive maintenance plans, optimizing integration of OSCE
   network with other International Organizations networks;

                                                                                           30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
   Assist the Admin/Finance Officer with management of the Budget related to communications
    services and equipment;
   Handle and route all communications section related correspondence. Produces updated
    extensions’ lists in RC and FO’s, tracks and prints out lists of all direct phone lines used by FO’s
    and all Mobile phone numbers employed in the Mission;
   Assist with the accounts settlement procedures for the communications services. prepares various
    reports on telephone costs and usage and billing for non OSCE-related (I.e. personal)
   Participate in technical surveys and perform periodic quality tests of Center’s Communications
    Systems (Satellite, HF, VHF, switchboards, leased lines, etc.) and maintain adequate power supply
    systems of communications equipment;
   Responsible for the installation and functioning of the Internet Access links, handle any other
    issues related to the communications in the Office, responsible for ensuring good quality of
    services from the local telecommunications service providers;
   Carry other duties if tasked by the supervisor.

Monthly remuneration, subject to social security deductions, is 465 EUR. Social benefits will include
participation in Vanbreda medical insurance scheme and OSCE Provident Fund.

Notes on How to Apply:
Please       use       the      OSCE’s       online       application      link      found  under Offline applications along with cover letter and
recommendations can be submitted by e-mail to or directly to the OSCE
at the following address: 18/A Ahmadi- Donish str.
Please note that this vacancy is open for competition only amongst nationals of Tajikistan.

                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                      Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
                                       Office in Tajikistan

Administrative Assistant
Type of vacancy: fixed-term
Functional Level: G5
Duty station: OSCE Field Office in Khujand
Deadline for applications: 11 August, 2010
Number of posts: 1
The OSCE Office in Tajikistan is looking for highly qualified, motivated and experienced Tajik
professionals for the position of Administrative Assistant in Khujand Field Office. The OSCE is
committed to achieving a better balance of women and men within the Organization.
Level of Professional Competence Requirements:
     University degree in specific studies in accountancy, administration, office organization or
       related fields;
     Fluency in Tajik, Russian and English both orally and in writing;
     Excellent computer skills;

                                                                                          30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
      Strong interpersonal skills coupled with sound judgment and a high level of integrity;
      Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
      Excellent communication and drafting skills as well as skills in preparing analytical reports;
      Minimum, 3 years of professional experience in administrative and accounting work, part of
       which should preferable have been in an international environment;
      Ability to work under pressure. Availability and mobility upon request.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
Under guidance and close supervision of the Field Officer the incumbent shall perform the following
     Prepare Field Office’s financial reports concerning the Office (Rent, stationary, supply etc.)
        but normally not on project activities on regular basis. Assist in procurement of office supplies;
     Screen phone calls and visitors and provide assistance and hospitality as required;
     Identify assigns or takes appropriate action on incoming requests and correspondence. Oversee
        the process to ensure timely and appropriate responses. Prepare routine FO correspondence and
        other immediate office administrative issues;
     Keep the attendance and leave records of Office Staff;
     Assist in arranging FO AoR events-seminars, round tables, visit of official OSCE and other
        delegations, as well as other events with OSCE participation in respective AoR;
     When requested, assist the FO in periodical security co-ordination meetings;
     Act as a translator-interpreter to Field Officer and other official guests from English, Russian
        and to Tajik language when required;
     Establish and maintain information and contact database which includes contacts with local
        authorities, political establishments, research institutions, NGOs;
     Other duties as required.
How to apply
All applications with Cover letters should be submitted by e-mail to,
inserting ―Administrative Assistant for OSCE Office in Khujand‖ in the subject line, or directly to the
OSCE Field Office in Khujand at the following address: 81 Sodirkhon Hofiz street, Khujand,
Tajikistan. Contact phone: (+992 3422) 4-22-86 and 6-30-78. Contact person: Yakubova, Ms.

                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                                EXTENDED TERM TEMPORARY
                            The World Bank Tajikistan Country Office
The World Bank Tajikistan Country Office is announcing a full time vacancy for a position of
Extended Term Temporary based in Dushanbe. Duration – 1 year.
Qualification requirements:
    High school diploma and at least 2 years of relevant practical experience.
    Strong English and Russian language skills (verbal and written). Tajik language skills would
       be an advantage.
    Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to respond and deal effectively with
       diverse situations which require good judgment, tact, and diplomacy.
    Proficiency in computer software packages (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Lotus
    Ability to adapt to changing business needs by continuous learning/training.
                                                                                            30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
      Excellent organizational and time management skills, with a proven ability to work promptly
       and efficiently under pressure and in multicultural environment.
     Demonstrated initiative and resourcefulness.
     Ability to pass relevant Bank Group tests in place at time of recruitment (e.g. English
       language, computer applications, etc.).
     Previous experience with a multilateral/bilateral organization is an advantage.
Qualified candidates may apply on-line at http:/ and choose vacancy
#101613. Please note that you will need to register before submitting your application. The closing
date is August 15, 2010. Questions may be directed to Ms Dilafruz Sanginova at Ref:101613. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

                             JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                           FOCUS HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE
                        An Affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network
                                    TERMS OF REFERENCE

    I.      Background on Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS)
FOCUS is an international group of agencies established in Europe, North America and South and
Central Asia with a specialization in disaster preparedness, mitigation and prevention (PMP), as well
as disaster response. FOCUS is an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).
FOCUS has been active in Tajikistan since 1997 and has played a lead role in designing and
implementing a variety of disaster preparedness, mitigation and prevention (PMP) initiatives – ranging
from Hazard and Vulnerability Assessments (HVAs) and disaster preparedness training with local
communities to risk mitigation against natural hazards and strengthening government capacity (and
specifically, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense’s capacities) to respond to
The Executive Assistant to EO is a fixed term position based in FOCUS office in Dushanbe. The
Assistant reports to the Executive Officer and Acting Executive Officer.
The Executive Assistant’s duties and responsibilities will comprise, but not limited to the following:
         Manage the appointment calendar and communications of the Executive Officer (and in
            his/her absence, that of the Acting executive Officer) through the fixing of appointments,
            meetings (internal and external), and those involving high-ranking government and
            diplomatic officials;
         Typing of letters, memos and other documents for the EO/AEO;
         Translation of documents;
         Oral interpretations when required in internal and external meetings;
         Maintain central files and ensure confidentiality of sensitive documents;
         Manages incoming telephone calls and takes detailed messages including full name of the
            caller, and the telephone number for returning the call. Provide callers with detailed

                                                                                        30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
           information regarding the location of staff when on travel or away from the office. Ensure
           that the staff receives the messages promptly;
         Send and receives fax messages and ensure that the incoming faxes are delivered to the
           appropriate person;
         File general documents-incoming and out going faxes, official letters, newsletters and etc;
         Maintain and update expatriate and local staff roster with home addresses and telephone
         Assist staff with answering/translating routine letters as necessary; type correspondence
           and other documents at the request of the staff;
         Receive daily mail and packages of delivery, logs in international mail and ensures that
           mail is distributed to the correct persons;
         Greet visitors and inform staff of their arrival, providing coffee/tea for all guests and coffee
           breaks for meetings;
         Prepares photocopies of the documents needed and requested by office staff, including
           binding and collecting of materials;
         Order office supplies as needed for the EO’s office
         Staff assistance at Procurement Committee meetings
         Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by EO and AEO from time to time.
         Higher education
         Fluent in English, Russian and Tajik (written and spoken).
         Well-honed computer skills, namely: in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and
           Outlook Express.
         Experience structuring and conducting internet searches.
       Polite behavior
       Attention to detail
       Ability to meet deadlines and work under stress
       Ability to work independently and with little supervision
       Flexibility
       Well organized person
       Good team leader
       Willingness to put in long hours including when necessary weekends
       Ability to take initiative. A proactive individual
NOTE: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.
Application Process
Please e-mail your CV and cover letter to .Alternatively you may
mail a cover letter and resume to Focus Humanitarian Assistance office in Dushanbe at the following
address: Rudaki Avenue 137, Tojikmatlubot building 4th floor
                           THE DEADLINE TO APPLY is August 31, 2010

                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

To attention of students wishing to take part in projects of the Tourism Development Center on
progressing СВТ in Varzob, Romit, Gissar areas. Please, send your application to our e-mail: ., phone: +992 37 221 48 73 .

                                                                                            30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
Dear Subscribers WOID team kindly is asking you in case you have bad experience with any of the
services offered below to send us a note. We would like to have your feedback as we do not check
those services ourselves and only are following recommendations and requests to put the advert.

                                   Interpretation and Translation
 Interpretation and Translation Specialized Co. (ITS Co.) provides professional translation and
  interpretation services from Tajik and Russian into English and vice-versa. Our qualified staff has
  more than 14 years of experiences in translation and interpretation field. We are able to provide
  interpreter-driver with own car for the field trips. Foreign and domestic companies are welcome to
  use our good offices for arranging their meetings and other logistics. Please contact us by e-mail:
  or telephone: (+992) 93 555 55 85
 TPI The Team of Professional Interpreters and Editors (TPI) with over 10 years experience in
  translating and interpretation from English into Russian/Tajik/Persian/Dari or vice versa. The TPI
  is available for interpreting and translation services in seminars/workshops, conferences, meetings,
  field travels, TV and radio reportages, private needs. We serve simultaneous and consecutive
  interpretation, as well as translations. For more detail information, please contact: 93 500-98-42;
 Translation Group (from Russian, Tajik into English and vice versa) - Accurate, Efficient,
  Speedy, Sensitive to the particular needs of the client(s) and at very competitive cost. You can
  contact us by mob: +992 93 526 39 58. +992 91 913 19 03

Molding Workshop «VISION»
Address: 25, F. Niyozee str., Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan (at the building of ―ISTIKBAL‖
Furniture Salon, next to ―TSUM‖), Tel: 992 37 2231827; 992 37 2275473
-High performance of plastic and wooden molding;
-Reproductions of pictures of famous European producers;
-Framings for photos, mirrors, placards, papyrus, etc.

LLC «City Taxi» Republic of Tajikistan, 3/1 M.Tursunzade str., Dushanbe, phone: (992 37) 227-55-
44, fax: (992 37) 227-28-07, Website:, E-mail:

           International Newspapers Available at Hyatt Regency Dushanbe
We are proud to announce that we now offer our guests and organizations resident in Dushanbe,
Tajikistan, a range of international newspapers from various countries and in various languages. We
have attached the list of the international leading newspapers from your countries that are available
with us. The price of the above service is TJS35 per copy. Please contact us on the following numbers
to place orders for a regular pick-up or for further information:
Reception Desk Hyatt Regency Dushanbe Tel: +992 43 377 1234 Fax: +992 43 377 1235

A qualified and experienced lady will help you with the organization of unforgettable parties that
would give you long time memory of nicely spent time. Whatever you want to conduct birthday party,
banquets, fourchets, etc. call Oksana by the following numbers: 907 900 400, 93 601 77 97.

                                                                                        30/2010 - WOID
        What’s on in Dushanbe
LLC "Усто-Design" is glad to offer you original souvenirs according to wishes and concepts of corporate style
of the most exacting and hard-to-please Customer. We work with the catalogues of known manufacturers and
suppliers of souvenir products, which present souvenir products of low, average, and highest price categories of
Russian, European and Asian manufacturers.
     Choose from the following list:
      Drawing on advertising souvenirs and business souvenirs
      Drawing on textiles, both on finished articles, and on the cut
      Embroidery, both on finished articles, and on the cut
      All kinds of printing works
      Building of websites
      Making of video and audio commercials
      Presentation videos
      Filming of conferences and presentations
      Carrying out of castings and photo-sessions
      Development of corporate style
Possession of own industrial base allows us to prepare your orders in shortest terms.
Please contact reception on + 992 37 2368425
E-mail:                 Web:
We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Our services:
1. Air ticket booking and sales all over directions (round the world/airways).
2. Providing services and escort in airport VIP hall.
3. Providing transfers, car rent.
4. Booking rooms in hotels all over the world and in Tajikistan.
5. Assistance on receiving visa and visa support.
6. Organizing of business tours, jeep-tours, and rest in resorts, hiking, trekking e.t.c.
7. Medical insurance to go abroad.
8. Providing goods shipping
 LLC "ANTARES" +(992) 90-100-75-05

Our specialty:
E-tickets are our specialty. We feature electronic ticketing for the international community in Tajikistan
An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing passengers, particularly in
the commercial airline industry. Virtually all major airlines use this method of ticketing.
The principal advantage of e-ticketing is that it reduces booking expense by eliminating the need for printing
and mailing paper documents. Another advantage is that it eliminates the possibility of critical documents
getting lost in the mail or being sent to the wrong address.
A passenger traveling on an electronic ticket is given a copy of the itinerary. This document is not a ticket, but
it indicates that you do have an electronic ticket.
For many people, the fact that you cannot lose the ticket is the saving grace of an electronic ticket. Many people
who have accidentally left their paper ticket at home or the office have been able to retrieve the information at
the airport.
Electronic tickets eliminate this possible stress, particularly for frequent travelers; not having to worry about a
forgotten ticket is a big advantage.
Eurotours GmbH has experience in cooperation with DHL, DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, Globus
Education, International Education Center and more then 260 international organizations, ministries, NGOs,
private companies etc.
                                                                                                    30/2010 - WOID
                What’s on in Dushanbe
Our contacts:
Our local office is: ―Euro-tours‖ GmbH                     Our regional office is: ―Euro-tours‖ GmbH, Timirazev
Represatntation,                                           str, 79, Almaty, 050057 Kazakhstan
Drujba Narodov Str. 62, Dushanbe, Tajikistan               Fax: + 7(327) 275 14 12
Tel: +992 (92) 760 9999                                    Tel:+7 (327) 274 07 24, 274 2259
e-mail:                                  e-mail:
  Our head office is: ―Euro-tours‖ Gmbh, Feldstr,66,          2       5      08.30 10.00 RQ602 Kabul                          1
      Wedel, D-22880: Fax:+ 49 (41 03) 701 8651                           7 01.30 07.10 CZ6020 Urumchi
      Tel: + 49 (4103)124879, +49(4103)701 8479
               E-mail: eurotours                    1                09.30 15.15 7J 113 Urumchi                       1
                                                                    4        11.10 16.40 7J 113 Urumchi
                                                                 3           11.50 14.35 4J 151 Dubai
«Central Asia Tourism» LLC
TIMETABLE                   -        DUSHANBE                    3        7 05.20 09.10 BT783 Riga
Effective 01st – 30th of June 2010                                    5      05.20 09.10 BT783 Riga
Please note, change may occur                                           6    02.40 06.20 4J 159 Frankfurt
62.Druzhba Narodov Str.734024, Sistemavtomatika,           CAT offers tickets for all airlines, international and domestic.
Dushanbe, Tajikistan                                       Hotel reservations and
PHONE        (992)37-2220660 or         (992)37-2218155,
                                                           tours in any country as well as assistance in obtaining visa and
FAX(992)37-2218155, Email            local permits
                                                           You can get full time table by contacting -
CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES, CUBANA, DELTA                     Jamshed Nazirov at
AIRLINES,         UZBEKISTAN AIRLINES, BALTIC              Complex «Mardon»
AIR , TAJIK AIR , SOMON AIR.                               Tired of stress and work? We can help you to
 ―Central Asia Tourism‖(CAT), established in 2002 and      organize comfortable and healthy rest at a
reorganized in 2008 under German management.               picturesque Holiday spot located at Varzob –
CAT is fully licensed as a travel agency in Tajikistan.
Our bilingual operators are trained in the use of
                                                           Complex «Mardon».
international reservation systems.                         The following services are available in
We are also trained in finding the best market fares       Complex Mardon:
offered by international airlines.                             1) Sauna: we offer you a steam-room,
OUR company arranges all services expected from a                  swimming pool and perfect service. Our
travel agency in Tajikistan like transfers, excursions,
tours, hotel reservations.
                                                                   sauna fits up to 10 people at once.
Also assists in obtaining guides, interpreters and cars        2) Two modern pools in our complex are
with drivers.                                                      at your service. For our youngest
For corporate clients - CAT offers special loyalty                 visitors we offer a children’s pool with
programs.                                                          interesting attractions. Those who are
" CAT Dushanbe " offers individual services as we
know, that everybody has its own personal requirements
                                                                   older than 12 can enjoy our huge pool
                                   INTERNATIONAL                   with amazing twisting snake attraction.
FLIGHTS                                                        3) Our complex also has conference room
                     From Dushanbe                                        offer you a perfect spot for
                                                                   which To Dushanbe
                                                   City                                             Aircraf
                                                                   arranging meetings, presentations,
Days                 Dep.    Arr. Flight                                     Dep. Arr. Flight
                                                            Days seminars, symposiums and other kinds
    2                00.05   03.05 4J 153 Istanbul             2                                       guests
                                                                   of negotiations with your clients,BO 738
                                                                            04.55 11.25      4J 154
1           4        05.10   08.35 TK255 Istanbul                                    conf-rooms contain 72
                                                                 3 or partners. Our03.20+ TK254
                                                                         7 20.45                      BO738
    2                09.30   12.00 7J105 Tehran                2
                                                                   seats. 14.30 18.30 7J106 BO 735
                 6   14.00   16.30 7J105 Tehran
                                                               4) Mardon Restaurant. Moderate light, 154
                                                                       6    18.00 21.00      7J106    TU
                                                                   comfortable seats, special atmosphere
        3            23.50   02.20 7J 115 Sharjah                  4        04.30 09.00      7J 116   TU 154
                                                                   and pleasant music – this is Mardon
            4        14.15   15.35 EP6892 Mashhed                  4        11.00 14.00 EP6891          F100
                                                                   Restaurant. Our restaurant disposes to
                 6   12.40   02.10 FG602 Kabul                         6    09.00 10.30      FG601    AN 24
                                                                   the pleasant and warm chat and
                                                                                                             30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
       unhurried time spending. Our restaurant    Contact: Roshanak Ostad - +992 919 16 38 83
       can include up to 60 guests. Banquet,      –,
       jubilee or any other arrangement at our    ,
       restaurant will stay in your memory for    Website, for more details:
       long time.                       
   5) Rooms. We have 16 rooms, just after
       renovation, where you can stay as much
       as you want. You can select rooms for
       2, 3 or 4 persons. Our rooms are
       equipped with comfortable beds,
       separate bathrooms, TV-set,
   6) Playground with covering. Modern and
       big playground on the open air where
       you can play football, volleyball and
       other sports.
   7) Daybeds beside the river.
Contact information:
Senior manager Khusain Solikhov: (+992)
918-61-38-48; (+992) 93-546-00-01
Manager Zafar Solikhov: (+992) 93-501-00-
10     website:
Location: 21st Killometer, "Gusgarf" kishlak,
Varzob Tajikistan.


Pastoo Photography, a new Photo Studio has
just opened in Dushanbe!
Roshanak Ostad, visual artist and professional
photographer from Iran, already well known in
Dushanbe for various exhibitions and cultural
events, has now opened a photo studio.
Pastoo Photography aims to make artistic
portraits and to open the door for a new way
of individual expression. Individuals, couples
and families are all welcome. They will find a
professional, warm and creative atmosphere.
At Pastoo, Roshanak will capture precious
instants and expressions in high quality
photographs, creating lasting memories.
Lifestyle advertisement photography can
also be performed at Pastoo.
Direction: near the Karabolo hospital, opposite
of the new Medical University Building, the
2nd floor. On appointments only.
                                                                                 30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
     Vehicles+Drivers                              Address: 70 Bekhzod Street, Dushanbe, tel:
                                                   +992 227 88 85, +992 37 880 80 58
Hamsafar Travel Company is pleased to
offer you the use of their new exclusive
chauffer driven vehicles during your stay in       HORSE RIDING
Tajikistan. If you anticipate most of your         A famous horse ranch (tour, racing and
driving to be within Dushanbe and nearby           buzkashi horses) has the pleasure to offer you
towns then the Toyota Prado offers a               horse riding and horse keeping lessons for
combination of space and comfort, truly a          children and adults. We also offer horse tours
luxury vehicle in this country. If you require a   through the cool hills some 50 km eastward
tougher vehicle for some off-road driving then     Dushanbe; other areas upon request. For
the Toyota Landcruiser and Toyota Prado will       Details, please contact Mr.Ahmad on +(992) 90
get you there.                                     7716557 (speaks Tajik, Russian, English and
Rates negotiable depending on journey and          Italian)
period of hire.
Toyota Lancruiser [6 seater]
Toyota Prado Landcruiser [6 seater]
Toyota Hiace [13 seater]
                  Interpreters/Guides –
      Rates negotiable depending on length of
                  LOIs, Tajik visas, GBAO
Permits, OVIR and other services.
 Pulod Tolis                 5/11, Dushanbe,
Tel.: + (992 37) 2280093
Mob: + (992 93)5014593, + (992 93)5129356,
+ (992 93)5015431

Advocacy agency “Imod”
One of the most qualified company in the
sphere of rendering juridical services,
specialized on consulting and representing in

The specialists of our advocacy agency ―Imod‖
will listen to your problem attentively and
provide with legal consulting and possible
variant of further developing the situation. If
there would be at least a little chance on
positive solution, they will compulsory show
you that and will help to substantiate your
position correctly following the acting
normative and legal basis of Republic of

                                                                                    30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe

KABUL GALLERY! New shop!                           You will find that each item has its own
We offer a fine selection: Antique craft,          peculiarity and are one–of-the-kind, made of
Jewelery, Carpets, Stones etc!                     natural materials, such as cotton, and wool.
Address: 89 Rudaki Avenue (opposite                In ―Tillo Teppe‖ you can buy high quality of
President’s Palace-the one next to Rohat Tea       weaving, embroidery, felt and knitted carpets,
house) Tel: 919-94-94-89, 93-560-31-34, 917-       handbags, wall hangings and publications
24-07-77, 93-428-10-00                             including: albums of National Museum of
E-mail:                   Antiquities of Tajikistan, ―The Pamirs‖,
                                                   Yagnob, Fan Mountains, Zerafshan valley
New and unique. Those of you that saw us at        Tourist maps, books ―Legends of Sarykol‖,
the Bactria exhibition in Hyatt will remember      Odyssay publication ―Tajikistan and High
we (Jahonnek LLC) are the only makers in           Pamirs‖, ―Social and Economic Change in the
Central Asia of ladies handbags from               Pamirs‖ (Frank Bliss), CD’s with traditional
organically produced sheep and goat leather.       music and postcards.
We combine this with rare pieces of traditional    Open hours: Monday—Friday 9 a.m.—6 p.m.
suzani embroidery. Every bag is individually       Address: Bactria Cultural Centre, E-mail:
assembled and therefore unique. Prices range
from $7 to $25. Visit our workshop at 138
ku.Badakhshon (third street to the back of the     OLIM KAMALOV’S MINIATURES
French Embassy), or or        Kamalov's paintings are original embodiment
phone Johan 918499080                              of national tradition and contemporary
                                                   aesthetic ideals of artist. You can also get
Modiliani Art Salon                                painted wooden dishes, vases, chess, small
Opposite of LG shop, behind Opera House. 4         figures, knitted crafts, embroideries and others.
A, Chehov Street (Open 10 to 6 – Monday to         Adress: 16 Gani Abdullo 1st street (near
Friday; 10 to 5 – Saturday) Phone: (992) 372-      Pedagogical University). Phone: 2247634 (h),
270-474                                            918662520 (Eng), 919009669 (Rus), e-
                                                   mail:, web:
Sales Salon Silk Road                    
You will get to see a fantastic world of ancient
crafts, the national clothing made with special     Zerafshan Handicraft Store ARMUGON
ornaments, gold embroidered items, items               Handicrafts from the Zerafshan Valley!!
made out of cane, wood; also wood and clay            Knitted crafts;
engravings, embossing, national musical               Woven carpets;
instruments, etc, which are the pride of the          Woven baskets;
Tajik national culture.                               Patchwork;
Our address: 32 Shotemur St. (150 m. up from          Embroideries;
hotel ―Tajikistan‖) ―Mir samotsvetov‖ Store &         Other hand made and home made items;
―Silk Road‖ Sales Salon. Tel: (372) 27/43/05       We will be happy to welcome you in Penjikent,
                                                   on 47, Hofizi Sherozi Street (opposite to café
Tillo Teppe art saloon at Bactria Cultural         „Bakht―).
Centre                                             Open hours: Monday – Friday (09:00 - 17:00)
Here we present high quality handicrafts           You could request pictures and descriptions of
produced by members of Yak House                   the products by calling (+992 3475) 5 63 39
association (East Pamir – Murgab ) and other       and
artisans of Tajikistan.                            We could organise delivery of ordered items
                                                   both to Dushanbe and Khujand.
                                                                                       30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
                                              What to See

Gurminj Museum                                           Tajik State Regional Museum K. Behzod
Ph: 2233210                                              Ph. 2271508 31 Aini Ave
23 Bokhtar Street.                                       Tajik History and Culture
Tajik Traditional Music Instruments                      No English Guide, Open Tue-Sun, 09-16.00
Open Mon-Sun, 9.00-18.00
                                                         Tursun Zade Museum
Museum of Musical Culture                                21 L.Sherali Street
Ph: 2242342 108 Loik Sherali Street,                     Life of Tajik Poet M. Tursun Zade
No English                                               No English. Open Tue-Sat 10.00-17.00
Open Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00, Sat 9.00-11.00
                                                         Tajik Art Gallery
Tajik Museum of National Antiquity                       84 Rudaki str.
5 Rajiabov Street.                                       In ROHAT tea house
Features Reclining Budda and items of                    Open Mon – Sat, 10.00 – 16.00
antiquity. English inscriptions.
Open Mon-Fri 09.00-1700, Sat 09.00-14.00                 Virtual Gallery of Tajik Painters
                                                         You are also invited to see some of these
                                                         artworks in the Artists colony in Dushanbe,
                                                         located in Umar Khayam # 13.

Are you interested in sightseeing? We offer unique tours to many parts of Tajikistan. We visit
historical sites, participate in Tajik cultures and traditions (including embroidery), explore the beauty
of nature (lakes and mountains, go hiking, have picnics, make traditional bread, and eat traditional
food. Please feel free to contact us in anytime at or call Umedjon Sharifov at 918
207 880. For more information about our tours and pictures, please visit our website:

Come tour Tajikistan with those of us at "Nidoi asr". We base our tours in the Pamirs and Dushanbe.
We offer sightseeing, hiking, jeep tours, recreational tours, and opportunities to find rest and
relaxation in the mountains.
Welсome one and all to enjoy Tajikistans rich Culture and lush landscapes with us!
For more information contact us at:
(+992 44) 6013359; (+992 90) 7937920; (+992 37) 2353359

                                                                                             30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
                                                English Menu And/Or         Opening
NAME                        Cuisine                                                            ADDRESS                      PHONE            Orders/Home
                                                English Speaking Staff      Hours
Restaurant                                                                                                                  227 12 00;       No
                            Arabic                                                             11 Academician Rajabovs
                                                ----------                  1.00 - 23.00                                    227 20 94
―ANAHITA‖                   Tajik, Indian,      English/Tajik Menu                                                          37 880 2604      We take phone orders /
Restaurant                  Mexican, Chinese,                               11:30 AM –
                            Middle Eastern
                                                English speaking staff                         10 Hofizi Sherozi Street     934 101 209      delivery within
                                                                            11:00 PM
                            and European                                                                                    951 445 458      reasonable distance
Arirang                                                                     Opened Mon-
Restaurant                                                                  Sat 11.30 to                                    224-43-43,918-
                            Korean cuisine                                                     Address is Rudaki 96
                                                                            23.00. Closed on                                22-00-77
―DEHLI DARBAR‖ Restaurant                                                                                                   224-66-11        Phone orders/ home
                            Indian              English menu                12.00 – 24.00      88 Rudaki Ave.
                                                                                                                            221-88-63        delivery
                            European            English menu                10.00 – 22.00      81 Rudaki Ave.                                No
                            European            English menu                08.00 – 10.30      1 Ismoili Somoni str.        221-45-61        No
Café / Disco
―Focaccia Grill‖                                English menu/English
                            European                                        8.00 – 23.00       Hyatt Regency Dushanbe       43 377 1234      No
Restaurant                                      speaking staff
                            Georgian            English menu                11.00 – 23.00      35 Rudaki ave.               227-81-02
―ISTANBUL‖                                                                                     25 Niyazi str. Opposite of
Café                        Turkish             English menu                08.00 – 23.00                                   221-57-80        No
―Irish Pub‖                 Irish               English menu                                   Bohtar 21.
―JASUR‖                                                                                                                                      Phone orders/ home
                            Irish               English menu                24 hours           17 Telman str.               224-86-15
Restaurant                                                                                                                                   delivery
KRISTALL                    European            English menu
                                                                            08.00-24.00        95, Rudaki str.              444 56 60        Yes
Restaurant                                      No English speaking staff
―KELLERS‖                   European /
                                                English menu                11.00 – 23.00      6 Somoni Ave.                224-79-21        No
Restaurant                  Chinese
                                                                                                                                                   30/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
                                  Only Tajik         No English menu                11.00 – 17.00   Bukhoro 23              227-32-52      No
Tajik style cafe
―LA GRAND DAME‖                                      English menu                                   Corner Bukhoro and      227-62-74,     Phone orders/ home
                                  European                                          10.00 - 24.00
Café/Brasserie Wi-fi internet                        English speaking staff                         Shevchenko str.         93-501-00-89   delivery
                                  Fast food          English menu                   09.00 – 22.00   70 Rudaki str.                         No
''MERVE'' Café
                                  Turkish            English menu                   09.00 – 22.00   92 Rudaki str.          221-94-09      No
Wi-fi internet
―MERVE‖ Restaurant
                                  Turkish            English menu                   07.00 - 24.00   47 Drujbi Narodov str   221-80-02      No
Wi-fi internet
MORNING STAR                      American/Europ     English menu                   Tues-Saturday   #47 Nabarezhnaya St.    918-55-38-57   Yes for phone orders
Café                              ean                English speaking staff         8.00 - 17.00                            #224-94-64     No for deliveries
―NIAGARA‖                         European /         English menu
Restaurant                                                                          11.00 – 24.00   14 Somoni Ave.          224-55-00      No
                                  Russian            English speaking staff
                                  European           English menu                   08.00 – 05.00   114 Rudaki Ave.         224-88-02      No
''ROHAT''                                                                                                                   221-76-54,     Yes to order and to
                                  Tajik / European   English menu in Banquet hall   07.00 – 02.00   84 Rudaki Ave.
Tee House                                                                                                                    224-62-54     deliver
                                  Ecuadorian/                                                                                              Yes to order /
―SALSA‖                                              English menu
                                  Mexican/                                          12.00 – 24.00   1 Karamona str.         224-88-57      More than 100
Restaurant                                           English speaking staff
                                  Italian                                                                                                  Somonis – delivery
                                  European           English menu                   11.00 – 24.00   83/1Tursunzade str.     224-92-21      No
Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Cafe   European           English menu                   8.00 – 23.00    70 Rudaki Ave.          701 57 77      ---------
                                                     English speaking staff
―TIFLIS‖                                             No English menu                Mo-Sun                                  998 81 85 79
Restaurant                        Georgian                                                          2, Behzod str.                         No
                                                     English speaking staff         12.oo-23.00                             (918) 811040
―TRAKTIR‖                                            English menu                   Mo-Sun
                                  Ukrainian                                                                                 600-88-88      No
Restaurant                                                                          12.oo-23.00
                                  Chinese            English menu                   10.00 – 22.00   67 Rudaki Ave.          61-12-38       Phone orders
                                  European           English menu                   12.00 – 02.00   88 Rudaki Ave.          221-56-16      No
Restaurant, Disco

                                                                                                                                                  30/2010 - WOID

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