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					40 Improving Household Advice


Praise be to Allah, we praise, seeking help. We take refuge in Allah from the evil
of our passions and evil deeds of our actions. Whoever ditunjuki by God then
nothing can be misleading, and whoever is led astray by God then no one can. I
bear witness that none has the right to be worshiped except Allah who has no
partner for Him, and I testify that Muhammad is His true slave and messenger of
God. It is delicious house Allah says: "And verily, Allah makes you your houses
as a residence." (An-Nahl: 80) Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said: "Allaah mentions
delicious perfection of His servants, with what He made for their homes which is
where they live. They come back to him, take cover and use it with various kinds
of benefits "1. Lots of house for one's usefulness. He is a place to eat, sleep, rest,
and gathered with family, wife and children, also the place to do activities that
most personal of each family member. He said: "And be ye remain in your house
and do not be decorated and behave like ignorant people who once were. (Al-
Ahzab: 33) If we consider the situation of people who do not own a house, ie the
people who live in exile, in a porch-patio path and displaced refugees in the camp-
the camp while, we certainly understand the true pleasure of existing at home.
Certainly we will hear the explosions and such emotion he said: "I have no
permanent residence, sometimes I sleep in the house of the So and so, sometimes
in the coffee shop, garden or on the beach, my closet is in the car." Thus we shall
keberserakan understand the meaning because it has no residence or home. When
God punish the Jews of Bani Nadhir, God taking pleasure from their house, God
expelled them from their homes. He said: "It was he who issued the unbelievers
among the People of the Book of the villages at the time of the expulsion first
time." (Al-Hasyr: 2) Then the word: "They destroy their houses with their own
hands and the hands of people believers. Then you shall take (the incident) for a
lesson, O men who have a view. " (Al-Hasyr: 2)

Noting that Encourage A Muslim reconciliation (Repair) house

• Keep yourself and your family from fire Fire and survivors of a fiery doom. He
said: "O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your family from fire of Hell
which the fuel is
men and stones, angels guard the rough, tough, who do not disobey Allah in what
he commanded them and always do what is commanded. "(At-Tahrim: 6) • The
amount charged to the responsibility of the leader of the house in front God on the
day of reckoning. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Verily, Allah Ta'ala
will ask for accountability to each leader for what he leads, whether he keeps his
leadership or melalaikannya, so that a man asked about his family members".
Hadeeth Hasan, narrated by An-Nasa'i in Isyratun Nisaa ', Hadith No. 292 and
from Anas Ibn Hibbaan in Saheeh al-Jami', no.1775; As Ash-or higher-lineage
no.1636. Home is the place to keep themselves and the safety of various crimes
and other human refuse from danger; home is a refuge in times of fitnah. Prophet
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Fortunately for those who master the spoken
and roomy house, and wept over his guilt." Hadeeth Hasan, narrated by Ath-
Thabrani in Al- Mu'jamul Ausath of Tsauban and contained in Saheeh al-Jami ',
no.3824. And he said: "Five things that anyone working on one of it then he will
get a guarantee from God. That is: people who visit the sick, people who go to
war, or people who go to their leaders for the purpose of reprimand or remind her,
or she sat in her house so that those who survived (ganggguan) it and he survived
the (interference) them. Hadith narrated Ahmad (5 / 241) "Safety in the
defamation of a person he continuously inhabited house." Hasan hadith, narrated
by Ad-Dailami in Firdaus Musnadul from Abu Musa; contained in Saheeh al-jami
'no.3543, and the wording in the Sunan of Ibn Abi' Asim, no.1021. In takhrij he
said: "This hadeeth saheeh". Muslims will feel the benefits of this when he was in
a state of alienation, when he can not change the existing kemungkaran-
kemungkaran, then he has a place of refuge when returning to his home. The
house will keep himself from the actions and views that are prohibited, keep his
wife from tabarruj (showing off beauty and ornaments) and keep her children
from evil friends. • In fact most humans to use his time in the house, especially in
the summer and the stinging cold, during the rainy season, the beginning and end
of the day, when finished from work or school, because these times should be
used in obedience, if not necessarily going out to do things that are prohibited. • It
is important, that the attention of the house is the greatest tool to build the Muslim
society. Because a society is composed of the houses. The houses are basic
elements of a society. The houses that form a village and township-village that is
the community. If the basic elements of good, our society will undoubtedly
stronger with God's laws, strong in the face of the enemies of God, radiates
goodness and do not cause crime. From an Islamic house will be born-sustaining
support for community improvements, such preachers-preacher example, student
of knowledge, a real mujahid, Shalihah wife, mother of educators from other
elements of good builders.
If such an important problem, while our homes are full of kemungkaran and
neglect, belittle and exceeds the limit, then the big question mark arises here:
Does Means-Means To Improve Houses? To the readers, writers suguhkan
answers, advice in this matter, I hope God gives benefits to us with it, and
hopefully the spirit of God directs the sons and daughters of Islam to bring the
message of (task) from the early Islamic home improvement. This advice is meant
for two things, get serious benefits (good) ie by amar ma'ruf or prevent damage
that is eliminating. Hopefully useful. Household Building Advice (1): Choosing
the Right Wife Allah says: "And people who alone among you, and those worthy
(married) and servants sahayamu that men and servants of the women sahayamu .
If they are poor, God will enable them with grace. And Allah Area (grace), the
Knower. " (An-Nur: 32). Should someone choose wife Shalihah with the terms as
follows: "Wania was married for four things: wealth, descendants, her beauty and
her religion. Then you should prioritize women who have a religion, (if not)
necessarily be a dusty second hand (poor, miserable ) ". Hadith narrated by al-
Bukhaari, see Fath Bari, 9 / 132. "The world everything is fun, and the best
pleasures of the world are women Shalihah''. Hadith narrated by Muslim (1468),
cet. Abdul Baqi, and a history of An-Nasa'i from Ibn Amr, Saheeh al-Jami ',
hadeeth no.3407" Let any one of you have a thankful heart, which is always
verbal dhikr and faithful wife who helped him in matters of the afterlife ". hadeeth
narrated Ahmad (5 / 282), At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah from Tsauban, Saheeh al-
Jami ', hadeeth no. 5231 In another narration: "And the wife Shalihah the help of
world issues and your religion is the best (wealth) which kept man". hadeeth
narrated by al-Bayhaqi in Ash-Syu'ab from Abu Umaamah. See Saheeh al-Jami ',
hadeeth no . 4285 "Marry women who are loving and fertile peranakannya.
Indeed I am proud to number you among the prophets on the Day of Judgement.
"Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad (3 / 245), from Anas. It says in Irwa 'ul Ghalil,"
This hadeeth is saheeh ", 6 / 195" (Nikahilah) girl girls, they are actually more
offspring, more sweetly spoken and more accepting with little (qana'ah) ". hadeeth
narrated Ibn Majah, No. 1861 and the nature of As-Genealogy Ash-or higher,
hadith no. 623 In another narration : "Fewer their tricks."
As Shalihah woman is one of four causes of happiness, the woman who is not
otherwise Shalihah is one of four causes of misery. As mentioned in saheeh
hadeeth: "And of happiness is Shalihah woman, you look at him then you were
fascinated with it, and you go from it but you feel safe with him and your treasure.
And of the misery is the woman that if you look at him you feel reluctant, then he
reveals dirty words to you, and if you go from it you do not feel safe for him and
treasure "Hadith narrated Ibn Hibbaan and others, in Ash-As-pedigree or higher,
hadith no. 282 In contrast, need to consider carefully the circumstances of people
who propose these Muslim women, a new grant it after fulfilling the requirements
as follows: "If you come to someone who was willing to morals and religion then
nikahkanlah, if you do not necessarily going to happen on earth slander and great
mischief. " Ibn Majah narrated Hadith, 1967, in Ash-As-pedigree or higher, hadith
no. 1022 The things above need to be done by for example asking, do research,
seek information and credible news sources so as not to damage and destroy the
household concerned. "Righteous man with a woman Shalihah be able to build a
good house, because A good domestic crop will come out with the permission of
their Lord, being a poor country will not be out of plants therefrom except with
difficulty. Advice (2): Efforts to Establish (Fix) Wife. If the wife is a woman
Shalihah then this is the pleasure and great gift from Allah Ta 'ala. If not so, then
head of the household obligations is to strive for improvement. This can happen
because of some circumstances. For example, from the beginning she was married
to a woman who did not have a religion, because the man was, indeed ignore
religious matters. Or he married a woman in hopes of someday he could fix it, or
because of family pressure. In these circumstances he should really try to fully so
they can make improvements. They also must understand and appreciate the true,
that the issue guidance (guidance) is the right God. It is Allah who repair. And
among the gift of God for His servant Zakariya is as spoken: "And We fixed his
wife". (Al-Anbiya ': 90). The repair was either in the form of physical
improvements as well as religion. Ibn Abbas said: : "Formerly, the wife of the
Prophet Zachariah was barren, unable to give birth so God can make delivery."
Ata 'said: Previously, he was a long tongue, then God fix it ". Some Improved
Methods Wife: Observing and straighten out various kinds of worship to Allaah.
Criticism on this issue in subsequent discussions. Efforts to increase his faith, for
example: • advise it woke up the night to pray Tahajjud • Read Al Qur'anul
Karim. • reciting dhikr and prayer at a certain time and opportunity. • advised her
to do a lot of charity.
• Reading Islamic books useful. • Hearing the tape recordings that are useful, both
in a matter of faith as well as scientific and continues to pursue additional similar
cassette collection. • pick out female friends Shalihah ukhuwah him so they can
establish a strong, exchanging ideas on matters of religion as well as visiting each
other for a good purpose. • away from all the ugliness and the doors. For example,
by keeping her from the aspect of faith At Home Advice (3): Make the house as a
place Dzikrullah (Remembrance of Allah) Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam
said: "The parable of the house in which there is recollection of God, and a house
with no recollection of God in it is (like) imagery between living with the dead ".
Hadith narrated by Muslim and Abu Musa 1 / 539, cet. Abdul Baqi Therefore, the
home must serve as a place to do various kinds of dhikr, whether it is dhikr in the
heart as well as by oral, prayer, or read the blessings and the Qur'an, or study the
religious sciences, or read other books useful. Currently, how many of the homes
of Muslims who die because there is no recollection of God in it, as indicated by
the above hadith. And how much more when the chant in the house are poems and
songs devil, gossip, lie and provoke them? How much more if the houses were
filled with disobedience of kemungkaran, like ikhtilath (higgledy-piggledy with
the opposite sex) is forbidden, tabarruj (show off the beauty and jewelry) among
relatives of non-mahram or to the neighbors who come into the house? How could
an angel will enter the house with such circumstances? Therefore Revive your
home with the recollection of God! Hopefully God merahmatimu. Advice (4):
Make Your house as Qiblah. That is, make the house as a place of worship. He
said: "And We inspired Moses and his brother:" Take some fruits ye both houses
in Egypt for a home for yourselves and teach your people and your houses and
establish it as a mecca for prayer and gembirakanlah those who believe. "(Yunus:
87). Ibn Abbas said: "I mean told to make their homes as the mecca that is, they
were ordered to make the houses as the mosques (places of worship)". Ibn
Katheer said: "It is as if - And Allaah knows best - when torture and pressure of
the Pharaoh and his people became increasingly upon them, then they are told to
multiply prayers, as the word of Allah, the Exalted: "O those who believe, and
teach patience and prayers as penolongmu". (Al-Baqarah : 153). In the hadith:
"When the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam face a difficulty, then he prayed."
Tafseer Ibn Katheer, 4 / 224.
This underscores the importance of worship in homes, especially in times of weak
and oppressed, as well as on several occasions when Muslims are not able to show
their prayers in front of the infidels. In this case we also need to think back to the
mihrab of Mary, namely a place of worship he is, as mentioned in the word of
Allah, the Exalted: "Every Zakaria signed to meet Mary at Mihrab he found the
food at his side." (Ali Imran: 37) The Companions are also very concerned about
prayer in their homes in addition to prayer fardhu. An interesting story below as a
lesson for us: "From Mahmud bin Ar-Rabi 'Al-Ansari, that Itban bin Malik - he
was one of the Companions of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam participated
in the battle of Badr, from the Ansar - he came to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi
wasalam and said: "O Prophet!, my eyes have been deceived but I still pray with
my people, if it rains, water flows in the valley (which separates) between me and
them so that I (not) to come to their mosques and praying together, I really want
to Messenger of Allah, if you come to me and pray in my house so I make it as
mushalla (place of prayer) ". He said:" The Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam
said to him: "I'll do Insha Allah" . "Itban said:" So the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi
wasalam and Abu Bakr when daylight (visible) rises, then the Prophet sallallaahu
alaihi wasalam ask for permission, then I'm allowed to him, he does not sit before
it entered the house and then he said: "In what part you like me to pray from your
house? " . "He said:" So I show him a way from my house, then the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wasalam bertakbir stood then, then we all stand in a row, and the
Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam then pray two rak greetings ". In draw a lesson
from the above hadith , Ibn Hajar said: "There is a lesson, so we use a specific
place to perform prayers in the house. The prohibition to make a particular place
in the mosque is the hadeeth of Abu Daud, and that if he did for riya 'or similar.
Making a particular place in the house to pray that does not mean to make this
place as a waqf - waqf law does not apply to him - although generally categorized
by the name of the mosque. Advice (5): Faith Education for Family Members.
From Ayesha radhiallahu anha who said: One time Rasullah sallallaahu alaihi
wasalam, the prayer of the night, when it will be Witr he remarks: "Arise, and be
steadfast in prayer Witr O Ayesha!". "God loves a man who woke up last night
and then pray to wake his wife so that prayer, if you do not want him to sprinkle
his face with water". Hadith narrated by Muslim, Sahih Muslim bi Syarh An-
Nawawi, 6 / 23 Familiarize and encouraged his wife to charity is something that
could add to the faith, he is a great case that is recommended by the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wasalam with his saying: "O all women, you bersedekahlah .
Indeed I see that you guys are as many-many residents of Hell ". Hadith narrated
Ahmad and Abu Daud; Saheeh al-jami ', hadeeth no.3488 Among a good idea is
to put a charity box in the house for poor people, so any money coming in it be
right for those who need it, because that's where their money in the house of the
Muslims. If family members see a role model who used fasting on ayyaamul biidh
(mid Qamariyah every month, namely on 13, 14, 15), on Monday and Thursday,
the day of Ashura, the day of Arafah, on many days in the month of Muharram
and Sha'ban, undoubtedly will encourage other family members to follow.
Advice (6): Attention to prayer-prayer in Disyari'atkan and Sunnah-Sunnah
Relating to Home. Among the examples are: Benediction of the house: in
Shahihnya Imam Muslim narrates that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
said: "If a man into her house and then mention the name of Allaah when he
enters and when eating, Satan said: "You do not have the (quota) of the bed and
not too (rations) to eat here". And when he came in and did not mention the name
of God when he enters, he said: "You get the (quota) bed." And if it does not
mention the name of God when eating, he said: "You got (rations) a place to sleep
and eat". " Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad, Al-Musnad, 3 / 346 and Muslim, 3 /
1599 Benediction out of the house: In Sunan, Abu Dawood narrated that the
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "If a man leaves his house and then say
: "Bismillaahi Tawakkaltu 'Laa alallaahi hawla walaa quwwata illaa billaahi"
"With the Name of Allah, I bertawakkal (cleave) to Allah, there is no power and
strength except with Allah's help," will undoubtedly be said to him: "Suffice it
thee, thou hast given instructions, you have fulfilled and maintained, "so the devil
to get away from it. Then another devil said to him:" How can you (tease) man
who has ditunjuki, satisfied and maintained? "." Hadith narrated by Abu Daud no.
5095, At-Tirmidhi no. 3426. In Saheeh al-Jami ', hadith no. 499. Siwak: In
Shahihnya, Imam Muslim narrated from Aisha radhiyallah 'anha, that she said:
"That the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam when he entered his house to start
with Miswak". Sahih Muslim, book of Ath-Thaharah, chapter 15, no. 44. Advice
(7): Routine read Surat Al-Baqarah in the house to rid of Satan. The hadiths in
this regard include: the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Do not make
your homes as graves! Verily demons ran away from home which was read in
which surah Al-Baqarah." Saheeh Muslim, cet.Abdul Baqi, 1 / 539 the Prophet
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Read the letter Al-Baqarah in your homes,
because the real devil is not go into a public house in which Surat al-Baqarah."
Hadith narrated by al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak, 1 / 561, and in Saheeh al-Jami ',
hadeeth no.1170 About primacy of the last two verses of surat Al-Baqarah and the
influence of reading for the home, the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said: "
Verily Allah the Exalted write a book before He created the heavens and the earth
around 2000 years, he
is above the Throne, and the lower two-paragraph cover (final) from surat Al-
Baqarah. And it is not Satan approached the house that was read in it the second
verse is for three nights ". Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad in the As-Sunnah 4 /
274 and in others; in Saheeh al-Jami 'hadith no. 1799 Religious Studies
Residential Advice (8): Teaching Teaching family members is an obligation that
must be done by the family leader, as the realization of the command of Allah the
Exalted: "O those who believe, keep yourself and your family from the fuel the
fire of Hell which men and stones." (At-Tahrim: 6 ) The above verse is the basis
for teaching and education of family members, govern them with kindness and
prevent them from kemungkaran. Below are some comments the commentators
on the verse, which is related to the obligations imposed on the family leader.
Qatadah said: "He must reign they do obey Allaah and to prevent them from sin to
Him, should keep them to do what is commanded by God and helping them in it.
So when you see disobedience, should you keep them away from it and warned
not to do ". Adh-Dhahhak and Muqatil said:" It is the duty of every Muslim,
taught his family of relatives and servants sahayanya of what is required by God
for them and what he forbids ". Ali radhiyallah 'anhu said:" Teach and educate
them.'' Al-Kiya At-Tabari said: "We should teach children and our families in
religion and goodness, and what is important and necessary in matters of manners
and morals". When the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has advised us to
teach the women that is not a slave-free, then how much more the case with your
children and your family are independent? "Imam Bukhari in Shahihnya, Chapter
Teaching Men to slave Women and Their Families, written word: "Three people
who received two rewards: ... and a man who has a female slave and she educated
him well, taught well, then he memerdekakannya then marry the two rewards for
him. "In the explanation of the above hadith, Ibn Hajar said:" Compliance with
tarjamah hadith - that is the title of chapter - the problem of slave women is with
texts, and the family problems with qiyas, for attention with an independent
family in teaching about the obligations imposed by Allah and His Apostle
sunnah-sunnah is something that must and surely than attention to the female
slave ". Because of the busyness and duties as well as other bond, a person
sometimes neglect to take time for themselves so they can teach their families.
Among the road in solving this issue is should he specialize one day a week as a
time for family, even possibly involving other relatives to hold a council of
science in the home. He should announce that day to all family members and
recommend to conform and come
on the designated day, will be even more effective by using words to come, either
to himself or to other family members. Here is what happened to the Prophet
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in this matter. Imam Bukhari said: "Chapter: Are for
Women Offered Special Day for Science?" Then cite the hadith of Abu Said Al-
Khudri radhiyallah 'anhu: "The woman said to the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa
sallam:" We have defeated the men in the submissive to you. Because it make for
us one day from you ", then the Messenger of Allah promised them one day to
meet with them, the Prophet advised and ordered them". Ibn Hajar said: "In the
history of Sahl ibn Abi Salih from his father from Abu Hurayra similar to this
story, he said;" Agreement Fulanah you at home, then the Messenger of Allah
came to them and gave a talk to them ". From the above hadith we can conclude
the importance of teaching the women in their homes, and also reminded how
great the attention of female companions in learning problems, also showed that
the concentrated spirit taught only to men, leaving women is a big omission for
the preachers and leaders of the household . Some readers may say, for example,
we have taken the time one day a week and we preach it to family members, then
what would we give in the meeting (Majlis) is? And how also to start? In answer
to these questions, author try to give an idea in this case so that it becomes manhaj
(program) is simple to teach family members in general and for women in
particular. • Tafsir Al-Allamah Ibn Sa'di, namely Taisirul Karim Tafseer Al-
Rahman fi Tafsiiri Kalaamil Mannaan. Consisting of seven volumes, and
bahasannya easy dish. Tafseer can be reviewed and he could read a letter or in any
meetings. • Riyaadhus Shaalihiin with comments and captions as well as lessons
learned from each hadith. In this case could refer to the book Nuzhat Muttaqiin. •
Husnul Uswah Bimaa Tsabata Anillaahi Waraasuulihi Niswah Fin, Siddiq Hasan
Khan's work. It is also important to teach the women some legal issues Fiqh, such
as purification of law, menstruation, the law of prayer and almsgiving, fasting and
pilgrimage, if they have been able to do so. Similarly the food law and beverages,
clothing and jewelry, sunnah-sunnah fithrah and the mahram, legal songs, pictures
and so on. Among the important references in the problems of the fatwas of the
scholars such as collection Edicts Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, Shaykh
Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen and other scholars in addition to them,
whether it be books or cassette tape. Included in the category of women and
family teaching schedule is to remind them to follow a variety of public lectures
delivered by the clergy, or a trusted student of knowledge in their fields , if it is
possible. This is to give more references and teaching resources, as well as for
variation. Also, do not also forget to listen to the broadcast problem Qur'anul
Karim Al-reading and paying attention to him. Included in the provision of
teaching facilities are reminded family members on a particular day for the
women attending the exhibition of Islamic books, but with due regard to the terms
of traveling which has been set religion.
Advice (9): Create a Library in Your house. Among those who helped the
teaching process for families is the provision of religious learning opportunities
and help them to comply with Shari'ah laws by creating an Islamic library at
home, not necessarily large, but which is important to select the books is
important, placing it in a place that's easy to be taken , and encourage family
members to read it. Should be in the space provided in the rooms clean and
orderly manner, suitable to put the books, in the bedroom, also in the living room,
giving the opportunity for family members read books regularly. Among the
library of good and efficient - and indeed Allah loves the good and efficient - is
that the library should contain the sources thereof can be found discussing and
solving various problems, useful for children in school, and should also contain
the books for varying degrees, also the books suitable for adults and children, men
and women. If able, can also be provided special books gifts for guests and
friends of children and family visitors, taking about an interesting prints, books
that have been researched and edited, and the hadith-haditsnya have been
examined and explained clearly. To set up home library, if necessary by making
use of the exhibition of books after a request for consideration prior to the person
skilled in the art for Book. Among those who helped make it easier to find books
is by ordering the books according to titles. For example, a book on the shelf a
separate commentary, as well as hadith, fiqh, and so on. One family member
should have a set list of books in accordance with the alphabet and the title, so
that will make books, because sometimes many people who love to read Islamic
books ask the names of these books at home library. Below are some suggestions
on issues important books for home libraries: • Tafsir: Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Tafseer
Ibn Sa'di, Zubdatut Tafsir Al-Asyqar work, Ushulut Tafseer of Ibn Uthaymeen,
and Lamahaat FII Uluumil Koran works Muhammad Ash-Shabbagh. • Hadith:
Saheeh Kalimith Thayyib, Amalul Muslimi fil Yaum wal Lailah, Riyadhush
Righteous and testimony, Nuzhat Muttaqin, Mukhtasar Saheeh Al-Bukhari's work
Zubaidi, Mukhtasar Mundziri work Saheeh Muslim and Al-Albani, Saheeh al-
Jami 'Ash-Shaghier, Dha'iful Jami 'Ash-Shaghier, Shahihut Targhib wat Tarhib,
As-Sunnah wa Makaanatuha Tasyrii fit', Minal Arba'in Fawa'id qawa'id wa al-
Sultan Nawawiyyah Nazhim work. • Aqidah: Fath Majid Syarhu KitabAt with
tahqiq Arna'uth-Tawhid, al-Sunnah A'laamus Mansyurah by Al Hakamy,
Ma'arijul Qabuul by Al-Hakamy, Ath-Aqidah Syarhul Thahawiyah with tahqiq
Al-Albani, Omar works Silsilatul Aqidah Sulaiman Al-Asyqar (8] uz), Asyraatus
Saa'ah Dr.Yusuf Al-Wabil work. • Fiqh: Manaarus Sabil of Ibn Dhauyan, Irwaa'ul
Ghalil by Al-Albani, Zaadul Ma'aad, Al-Mughni works of Ibn Qudama, Fiqhus
Sunnah, Al-Salih Mulakhkhashul Fiqhi work Fauzan, Majmu'atu Fataawa al-
Ulama (Abdul Aziz ibn Baaz, Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen, Abdullah bin
Jibrin), Shifatu Shalatin Prophet by Al-Albani and Sheikh Abdul Aziz ibn Baaz,
Mukhtasar Ahkamil Jana'iz by Al-Albani.
• Akhlaq and Sanctification of Life: Tahdzibu Madarijis Salikin, Al-Fawa'id, Al-
Jawabul Kaafi, Thariqul Hijratain Baabus Sa'adatain Wa, Wa Al-Wabilush
Shayyib Rafi'ul Kalimith Thayyib works Ibn al-Qayyim, Lathaa'iful Ma'aarif
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addition, there are many more books in other fields. For example, the books work
Mujaddid Imam ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, the books by Al-
Allamah Ash-Shaykh Abdurrahman ibn Nasir As-Sa'di. Also the books of Omar
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Mohammad Al-Gharib, also the books by Shaykh Bakr Abu Zaid and Masyhur
Ustadz Hasan Salman. In addition, there are many more useful books. What we
mentioned above is just for example, does not mean we are limiting. In addition,
the current trend has also spread small books that many useful and practical. If we
note here, of course not possible, therefore each person should seek the opinion of
experts and careful in selecting. And indeed, he who willed by God's goodness,
surely He will pahamkan person in religious matters. Advice (10): Cassette
Library at Home. Tape Recorder in the house can function good or bad. How to
make use blessed by God? Among the means to do so is to make a collection of
tapes that is in the house is an Islamic tapes and good. That recording of the
scholars, readers of Al-Quran (Qari '), speaker, giving advice, etc. preacher.
Indeed, listening to tapes of Al-Quran reading the khusyu 'of the sound some
priests pray tarawih for example, has a major impact for families at home.
Whether it's the influence of meaning contained within the Qur'an and the impact
on their rote, as always memperdengarkannya back, also the effect in terms of the
custody hearing demons like the songs, because the ears and hearts are not
suitable to be mixed in it kalamullah and song -devil songs. How many fatwas
cassettes that provide influence in the understanding of fiqh family members in a
variety of problems they face daily in their lives. Among those proposed in this
problem is to listen to recordings of the fatwas of the scholars such as Sheikh
Abdul Aziz's fatwa bin Baz, Shaykh Muhammad Nashiruddin Al-Albani, Sheikh
Muhammad Al-Uthaymeen, Shaykh Salih Al-Fauzan and others from the scholars
who reliable science and religion. Muslims should pay attention to where he took
a religious fatwa, as it is a religious affair. Therefore, behold from whom you take
your religion. We should take religion from people who have known keshalihan
and piety and wara'nya, relying on saheeh hadiths and not ta'ashub
schools, said according to the proposition, consistent with manhaj wasath (mid),
not too extreme and burdensome, or too loose and easy, and he is a person who
knows (khabir) against what we ask. He said: "(He is) the Most Gracious, then ask
(about God) to a more aware (Muhammad) concerning Him." (Al-Furqan: 59).
Listening to preachers who preach bring people, uphold the proposition and the
truth and reject kemungkaran is something very important in personal
development in the Muslim household. Alhamdulillah, the tapes of the scholars
were very numerous. But importantly, every Muslim should know the
characteristics manhaj (method) which correct for a speaker so that the tapes
should be heard and listened to secure it. Among the features are: • The speaker
should be above Aqeedah Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama, faithful to the Sunna and leave
heresy. • He should be based on hadiths and avoid saheeh hadiths dha'if and false.
• He should observant and sensitive to the social conditions of society and what
they experience. He should be able to put proper medicine on the disease. Convey
to the people what works and what they crave. • Should he dare to tell the truth
according to his ability and did not speak with vanity. The tapes should be placed
in a drawer in an orderly manner so easily taken, will also keep the tape from lost,
damaged, or made children's toys. The tapes are good we should try to spread
through borrowing or presented him to others. In the use of tape recorders, it is
good to put these tools in the kitchen so that will give benefits to housewives, also
in the bedroom to take advantage of time until the last moment before we sleep.
Advice (11): Inviting People Salih, Ulama, and the prosecutor Science to the
House. Word of God Almighty: "O my Lord, forgive me, mother, father, people
who get into my house with the faithful and all those who believe men and
women. And Thou no increase for those who zhalim that in addition to perdition
". (Nuh: 28). Indeed the entry of people of faith can add light to your house. In
addition, talks, ask questions and discuss with them will bring many benefits.
People who carry musk will probably give it to you, or you bought thereof, or at
least you'll find fragrant scent thereof. With their arrival, of fathers, brothers and
children who come there to greet, while the women will listen from behind a veil
of what they were saying. It is education for all. If you enter a good then you have
rejected the entry of something bad and destruction.
Advice (12): Learn the Laws of Shari'ah about Houses. Among them: Prayers at
home. About the prayers of men, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:
"The best prayer is the man at his home, except for obligatory prayers." As for the
obligatory prayers at the mosque then mandatory, unless there is udzur. Prophet
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Prayer tathawwu' (sunna) of the men in his
house beyond (reward) tathawwu practice 'before men, as virtue of a man praying
in a congregation with prayer alone." As for women, getting into a place of prayer
of the house then the main. As word of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:
"The best prayer that women in the deepest part of his house." So that other
people do not become priests in his house, and should not be someone sitting at
the usual place occupied by the owner of the house except with his permission.
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "There should be a man diimami in his
realm, and not occupied for His glory (his seat) in his house except with his
permission." That is, should not be advanced to the priesthood on the host, despite
the fact other people better reading thereof, or a person who has powers like the
host or the priest remains of the mosque. Similarly, one can not simply sit in a
special place host either a chair or mattress except with his permission. Permit "O
ye who believe, do not enter houses other than your house before asking for
permission and greeted their inhabitants. That is better for you, for you (always)
remember. If you do not see anyone in it then do not enter before you get
permission. And if it is said unto you: "Back (alone)", then let you back. It is
cleaner for you and Allah is Informed of what ye do. " (An-Nur: 27-28). "And go
into the houses of the doors." (Al-Baqarah: 189). May enter into an empty house
(which is not inhabited) by unauthorized people enter when they have stuff in it,
such as houses that cater to guests. "There is no sin for you to enter the house that
are not available to be inhabited, in which there is your need, and God knows
what ye reveal and what ye hide." (An-Nur: 29). Why not eat in the house of
relatives and friends' homes and in other people's homes that we have the key, if
they do not hate it.
"There is no obstacle for the blind, did not (also) for the people limping, not (too)
for the sick, and not (also) for yourself, eat (with them) in your own home or at
home father-your father , at-home mother of your mother, your brothers in the
house of a man, a woman in your brother's house, in your home that the man your
father, your father in your home that women, in your mother's brother's house a
boy, at home you have the key or at your friends house. There is no obstacle for
you to eat with them or alone ...". (An-Nur: 61). Prohibiting children and servants
into the father's mother's bedroom, without permission, at times resting (sleeping).
That is before the dawn prayer, nap time, after Isha prayers', because it feared
their views fell on scenery that does not fit, if you see something accidentally at
times other than those then it can be tolerated (excused). Because they are the
ones who mingled in one house and serve so it is difficult to avoid this. He said:
"O ye who believe, let the slaves (male and female) that you have, and those who
have not baligh among you, ask for permission to you three times (in one day), ie:
before Fajr prayer, when you take off her clothes (outside) you in the middle of
the day and after prayers lsya '. (That) three aurat for you. There is no sin for you
and not (also) on them other than (three times). They serve you , sebahagian you
(no need) to sebahagian (others). Thus Allah explains the verses for you. And
Allah is Knower, Wise. " (An-Nur 58). Forbidden peek someone's house without
their permission. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Whoever peek of the
house (people) without permission, then they prying eyes, for him there is no
diyat nor qishash". Women who ditalak not go out or are expelled from their
homes during the time iddah (waiting) to provide infak him. He said: "O Prophet,
when you divorce the wife-wives, then come ye divorce them at the time (which
is normal) and calculate the time it wants to have intercourse, and fear Allah your
Lord. Do not you remove them from their homes and they should not (be allowed)
out except if they do evil deeds are light. That the laws of God and those who
violate the laws of God then surely he is a wrongdoer against itself. You do not
know maybe God entered into after that a new thing. " (Ath-THALAQ: 1). Allow
for separate male (left), the rebellious wife inside or outside the home, according
to the serious benefits in religious terms. The split from his wife in the house,
theses words of God: "And separate themselves from their bed." (An-Nisa ': 34).
The basic split from his wife outside the house is like that happened to the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wasalam, when he broke away from his wives in their rooms,
and the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam exile outside his house wives . Not
staying at home alone. "From Ibn Umar radhiyallah 'anhu that the Prophet
sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam forbade outs, ie, a man staying or traveling alone."
The ban was due to herself feared something would happen. For example, enemy
thief, or sick. The presence of friends with him would resist the desire to attack
the enemy or a thief, would also help if she falls ill. No sleeping on the floor
above which has no fence, so as not to fall. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
said: "He who slept in the attic of a house that has no stone (barriers, fences), so
really I have been off the responsibility thereof." For those who sleep, sometimes
- with no conscious - rolling around in her sleep. If he sleeps on the top floor /
roof of the house has no fence or barrier that prevented, could so he would fall
down that caused death. If that happens, then nobody is guilty because of his
death, all separated from responsibility for the death of that person. In addition it
also causes pelecehannya against God guard him, because he did not take effort
and cause. Domesticated cats do not make unclean vessel, if the cat is drinking or
eating thereof. "From Abdullah bin Abi Qatadah, from his father, that placed her
vessel containing water, and then licked a cat into it, he (still) perform ablution.
They said: O Abu Qatadah, vessels that have been licked by a cat". He answered :
"I heard the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:" Cats are among the family
members, and he is among the around you. " In another narration: "The cat was
not unclean, in fact he is among the around you." Social Aspects of Residential
Advice (13): Provides Opportunity to Discuss Issues, Family Issues. "While none
of their business (decided) by consensus among them." (As-Shura: 38). When
family members are given time and opportunity to sit together to discuss issues of
internal and external family, then that is a sign that the family's attention to the
family unit, the role and mutual cooperation. No doubt, that men are given the
mandate of leadership in the household is the person most responsible for,
determining all the decisions. But by giving opportunities to others - especially to
children who reach adulthood - then it will be the responsibility of education to
them, in addition to all will feel loose and airy with his feelings, because their
opinions heard and respected. For example, by discussing the matter of Umrah
during Ramadan or on other holidays, come to the connecting silaturrahim
relatives, traveling, organizing walimah marriage, aqiqah, moving house, social
projects such as counting the number of poor compatriot for the assistance or food
delivery to them, as well as discussions about the crisis families, relatives and
contributed to the solution. It should also be reminded of another form of an
important meeting to be held, namely "Disclosure Meetings" between the two
parents and children. Some of the difficulties faced by children who have baligh
sometimes not possible to be solved except through personal meetings. For
example, a father with his son openly discuss various issues concerning the
problems of teenagers and puberty, the laws baligh. Similarly, mothers with
daughters discuss these problems at once taught him the laws relating to women
baligh. Father and mother should try as much as possible to help solve the
problems of the children especially during their teenage. It could for example be
done by using the languages of interest, such as "when I was your age ...", so
readily accepted. The absence of such meetings sometimes makes some of the
children make friends with friends who are not good, which in turn lead to
unmitigated disaster. Advice (14): No Conflict Family Appears in Front of
Children. Very rarely, a group of people living in a home without ever disputing.
Reconciled after a quarrel is better and back on the truth is noble. However, that
could shake the integrity of households and endanger the safety of the internal
structure is apparently a variety of disputes that in the presence of other family
members, so they split into two or more armies, unity became divorced apart, not
to mention the impact on children's mental condition especially against those who
are still small. Think about it, what happens if the father says to his son: "Do not
talk with your mother." The mother also said to his daughter: "Do not talk to your
father." The children become confused, torn apart his soul and all life with a full
load and all difficult. Therefore, we should make sure to avoid disputes, and if
there had nonetheless should we hide it. We beg Allah, may Allah mempertautkan
whole heart. Advice (15): Not Allowing Log Houses to Good People who are not
religious. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "And the parable of an evil
friend is like a blacksmith." In the history of Bukhari stated: "And the blacksmith
(could) burn your house, your clothes or you find a foul odor thereof." That is,
they will burn the house with various kinds of damage and destruction. How
much, because the influx of people who damaged and doubt (religion) was the
cause of the emergence of hostility among family members, separation of husband
from wife. God has cursed the one who deceived her from her husband or vice
versa, and that led to hostility between the father with his children. Indeed, no
causes of magic in your home or sometimes cases of theft and damage morals
except by entering a person who is not his religion well into the house, therefore
they should not be allowed in, although he is a neighbor, male or female, or
persons who pretend to quickly familiar from both men and women. Some people
are sometimes a bit difficult to resist, so when he saw it was in front of a door, he
let her and she knew that person from among those damaged. Women who stay at
home, have a great responsibility in this matter. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi
wa sallam said:''O people, is the most sacred day? What is the most sacred day?
What is the most sacred day? "They said:" Today Haji Akbar ". Then the Prophet
said in the middle of his sermon on that day:" As for you right over your wives is
they should not let someone that you hate stepping on a mattress (seats) you, and
do not give permission (go) to the person you hate ". So should you, O Muslim
women do a heavy heart if your husband or your father refused one of his female
neighbor entered the house, because they know they will influence the
destruction. Also, should you restraint if the woman is comparing her with your
husband so you do not ask your husband will be the things that he is unable to
fulfill it. You are also required to advise your husband, if you look among his
friends at home there who like to invite your husband to kemungkaran.
WARNING: Try as much as Possible to Be More at Home. The guardian (leader)
at home makes all the problems of control, also allows him to educate and
improve the situation, to assist and supervise. Some people argue that the original
obligation for men is out of the house , if he does not get a place where to go
before she went home. This theory is wrong. If the discharge someone from the
home for compliance, it should be able to maintain a balance (between the outside
and inside the house). But if the exit for immoral , spent in vain or superfluous in
the affairs of the world then should he rush to reduce rush-rush and various forms
of business, as well as eliminate some of the less important meetings. Really, it
was so vicious people who wasted their families and stay in a stall -cafes or night
clubs. We do not want echoed behind the programs the enemies of God. Below is
a valuable lesson: In the brochure the French Zionist settlements are called Al-
Masyriqul A'zham held in 1923 stated: "And for reached a split between someone
with a family should you pull out morals from its roots, because the real passions
tend to break family ties and close to things that are forbidden, because it prefers
passion many stories and chat at coffee houses to disseminate family issues " .
Advice (16): Researching in Observing Family Members. Who are your friends
your kids? Do they have met with you or you find out about them? What do your
children with them outside the house? What is in the drawer and bag them, under
the pillow, mattress and what is their secret? Where did your daughter go and with
whom? Some parents do not know if his son was in the closet there are the
pictures and video tapes that do not educate (porn), sometimes even Sometimes
drinks / pills intoxicating.
Most of them do not know, his daughter went to the market with a maid, and then
he sent the maid waited with the driver, then he went according to his promise
with one of her lover, while others go smoke a cigarette with your friends
sepermainannya evil. Those who could escape from her children would not be
separated from the testimony at the Great Day, and they will not be able to escape
from the horror of Judgement Day. "Surely God will hold accountable to each
leader for what he leads, whether he or melalaikannya guard, so that a man asked
about their family members." But there are things to note: • Supervision should it
quietly. • Not to scare. • That the children do not feel lost confidence. • In
advising and providing penalties should consider the age, knowledge and level of
the mistakes they did. • Be careful to conduct in-depth research and a census of
the soul. Someone tells the author, a father has a computer in which she agenda all
his mistakes with details of dates and days at a time. If a new error occurs, she
carries a special re-name the file record his daughter's mistake. then he writes the
new error so that the mistakes were collected neat, both old and new. Comments:
We are not in the company, and the father is not the angel that was assigned to
write all the sins and mistakes. Daddy like that should read a lot of books about
the basics of education in Islam. Instead, the author also knows there are people
who absolutely refuse to interfere in the affairs of their children, arguing children
would not be satisfied that the mistake that he did was a mistake until he was
mired in it, then he knows that error by itself . These distorted beliefs originated
and emerged from Western philosophy and the theory of freedom of the blame.
Really, this is far from the truth. Some people let go of control to his son, for fear-
he regarded that they would be hated, he said, I love him whatever he was doing.
Others let go of control of their children as a form of rejection of rigorous
education and hard that he experienced from his father's first (grandfather of the
child), he assumes that his son should he treated the exact opposite. Others there
are up to the very low level of stupidity to say: "Let our sons and daughters to
enjoy his teenage years as they wish". What type of father like that thought in
mind that one day their children on the Day of Judgement will be calling their
parents by saying: "O father, why did you let me sinner?". Advice (17): Attention
to Children at Home. In this case there are several aspects that need attention,
• Qur'an memorization and Islamic stories. How wonderful when the father
gathered his children to read to them the verses of the Quran with a little
information, and give gifts to those who can memorize it. A young child may also
have memorized surah Al-Kahf because his father always repeating the verse
readings each time on Friday. Similarly, with teaching kids the basics of Islamic
faith as contained in the hadith: "Take care of Allah, Allah will take care of you."
And teach them manners (morals) and prayer-prayer. Like prayer eat, sleep,
sneezing, also familiarize greetings and asked for permission. Includes a very
interesting and significant effect on the child is to tell and let out to them the
stories of Islam. Among those stories is the story of Noah and the flood alaihis
greetings storm, the story of Prophet Ibrahim alaihis greetings in destroying the
statues and then throwing the Prophet Abraham alaihis regards to the fire, the
story of Prophet Moses and Pharaoh's survival of the condition he was drowned in
a sea of , the story of the prophet Jonah in the belly of the fish alaihis greetings,
short stories of the Prophet Joseph alaihis greetings and life journey of the Prophet
Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as he sent him as an apostle and the story
of migration, war excerpts Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam as the battle of
Badr and the Ditch and the His story with other like men and camels which makes
it hungry and struggling. Also the story of righteous people, like the story of
Umar bin Khattab radhiyallah 'anhu with a mother with her children starving in
the camp, the story of the trencher (Ashaabul Ukhduud), the story of the garden
owners in the letter Nun, and three people pent in the cave and so forth. All of the
above should be summarized and simplified with a few comments and decision
ibrah (lesson), we do not need the stories of all kinds which deviate from the
Aqeedah and full of superstition or a scary (horror) that damaged the soul of
children due to fear and bequeath coward. • Watch out for the release of the
children with friends street (who wants). As a result the children will go home
with a greeting and a despicable character. We recommend their friends chosen
from the children and their relatives and neighbors called to the house so that
playing in the house. • Attention to children's toys that entertain and educate. It
should provide room for the kids to play. Good also if there is a special cabinet so
that children could curb their toys in the closet. Should be avoided some of the
games that conflict with Shari'a, such as: musical instruments, which marked the
image of the cross, or a dice game. It would be better if filled with tools that
support the skills for teenagers such as carpentry, electronics, mechanics and
some games (games) the computer is allowed. But in this case, we remind hazard
computer program that can display pictures of women destroyer, is also a game in
which there is a picture of the cross, even some say, one form of computer games
gambling game. Likewise, there are games that feature four girls on the screen.
People who play this game have to choose one among the four images all of
which are almost similar. If you win in this game, players will be given a sign of a
gift with the release of her most Nudity and porn, na'udzubillah.
• Separating boys with a girl in bed. This is the difference between the way home
curb religious people with people who do not pay attention to the matter of
religion. • Joking and love. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam mencandai
children, rubbing their heads and called them with great affection and tenderness.
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam gave souvenirs to the children the first time
the smallest, sometimes most of the boys climbed the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi
wa sallam. Below are two examples of jokes the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
sallam to Hasan and Husayn. From Abu Hurairah radhiyallah 'anhu, who said:
"The Messenger sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam stuck out his tongue to Hasan bin
Ali, the boy he saw his red tongue so ta'ajub and interested her and she
immediately approached him." From Ya'la bin Murrah he said: "We came out
with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam then we were invited to eat.
Suddenly Husain were playing in the street then the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa
sallam soon (to him) in the presence of many people. He spread his hands and
then the boy ran to and fro so as to make the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
laughed until he (successfully) to hold it and he put one hand under his chin and
another child in the middle of his head and then the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa
sallam kissed her. " The discussion in this very long. Hopefully the writers a
chance to discuss it separately in another book, Insha Allah. Advice (18): Set
Sleep and Eat. Part of the house, had a condition like a hotel, almost the occupants
did not know each other, and they rarely meet. Some children eat or sleep at any
time they like to stay up and causing them to waste time, also accumulate between
the food with one another. This led to the collapse of chaos such as bonding
straps, passion and wasted time and formed the soul is not consistent (istiqamah).
Some people who are good excuses to say, the kids are school and college did not
discharge the same time, men and women, as well as with employees, laborers
and traders. However, these conditions do not apply to all. Indeed, there is no
pleasure in excess of one family gathering at the dinner table, then use the
opportunity to know the circumstances of each and discussing something useful.
For households leaders should determine the time back (home) to the house, and
permission if you want to travel, especially for young children - (slightly) in age
and intellect - which still feared happened upon them. Advice (19): Align the
Women at Work Outside the Home. Islamic Sharia is the complement each other.
When Allah ordered the women to his word: "And be ye remain in your house."
(Al-Ahzab: 33). So God made someone must feed them, like a father or husband.
In the original law, women are not allowed to work outside the home except for a
requirement. As when Moses alaihis greeting saw two girls holding the righteous
(inhibit) goat herds waiting their turn. Moses asked them:
"Did you mean (with the intention of it)? Both women said:" We were not able to
drink (our animals), before the pastoralists-herders were repatriates (flocks), our
father is an old man advanced in years. "." (Al-Qashash: 23). Both women
immediately convey the reason why they came out watered the flocks, namely
because the guardian could no longer work because of advanced age. Therefore
we should try to keep Muslim women do not work outside the home, as long as it
allows. He said: "One of the two women said:" O my father, take it as people who
work (on us), because actually the best person you've taken to work (on us) was a
stronger person who can be trusted " . (Al-Qashash: 26). The woman with the
sentences to explain his desire to return home so that he was protected from the
ugliness and disorder that could have happened if she works outside the home.
When the unbelievers in this age needs of women workers after World War I and
II, then it is to replace the shortage of men. Conditions are very difficult because
they have to return the pulse of progress that has been destroyed by war. Jewish
program was very diligent in the liberation of women, they called for women's
rights, with the intent to destroy the woman, who will then destroy the building
society, which initially caused by the discharge of women to work. Although the
motivation (the underlying spirit) that we have is not like they have, is every
Muslim person should maintain and provide for their wives, but women's
liberation movement of the more passionate, even until the demands have sent
women overseas, then ask them work for a diploma that they have not been in
vain. It is a mistake. Muslim community really does not require women to work
this issue in a broad field. Among the arguments in this problem is the presence of
men who are unemployed while the field for women continues to be opened and
expanded. When we say, "in the broad field" then we look very understanding of
their meaning. Because the needs of female employment in some sectors such as
teaching, midwifery, and medicine in accordance with the terms of religion is still
needed. We begin this discussion with the Preamble as the face, because we see
that some women out to work with are not out of necessity, sometimes even with
a very small salary because he felt compelled to come out to work even though he
himself did not need it, even though in places that do not suit her , after it has
happened many great slander. To be fair, then we say: Indeed the workings of a
woman sometimes is really a necessity. For example, that women who bear and
sustain the family economy after the death of a husband or father was old and
weak, so was unable to work or who semisalnya. In some countries, because the
values of the society not based on Islamic values then forced his wife to work to
come covering the needs of the household with her husband, even a man would
not hand in marriage unless the woman who has worked, more than that some of
them in illegitimate contract requires that the candidate's wife worked.
Conclusion: Sometimes women work for need or for purposes such as the Islamic
da'wah to Allah on the battlefield
education, or as entertainment as happened in some of those who had no children.
The negative impact of women working outside the home, among which are: •
The emergence of various forms kemungkaran, like ikhtilath (mixing between
men and women without hijab), which resulted last met each other khalwat
(alone), use fragrance to attract men, jewelry show to them, which in turn could
continue well into the adultery. • Does not give the right husband, underestimate
the problem home and neglect of children's rights (and this is our real theme.) •
Reduced intrinsic meaning of the feelings of male leadership of the soul some
women. Try to think about, a woman who brings the same degree as her husband
diploma diplomas sometimes even higher than her husband's diploma (although
this is not disgraceful), then he works with sometimes a higher salary than her
husband's salary. Do women like this would feel the need fully to her husband and
will obey it perfectly? Or is feeling no need to cause chaos goncangnya
fundamentally domestic buildings?. Except for women who desired both by Allah
Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Thus, the question of maintenance of wives who work and
livelihood to the families will not end. • Increase physical load, mental stress and
nerves are not in accordance with the nature of women. After the presentation of
benefits and losses at a glance problems working women, we say: We should be
cautious to God, weighing scales syar'i any problems with, and understanding the
conditions that allow women out to work and the conditions which forbade it. Let
us not be blinded by worldly employment problem of the path of truth. We advise
the Muslim woman to be cautious to God, to obey her husband if he wishes to
leave his job for the benefit of themselves and the welfare of households.
Similarly, for the husband, not a strategy for revenge and to not eat the property
with his wife without justifiable. Advice (20): Keeping Secrets of Household.
This problem involves several things, including: • No spreading secret intimate
conjugal relations. • Not carry out marital squabbles. • Not open to the public the
secret and any specificity, what if the look will endanger one household or family
member. The first catastrophe, the proposition ban, are the words of the Prophet
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "Verily among the worst human position in the sight
of Allah on the Day of Judgement is a man who fondle his wife, and wife of a
spark to her husband, then she disseminate secret" . Meaning ("yufdhi") which he
did mixing, courtship and copulation as in the word of God: "How do you take it
back, even though some of you have been hanging out (mixed) with another as
husband and wife". (An-Nisa ': '21). Among other arguments that the ban is the
word Asma 'bint Yazid, behold, he is in the Majlis Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa
sallam is the men and women sit. He also said:
"Perhaps there is a man who said about what he did with his wife, and perhaps
there are women who preach about what he did with her husband. So the people
were silent, then I say:" Yes (true), for the sake of Allah, Messenger of Allah. It's
the women doing it and the men likewise. "Messenger of Allah say:" Do not you
guys do, because it's really like devils men who met with the devil woman on the
street and then he was intercourse with the people in view "." In the history of
Abu Dawud mentioned: "Is there among you who, when men came to his wife
and locked the door and netting out the obstacle and he screened by the curtain of
Allah?" They replied: "Yeah right". Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said
(continued): "After that he sat down and said: I have done so and do so". They
were silent, then the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam facing the women then
said: "Do any of you have a talk about it?" They were silent. Then arose a girl
plump down on one knee and raised himself to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
sallam that he saw and heard his words. Then he said: "O Messenger of Allah, the
men really talk about it, so it is with the ladies." So the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi
wa sallam said: "Do you know what this parable? Likeness it is like a devil
woman who met with the devil man in the street, then he is human hajatnya
lampiaskan see him" The second case that is brought out of the house squabbling
husband and wife, in many cases actually add complicated problem, a third party
to intervene in marital disputes so that in most cases adding new problems. Way
out-if others want to help, especially those closest to them - that is by doing
correspondence between the two. Should not interfere in these affairs, except for
reasons to reconcile the parties directly. When we do as instructed by Allah
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "Then send a Hakam (conciliator interpreter) of a
family man and a woman from a family Hakam. If both people Hakam was
intended to make repairs, Allah will give taufik to husband and wife were ". (An-
Nisa ': 35). The third case, that is invite danger to the household or one of its
members to spread its secrets. It should not be, because he included in the words
of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "They should not endanger yourself
and should not be (too) endanger others." Among the examples are as embodied
in the word of God: "God made a wife of Noah and Lot's wife parable for those
who disbelieve. Both are under the supervision of two servants who are righteous
people among the servants of us, then the second wife to both her husband's
betrayal ...". (At-Tahrim: 10). Tafseer Ibn Katheer in quoting this verse says:
"Noah's wife was always a secret peek of Noah, when there are people who
believe in Noah, then he informs the authorities of the faith of Noah about it. The
wife of Lut then if Luth receive male guests, dikabarkannya matter to ordinary
people who commit crimes (homosex) ", namely that they come and do the deed
homosex with the guest. Several Morals At Home
Advice (21): Socializing Intercourse Good (hospitality) in the House. From Aisha
radhiyallah 'anhu, who said: Messenger of Allah sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:
"If Allah 'Azza wa Jalla goodness willed to a family so that He bestows upon
them the good society." In another narration: "Verily Allah if you love a family so
that he bestowed upon them the good society." This means that either treat each
other well. This is one reason for happiness in the home. A good association and
hospitality is very useful between the two spouses, also with the children, who
will bear the results thereof can not be produced by violence. As word of the
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "Verily, Allah loves the good society
(hospitality), and He gives to the social good (hospitality), what is not given to
violence and what is not given to any other." Advice (22): Helping Families in
Homework. Many men are reluctant to do homework, some of them believes that
among the causes reduction in rank and dignity of men that went with other
family members do their jobs. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam sew his
own clothes, mend his sandals and doing work usually done by men in their
homes. As stated by his wife Ayesha radhiyallah 'anha when she asked what was
done by the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam in his home. Ayesha radhiyallah
'anhu answered with what he saw himself. In another narration: "He is a human
being among all people, clean clothes, milking goats and serve him." Ayesha
radhiyallah 'anhu was also asked what is done by the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa
sallam in his home. He said: "He is (together), jobs-meaning family helps family-
and when to come (when) he came out to pray the prayer." If we practice it today,
means we have to realize some benefit: • imitate the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
sallam. • We will help the family. • We feel humble and not takabbur (pride). Part
of the husband asked the wife to serve food immediately, while the pot was still
on the stove fire, screaming her little boy wanted fed, he did not touch the child,
also did not want to wait a little wait for food. Should some of the above hadith as
a lesson and warning. Advice (23): Be Gentle and joking with family.
Be gentle to his wife and children is one factor that could spread happiness
climate and the close relationships among family. Therefore, the Prophet
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam advised Jabir to marry a woman who was a virgin. He
said: "Why (do not you choose) virgin (so) you can mencandainya and he
mencandaimu, and you (could) make her laugh and she makes you laugh."
"Everything in which there is no recollection of God is futile, except for four
cases: percandaan man against his wife ...". Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
mencandai Ayesha radhiyallah' anha when he was bathing with him. Aisha
recounts: "I and the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam never take a bath
together from a single scoop for both (in turn), then he beat me so I say" let me,
let me ", he said, are both located in a state junub". The joke Prophet sallallaahu
'alaihi wa sallam to small children so very much to mention. He often loved and
mencandai Hasan and Hussein, as we have done in advance. Perhaps this also
causes young children very happy with his arrival from travel. They immediately
rushed to pick up the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, as mentioned in the
saheeh hadeeth: "When coming from the trip, he dihamburi by small children
from their families." Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam hold them, as narrated
by Abdullah bin Ja'far: "When the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam came from
traveling, he rushed to us, rushed to me, to Hasan and Husayn, he said:" The
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam took one of us in between his hands, and the
other on the back so we entered the city of Medina. "Compare this with the
situation between some houses are barren, no jokes, no laughter, tenderness, nor
love affection. Whoever thinks that kissing the children would reduce the
authority of the father then he should read the following hadeeth: from Abu
Hurairah radhiyallah 'anhu, who said: "The Messenger sallallaahu' alaihi wa
sallam kissed Hasan ibn Ali was at his side there is al-Aqra 'son of Out At-
Tamimi was sitting. So Al-Aqra 'said: "I have ten children, I have never kissed
one of them." So the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam saw him then said:
"Whoever does not love, surely he is not loved." Advice (24): Getting rid of Bad
Morals at Home. One of the family members could not escape the bad morals and
deviant, such as: lying, gossip, pit or the like. Bad character should be combated
and eliminated. Some people think that physical punishment is the only way out
to resolve the issue. Below Ayesha radhiyallah 'anha narrated the hadith-the issue
of full-charge of education: "The Messenger sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam when
knowing one's family members to do so lies, he continued to turn away from it so
that it says repent."
From the above hadith, it is clear that turning away and Hijr (segregate, silence,
left) did not ask him to chat and give justly punished - in this case - is more
influential than physical punishment. Therefore, educators should think about it at
home. Advice (25): Gantungkanlah Whips that can viewed by family members.
Appeared and beckoned form of punishment is one of the methods of higher
education. Therefore, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam sallallaahu' alaihi
wa sallam explained the reasons why should be hung from a whip or a cane at
home. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Gantungkanlah whip which can
be viewed by family members, because he had more to educate them." By looking
at a tool to punish, making people afraid to do harm, because it was horrified by
the punishment that would form the receipt, so he became the motivation
(incentive) for them in a civilized and noble. Ibn Al-Anbari said: "There is no
history that says to hit with it, because the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
did not tell this to anyone, but he wanted to educate them you do not loose"
Beating was not a basis in teaching. Not allowed to use it unless you have
exhausted all means to educate or burden to perform the required obedience. As
word of God: "The women that you worried about nushuz (leave liabilities
married wife) was then nasehatilah them and separate them in bed them and beat
them." (An-Nisa: 34). In an orderly manner, as well as in the words of the Prophet
sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "Command your children to pray when they were
seven years old and beat for leaving when they were ten years old." Using the
penalty at without required is a violation. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
advised women not to marry a man because he did not put a stick from his neck,
that is because he likes beating up women. But those who think no punishment at
absolutely necessary, because imitation on educational theory infidels, then this
opinion is wrong and contrary to the texts syar'i. Misguidance misguidance
Domestic-Advice (26): Be aware of entry that is not a mahram relative to the wife
who is in the house when the husband sedangTiada. Advice (27): Separating
Between Men with Women in the Event of Family Visits friendship. Advice (28):
Beware of Dangers at Home Drivers and Helpers. Advice (29): Be Keluarkanlah
People Kebanci-bancian from Your home.
Advice (30): Beware of the Dangers of Film. Advice (31): Be cautious of Crime
Phone. Advice (32): Compulsory Eliminate Every Identity - Whatever shape
vanity-Religious People Pagan, Including Those god and God. Advice (33):
Eliminate The drawings animate creatures. Advice (34): forbid smoking in Your
house. Advice (35): Do not Maintain the Dog in the House. Advice (36):
Avoiding of Decorating Houses with Assorted Color (Excess-overage). Houses
Viewed From Within And From Outside Advice (37): Choosing a Location and
Design House is Right. No doubt, a true Muslim will notice about the selection of
the location and exact location of the house. He will implement several programs
for a residential home so that proper Muslim. In terms of location, for example: •
Houses should be adjacent to the mosque. This is very beneficial. When the call to
prayer echoing call of prayer, he can immediately go to the mosque and get
jama'ah. For the women, they will usually listen to reading the Quran from
loudspeakers. As for small children, they can freely obeying the Quran recitation
Halaqah, learning the Koran and so forth. • In order not in one building with the
wicked, or in a residential village there are those who disbelieve, for example in
the middle of the village there is a swimming pool for public, mix-ups between
men and women for instance. • In order not to see and not see, if there just
happened then may use the veil, or by elevating the fence. In terms of design, for
example: • He should pay attention to the separation between men with women
and foreign guests, such as entrances, seating space and so on. If not possible,
then can use the veil or hijab. • Covering the windows with screens or satire
(curtain), so that the person who is in the room not visible by neighbors or passers
by, especially at night when bright light.
• Should not use the toilet facing the Qibla. • It should select a large house and a
lot of home furnishings. This is because a few things: "Verily, Allah likes it when
seeing his former blessings on His servants". "Three things, including happiness
and three things, including suffering. Including happiness is: women Shalihah that
if you see it please you, when you go from it you feel safe on him and on your
treasure, and animal mounts, so he menghantarkanmu follow your friends as well
as a large house and lots of furniture. And including misery is a woman who,
when you see it and you feel reluctant, he attacked you with his tongue, if you
leave him you do not feel safe for himself and for the treasure, and a slow animal,
if you hit it it will tire you and if you leave it (do not hit it) so no
menghantarkanmu follow your friends as well as a few home furnishings. " •
Looking at health, for example about the air vents and the entry of sunlight into
the house. But some of the above and other matters should be measured in
accordance with the capabilities of existing materials and conditions, should not
be forced. Advice (38): Choosing a neighbor before Selecting a Home. Because of
the importance of this issue, should be discussed in isolation, so a bit detailed.
Neighbors in our era, have no small influence on the neighbor next door. Because
each berdekatannya homes and gathering them in flats, condominiums or
apartments. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam reported, four things, including
happiness, among them a good neighbor. He also mentions four things including
misery, of whom an evil neighbor. Because of the dangers of this evil neighbor,
the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam refuge in Allah from it to pray: "O Allah,
I seek refuge to You from a bad neighbor in a dwelling house, because the
nomadic neighbors (sedentary life, including contract some time, important life)
will be moved ". Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam ordered all Muslims to take
refuge from it by saying: "you shelter in Allah from the evil neighbor in a
dwelling house, because the nomadic neighbors will move from you". In this
small book, certainly not sufficient to explain in detail about the influence of evil
neighbor to the husband and wife and children, a variety of painful disorders
thereof, and the distress of living side by side with him. However, by practicing
the hadiths that have been past (the problem of neighbors) is sufficient for people
who want to take lessons. Maybe in between the road to solve the concrete that is
- as practiced by some people - by renting a house adjacent to the evil neighbor to
the people who was related to them, though for it to be lost from the material side,
because the real good neighbor can not rewarded with material, of any size.
Advice (39): Noting that Need Improvement and Support Provide Comfort.
Among the favors of God to us in this day and age that gave us the means
convenience of making it easier for our life problems in the world, it also saves
time. As the AC (air conditioner), fridge / washing machine etc. We recommend
that if you have tools like that, we do not use it with wasteful and mubadzir. Must
also be able to distinguish between the needs of tertiary (complement) that are
needed and useful to the needs of tertiary useless. Among the forms of attention to
the house is to fix the furniture and equipment that have been damaged. Some
people underestimate, and their wives complain because of the many insects,
garbage piled up so that cause odor, there are a lot of broken furniture and goods
scattered. The things on top no doubt, including those that obstruct the realization
of happiness, cause health problems and domestic. People who are healthy minds
will certainly resolve these problems. Advice (40): Noting Health and Treatment
of Family Members. If one of the family members of the Prophet sallallaahu
'alaihi wa sallam was sick, he gave the spell by reading the letters mu'awwidzat
(surat Al-lkhlash, surat Al-Falaq An-Nas and letters). And when a family member
he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam made soup made him sick, then they were sent
inhaling the soup. He said: "Verily, the soup strengthens the hearts of the grieving
and open the hearts of the sick as any one of you clean the dirt from his face."
About some way of preventive and safety; Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
said: "If you have evening then resist your children (at home), because the real
devil when it roamed. And if some of the night had passed then let them (out for a
while , if it is necessary), lock the doors and call it the name of God, and shut all
the vessel as well call it the name of God, even by putting something (piece of
wood, for example) on it, and turn off your lights. " In the history of Muslim:
"Lock your doors, close your vessels, turn off your lights, eratkanlah you drink
bottle caps. For indeed Satan does not open the locked door, do not open the lid,
do not release the bond. And lo mice it can cause a fire at home against the
occupants. " Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Do not leave a fire in
your home while you're sleeping."

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