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									                          November 2005


     Discovery - Buy
     Our Model Portfolio
     The Performance of Anglorand Asset Management Private Client Portfolios

Desmond Esakov, Portfolio Manager.
Gary Cahn, Technical Inputs
Discovery (2100 cps current price) - Buy


      Discovery operates in the health and life assurance markets. The company specialises in
       financing and managing health related risk.

Table 1: Discovery Group Structure


        Discovery Health   Discovery Vitality   Discovery Life   Destiny (USA)   Pruhealth (UK)

      The table above shows the current structure of Discovery. It consists of 5 businesses. Discovery
       Health, Discovery Vitality and Discovery Life. These are the South African businesses. Destiny
       and Pruhealth are the offshore operations based in the US and UK respectively.

Group Financial Results Review for 2005

      Group revenue increased 9% from R3.7bn to just over R4bn
      Diluted HEPS increased by 28% from 77.4 cps to 99.2cps
      Annualised new business increase by an impressive 35% to R4.3bn
      Embedded value on diluted basis increased by 32% to R17.03cps.
      Operating profit increased by 11% to R787mn from R708mn in 2004. The operating profit of
       the South African operations was R1, 022mn compared to R842mn in the previous year. The.
       overseas operations made an operating loss of R235mn
      Cash flow remained strong with Cash flow from operations increasing to R420mn from R92mn.
       Cash and equivalents stood at R1075bn which amounts R1.94 per share (fully diluted) Cash
       generated by operations increased by70% from R337mn to R585mn

Business Review

      Discovery Health experienced strong growth in new business, infrastructure and competitive
       position, with operating profit growing by 8% to R563m. Its size, product range and operational
       sophistication positions it well for future growth. Discovery health increased membership by
       12% to 1.8 million during the 2005 financial year.
      Discovery Life's performance exceeded expectation and operating profit grew by 55%to R421m
       (2004: R271m). It continues to hold a leadership position in the pure protection market and also
       entered the investment market with the retirement Optimiser. Discovery Life continues
       developing its UK joint initiative with the Prudential plc, set to roll out in 2006.
      Vitality's performance was pleasing and the new launch of the Discovery Card was successful
       with more than 200 000 cards issued. The Card's role is to provide Discovery members with a

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       tangible and immediate reason to better manage their health and the new Health Plan Account
       will help to build on this
      Destiny Health new business increased 64% to R809m (2004: R494m), but it generated a higher
       than expected operating loss of R87m for the year as additional costs were incurred with the
       transition of Destiny's back-office to South Africa. Discovery however, feel that Destiny is
       uniquely positioned to capitalise on the rapidly emerging US consumer-driven health insurance
       market and are looking to pursue a more aggressive expansion strategy in the short term.
      PruHealth progressed as expected, with start-up and operating costs in line with our business
       plan. The annualised recurring new business production amounted to R35 million with 10 000
       new lives.

Fundamental Analysis

Table 2: Earnings Analysis

          A method we use to identify undervalued companies is by calculating the PEG ratio. The
           PEG ratio is defined as the ratio between the current PE of a company and its estimated
           future earnings growth. In general the lower the PEG the more value a company should
           offer to the investor. AS a rule of thumb a value of 1 indicates the share is over priced. A
           value of between 0.8 to 1 indicates to us the share may be fairly valued while a PEG value
           below 0.8 is considered to be undervalued.
          According to our model Discovery’s PEG ratio is 0.6.
          Despite the company having a high PE we feel that the expected future growth in earnings
           more than compensates for the high rating that the market has assigned to the company. In
           fact if the performance of the offshore operations are striped out or assume they break even
           then Discovery would be trading at a PE of around 15.5X.
          Discovery is currently trading on a PE of 21.3X but is on a forward PE of 13X.
          The Groups current Embedded Value is 1700cps. The share price is trading at a 23%
           premium to Embedded this (2100cps). Given the groups significant growth potential we feel
           that such a premium is warranted.
          Since listing Discovery has traded at an average PE of 20. Should the market continue to
           rate Discovery at such a level our fair value estimate is R32 for the share. Using a more
           conservative PE of 16 however, we value the share at R26. This represents a 24% premium
           to the current price of R21.

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Technical View

      Discovery has been in a consolidation phase for the last 9 months and will probably stay in the
       range close to the release of the next set of results. There is support at 2050cps.


      Discovery management is very positive on the outlook for the Group. Management feels that all
       Discovery’s businesses are well positioned in the markets in which they operate and strong
       growth is expected going forward.


      Discovery although on a historical PE of 21 appears expensive. However, given the company’s
       potential growth prospects we think such a rating is warranted. When future earnings are
       analysed Discovery looks far more attractive. According to our analysis Discovery’s forward
       PE is 13 and has a PEG of 0.6.
      Using a conservative earnings multiple of 16X we estimate a fair value of R26 for the share.
       We feel a PE of 16 is conservative given the tremendous growth potential of the company.
      We therefore recommend long term investors buy the share.

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Our Model Portfolio

      MTN has been added to the portfolio as we believe the company has excellent growth potential
       going forward.
      Nampak has been sold out of the portfolio
      We have increased our weightings in Amplats, Sasol amd Remgro. Weightings have been
       reduced in Standard Bank and Billiton.

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The Performance of Anglorand Asset Management Private Client Portfolios
                                               Private Client Asset Management Services

Anglorand provides portfolio management services for individual clients. Our investment philosophy aims at long-term
accumulation of wealth with special attention to the needs of the individual client. More specifically, our portfolio
management aims to deliver a return in excess of JSE All Share Index.

The figure below shows our performance since we joined Anglorand Securities on a typically managed portfolio. This performance
shown is net off all charges such as management fees, brokerage and admin

                   Anglorand Managed Portfolio vs. JSE ALSI


                                                  Anglorand                Performance net of all fees





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For more details please contact:

Desmond Esakov
Tel: (011) 484 7440
Cell: 083 285 0863

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David Palmer (Director/Head Dealer); Adriaan Kamper (Financial Director);
Yulindi Taljaard (Compliance Officer/Settlements Manager).

Richard Bonnichsen; Desmond Esakov, Gary Cahn, Richard Palmer, Nicolas Kunze.

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