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									Welcome to ProTrac® Distribution Software
 “Innovative Software Solutions for small to mid-sized
               Hard Goods Distributors”

                       Professional Data Systems, Inc.
                       664 SE Bayberry Lane
                       Lee’s Summit, MO. 64043
                       (800) 711-7374
                       (816) 554-3010
                       (816) 554-3130 fax

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    Does your current
software give you control
  over Your Inventory?
Does your system give you a
    competitive edge ?

   Can you offer
    multi-tier pricing by
   Do you have real
    time inventory
   Can you track lost
    sales and slow
    moving inventory?
Is it True Windows®?
                      Can you fax from
                       any terminal?
                      Do you have
                       internet and E-mail
                       gateways from any
                      Do you have
                       electronic catalog
If you are a small to mid-sized
 distributor looking to make a
  software solution change …

       WE CAN HELP!!
We are Protrac and we make
the most advanced distribution
    system available today.
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     Software Solutions
                                         Welcome to Professional Data Systems. We are the
                                           authors of ProTrac , an advanced Inventory
                                         control and order entry system. We use the latest
       Special Features                   technology to provide you with state-of-the-art
                                               software to solve your business needs.

                                          “The customer support at ProTrac is great, it
     Training & Support                   is rare that I have to call, but when I do I
                                          am able to talk to a person immediately.
                                          They go out of their way to make sure my
                                          question is fully answered going above and
         Our Company                      beyond my expectations.” Scott Chase,
                                          Chase Industrial Supply
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Software Solutions
                       Protrac for Windows NT is an advanced inventory
                       control and order entry system. Designed specifically for
     Inventory         the wholesale distribution industry.
                       By combining true Windows with a Progress Relational
                       Data base ProTrac offers you a powerful software package
                       that is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to manage.
                       ProTrac provides greater flexibility, more features and
                       increases productivity to improve your bottom line.
    Management         “Windows has brought our three
                       locations into the 21st Century.
                       ProTrac gives us the flexibility
     Purchasing        we need for our ever changing
                       business environment.”
                       Rob Yarick, VP;
     Customer          Heath Sales and Service:
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                                                        The first page of the inventory screen, designed for

Inventory Management
                                                           a quick glance of all the information needed.

 Page 1

ProTrac streamlines daily operations. Quick and easy
navigation utilizing Windows technology saves time
and money. ProTrac’s unique inventory management
structure is designed to meet today’s needs
and tomorrow’s!

Features and Benefits
•Real time inventory control. Know what
 you actually have in stock, anytime, without waiting
 until the end of the day to run a batch

•Unlimited sales history periods: weekly, monthly, quarterly, YTD tracking quantity, gross
 margin dollars, gross margin percentage, cost of sales, etc

•Easy item identification. Search by item number or partial number, product line, class,
 description, OEM, UPC, or SKU number
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Inventory Management                                For the past five years ProTrac has
                                                    easily managed our over 200,000+
                                                    parts inventory.” Alan Heatherington,
Page 2                                              Owner; Bannister Auto Parts

•Popularity code analysis and reporting. Lets you find out what’s moving and what’s not,
allowing your company to make the correct buying decisions to save bottom line dollars.
                                         •Multiple Location Management. Allows you to
                                          compare every store in your operation for better
                                          customer service.

                                         •Fifteen price fields per item number. Pricing flex-
                                          ibility for a competitive advantage and error reduction.

                                         •Automatic Vendor price updates. Eliminate long
                                          hours spent manually inputting price updates. With
                                          ProTrac simply insert the manufactures disk and the
                                          updates are done automatically!!

                                         •Fully Integrated Accounts Payable and General
                                          Ledger. Item purchase reporting by customer,
                                          on demand period reports, track customer returns.
 Screen showing multiple Price Fields                     BACK
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  Point-of-Sale                                            Order Entry Screen is easy to read and
                                                                        easy to use

   Page 1

The order entry/POS module is built around a simple
menu structure. Users can simultaneously create an
order, check item availability & prices, suspend order,
recall open order, and special order without exiting
the current task. When finished creating the order, it
can later be recalled to modify a line entry and/or
invoice the order. Easily convert quotes to orders.

Features and Benefits
•Easy customer look-up by name, phone
 number or account number

•Easy item entry with searches by manufacturer, item number, or description

•Automatic pricing by customer and item

•On screen prior purchase date and price                  BACK
•On screen account credit validation                                 (single click)
                                              “ProTrac has saved us time and money,
 Point-of-Sale                                it is very flexible and easy for our
                                              employees to use.”
                                               Darin Scorza, MIS Director; Electronics
  Page 2
                                              Supply Co.

•On the fly gross margin
 percent by price/item
                                                                •Discount by amount
                                                                 or percentage
•Lost sales tracking
                                                                •Special order control
•Remote order entry
                                                                •Repair and Service
•Customized part number
 cross referenced by
                                                                •Unlimited ship-to
•Multiple store control
 and reporting
                                                                •Reprint invoices
•Internet order entry
                           Screen showing search by class

                                  (single click)                     Menu
Financial Management
   Page 1

ProTrac’s totally integrated
financial package is easy to use,
yet powerful enough for today’s
complex business needs

Accounts Payable
•Document imaging

•Multiple payment methods

•1099 generation

•Cash flow reporting

•Multiple currency
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                                    (single click)          Menu
 Accounts Receivable                         “The financial package is great…..everything
                                             is right at your fingertips.
                                             Melba Oyer, Office manager;
  Financial Management page 2                Heath Sales and Service

•Fast, informative                                                •Credit hold and P.O.S.
 inquiries by account to                                           lockout
 provide all required
 information at your                                              •Billing, order contacts
 fingertips                                                        with phone numbers

•Easy “pay from oldest                                            •Quantity break
 forward” posting of                                               discounts by customer,
 payments                                                          product line & item
•Receive manually by
 invoice or multi-invoice                                         •Summary sales
 selection                                                         history; current period,
                                                                   last period, YTD, last
•Credit Analysis                                                   YTD, sales, returns,
                                                                   net, and gross margin
•Automatic handling of      Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts
 terms discounts
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                                (single click)                   Menu
                                                   •Flexible financial
Accounting System                                   reporting for balance
Financial Management page 3
                                                   •On-line graphs

                                                   •Flexible accounting

                                                   •Fiscal & calendar year

                                                   •Automatic accruals

                                                   •Recurring entries,
                                                    spreadsheet integration

                                                   •Sales commission

                                                   •Multiple currency

                                                   •Comprehensive general
                                                    ledger system
              G/L Accounts Activity Graph
                                                          Menu    (single click)
 Purchasing                                  Page 1 of the Purchasing Screen

Purchasing is fast, easy and accurate.
With ProTrac, you have all the information
you need at your fingertips to help
you purchase the right inventory, in
optimal quantities, at the right time.

Features and Benefits
•Automatic or manual P.O. Generation

•Order by vendor stock numbers

•Suggested restocking levels

•Optional calculation of re-order points

•Drop shipment capability
                                                                Menu           (single click)
  Maintenance                                     Customer Maintenance Screen

We understand that customer satisfaction is
a priority for your business. With ProTrac
you have the informationyou need to provide
efficient, timely and cost effective service to
keep your customers happy and coming back.

Features and Benefits
•Previous item purchase history

•Flexible, defined pricing structure

•Multiple ship to addresses

•Multiple Tax Rates

•Multiple, user defined note or
 comment areas                                      BACK
                                                                                (single click)
                                                                 New Thin Client Terminal is built specifically

 Special Features
                                                                     for Windows NT Terminal Server®

      Page 1

•Windows Designed. ProTrac is a true Windows
 application, not redesigned or modified software.
 This means you can fax from any terminal, receive and
 send E-mail, gain access to the Internet, provide EDI
 capabilities, and are able to provide electronic catalogs.

•NEW!! Windows NT Terminal Server. This
 represents the newest, cutting edge technology from
 Microsoft. Known as “Thin-Client”, it provides
 economic data transmission using a simple 56K line.
 Most other applications require more expensive dedicated “T1” phone lines.

•Thin Client Terminal server is less expensive to own and support.                There is no disk drive and no game
 for your staff to play like a normal PC.

•Equipment Peripherals. Our integrated system is compatible with the most advanced hardware
 available, including bar code scanners, signature Pads, document imaging scanning, and the new
 ThinStar® terminal, (as seen above).

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  Special Features                                                  User Permission Screen

Page 2

•Security. Protrac allows the administrator to define
multiple levels of security per user. Security permissions
defined by the user not the location

•Report Generation. ProTrac comes standard
with a sophisticated report writer that is easy to use
and provides the ability to generate custom
reports as needed.

•Installation. Installation of your new Protrac
System is done by a qualified group of professionals
who will ensure that your needs are met.

•Conversion. File conversion usually allows current
system data to transfer to ProTrac. This service saves the
expense and effort of re-entering current information.

•Hardware Support and Warranties. Along with your software support we provide complete
 hardware support and provide a 3 year on-site warranty with all our hardware.
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                                                              Classroom Training Facility

 Training & Support

•Training. PDSI is capable of providing both
 on-site and classroom training. Our Corporate
 Center is fully equipped with modern equipment
 and training facilities. Initial training is usually
 provided to key employees and requires one
 week. On-site training is conducted during
installation and start-up. Classroom training is
provided on a regularly scheduled basis for
customers and prospective clients.

•Support. Customer Service and ongoing support include
• An 800 number
• A friendly an knowledgeable staff
• An emergency after hours number
• The next software upgrade
Our mission is to provide unparalleled customer support and
To provide the service needed to assure your success.

                                                                            Menu            (single click)
                                                      Our Corporate Offices located in Suburban
                                                                  Kansas City, MO.

Our Company
•Company History. Founded in 1991, P.D.S.I.
 Is headquartered in suburban Kansas City, with
 a regional office in St. Louis. Our
 home facility includes hardware assembly rooms
 customer support areas, and a modern, fully
 equipped classroom for training.

•We currently have over 60 system users in 27
states and in several wholesale distribution
                                                    “This has been a great replacement for
 PDSI has an innovative product and emphasizes
                                                       our old system. The support and
 quality, technical innovation, customer service,
                                                     performance has been outstanding”
 and ongoing support.
                                                     Pete Herrmann, Upshur Warehouse
 We appreciate your interest in ProTrac®
Please fill out our information request form or
ask for a ProTrac® demonstration over the
                                                                         Menu        (single click)
          Thanks for your interest in
        ProTrac® Distribution Software
       “Innovative Software Solutions for Business”

                           Professional Data Systems, Inc.
                           201 N.W. Victoria Dr.
                           Lee’s Summit, MO. 64086
                           (800) 711-7374
                           (816) 554-3010
                           (816) 554-3031 fax

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