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									                                      SE District Meeting
                      “How to throw a Membership Recognition Event”
                                   Brainstorming results

Recognition items
    Letter or note to boss
    Notice on the APICS website
    Note from APICS SE District Manager
    American Express (Visa or MC) gift certificate
    Perfect Attendance Recognition
    Certification pins
    Membership year pins
    Plaques
    Certificates (with or without frames)
    APICS Bookstore Gift Certificate
    Caricature picture (cartoon art) signed by the chapter board members
    “Free class” certificate
    Shirts
    APICS Logo Items
    $300 cruise
    Free PDMs
    Newspaper announcements
    PowerPoint slides during the meeting with the names recognized
    For Board members – pay only for class materials (participant guides) and not class fee
    Shirts with embroidery on what they are being recognized for (e.g. CPIM Certification)
    Frames for certificates
    Special Invitations
    Invite the spouse
    Engraved items
    MONEY!!!!

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