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					       Curriculum vitae

       Personal Information
                  Name/Surname         Gabriel Giurca
                            Adress     Str. Masina de Paine nr. 3 Bl. 2 Sc. A Ap. 14 Sector 2 Bucuresti
                     Mobile Phone      +40. 723.779.117

                         Nationality   Romanian

                       Date of birth   2 oct 1979
                      Place of birth   Bucharest, Romania

                            Gender     male

       Desired employment/ Architecture / Architect
         Occupational field

             Work experience
                             Dates     2006-2009
                                Job    architect
Main activities and responsabilities   Client discussions
                                       Travelling throughout the country to different construction sites or clients.
                                       Urban planning consulting (also online)
                                       Contractual phase, billing, bank relationship
                                       Technical documentation for urban planning (CU)
                                       Building concept – before beggining technical project
                                       Coordonation of documentation and all kinds of technical engineers
                                       Technical building blueprints for technical documentation required to authorize project with the town
                                       hall and other affiliated institutions. (construction or demolition)
                                       Documentation for all kinds of authorizations.
                                       Plotting on very big formats (long A0)
                                       Tridimensional and bidimensional presentations from sketch to very detailed as required.
                                       Measurement and blueprints of existent buildings.
                Name of employer       Architectural office Cristina Blaj
        Type of business or sector     Architectural projects – Designing all required documentation for construction authorization and
                                       building planning, mostly for single family housing
                                 Date    2000-2010
                                  Job    Freelancer collaboration with different architecture offices and architects.
  Main activities and responsabilities   Various architectural activities, mainly tridimensional renders and project designing.
                  Name of employer       Arh. Cristina Blaj, Arh. Giurca Ion, Arh. Ileana Jelea, Arh. Ovidiu Apetrei

                                 Date    2004-2006
                                  Job    Network administrator – business associate
  Main activities and responsabilities   Hardware and software administration of computer networks
                                         Designing, planning and physical construction of wide area networks, WAN, LAN, WiFI
                                         Allmost 200 users network administration and connection in about 2 years from zero.
                                         Technical support for hundreds of computers.
                                         Internet and communication services by wire of wireless.
                                         Chief of 4 employees in one of the first low-cost wide area networks in Bucharest.

                  Name of employer       SC Nick& Nick SRL
          Type of business or sector     Internet provider

       Education and training
                               Dates     1987-2006
       Type of qualification awarded     Architect diploma obtained in winter of 2010
                                         Subject: Collective buildings and commercial spaces (over 17000 sqm terrain and 70000 sqm built)

Main studied discipline / professional   Architecture and urban planning
            competences developed
Name and type of learning institution    2000-2006 Architecture and urban planning – (6 years)
                                         1995-1999 National Highschool Mihai Viteazul - Bucharest – Bachelor diploma (4 years)
                                         1987-1995 General school nr. 5 Bucharest class I-VIII (8 years)
   Level in national and international   University graduate, Diploma architect in probation.
                        classification   Member in probation of the Romanian Order of Architects.
                                         ISCED level 5B

            Personal skills and
                  Mother language        ROMANIAN

           Limbi străine cunoscute
                      Autoevaluare                   Understanding                                   Talking                      Writing
                                               Listening             Reading          Spoken interaction       Oral speech        Writing
                         ENGLEZA               VERY GOOD             VERY GOOD                GOOD                     GOOD       VERY GOOD
                       FRANCEZA                VERY GOOD             VERY GOOD            NOT SO GOOD          NOT SO GOOD          GOOD
   Social skills and competences     Excellent communication skills. Able to clearly communicate the message to the client (customer).
                                     Firm and fair in negotiations with suppliers and constructors.
                                     Professional relationships and friendships with engineers of all specialties, expert engineers, builders,
                                     architects, auditors, etc..

           Organisational skills     Spirit de echipa si coordonare. Capacitatea de a duce la capat proiectele singur sau in echipa, dupa
             and competences         cum este cazul, din faza CU si pana la PT.

Technical skills and competences     ARCHITECTURE
                                     Bidimensional and tridimensional drawings and blueprints for constructions. Plans, facades, sections.
                                     Usage of advanced and intelligent software for architecture.
                                     Folosirea de software avansat si inteligent de arhitectura.
                                     Preparation of documentations in architectural designing and authorization.
                                     Building concept.
                                     Coordonation of documentation and all kinds of technical engineers
                                     Measurement and blueprints for existent buildings.
                                     Plotting on all existing formats and plotters.
                                     Excellent knowledge of software and hardware (assembly dissasembly of a PC in under 30 mins)
                                     Install-uninstall of any software or operating system
                                     Advanced knowledge of hardware and software functioning, computer networks of LAN, WAN os WiFI
                                     Good knowledge of designing HTML websites.
                                     Owner, designer and administrator of ( website and forum
                                     Medium knowledge of international curency exchange markets.

                                     Nemetschek Allplan BIM– over 10 years of experience – exceptional ability in building design
                                     and 3D modelling in all versions of the software
                                     Standard preconfigurat propriu de layere si obiecte inteligente perfect compatibil cu AutoCAD.
                                     Preconfigured personal layer and intelignet objects standard perfectly compatiible with AutoCAD.
                                     AutoCAD – Limited experience – medium level
                                     ArchiCAD- Base experience – poor level
                                     Revit Architecture – Base experience – poor level
                                     Cinema 4D (professional rendering software) – excelent rendering and texturing ability. Over 6
                                     years experience in all versions.
                                      3D max – Base experience – medium- poor level

                                     Office series – Advanced knowledge of Excel, Word
                                     Corel Graphics series – medium knowledge
                                     Adobe series – Advanced knowledge in Photoshop, Acrobat Proffesional.
                                     Hundreds of minor software for vectorising, geographic localization, sound mixing, etc
                                     Adaptability and flexibility to learn and work with any new software.

                                     GENERAL PC KNOWLEDGE
                                     Over 15 years experience with computers, hobby and passion since childhood.
                                     Proficiency in utilisation of hundreds of softwares.
                                     Excelent knowledge of working with every major operating system like MS-DOS, windows 95, 98, XP,
                                     VISTA or WIN 7
                                     Knowledge and working with computers of any generation and configuration.
                                     Advanced knowledge of installation, uninstalation, repair, formatting of any PC
                                     Advanced knowledge of computer networking, routing and configuration of networks of any type.
                                     Designing and administrating HTML websites.

 Artistical skills and competences   Hand and/or computer assisted drawings and sketches.
                                     Interior and exterior 3D rendering in high quality.
                                     Artistical and architectural phography.
   Other skills   Advanced usage of almost any type of device: mobile phones, GPS, Windows mobile based devices
                  of any kind, Notebooks, Laptops, printers, routers, modems, digital projectors, professional photo

Driving licence   B (small cars) – obtained 2005 – skilled driver