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					                    Secrets of the Millionaire Society
                                  By Kenneth Ford/EliKen Marketing

Are you able to identify the characteristics of a successful blog? A focus on attracting a large readership
is a key component to having a successful blog, A focus on attracting these readers is a necessity if you
want to make money blogging.
There are many ways to go about getting readers, but you should know that only about a handful of
them will work to get you the readers that you desire.
By now, I am sure you know, that you need a blog in order to propel your online business to the next
level. You should be able to see that having a blog will be an integral factor in your business expansion.
Internet marketers universally agree, that “the money is in the list”, so you must focus on building a
list, if you want to make money with your blog. Building your list using free methods can take some
time, advertising and driving traffic to your blog may be faster, although it is risky before you learn the
caveats of paid methods. Regardless of the method you decide to use you need to build a capture page
to acquire subscribers to your blog. Of the available methods, building a list using SEO is the preferred
method, in my opinion. SEO methods can be completely free, so your only risk will be the time you
spend in doing the work. If you think that you can’t build a successful blog from scratch, then you need
to think again.
Internet marketing is in itself difficult, and building a successful blog may be even harder. The
hallmark of a popular blog is steady traffic, but don’t become discouraged if your blog is not there yet.
You want to become an expert in your niche, and the creation of successful blogs is necessary to attain
that status. It becomes easier to sell your goods and services, once you have earned some credibility.
No matter your method of monetization, your subscriber base has to be large in order to become
financially successful. If you have Google AdSense on your blog, you should know that you will get a
lot of clicks, but to consistently see the numbers rise in your favor, you need a following of people who
will visit your blog on a daily basis. Successful blogs all have large numbers of visitors.
I mentioned above that successful blogs have a lot of traffic visiting their site. Your blog will be dead in
the water without a lot of traffic, it is marketing 101, it is of paramount importance. The basic concepts
of marketing prescribe the need for a large volume of traffic, you will not survive in internet marketing
without it. There are a ton of ways to get traffic, but only a few of them are worth your time. You would
be well advised to stay with the free traffic methods as a beginner, as the paid methods of advertising
may be cost prohibitive, you can spend a great deal of money figuring out what works and what doesn’t
with paid methods.
                                                           One of the best free methods to advertise is to use
                                                           video marketing. After creating 3 – 5 minute
                                                           videos, you can submit them for free, to sites like
                                                           Metacafe, YouTube and Google video. These sites
                                                           are all popular and get a incredible amounts of
                                                           traffic to them on a daily basis. These sites will
                                                           prove to benefit you, because of the huge traffic
                                                           numbers that they generate on a daily basis,
                                                           across a large cross section of niches.

Article marketing is another great way to get traffic. It is very easy, just write some 300-500 word
articles, then submit them to the premier free article directories. The following is a short list of free
directories, not all encompassing but all of high PR value:
All of these sites can deliver a ton of hits to your blog.You should make sure that you choose topics that
are related to your blog’s niche, in order to receive visitors that are targeted to your offers.
There is also an opportunity to drive free traffic with forum marketing. You can sign up on niche
relevant forums, then post intelligent messages or comments there. Your signature is the proper place to
place your advertising message, using either html or bb code, you can sign with a text link, in order to
provide both free advertising, and valuable back links.
Successful blog marketing includes all of these components. Following the tips in this article will result
in the creation of a successful blog.
Millionaire Society is a private society of millionaires who’s only goal is to teach you every single
thing you must know to build your own 6 or 7 figure online business.
If you want to make money online, join the society before it’s too late.

About EliKen Marketing:
EliKen is a company formed by Husband/wife team, Kenneth Ford and Eliene Teixeira dos Santos. They became
involved in internet marketing, through the process of learning to drive traffic to Kenneth's Insurance sites. They
have expanded their areas of interest to other Niche's and are available for consultation in various areas of
interest. Kenneth's Education includes a BS in History, from Northeastern University, A Master of Business
Administration, from Boston University, and 21 years practical business and marketing experience. Eliene, has
an IT and biology degree from Brazil and 20 years medical/surgical experience. For further information, contact
them ""

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