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									 Some Resources for Strategic
  Marketing Planning in the
Hospitality & Tourism Industry

HTM 402
January 2008
Sue Giles, Data Librarian
Jane Schmidt, Hospitality and Tourism Librarian
    Everything is not on the “web”
   Books and reports in the library
   Licensed products such as business databases
    are not publicly available e.g NetAdvantage
   Periodical databases are proprietary e.g
    CBCA, Proquest
   Restricted Statistics Canada data includes:
     Specialized products
     CANSIM (26+ million time series of data)
     Census (Some levels of data restricted)
        Industry and socio-economic
   Starting Points
     Library catalogue (search by keyword)
     Research Guides

   Specialized databases: Netadvantage, Business
    and Company Resource Centre
   Statistics Canada
   Census
   Public websites
           Research guides

Developed by the library to help users:
 Company/Industry sources

 Social Science Data (Map & Data resources site)

 Canadian Census data

 Toronto Neighbourhood Census data

 Market Research

         Specialized Databases
   Business and Company Resource Centre

   Netadvantage

 Periodical Databases:
     Statistics Canada Resources
   Welcome to Statistics Canada:
   Home page - Search the site, Latest indicators
   The Daily
   Statistics: By subject
   Statistics: Summary tables
   CANSIM II (also via E-Stat)
   Publications (includes on-line catalogue)
        Statistics Canada Resources
         Census based information
   Canadian Community Profiles
   Census (also via E-Stat)
     Profiles, Highlight tables, Topic-based tabulations
     Census Tract Profiles

     GeoSearch

   Census via E-Stat (find via Library catalogue)
     Only Profile data
     Easier to work with sometimes

     Can produce maps
   The Daily contains articles, often with
    statistics, about the latest publications from
    Statistics Canada
   Usually gives source(s) and these may be
    available elsewhere on the website if you need
    more detail
            Statistics: By Subject

   By subject – left side menu
   Choose from a list
   Get a list of sources related to the topic
   Can be a good starting place as there are links to
    other sections of the website that will be
    mentioned in this presentation
          Canadian Statistics

   Summary tables about Canada (formerly
    Canadian Statistics)
   Many tables on a wide range of topics
   Tables often have a Statistics Canada
    catalogue number and/ or a CANSIM (II)
    number which can be used to get further
  Canadian Statistics

E-Stat        Statistics Canada’s website
               CANSIM (II)
   Huge database of socio-economic data
   Over 26 million “series” including “time
   CANSIM is on the main Statistics Canada
    website but there is a charge for the data
   CANSIM via E-Stat is identical but offers the
    data free of charge:
    .htm (Also by title in Library catalogue)
Collection of useful links:
 Free internet publications (many are listed in the
  Ryerson Library catalogue)
 Free studies on specialized topics

 ONLY searches publications not other sections

 Use Integrated Search and browse option

 Publications or cd-roms for sale are often free to
  universities, do a title search in the Library catalogue
 Specialized Stat.Can. Products–
          Business Data
Canadian business patterns: Gives establishment
  counts by CD/CSDs (municipalities) by 6 digit NAICS
Financial performance indicators for Canadian
  business: Gives Key Financial ratios by industry.
  Designed to serve as financial benchmarks against
  which individual firms and industries can be prepared
Small business profiles (Performance Plus): via Strategis
     Canadian Community Profiles

 Basic Census data for communities in
  Canada. Problem of amalgamation in 2006.
 Available for 1996 Census and 2001 Census
  and some of 2006 Census data
                  Census data

More data available via the web than ever
  before including data, maps and analysis
 Important to enter via Library website as
  there are different levels of access
 Census 2006
   Census 2001
            Census data - 2006
Topics released so far:
 Population and Dwelling counts
 Age and Sex
 Families and Households
 Marital status including common-law status
 Housing and shelter costs
 Language
 Immigration and citizenship
 Aboriginal Peoples

Not yet available: Occupation, employment, education
 and income.
Useful websites: City of Toronto

   Information on the business environment and
    the social, cultural and economic environment is
          City of Toronto - Cultural
   Under Living in Toronto > Your City >
    Toronto Facts > Demographics can find
     Toronto Neighbourhood Profiles
     Toronto Ward Profiles
     Toronto Community Health Profiles (broader than it
     Toronto Employment survey

   Under Toronto Facts also link to Toronto Maps
       It is possible to customise a map and print it out
       City of Toronto - Business

   Under Doing Business > Invest in Toronto
   See Labour Force for a detailed Industry Profiles
    site with a downloadable file
   See Real Estate for Employment District Profiles
   See Publications and Reports > Business
    Development for relevant reports, also >Food
    and Beverages
                Other Resources
   Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Industry
       Look under Research
   FoodService Facts: Publication on Reserve
   Conference Board of Canada E-Data: Do a
    keyword search in Library Catalogue.
   FP Markets Canadian Demographics – Available
    on a computer in the Library (Quickshare)
              More Resources

   Services Canada – Labour Market Information,
    for Local Labour Market
   Canadian Tourism Commission: See Research
    and Statistics
                Library Contacts
   Research Advisory Office RBB2-168
     11:00-2:00pm Monday to Friday
     (416) 979-5144 for appointment

   Reference Desk staff at Library
   Phone Reference Desk
       (416) 979-5055 Option 3
   E-mail
   Ask a Librarian Chat:

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