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Published since 2000 Publisher: Irena Whitfield Volume 9, Issue No 1, Circulation: 138,500+, 11th Jan 2009 Next Issue: 25th January 2009
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Success produces success, just as money produces money. Diane Ackerman

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Featured Article Basic Tips To Manage Money In Any Economic Situation by Irena Whitfield Today's Tips * Opportunity Worth Checking: 2009 Is A Chance to Increase Affiliate Incomes: Get Your 10 Instant Affiliate Video Businesses! * Tool Worth Getting: Special Wealth Toolkit for Special Year 2009: Goals and Visions Unlimited * Promotional Tips Worth Using: Make More Out of Your List This Year: FREE videos reveal the easiest way to create profitable email lists!

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7. 2008 Insider Tips containing articles and free bonuses published in 2008 will be published in the next Issue Now I'm bringing you more information on forex trading you have requested:
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Successful traders know that even the best trading method is worthless if you can't pull the trigger that is, if you can't execute your trades.

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** 1st January 2009: Subscriber Corner: Subscriber Article: Write a How-to Book Fast: Keep Your Book Dream Alive by Judy Cullins Guest Article: Manage Money With A Tight Budget in 2009 by Irena Whitfield. Click here!

Today's Feature Article

Basic Tips To Manage Money In Any Economic Situation
Irena Whitfield

Let us suppose you have a regular income. Now the question is what ** theCassi News: Learn every you are going to do with the money you are getting or even better information the minute it's out! Click here! what you regularly do with the money. Even if you have a long list of payment obligations and monthly Based Business! Click here! charges and expenses, and think that there is not much you can do about it, I can show you that the situation is not desperate. ** Special Firesale Offer for you to
boost your income PLUS unique The basic money-managing rule leading to wealth is:if you have an Bonuses. Make life easy and Brand income of $200 and expenses and money obligations of $199.99, Whole Pages with custom information instantly. Click here! ** Hot Tips for Boosting Home

you're on the way to wealth BUT even if your income is $200,000 and expenses $200,000.01, you're on the way to hell! Listen to Online Radio Regularly; a So, basically, if your expenses are higher than your income, then you Click here! have only two possibilities: a. earn more OR b. spend less. So, the apparent conclusion is that any money needs to be managed wisely and budgeted consistently. Here are some basic tips to manage money, so you can win financially under any circumstances.
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1. Know When To Stop Probably the hardest thing to do is to stop when it is needed, especially in terms of having more than we can pay for. We should be able to tell what is vital and necessary and what not. When we get more than we can support, chances are that we end up giving it up, or worse, wrongly choosing what to retain and what to let go.

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acquire everything we see. More often than not, the things that we want are more appealing and are a greater risk of snagging us into a You can also read Pathway on Pathway Blog below: Click here! trap of financial burden and chaos in the long run. Taking time to stop and think first and then evaluating our priorities Click here! is essential to a progressive and stable money management. 2. Impulsiveness Means Disaster
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One of the basic tips to manage money is to stop being impulsive. on my map below and if you say a Even if we have already determined what to prioritize, we still have good word or two about Pathway I to further evaluate alternatives and not actually spend on the first will be very pleased :-): Click here! offer that comes our way. When we are impulsive, there is a very high chance that we risk our money into spending on something that And, submit Article about your state/country. Please put the name of we could get at a much lower price. 3. Risk Is Healthier Than Full Security
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Featured Links Putting our extra money in a calculated risk is a healthy practice. Online Version And Archives: Though this may mean a loss of capital in the form of personal Click here! money, not investing and just keeping it in our personal safety vault Special Announcement: or the bank will stagnate our extra resources. Nevertheless, careful planning and feasibility study of a business venture is needed to determine the most efficient way to establish and commence a risky business deal into a promising profit earner. 4. Planning Ahead Is Essential Even if we still have a lot of flexible time to just sit around and enjoy each day as it passes by, planning ahead in terms of a few months to several years is important for our financial health. Such a plan does not have to be followed as rigidly as it is scheduled, but just enough to set it up as a basis for many activities and choices of ours. Knowing where to go and what to do lowers the risks of getting stuck up at a cross-road of future choices. Furthermore, this also lowers the worries and anxieties that may
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seem important in the future. In addition to that, these pre-set guidelines can be used as a means of checking our performance against the intended output, and allowing us to properly reset or recalibrate our efforts in order to further increase the expected outcome. These basic tips to manage money are just a few of the many strategies to effectively increase or stabilize our income. To apply the above is simply much better than just getting break-even with your salaries and allowances. ********************************
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2. Think Right Now! 3. Insider Tips 6 Today's Tip On Tool Worth Using 4. Valentine Day 5. theCassiopeia's Toolbar 6. Home Based Business Watch Special Wealth Toolkit for Special Year 2009: 7. Enter the Westie World! Goals and Visions Unlimited 8. Issue 26/2007 9. Issue 2/2008 It is about time your marketing and business, heck, your life even, 10. 77 Questions & Answers to Ezine started working out successfully and predictably, isn’t it? How are Success

your plans working out? Your marketing plans, your business plans, your product plans, your life plans, and all other sorts of plans? Do they work out exactly or do they resemble a list of things that do not come true?

Top Tip of The Week! Click here!

Often times we hear business, marketing and life gurus tell us that planning and goal setting are the key to creating a successful life. They tell us also to visualize and have vision. That is all well and good. But it is about time someone told us exactly how to exactly set those goals so that our results are exact. And it does not stop there. How do you visualize and think after that? Your goals and visions, in the presence of right thinking and certainty, are the prophecies of what you shall one day become. You are in luck, for this article goes exactly there. It takes you into the ultimate in goal setting and visualization. Here is a most effective technique. Let us start with the goals and visualization then move on to thinking. These are the goal-setting steps to follow. These steps are the same whether you are doing it for your business or for life. In fact, try not to separate your life and business. Life is a whole, and it works together as a system. So here we go: 1. List what you would like to have, do and be between now and the next 30 years. List everything you can think of, small and large. Places to visit, things to have, residences, experiences, partners, skills to acquire, things to do, people to meet, projects, charities, health, habits – everything! This is not a list of what you think you can achieve. It is a list of what would give you the most incredible life of you liking, whether you think you can achieve it or not. A life that is unbelievably fantastic for you. Your list should have at least 100 things in there - it is not hard to come up with at least 100 things

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for 30 years. To be very wealthy, have about 5,000 things, even Admin How to subscribe small details regarding your desires should be in there.

NEW! You can read the full Issue on 2. For each goal you listed, write the reasons why you wish to have your Yahoo and subscribe online: Click here

it. If for example you wish to have a large home, write down the reasons why. In other words, what will you do with and in this To check the current Issue on Yahoo, home? Put drama into it. Reasons empower your goal and make it please click here easier to imagine and visualize and attain it. They give life to it and or on Google by clicking here! make the subconscious accept it a whole lot better.

3. Get cuttings from magazines, brochures, the Internet, You can also create a Google Alert to notify you when a new Pathway Issue photographs, etc, of the items in your goals and stick them in your is online. Please click the link below journal. Start a goals and visualizations journal on paper or and fill in the following: (note: you computer. In it, place pictures of the things you wish to have - cars, will be asked to verify your alert.) stocks, buildings, boats, land, travel, clothes, or anything else. Refer to it often, twice a day is highly recommended. The more real and Search terms: pathwaytosuccessezine detailed your visualization and imagination is, the faster and more Type: Groups accurately you will realize your goals. Pictures are very important to How often: as-it-happens Your email: your main email address have in your life. Click Your Alert here! 4. Everyday, read your list, look at your pictures, and then spend at HOT! 2009 Pathway To Success least 20 minutes twice a day imagining, animating, and visualizing Ezine Desktop: Full Issues incl Full in detail all your goals. If you meditate, and it is highly Archives, Subscriber Corner incl the recommended that you do your goal visualization, do your goals full Archives and much more. PLUS visualization in meditation as well. Meditation puts you closest to all the puzzles, marketing gems, free The Source, the best place you can be to plant your seed of visions reading Bonuses, and more... PLUS special Bonus. You can check it, get into the field of infinite possibilities and creation. 5. Then, Here, Now, do something that takes you closer to your goal. There is always something to do now, however small. It will open the next step to you, a step that may be unseen until that first act is taken. Every act is an act of self-definition and creation. Act deliberately and with awareness so that each act takes you closer to your goals, not further. Act with purpose.

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6. Do everything with gratitude. Think, speak and act with gratitude, a friend of yours, please subscribe by the gratitude of knowing you are guaranteed success if you act in the clicking here ways of these laws. Gratitude is a statement of certainty. That is power. Be genuinely grateful and excited about the fact that you If you spot a broken link, already have your goals realized, for they will be by universal law, please let Smartie know. guaranteed, and so they are. This type of gratitude works wonders.

7. Enjoy your fruits, enjoy experiencing your goals when they manifest into your reality! They are sure to do so, guaranteed by universal law. The reason they are guaranteed is that every moment of your life is created by your mind (and in a lesser extent the collective minds of people around you). Your life is images of your
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mind, expressed, translated and crystallized into form. You are Important! literally the source of your life, although it may not appear so Please support Your Pathway especially if you are not present and aware of your daily thoughts, To Success Ezine! worries, desires and beliefs. Most people are unconscious and If you enjoy this Pathway Issue and find it useful, you can support engulfed in their mind in one huge day dream. Wake up and watch Pathway by clicking and sending your yourself! 'I Am....' 'I Am....' No matter what you are trying to create next in your life, find a way of putting it into 'I Am'. For example if you wish to loose weight, do not think or say 'I will loose 10 pounds 'or 'I want to loose 10 pounds'. Instead say, think and write 'I am x pounds now'. Do the same with wealth. The only time that exists in the Pathway RSS Feed: Click here! universe, scientifically and spiritually, is Now. Hence ‘I Am’.

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Do not worry how your goals will be fulfilled. There are powerful easy, fast, absolutely unobtrusive: forces at work in all of nature, with infinite intelligence and Add Blog coordination. Things, people, books, places, TV shows, movies, etc, will start appearing and helping you to achieve your goals. In other Get my special Toolbar giving you words, 'coincidences' will happen. Simply visualize your goals access to Top Items the minute these are out Click here believingly. The trick is in the details and in consistency. For example, if having Archives: Click here a new home is a goal you have, write it down in detail. Write down One-page 2007/08 HTML Archives: where the house is located, how many rooms it has, the size of the Click here compound, the size of the home, the furnishings in it, and so on. 2008 .Pdf Issues Archives: Then visualize it that way. And do not change your mind - this is Click here very important. Understand that the universe is in activity 2008 Publishing dates: manifesting into physical form all your thoughts. Every single one of Click here 2007 Full Archives: them turns into some amount of physical form somehow and Click here somewhere. If you change your mind, you will be undoing your One-page 2006 HTML Archives: work. Just hold your thought until it become fully physical. Click here
One-page 2005 HTML Archives: Current Issue: Click here

Add my Weblog to your browser. It's

You are almost done. All that is left now is to know a little bit about Click here creation and thinking, so that you maintain your vigilance and Spam clause: Pathway To Success is confidence.

a 100% optin newsletter. We never send unsolicited mail. This message is All thought has an effect. Therefore, imaging your life exactly as sent to you because you requested it you wish it to be and be it. Become it. Do not let another thought by your email or subscription.

ever come in that contradicts or weakens that vision. If you notice one coming in, immediately block it, change it for a positive one, Note: Due to recent major email-service and declare that you shall never let yourself think something like that abuse, all free client email accounts have been again. This is the ultimate in positive thinking. It is focused and from the innocent stopped. If you are one of filtered. Do the same with your words and actions. Never let and hurt by this, please email me: anything you say or do go against your vision, your highest wished for life. This is because life is created through thought, word and action, and therefore you must guard all three. Do not stress over If you receive an inappropriate email, please this. It may take effort at first but it will soon become normal to you. inform me:
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And if you are in a ‘bad’ spot, remember that all conditions are temporary, as is the nature of everything in the universe. Conditions do not define you, for you are beyond them. In fact, only you can determine how long you remain in a ‘bad’ spot by the way you handle that situation in terms of your thoughts, words and actions. The final thing is to be present. Stop day dreaming all the time. Be present, be here, Now. It is the only time that exists, the only place you can be, the only place where life is. And it is the only place where you can do anything anyway. Be grateful for the present moment, as it resolves itself always at your command, and for that be grateful or else you miss its fruits and ‘lessons’. Stop chasing your dreams in your mind, for such a place is a phantom world that does not exist. Instead, call them forth into your present moment, Now. Go here, learn more and get the best wealth kit you could imagine. It's definitely worth your time:

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