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					     Office Help To Go
Helping you fit the pieces together

        Maria Thompson, Virtual Assistant
   Phone #: 416-587-4407 Fax #: 866-310-4275
        Consider This…

What you don‟t know about Virtual
Assistance is costing you a fortune.
Read on to find the simple steps to
get the business knowledge you
need to be successful – on your
schedule, without wasting time or
money – even if it‟s two in the
     Overview of the VA Industry

What is a Virtual Assistant?
 Home based business owner working as an
  independent contractor
 Highly skilled professional in various
  administrative support niches
 Tech savvy in how to work with you
  “virtually” via online meeting rooms, fax,
  internet, intranets, instant messaging
 Teams with you to achieve your goals
     Overview of the VA Industry

Do I hire a Virtual Assistant?
 No, you team/partner with a VA who is an
  independent contractor, not an employee
 Since the VA is not your employee, you don‟t
  pay employer paid taxes for them
 The VA only works with you when you need
  them, not a set number of hours each day
  like an employee
     Benefits to Small Businesses

What‟s in it for me?
 No overhead and employee expenses or
 No employee benefit costs
 Pay only for what you use
 No turnover
 No learning curve

       100% productivity
         100% Productivity
How does that happen?
 Employees have lost time due to doctor
  appointments, vacation, downtime, etc.
 VAs track only the time used on your specific
 You don‟t pay for appointments, vacations,
  or downtime
         Let‟s Compare Your Costs

         The Employee                 The Virtual Assistant
Hourly Pay Rate          $25.00
                                  Hourly Pay Rate        $35.00
Add: Benefits @ 35%        8.75

Add: Overhead Rate                Total Effective Pay
                          12.50                          $35.00
at 50%                            Rate

Total Effective Pay
Rate                              Multiply: Hours per
Multiply: Hours per
                                  Total Annual Labour
Total Annual Labour                                     $16,800
                        $96,200   Cost
       Let‟s Compare Some More

   Virtual Assistance is on an as needed basis
   $30-50 per hour, depending on the
    complexity of the work
   Usually bill in 15 minute increments
   Only when you need them
   100% productive all of the time
       What Services do VAs Perform?

   Create Forms            Mass mailings
   Maintain databases      Policy & procedures
   Billing                 Resumes
   Correspondence          Automated forms
   Transcription           Scan pictures
   Presentations           Postcards
   Feedback reports        Send greeting cards
   Specifications          Set appointments
   Create databases        And more…
   Gift buying
          What Kind of Companies
             Work With VAs?
   Alternative Health       Professional
    Care                      Organizations
   Attorneys                Publishers
   Authors                  Realtors
   Business Coaches         Small Businesses
   Engineers                Trainers
   Financial Investors      Video Production
   Human Resources           Companies
   Marketing                Wedding Planners
    Consultants              And more…
     Can a VA Save Me Money?

Monthly Results
 Using a VA will recapture 10 hours per
  week or one week of every month
Annual Results
 Over the year, that amounts to three
  months or one quarter of your fiscal
  year spent
     Can a VA Save Me Money?

 If your salary is $100 per hour, that‟s
  $4,000 in savings each month and
  $48,000 for the three month period of
 A VA solving these same administrative
  tasks for $30-50 an hour will cost
  between $1,200 and $2,000 for each
  month and $12,000 and $20,000 for
  the three month period of time
           About „Office Help To Go‟

   Maria Thompson, Owner
   Established in 2005
   Woman Owned Business
   Over 16 years of corporate experience
       Executive Assistance
       Project Assistance
       Customer Service
       Training
            Mission Statement
   To provide quality,
    professional and cost
    effective executive
    support in an online
   To provide seamless,
    transparent assistance
    that enhances the
    client‟s business
   To provide excellent
    customer service
        Partnering Philosophy of
           Office Help To Go
My clients choose to take the unique and refreshing
approach of “getting the job done” by partnering with me.
In turn, I take the commitment to produce results quite

My relationship with my clients is one of a partnership – an
extension of your organization, and mine. A successful
VA/Client relationship is one that is focused and has specific
goals in mind. I am committed to developing a long-term
relationship, which reflects your business philosophy.

A review of my site tells you that I am committed to the
success of my clients. However, a successful partnership
requires commitment by both parties. Here are some key
attributes I look for in my clients to make sure we are on
the road to a successful relationship.
         Partnering Philosophy of
            Office Help To Go
The Ideal Client:

      Can clearly define his/her goals as well as time and money
      Clearly communicates his/her expectations and requirements
      Is not sparing of information that is necessary to complete the
      Is available to answer questions
      Helps meet deadlines
      Knows how to voice worries and criticisms
      Gives feedback
      Respects my expertise
      Acts in order to help me do a superior job

Through this joint commitment, successful partnerships are
forged, and through these partnerships, I am able to enhance
your business and help you to achieve all of your goals.

        Services Offered by Office Help To Go
                    Helping You Fit the Pieces Together

Project Assistance                         WSIB Assistance
  Assist in defining project objectives    Assist in analyzing WSIB data
  Coordinate, track and expedite           Assist with reporting requirements
   project activities such as organize      Assist with resolution of disputes
   resources, schedule meetings,
   arrange vendor visits
  Develop and maintain                    On-line Meeting Facilitation
   communication links between you,          Assist clients with Web Conferencing
   the vendor and other project               needs by moderating the meeting via
   members                                    the internet
  Provide presentation materials for        Advantage of web conferencing is
   you                                        synchronized browsing
  Provide educational material/
   procedures for your staff               Mail & E-Mail Services
                                             Retrieve e-mail, sort and get rid of
Desktop Publishing                            junk e-mail
  Excellent knowledge of Microsoft          Respond to routine e-mail requests
   Publisher                                 Forward items of importance for
  Design and print brochures,                attention
   newsletters, promotional materials,       Track and forward urgent issues
   flyers, coupons, post cards,
   personalized calendars, labels

          Services Offered by Office Help To Go
                    Helping You Fit The Pieces Together

Executive/Administrative Support           Presentations
  Confirm upcoming appointments             Create professional multi-media
  Schedule or reschedule appointments        presentations using MS PowerPoint
  Get directions for a meeting or
  Track birthdays, anniversaries and
   other important dates                     Research potential locations for an
  Send out the appropriate cards or          upcoming seminar
   gifts for special events                  Monitor periodicals and clip articles of
  Coordinate air travel, car rental and      interest
   hotel reservations                        Internet Research
  Create and update personal calendars
                                           Personnel Services
Marketing Services                           Send reminders
 Create and mail a customer feedback        Prepare or update resumes and
  questionnaire                               introduction letters
 Track the responses to the                 Sort resumes for a job according to
  questionnaire                               pre-arranged criteria
 Summarize the responses and
  suggestions in a report
   High standards
   Strong work ethics
   Committed to
   Excellent organizational
   Great communication
   Strong problem solving
   Think outside the box
             Customer Service
   Ever mindful that you
    are the reason for my
    existence as a company
   Professional,
    confidential handling of
    your projects
   Courteous when
    interacting with your
   Thoughtful handling of
    sensitive issues
    Retainer Rate Structure
          *Retainer rates payable in advance, for partnerships lasting
         a minimum of 90 days and a minimum of 10 hours per month.

Hourly                        Daily                            Retainer Rate*

               $120 (4 Hours)                         $ 250 (10 Hours)
$30.00         $240 (8 Hours)                         $ 500 (20 Hours)
                                                      $1,000 (40 Hours)
               $140 (4 Hours)                         $ 300 (10 Hours)
$35.00         $280 (8 Hours)                         $ 600 (20 Hours)
                                                      $1,200 (40 Hours)
               $160 (4 Hours)                         $ 350 (10 Hours)
$40.00         $320 (8 Hours)                         $ 700 (20 Hours)
                                                      $1,400 ( 40 Hours)
               $180 (4 Hours)                         $ 400 (10 Hours)
$45.00         $360 (8 Hours)                         $ 800 (20 Hours)
                                                      $1,600 (40 Hours)
               $200 (4 Hours)                         $ 450 (10 Hours)
$50.00         $400 (8 Hours)                         $ 900 (20 Hours)
                                                      $1,800 (40 Hours)

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