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									                                                                                                           VOL. 41, NO.2

                     Saturday Live—                                       New BEA Logo Chosen

                                                                              he BEA Representative Council selected the
                     Another Success!                                         new logo for the Billings Education
                                                                              Association (BEA) at their October meeting. BEA

          hanks to wonderful sponsors and volunteers,
         Saturday Live ’04 was a tremendous success! A             members presented 28 designs. The BEA Board of
         stupendous fall day on September 25th brought             Directors chose five finalists for Representative Council to
over 16,000 carnival goers to Pioneer Park to tromp over           consider. The winning logo was submitted by Jo Ann Korb
                                                                   at Rose Park Elementary. The entry was
the troll bridge, fish for prizes, and try over a hundred
                                                                   drawn by her son Chad Korb, a graphic
other activities. Sixty-five school groups took home over
                                                                   artist. Jo Ann gave the prize, a $50 gift
$70,000 to spend on much-needed projects, making this a            certificate, to her son.
record setting year. Among other things, these groups will             Thanks to all who submitted logo
use the funds to build                                             designs: Carolyn Thayer, Jennifer
mobile computer labs,                                              Moller, Adrian Wegner, Kerri Connors
buy books for reading                                              (design by Kelli Morrissey), Karla Gritten, Tracy
programs, and send high                                            Crabtree (design by Lexi Booth), Shirley Greene, Kathy
school students to                                                 Jackson, Scott Haffey (designs by Riverside students),
regional competitions.                                             and Linda Soft (designs by her daughter Brooke).
   Saturday Live also
benefits the Education                                                  BEA ELECTION RESULTS
Foundation. We raised                                                         REPORTED
additional funds for our

                                                                          t the election held on October 19, BEA
classroom grant                                                           members voted overwhelmingly to adopt the
program, summer reading-in-the-parks outreach, and a                      proposed By-Law changes. The ballots, counted
variety of other activities that strengthen our students’                 by the Election Committee members Barbara
education.                                                         Bergum, Steve Paterson, and Kris Warren, tallied 548
         Now in its twelfth year, Saturday Live retains its                         For and 13 Against.
spark as a major - and fun - community event. This year                                 Thank you Barb, Steve and Kris and
Skyview students led the younger ones in brain games and                            all the Building Representatives for
West High students painted bear paws on little faces. It is a                       holding the elections at their schools.
pleasure to wander through the park and see older and                               Another thanks to all the members who
younger kids have a great time together.                                            participated by voting.
   We are extremely grateful for your support, and we look
forward to partnering with you on Saturday Live 2005!              Lost your Master Agreement???

                                                                            isplaced your copy of the Master Agreement? If so,
                Anne Cole, Executive Director                               you can view and print a copy by going to: http://
 VOTE           Mary Helgeson, President
Nov. 2, ‘04                                                        or call
                Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools   SD2 Human Resources at 247-3870 to request another copy.
         he past week provided the
         opportunity for our
         membership to receive quality                                                                       Allan Audet
professional development from fellow                                                                        BEA President
members throughout the state.
Thousands of teachers embarked on a journey to Helena to
attend the MEA-MFT Educators’ Conference on October
21 -22. They experienced another quality conference that
was well organized and provided a wide array of                No Child Left Behind Sanctions
educational opportunities. Twenty-one different
educational groups set up shop at the convention to meet       Schools that do not make Average Yearly Progress
the diverse needs and interests of education professionals.                          (AYP)
                                                                           for two consecutive years

         hursday evening was filled with exciting events.
         A celebration, honoring the Montana Teacher of       TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE—
         the Year and the finalists, took place on the          Schools receive technical assistance to improve performance and
campus of Carroll College. The room was filled to               develop two-year plan to improve school.
capacity as educators listened to past and present winners      Funds will be available for school improvement.
of the prestigious award. This year’s finalists were Dana       The District will be required to offer public school choice to all
West, an English teacher from Havre Middle School, and          students in schools identified as needing improvement.
Margaret Belisle, an English teacher from Helena High.          District must pay for transportation costs and use
The 2004-2005 Teacher of the Year is Mary Wren, a math          5 percent of its Title I funds to pay for transportation.
teacher from Great Falls High School.
                                                                            Schools that do not make AYP
                                                                             for three consecutive years

         ollowing the Teacher of the Year Award, many
         teachers made their way to the Carroll College       FUNDS—
         gymnasium where they heard a rousing speech            District must continue to offer and support public school choice.
from NEA President Reg Weaver. With his dynamic style,          District must provide students in failing schools with
                                                                Supplemental Services and must use 5 percent of the District’s
Reg energized the crowd as he walked through the
                                                                overall Title I funds.
audience greeting several students from Carroll College.        District must use an additional 10 percent of its Title I money for
President Weaver focused on No Child Left Behind,               supplemental services or transportation for public school choice.
(NCLB), and how labeling schools as failing negatively          If funds are not sufficient, districts must serve lowest-performing
impacts the school’s children and staff. He said, “To base      students first.
success or failure on a single test is not appropriate.” He
vowed that the NEA will continue to work on implementing                    Schools that do not make AYP
change concerning NCLB but emphasized the need to vote                        for four consecutive years
for pro-child and pro-education candidates.                   CORRECTIVE ACTION—
                                                                District must implement a corrective action plan, such as

        riday provided an opportunity to hear from              implementing a new curriculum, professional development or
        candidates running for state-wide positions.            replacing certain school staff.
        During this session, one candidate running for the      District must continue to offer public school choice and
office of Superintendent of Public Instruction answered a       supplemental services.
question on NCLB by stating he was in favor of it and that
no teacher would lose their job because of NCLB                             Schools that do not make AYP
requirements.                                                                 for five consecutive years

       mployees will face the sanctions listed at the right     District must make significant plans to change school governance
       if their schools are identified as failing. Read         structure, including state takeover, the hiring of a private
       through these sanctions, decide for yourself how         management contractor, staff restructuring or converting school
                                                                to a charter school.
educators will be affected.
                                                                District must continue to offer public school choice and
                                                                supplemental services.
                                                                                                                             VOL. 41, NO.2
  Page 3                                                                                                                                        2004

                                       Fifteen local teachers seek NBC
         ecoming a National Board Certified teacher is an extensive              The fee for National Board Certification is $2,300. However,
         series of performance-based assessments that include teaching       scholarships and loan programs are available. The Montana
         portfolios, student work samples, videotapes, and analyses of the   Professional Teaching Foundation provides between 10-20 scholarships
teacher's classroom teaching and student learning. This collection of        per year for Montana teachers interested in obtaining National Board
materials is compiled over the course of a regular school year and is        Certification. The scholarships pay up to $1,150 per candidate. For
submitted in the spring. To learn more about National Board Standards,       information about the MPTF scholarship, other scholarships and
visit the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website at      loans, go to                                                                   The state of Montana provides professional stipends of $3,000 to
    More than 30 National Board Certified teachers reside in Montana         those teachers who achieve National Board Certification. In addition,
and 13 are Billings teachers. The Billings teachers include:                 several Montana districts provide annual salary supplements or
             Jan Allen                    Curt Prchal                        incentives for National Board Certified teachers. These districts and their
             Bev Bakker                   Eileen Sheehy                      current stipend amounts are listed below:
             Cheri Dale                   Paul Swenson
             Steve Gardiner              Carolyn Thayer                                               Billings ($2,000 annually)
             Richard Jones                Kris Keup                           Roundup ($1,000 scholarship, $1,000 one-time stipend, then $500 annually)
             Vince Long                   Carol Annin                                                  Laurel ($750 annually)
             Lyn McKinney                                                                           East Helena ($700 annually)
                                                                              Thompson Falls (Salary step - equal to roughly 2% salary increase annually)
   This year the following Billings teachers are pursuing 2004-2005            Centerville (25 points on performance-based compensation application)
National Board Certification:                                                                   Bozeman ($2,000 one-time stipend)
                                                                                               Whitewater ($1,000 one-time stipend)
      Kim Busch             Karen Rice                    Robyn Byford                        Corvallis ($1,000 annually for five years)
      Susan Daly             Bess Lovec                   Mari Jane Orner    Teachers interested in National Board Certification should contact
      Linda Jones            Jacqueline McDonald          Roberta Fuller  Erik Burke at or at 1-800-398-0826. There are
      Kathy Pfaffinger       Deanne Gemmill               Julie Blakeslee two MPTF scholarships left for this year. It’s not too late if you act
      Judy Rigler            Janet Nickoloff              Jeff Meide      right now.

                                Billings Education Association Political Action Committee
                                                      STATE ENDORSEMENTS                                                                    VOTE
                              Supreme Court Justices                                            Secretary of State                        Nov. 2, ‘04
                                     Jim Nelson                                                  Bill Kennedy
                                         Brian Morris                                                           Governor
                      Superintendent of Public Instruction                                             Brian Schweitzer
                               Linda McCulloch                                                          John Bohlinger
                                      2004 LEGISLATIVE ENDORSEMENTS
    Gary Forrester                        Tyler Smith                                                                Lane Larson
                                                                             Carol Gibson                            Senate District 22
    House District 44                     House District 49
                                                                             Elsie Arntzen
                                                                             Co-Endorsement                          Kim Gillan
    Mark Noennig                          Matt Millenbach                    House District 53                       Senate District 24
    House District 46                     House District 50
                                                                             Gary Branae                             Bruce Simon
                                                                             House District 54                       Lynda Moss
    Lyn McKinney                          Robyn Driscoll
    House District 47                     House District 51                                                          Co-Endorsement
                                                                             Michael Lange                           Senate District 26
                                                                             Bea Ann Melichar
    Wanda Grinde                          Arlene Becker                      Co-Endorsement                          Chris Daem
    House District 48                     House District 52                  House District 55                       Senate District 27
                                                                                                                                VOL. 41, NO.2
 Page 4                                                                                BEA                                                           2004
                                                                                October / November
Know Your Master Agreement                                                          Calendar
                                                                              October 31                Halloween!

          ave you thought about applying for a Long                           November 2                VOTE!
          Term Extracurricular                                                November 3-5              Parent/Teacher Conferences
          Assignment, better known as a                                       November 10               BEA Board of Directors
Stipend Position? If you have, here are a                                     November 16               BEA Representative Council
few things you should know:                                                   November 24-26            SD2 Vacation
                                                                              November 25
          If assigned a position, you should
          receive a separate contract from
          your teaching contract. You can                                                 A+ . . . A MUST-SEE
          find out how much the position                                                For Social Studies Teachers
          pays by looking in the Master

                                                                                      rom global warming to gun control, Justice Learning helps give
          Agreement in Appendix D.
                                                                                      students the skills they need to understand today's complex
                                                                                      issues. A free series from NPR's Justice Talking & The New York Times
          Sharing a position with another teacher is allowed as                       Learning Network, Justice Learning connects civics to your students'
          long as the parties agree to split the stipend.                                 daily lives.

          If you see a position advertised and you have the                                      Free Aerospace Education
           needed qualifications, apply. Teaching Staff has                                         Computer Software
           priority for extra pay positions.

                                                                                       he local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) unit in Billings, Beartooth Composite
                                                                                       Squadron, is distributing free NASA aerospace education software to
                                                                                       schools within the Yellowstone County area that either conducts an
           Recycling for Staples —                                            aerospace education program for its students or has an official aerospace
                                                                              education student science club. School aerospace education programs would
           huge success                                                       include curriculums that cover subjects of astronautics, astronomy, or aviation.
                                                                              Qualifying school science clubs would include the Aerospace Education

          ecycle for Education has grossed                                    Alliance’s Wings Program, Wright Flight Program, the Dr. Sally Ride Science
          nearly $4K for the Montana                                          Club for Girls, Young Astronaut Club, CAP’s Aerospace Education Excellence
          Professional Teaching Foundation!                                   Program, or any other astronomy, model-rocketry, or aviation club, which is
Staples stores have contributed nearly $4,000                                 officially recognized by the school.
to the Montana Professional Teaching Foundation (MPTF) as of                         Free NASA aerospace software includes
October 18, 2004.                                                                        1. Exploring Aeronautics for grades 5-8
    MEA-MFT is partnering with Staples to recycle computer printer                       2. Flight Testing Newton’s Laws for grades 9-12
and toner cartridges and promote great teaching in Montana through                       3. Mars Virtual Exploration for grades 5-8
the Recycle for Education program.                                                To request a copy of the education software, contact Beartooth Composite
                                               For every eligible printer
                                                                              Squadron’s Aerospace Education Officer, Major Steven Heffel, at
                                          or toner cartridge you take to a or 652-7268.
                                          Staples store to recycle, Staples
                                          will donate $1 to MPTF for its                                  NEED your house interior
                                          programs: Montana Teacher of                                     repainted this winter?
                                          the Year, Montana Teacher                                        Dave Barnett & Mike Cantrell
                                          Forum, National Board
                                                                                                                     can do the job!
 Certification scholarships, and Karen Cox Memorial Grant Program.
     The program has been such a success that Staples is extending the
                                deadline through 2004. Not sure what’s              Big or Small. Call 656-7767 or 628-7122.
                                eligible for recycling? Don't worry.                 Call for that exterior job next year too!
                                Staples says to bring the cartridges and                                                                  BEA President
                                they’ll sort them out. In Billings,              BEA News & Views                                        ALLAN AUDET
                                                                                 Official Publication of
           VOTE                 educators are urged to take cartridges to                                                               1st Vice President
                                                                                Billings Education Association
                                the BEA office by                               510 North 29th
                                                                                                                                       JEFF GREENFIELD
         Nov. 2, ‘04            December 1, 2004.                              Billings, MT 59101                                       2nd Vice President
                                This effort could raise                        248-9812                  News & Views Editor           DIANE WELHAVEN
                                                                                                           Marilynn Sexton                  Secretary
                                a bundle by the end of
                                                                                                            JOAN SLEETH
                                the year.

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