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					        OF COLORADO

          February 2006

ESA Winds of Time Bring Change,

    Dreams Can Come True!

                                                       NOTES FROM THE EDITOR

          Hi to all my sisters and Happy Valentines Day to you all. Thank you all for all of the articles you have sent in this month. There are
some pretty interesting ones in this issue. I know everyone likes to hear about their sisters and what they have been up to, so please send me
anything of news that we can put in the Lamp. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Spring Board, I hope I will be able to make it this time.
Things have not calmed down around my house but am trying to get things done. Take Care and hope to see you soon. Note Next Lamp Issue
will be in April. Articles are due the 1st of April.

Thanks, Love to you all

Vickie Martinez Editor

                                             September 1, 2005                   Publish September 15, 2005
                                             November 1, 2005                    Publish November 15,2005
                                             January 1, 2006                     Publish January 15, 2006
                                             February 1, 2006                    Publish February 1, 2006
                                             April 1, 2006                       Publish April 15, 2006
                                             June 1, 2006                        Publish June 15, 2006

                                                         GOLDEN LAMP EDITOR

                                                           VICKIE MARTINEZ
                                                        ALPHA ETA CHAPTER #230
                                                             165 Winona Ct.
                                                            Denver, CO 80219
                                                           Fax # 303-742-9140

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Issue #4                                                                                                           February 2006
                 OFFICER REPORTS                                          STATE RECORDING SECRETARY

STATE PRESIDENT                                                           Happy Valentine's Day to You All,
                                                                          Just a friendly reminder to all elected and appointed officers
           ESA Winds of Time Bring Change,                                 to have a written report to pass on to me for the minutes. You'll
                                                                          never know how valuable they are and a life saver too. Let's all say
               Dreams Can Come True!                                      a little prayer for good weather going and coming.
                    2005 - 2006                                           Love In ESA,
                                                                          Shirley Telinde
         Boy oh boy, where has the time gone. It seems that only          State Recording Secretary
yesterday it was September and here February is upon our                  Hope to see all your lovely faces at Spring Board.
         I hope each of you has had many dreams fulfilled, with
many more to come.                                                        STATE PARLIAMENTARIAN
         I would like to congratulate Cindy Powers for being
chosen as Judi King's (IC President) featured member of the month         A By Law Committee was appointed by President Barbara Hill.
for February. Cindy did not know about this. She is featured on the       The Committee was tasked to review the By Laws to determine if
I C website, member of the month section. It is an honor to               articles referencing expenses could be moved to the Standing
Colorado ESA to have Cindy chosen by Judi. She is our special             Rules.
VALENTINE, so be sure and look her up on the web.                         The committee’s proposals are based upon the following
         I am looking forward to a large turnout for Spring Board.        parliamentary definitions:
Please get your rooms reserved and your registrations in soon to               By Laws:
avoid late charges. We will be doing some fun things at board this                  ·      Basic rules of an organization; how it shall
Spring and you don't want to miss out, as we bring change to board                       function. Examples:
meetings.                                                                                     o      Finance: Required fees and dues – when
         Wishing you all a wonderful love filled Valentines Day.                                   payable, when delinquent, and when
                                                                                                   membership will be dropped.
ESA LOVE Barb                                                                                 o      Membership: Honorary membership.
                                                                               Standing Rules:
P.S. I am finally back online again as my computer died in                          ·      Rules which are related to the details of the
November I have a new one and have hooked up with wireless                               administration of a society rather than to
internet. This all took place on January 27, soooo I have had a lot                      parliamentary procedure. Example:
of catch-up to do. I apologize for the inconvenience.                                         o      Finance: Registration fees for workshops
                                                                                                   and reimbursement of certain expenses of
STATE PRESIDENT ELECT                                                                              officers.
                                                                          Summary of proposed changes:
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY                                                                ·      Articles referencing expenses were moved to the
        It’s hard to believe it’s February already. We need you in                       Standing Rules which provides:
E.S.A. You have until the 15th to share your ideas by sending in                              o      An audit trail for budget items.
your Nomination Form. Colorado has done wonderful projects.                                   o      Fewer revisions to the By Laws.
We need to keep E.S.A. alive. I hope your year is going well.                                 o      Flexibility in amending.
                                                                                    ·      Elected and Appointed Officer duties clarified;
Thank you and God bless.                                                                 duties for several officers were found in various
Joyce Fuller, President Elect                                                            articles.
                                                                                    ·      Association of the Arts Chairman deleted due to
                                                                                         low participation.
                                                                                    ·      Selected Standing Rules were moved to the By
                                                                                    The proposed By Law and Standing Rule changes were
                                                                          forwarded to the Web Team for posting on the website by
                                                                          February 1. The proposed changes will be read at Spring Board,
then voted on at State Convention. To aid with your review of the                    Thank you Ladies so much for your promptness. Hope I
proposed changes, drafts of both the By Laws and Standing Rules            will get to see many of my special ―Sisters‖ at Spring Board.
will also be posted on the website. The drafts reflect the current         Please pray for good weather!!
article/section number, the proposed change, and reason for
change.                                                                    Agape,
          If your Chapter does not have access to the website,             Sandy Alexander
please contact myself for a copy. Please read and discuss at your          Colorado State Treasurer
Chapter meetings.
                                                                           STATE CHAPLIAN REPORT
Mary K. Humphrey
Parliamentarian                                                            CHAPLAIN'S REPORT FROM NOVEMBER 2005 TO
                                                                           FEBRUARY 1, 2006
STATE TREASURER                                                             Marcy & Ed Lanting                       Their daughter, Michelle
                                                                           Biedron, passed on.
Dear Colorado Sisters,                                                     JoAnn Sturgeon                           Her mother passed on.
         Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season! Our year is            Vivianna Ehrlick (DESA)                 Recovering from Chicken
flying by and those deadlines are fast approaching. Here is the list       pox.
of Councils and Chapters in good standing. If yours has been               Tom Huerkamp
omitted in error please let me know right away.                            (Husband of Mary Lou Huerkamp)             Collapsed/Undergoing
Colorado West Council                        Northern Colorado             Edith Howe                              Brother passed on.
Council                                                                    Paula Lieberman                         Mother passed on.
Northeastern Colorado Council                Denver Alpha                  Chuck Minch
Council                                                                    (Husband of Phyllis Minch)                Back surgery.
Denver Epsilon Council                       Pueblo Alpha Council          Marjorie Chevalier                        Hip Replacement.
                                                                           Jan Hommas                             Surgery to fuse ankle.
Alpha Alpha                 #170             Denver                        Sandy Alexander                         Shoulder surgery.
Alpha Beta                 #5390             Fruita                        Rhonda Westcott                         Father passed on.
Alpha Delta                #178              Pueblo                        Catie Santos (ELAN)                      Grandfather passed on.
Alpha Eta                  #230              Denver                        Copey Agnes                             Husband passed on.
Alpha Gamma                #174              Denver                        Wendy Chipp                             Sister passed on.
Alpha Lambda               #231              Greeley                        Gertie Chapin                          Brother passed on.
Alpha Nu                   #535              Akron                         Beverly Callant
Alpha Omicron              #770              Salida                        (Our sister in Delta Theta)              Passed on.
Alpha Phi                  #327              Golden                        B. J. Clark                            Mother passed on.
Alpha Tau                  #757              Craig                         Barbara Hill                             Concerns over niece.
Beta Alpha                 #5416             Aurora                        Jean Kump                               In hospital/St.
Beta Epsilon               #357              Ft. Morgan                    Mary's/Gr.Junction
Beta Nu                    #510              Pueblo                        COLORADO STATE COUNCIL WELCOMES THE
Beta Omicron               #842              Monte Vista                   FOLLOWING: Tyler Aiden Humphrey, (Grandmother-Mary
Beta Tau                   #472              Grand Junction                Humphrey, Aunt-Jo Freels), London Herring (Great
Beta Xi                    #4398             Berthoud                      Granddaughter of Gwen Parker), Noah Ryan Self, Logan William
Beta Zeta                  #3149             Canon City                    Self, Emma Riley Self, (Great Grandchildren of Verniece Self),
Chi Kappa                  #5129             Denver                        Caden Andrew Kalkofen, Chloe Belle Kalkofen, Jessica Grace
Delta Theta                #1898             Denver                        Lewis (Great Grandchildren of Margaret Thompson).
Epsilon Chi                #1836             Rangely                                  A Great Big CONGRATULATIONS TO MARGARET
Epsilon Epsilon            #1896             Denver                        THOMPSON as she was named WOMAN OF MOFFAT
Epsilon Zeta               #2320             Delta                         COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!
Eta Beta                   #2286             Denver                        WAY TO GO MARGARET!!!!!
Eta Lambda                 #2421             Cortez                                   The following sisters are extending their heartfelt thanks
Gamma Chi                  #3668             Loveland                      to all who sent cards, called, wrote, prayed, visited, etc. during
Gamma Kappa                #3265             Denver                        illness or the passing of a loved one: Sandy Alexander, Wendy
Gamma Omega                #4306             Akron                         Chipp, Rhonda Westcott, Oleta Howe, Paula Lieberman, Dee
Gamma Pi                   #1200             Longmont                      Hatcher
Gamma Tau                  #3371             Northglenn                               In closing, may each of you experience a beautiful, loving
Kappa Iota                 #5442             Golden                        month-February. Whatever you do--do it with love, "True
Omega Chi                  #4842             Florence                      friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known
Pi Lambda                  #5141             Salida                        until it is lost." C. C. Colton.
Sigma Rho                  #5014             Loveland                      God Bless each of you,
Theta Eta                  #2830             Denver                                   Hi, lovely ladies, remember when we were in school and
Xi Delta                   #5349             Denver                        Valentine's Day came around. Remember how much fun it was to
Zeta Chi                   #3878             Ft. Collins                   make, give and receive Valentines.
Zeta Rho                   #1774             Aurora
Zeta Tau                   #2064             Colorado Springs

Just one of my midnight thoughts. How about we, individually or                     Jody Carr reported that she has reserved space for the
through your chapter buy a box of Valentines and send them to any         Quilt of Dreams auction to be held on April 8th. Denver Seminary
of ESA sisters of your choice.                                            Chapel, 6399 S. Santa Fe Dr.
          I do have some very special people in mind, how about                     Alpha Phi is in charge of the Council fund raiser this year
Lee Francis in Strasburg or Jean Kump or Betty T., Diane Collins,         and has reserved the date of March 11 at the church.
Any of the Lamplighters. Or each other. It could be a group                         Joan Snyder state Easter Seals Dir. Distributed info about
project where everyone signs the card or just individually. I know        a fund raiser that would need volunteers, she asked for interested
that Lee gets really lonely and Jean is not all that well and hey,        persons to contact her by Feb. 15.
your best buddy would love to get a card. Think about it, let the                   Parliamentarian Betty Jean Marshall and her committee
child in you come out.                                                    for the standing rules and bylaws sent copies of the changes to
                                                                          each chapter to review for voting at the March meeting.
The Lamplighters addresses are in the yearbook.                                     Pam Trujillo distributed invitations to a special event
                                                                          given by Beta Alpha Chapter. Speaker Carol Baker will share the
Lee Francis                                                               adventures she experienced on a wagon train for 40 days. Turn of
617 West 7th Street                                                       the century desserts will be served, and there will be raffles along
Julesburg, CO 80737-1006                                                  with bonnets and jar mixes for sale. Bring one food can or dry
                                                                          product and receive an extra raffle ticket. The food items will go
Jean Kump                                                                 to the Parker Food Bank. The proceeds from the program will help
P. O. Box 627                                                             Beta Alpha with the preparation for the State Convention.
Rangely,CO 81648                                                          Saturday March 25, from 1:30 to 3:30 P.M. at the Parker Library,
                                                                          10851 S. Crossroads Dr. in Parker. The cost is $5.00 per person
Eileen Wright                                                             RSVP to Pam Trujillo at 303-840-9552 by March 25.
P. O. Box 582                                                                       Billie Hillje won the raffle for the meeting and Sandy
Kalaheo, Kauai, HI    96741                                               Alexander gave the closing thought. The next meeting will be
                                                                          March 15,2206 at the Church.
Diane Collins
1209 Springside Drive                                                     The Happy Cooker Reporting
Lake Shore, MN 56468
                                                                          EPSILON COUNCIL
Take care and lots of love, Cathy
                                                                                  There is no news to report this month as our February
STATE SCRAPBOOK CHAIR                                                     Pot- Luck will be after this printing.

                                                                          Dorothy J. Roy
           ATTENTION CHAPTER PRESIDENTS                                   NORTHERN COLORADO COUNCIL
By the time you receive your Golden Lamp it will be the                   Mark Saturday, April 29th on your calendars as Northern
Middle of February and the end of Barb’s year is just around              Colorado Council will be having a luncheon to celebrate 50
the corner. As you know I am the Scrapbook Chairman and I                 glorious years with ESA. Place and time TBA. Please come to
would love to get all the chapters in Colorado into her                   share in the fun as we walk down memory lane.
scrapbook. The only way I can do that is for you to send a
picture of your chapter along with a summary of what the                  Pam McGee
chapter has done over this past year. Please, please do this              Publicity Ch.
right away. So far all I have are 2 chapters, so please let’s fill        NCC
up my mailbox with those pictures. Thanks for your
Send them to Billie Hillje, 491 South Moline Street, Aurora,                               CHAPTER REPORTS
CO 80012-2233
                                                                                                  Alpha Gamma #174
                                                                                                   Denver, Colorado
                                                                                    This deadline comes too soon upon the heels of the last
                                                                          one and leaves us little to report at this time. We will disclose that
DENVER ALPHA COUNCIL                                                      during the month of January we did strive to retain our goal of
                                                                          being the "eatingest" chapter in Colorado. Not only did we eat at
          The Denver Alpha Council meeting was held on January            our first meeting of the month but also at the second one.
18, at the Jefferson Ave. United Methodist Church and called to           Ordinarily the first Monday of each month is reserved for our
order by president Juanita Larson. President Larson thanked the           business meeting at the residence of Betty Turetzky, followed by
chapters who hosted the Christmas Luncheon, Alpha Alpha,                  lunch in the dining room. However, Cathy Zarlengo’s issued an
Gamma Tau and Kappa Iota.                                                 invitation to hold the meeting at her home so we could once again
          Reports were given by the officers and forms were               enjoy viewing her fabulous Snow Village collection. We all look
handed out to the chapters for nomination for the council board for       forward to seeing the spectacular displays throughout her beautiful
next year and the Women of the Year.                                      home and the new additions she makes each year.
          Mary Guida asked for pictures and articles for Juanita’s
scrapbook.                                                                Cathy had prepared a lovely and delicious luncheon for our
                                                                          enjoyment prior to the meeting. In fact, the luncheon was so

delightful and we so enjoyed ourselves that we decided we would            boxes. It is certainly a worthwhile project, and we love being a
postpone the meeting until the following week. We did, however,            part of it.
have our educational program at this time. Shirley Conway, our                        The chapter will again host their annual Salad Luncheon.
new pledge, came through with flying colors when she gave the              A date will be set at the February meeting. The luncheon is held in
program on Theodore Roosevelt National Park. First established as          April. Proceeds go to fund our Scholarship.
a Memorial Park, it gained National Park status in 1978. The                          Billie Jean reminded all members that March 31st was
colorful North Dakota Badlands provide the scenic backdrop to              soon approaching, and the philanthropic hours, donated goods and
this park which memorializes the 26th President for his enduring           monies will need to be turned in.
contributions to the conservation of our nation’s resources. In the                   In keeping with the President's theme, Billie Jean gave the
park you will find badlands, open prairie, hard wood draws, bison,         monthly Educational program on Cattails, a Colorado Wildflower.
prairie dogs, the Little Missouri River, and a past history that                      With the early February 1 deadline, there is not much
includes Theodore Roosevelt.                                               news from the San Luis Valley. Until next time, stay warm!!

Just a week later found us meeting and eating at the San Marino            Billie Jean Farnham
Retirement Villas, thanks to Jess Summers and in spite of a snow           Reporter
warning that might have caused us to cancel. Two days later found
three of us traveling northwest to attend the January Denver Alpha                                  Chi Kappa #5129
Council meeting. Only one of our members, Donna Lea Van                                             Denver, Colorado
Stone, found it possible to devote time to Warm Hearts Warm
Babies this month. We are planning to resume our usual routine             WELCOME: WELCOME: WELCOME: Chi Kappa has three
come February, but that’s it for now from                                  new members. On January 20 th Past Council President Nancy
                                                                           Negomir and Nancy Cameron conducted the pinning and re-
The Park Ranger.                                                           instatement ceremonies. Jan Bowland was re-activated and Elise
                         Alpha Tau #757                                    Schneider and Marie Trujillo received their pledge pins. Past
                         Craig, Colorado                                   Council President Phyllis Vrbas pinned on their corsages and
                                                                           presented them with their candles.
We are truly walking in a Winter Wonderland. We have rang the                        The ceremony was held at Villa Maria where President
bells at Christmas time for the Craig Extension unit of the                Lillian Strong makes her home. A lovely cake with raised yellow
Salvation Army.                                                            jonquils and blue writing it said WELCOME TO CHI KAPPA.
          We had a lovely Christmas Social pot-luck and gift               An array of finger sandwiches, veggies, and chicken nuggets, nuts
exchange in December. Wasn’t a very ―Silent Night‖. New Year               and mints and coffee was enjoyed by all.
Brought in a ―Let It Snow‖ time, New Babies, Gwen Parkers                            Guests included past member Pauline Griffin and Fay
grandsons wife had a baby girl, Margaret Thompson – 3 new                  Armendariz. A birthday party that was scheduled for February 4th
arrivals in her family. Verniece – 3 new arrivals in her family,           was combined with the installation ceremony as Maryanne Martin
Nina Lawton’s granddaughter had a baby also.                               was leaving to go back to Green Valley, AZ. She was home for
          Alpha Tau’s sisters got out their ―Little Brown Jug‖             several weeks. Everyone enjoyed opening their birthday gifts from
(coffee) at their January Social, after and during a delicious snack       their secret sisters. Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to our past
brought in by Pat Herring. Bingo was played, later.                        member Arlene Sisson who lost her mother in Green Valley, AZ,
          Margaret Thompson was elected Woman of the Year for              where Arlene and husband Bob make their home. Arlene we miss
2005 by the Moffat County Morning News, from among twenty                  you so much and send our love at this sad time.
eight other nominees. Let , us/me Call you Sweetheart’ Margaret.                     The Chapter is planning to go to the merchandise Mart on
For you truly are a friend indeed. ―Day is Done‖ so am I for now.          either the 3 or 4th or 5 th of Feb. There will be a Creative Festival
                                                                           and continuous fashion show. Chi Kappa is planning on
Yours musically,                                                           celebrating their 20th anniversary in late March. Plans are in the
ESA Sister Mary Jo                                                         process.
                       Beta Omicron #842                                             Since Chi Kappa will be celebrating their 20th anniversary
                      Monte Vista, Colorado                                in March, I thought it would be nice to find out what some of our
                                                                           inactive members have been doing. They are always our sisters
          Beta Omicron held their first meeting of 2006 at the home        when they wish to return.
of Billie Jean Farnham. Two of our new pledges were present,                         Linda Karlson: Linda has been in Ethiopia with the
Kathryn Siglinger and Heidi Velasquez.                                     Sisters of Charity. Mother Theresa sisters. She was working with
          The chapter received correspondence from Joan Snyder,            them with children that had aids. Now Linda wants to open her
Colorado State Senior Easter Seals Chairman and Kathy Westlake,            own orphanage and is back in the United States to raise funds. She
State Chaplain. A lovely thank you note was received from the              is the Founder and Overseer of the Pearl Foundation and director
family that we clothed and delivered food basket to a                      of the Spark of Light Village. She was inspired to set up a
Christmastime. They were so grateful for our generosity.                   naturopathies program that would empower the average person to
          Billie Jean reported the deadline is nearing for our             take control of their health, especially in regards to aids, and other
Scholarship. She reported the letters had been mailed out to all           diseases. She would like to set up a wellness program that would
San Luis Valley High Schools, and had a request from the Centauri          prove to outdo the fetroviral and prescription drugs. The
High School for additional information.                                    orphanage would be in Ambo, Ethiopia and would be different
          Members again brought food for the Monte Vista Food              than anything out there. It would be fully bio-ecologically
Bank. This is an ongoing philanthropic project for our chapter. At         sufficient—wind solar power, recycling all waste for surrounding
the close of the meeting, members assembled three more boxes for           fields they plan to have. It would be at least 80% self supportive
our service men and women serving in Iraq. We have sent a total            thru sales of honey, crops and crafts. Their will be counseling for
of eleven boxes since September. Members bring items for the               the children. A milk bank (Human Mothers Milk) donated. Co-

oping fields with local towns people. Schooling from Pre-school            April 18 at the Green Mountain High School. All the proceeds
to continuing educational classes, for those in the township with no       from the project will go to the Jeffco Action Center.
money. They would barter their labor and time at the orphanage             Sally Lobel had a wonderful Educational for us. She had Kachinas
for their education. On the orphanage site it will be surrounded by        that were her parents on display for us. Sally told us about when
fields of various crops, orchards, and bee hives. Goats will be            her father worked for Fred Harvey’s from 1958 to 1963. They
raised for their milk and eggs from chickens. Most of the food             lived at the El Tovar Lodge on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
grown will feed the children and staff. Linda is the mother of two         Chief Porter Timeche’s son Gilbert carved several of the kachinas
sons. Her 20 year old will be going to Ethiopia with her. Linda            from a single piece of wood. They are beautiful pieces of art. It
has a project manager and assistant director of the Spark of Life          was fun hearing about them and how they were from a special time
Village. He has a degree form an agriculture college.                      in Sally’s life.
          Betty Ruffino: Betty is the mother of Linda, her husband         Till next time,
is the owner of ―World Aviation. Tom goes to many parts of the             Pat Overall
world. Betty joins him at times. Her last month was in Budapest.
She spent quite a bit of time in Jerusalem. Tom oversees the repair                                 Zeta Rho #1774
of planes.                                                                                         Aurora, Colorado
          Melinda Towne: Melinda, also a chapter member who
took time off to raise her two sons. Damon Curtis, a 19 year old           Greetings All!
marine, home on leave saved the life of two men while fishing                        I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season!! We
with his dad at Kremmeling Reservoir. He lost his life while being         managed to stay busy (as I’m sure the rest of the world did). We
a hero. Four $900.00 scholarships were given in his name and               attended the DAC luncheon in December and am proud to say, we
contributions still are made. Maryanne Martin is his Grandmother,          were in full attendance. We also had one ELAN attend with us,
Dorothy Roy his Great Aunt.                                                Catie Santos (Rhonda’s niece), as well as one guest, Lorri
                                                                           Anderson, (Jody’s daughter).
Dorothy J. Roy                                                                       The weekend after the DAC luncheon—or was it two
                                                                           weekends after?? Is anyone else confused about what really
                         Eta Beta #2286                                    happened in December of 2005??? It’s almost all a blur! Anyway,
                        Denver, Colorado                                   one weekend in December, we all went to Shirley Telinde’s house
                                                                           for our chapter Christmas luncheon and gift exchange with our
          Betty Ziska, Eta Beta's President chose as her theme             Secret Sisters. How is it that we have such good cooks in our
"ESA Learning and Growing" and as Educational theme "Expand                chapter??? Shirley sure put out quite a spread!
your Horizons". We are certainly working on that this year. We                       On a sad note, Edie Howe’s brother passed away at the
are having a business meeting in our homes, and then having the            end of November. Edie would like to extend the sincerest thanks
social on a Saturday with a lunch or brunch. Millie Foley                  for all the thoughts, cards and prayers sent her way. It’s truly a
entertained us at a delicious Christmas Brunch.                            blessing to have sisters like all of you!!
           Philanthropic projects: COLORADO HOMELESS - We                            One of Zeta Rho members, Connie Ernest had some very
adopted 2 families and gave them Christmas gifts, and attended the         happy news concerning her middle granddaughter, Sierra. Sierra is
party at Colorado Homeless. We were very impressed with the                a blooming actress who is in Washington, DC now playing in ‖Les
Extreme Makeover of the facilities that they received last                 Miserable‖. She auditioned with Andrew Lloyd Webber and
summer. Our annual BIRTHDAY PARTY at Colorado Lutheran                     Harold ―Hal‖ Prince for the state performance of ―Phantom of the
Health Care Center was well attended. Marge Rohrig played piano            Opera‖. She auditioned for the leading female part of Christine
for the sing along, and we served our homemade cakes. HAVE A               and heard from her agent about an hour after the audition that she
HEART continues to be one of our very needy projects. We all               had been selected to play the part in the opening of Phantom in Las
met there on the 21st of January and sorted clothes, food and              Vegas either late May or early June. The performance will take
household items, then it was off to Papa J's for lunch.                    place at the new $25-30 million dollar state-of-the-art theatre at
.          Betty Ziska was chosen as our Woman of the Year for             The Venetian. Connie and her husband Lee are very proud of their
2006. Congratulations, Betty                                               granddaughter and the chapter of Zeta Rho would like the state to
           As a Ways and Means projects we are selling RADA                share in their happiness and wish Sierra the very best.
products, and planning a luncheon which we will give you details
later                                                                      Until next time – The Zeta Rho Reporter
.          Millie Foley fell while walking her dog and suffered a
concussion, a broken nose, a couple black eyes and other bruises.
           Si Harkins had eye surgery on the 30th of January.              LAMP EXTRAS
  HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!                                                      A tribute to Terry Slocum/ Cooper
Si Harkins, reporting

                         Theta Eta #2830                                            Terry was a charter member of Chi Kappa which was
                                                                           organized in March of 1986. She became inactive after several
         We had a second planning meeting at Devinny                       years. Her children, health and work demanded too much from
Elementary for our 4th Annual Empty Bowls Project. Sorority will           her.
be donating $100.00 for the glazing of the bowls the kiddos make                    Terry’s only son Tommie Slocum was in the marines and
in Art Class. Their Art Teacher already has them working on their          was the first serviceman from Colorado to be killed in action in
bowls and they also are studying World Hunger. The Principal,              Iraq on March 23, 2003. Terry and her husband Stan Cooper felt
P.T.A. and Art Teacher are working on the many details plus our            the only way to honor their son and his service in the Marine Corps
own Marge West is in charge of our ―to do‖ list. The date is set for       was to reach out to other families who lost a son or daughter in

Iraq or Afghanistan. Terry who works for Farmers Insurance as a            Twenty five rooms have been blocked with smoking rooms
claims associate received money from Farmers Nationwide as well            included in that block, when making your reservation, please refer
as their own community. The Cooper family created the Thomas               to Epsilon Sigma Alpha as that is the name that the rooms are
J. Slocum Memorial Scholarships in partnership with Westwood               blocked under.
College of Aviation. So far 46,000 each has been awarded to two
individuals. They helped create a Veterans of Foreign Wars                 *Note: This is a Hampton Inn Express, there is a breakfast
(VFW) in Conifer which bears their sons name. The Thornton                 included in your room rate. Coffee, tea, juices, cereal, toast,
American Legion has been renamed Slocum American Legion.                   muffins and a selection of three hot items.
          Terry and Stan rode in the comforts of Home Motorcycle
road rally that helped raise funds for soldiers over seas. They sent                These rates are effective from March 16, 2006 to March
care packages and letters to service people. Terry was asked to be         20, 2006.
a guest speaker at Regis University where she spoke about her                       This is a new facility located next to the airport with a
thoughts and feelings on the war in Iraq and her own loss. The             beautiful vies of the San Juan Mountain Range.
Coopers spoke at the Healing Fields on Sept. 11th and helped set up
thousands of flags. Terry and Stan attend all the Marine funerals at       We look forward to seeing you there!!!!!!
Fort Logan. A young widow Katherine Cathey gave birth to her
son after his daddy had been killed in November. Terry and five            Please join us for a great afternoon at the Denver
sets of grieving parents came to Terry’s home in Thornton and              Alpha Council fund raising event.
brought gifts for the new baby. Terry presented the gifts and two
containers of sand from Iraq and Kuwait to Katherine. Something
she has given to each set of parents. You have a piece of where            Place: Jefferson Avenue United Methodist Church
they were.                                                                 on the northwest corner of 44th and Kipling.
          In 2004 the Coopers went to Washington D.C. for the              Date: Saturday, March 11th
opening of the Faces of the Fallen exhibit. In March they were             Time: 1:00 P.M.
involved in creating the Thornton Veterans Memorial Park. In
April the U.S.M.C. hosted a banquet for the Colorado families of           Cost: $8.00
the fallen. They read the awards presented to their son Tommy. In          Featuring entertainment by a well known dramatist,
August they attended a reception for the Colorado Freedom                  Mrs. Barbara Daubenspeck, a delectable dessert bar
Memorial, an announcement was made that Terry would be co-                 and silent auction.
chair with Lt. Governor Norton for a fund raiser. They go to the           Mrs. Barbara Daubenspeck is a member of Master
V.F.W. every month for their Country Breakfast fund raiser and
they stop by Tommy’s grave with flowers for him and other fallen           Presenters. She does historical vignettes by Gold
marines at Fort Logan.                                                     Star Productions.
          My admiration for these two parents who lost so much but         Dale Evans
give of themselves completely to any Marine cause or any service           In costume, she will present a program on the
people who are fighting for our freedom. Freedom is not cheap.. it         remarkable 89 year life of “Queen of the West”,
is stained with blood, tears and much anguish. I could go on and
on about the Coopers what they do not only do to honor their son           Dale Evans Rogers, wife of “King of the Cowboys”,
Tommy but for our country. Terry gave a program for our chapter            Roy Rogers. You are invited to relive, with Dale,
at her home and she explained all the flags and metals and over            some of her memories as a wife, mother, actress,
600 letters they received and she has a special album of letters           singer, entertainer, and best selling author. Since
from many in Washington D.C. I asked her what would become of              1942, she starred in 41 films, 4 television series and
all these precious items and she said she would donate them to
Regis University. God Bless you Terry and Stan and Tommy’s                 wrote 26 books.
sister Ann. May Gods precious light envelope Tommy.                        RSVP deadline is Monday March 6th, with the
                                                                           number of members and guests who will attend.
Your sister, Dorothy J. Roy                                                Men are also welcome.
                                                                           Please RSVP to Edie Davis at 720-823-6837 or Jean
              SPRING BOARD MEETING                                         Dinwiddie at 303-986-6503.
               MARCH 17, & 18TH, 2006
              MONTROSE, COLORADO
                                                                                    DATES TO REMEMBER
Pi Lambda – Salida and Zeta Omicron-Cedaredge, cordially invite
you to The Colorado State Council Spring Board Meeting in                  Denver Alpha Council Fund Raiser March 11, 2006
Montrose, Colorado.                                                        State Spring Board March 17th & 18th, 2006
When: March 17th & 18th, 2006
Where: Hampton Inn-Montrose, Colorado                                      Beta Alpha Program March 25, 2006
         1980 North Townsend Ave.                                          Golden Lamp April Issue Articles due April 1, 2006
         Montrose, Colo 81401                                              Quilt of Dreams Auction April 8, 2006
         970-252-3300                                                      Northern Colo Council 50th Anniversary April 29,
Please reserve your lodging accommodations directly with the               State Convention May 19th, 20th, & 21st, 2006
Hampton Inn.
Single Room $80.00        Double Room $85.00


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