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					Archers Aim   Sylvan Arche rs                      Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards        April 2004
                                Inside this Newsletter                Chris Richards 503-474-0902
                                1   Board Members 2004      
                                    Board of Trustees 2004
                                    Monthly Meetings                  Web Administrator-
                                    Sylvan Work Parties               Mike McManus
                                2   Sylvan Shoot Date s     
                                    Hats and Shirts
                                    Letter from Assist. Secretary     Board of Trustees - 2004
                                    Letter from Member
                                    Local Archery Shops
                                                                      Bryan Rowland - 2002 thru 2004
                                3   Local NW March 2004 shoots        Cliff Hoff -       2003 thru 2005
                                    Recipe of Month
                                4   Other Events in Local Area        Becky Jackson - 2003 thru 2005
                                    Club Classifieds
                                5   Building Proposal Ballot          Dick Maxson -      2004 thru 2006
                                6   Broadhead League
                                                                      Jerry Phillips -     2004 thru 2006
                                7   Broadhead Rules
                                                                      Monthly Meetings
                                Board Members 2004
                                                                      Monthly Board and membership
                                President-                            meetings are held on the first
                                Allen Stover 503-639-3673
                                                                      Thursday of each month. If a
                                1st Vice President (Targets)-         monthly meeting date is different
                                Gary Page 503-981-4681                than the first of the month it will
                                2nd Vice President (Indoor            be Shown in bold and italics.
                                Activities)-                          Meetings start at 7:00pm unless
                                Joel Griffin 503-625-3843             shown otherwise.
                                3rd Vice President (Outdoor Range)-
                                                                      May meeting 05-06-2004 (7 pm)
                                Gary Curl 503-538-3858
                                                                      @ Denney’s in Wilsonville
                                Assistant Range Director-

                                Hunt Director-                        Sylvan Work Parties
                                John Nelson 503-670-8363              Saturday, April 24, 2004 8:00 a.m.
                                Director of Hunting Games-            Saturday, May 22, 2004 8:00 a.m.
                                Keola Cammacho 503-691-8931           Tuesday, June 22, 2004 5-7 p.m.
                                Field Governor-                       Monday, July 12, 2004 5-7 p.m.
                                Al Hanschar 503-657-7224
                                                                      Please contact me if you have any
                                Director of Field Tournaments-
                                Chuck Rhodig 503-656-4406
                                Director of Target Tournaments-       Thanks-
                                OPEN POSITION                         Gary Curl
                                Secretary/Treasurer-                  503-538-3858
                                Linda Maxson 503-659-4776
                                Asst. Secretary/Treasurer-
                                Tanya Richards 503-474-0902
                                Max Tannery 503-537-0272

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Archers Aim              Sylvan Arche rs                     Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards      April 2004
Sylvan Shoot Dates                                     LETTER FROM             we get that information before
    June 19-20 3-D Trail Shoot                    ASSISTANT SECRETARY shooting starts.
     (40T + Novelties)                                                                                  So if you are interested, please
                                                   Hello, my name is Tanya Richards
    June 26-27 OBH & NFAA                                                                              contact me I would really
                                                   and as of April 4th , 2004 I have
     State Field Shoot                                                                                  appreciate it.
                                                   temporarily taken on the
    July 17-18 Sherwood
                                                   responsibilities of the Assistant
     Nottingham Shoot (Elks                                                                             Che ryl A. Mattson
                                                   Secretary/Treasurer. So if you
     Lodge)                                                                                             Member of Sylvan Archers
                                                   have any questions or concerns
    August 7-8 3-D Trail Shoot                                                                         PH: 971-237-0227
                                                   please help me to help you by                        E-Mail:
     (40T + Novelties)                             using my phone number listed
Please contact us if you have any                  above and the Sylvan Archers
                                                   e-mail address;                                      Local Archery Shops
questions.                                                                                              --------------------------------------------------
Thanks-                                                                                                 Now that winter is on it’s way and
John Nelson - 503-692-3713                         I also want to take this opportunity                 it is cooling down you may want
Keola Cammacho - 503-691-8931                      to ask all the members to help in                    to try indoor shooting. Most of the
                                                   trying to ensure the Newsletter is                   local shops have leagues. Please
                                                   getting to all members either by                     contact them for information.
HATS & TOWELS                                      the conventional mail system or                      Archers Afield
------------------------------------------------   by electronic e- mailing. I would                    503-639-3553
There is a new look on the back of                 like to ask all those who would                      Tigard, Or.
our T-shirts. The emblem style is the              like the newsletter sent to them via
same but it now contains 5 colors                  e-mail to please send Chris or I a                   Archery World
instead of the one color. We have a                message through the Sylvan                           360-693-7510
hat in black or white with the club                Archers e- mail address:                             Vancouver, Wa.
emblem about 2 1/8 inches. There are     
also polo shirts with a pocket and the                                                                  Broken Arrow Archery
emblem above the pocket in forest                  Again thanks for your patience                       503-654-8012
green or black. Something new are                                                                       Milwaukie,Or.
                                                   and your help.
towels to hang on your quiver with
the emblem on them in forest green                                                                      Chinook Archers
or black. Prices are:                              Tanya Richards
                                                   Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
                                                                                                        Camas, Wa.
Polo Shirts M, Lg, Xlg $20
Polo Shirts XXlg $22                                     REQUEST FROM A                                 Kutch Archery
T-Shirts All sizes $12                                      MEMBER                                      503-852-7537
Hats $12                                           --------------------------------------------------   Yamhill, Or.
Towels $9                                          In the upcoming OBH State Field
                                                   Shoot, which is being held at                        On Target Archery
Contact Linda Maxson 503-659-4776                                                                       503-654-5529
if you have any questions or would                 Sylvan Archers this year on June
                                                   26-27th , I am asking if there would                 Milwaulie,Or.
like to inquire about special request
orders.                                            be some volunteers out there                         Pacific Crest Archery Pro Shop
Hats and shirts are also available at              willing to chaperone the CUB                         503-585-4547
Sylvan shoots.                                     Shooters as they walk around the                     Salem, Or.
                                                   course. I am asking for
                                                   chaperones to not only walk with
                                                   the CUBS for both days, but also
                                                   in helping keep the scores for
                                                   them as well. If not sure how to
                                                   keep the scoring, I will ensure that
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Archers Aim              Sylvan Arche rs                                Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards             April 2004
2004 Northwest Bowhunter                             8 – Texas Creek Shoot Out            29-30 – Herrick reservoir Shoot
         Shoots                                              Fraser, ID.                             Cascade, ID.
--------------------------------------------------   8-9 – 2Day 3D Shoot Woods VX
This information is based from the                           Ranch – Sandpoint, ID.       Recipe of the Month
                                                     8-9 – Mothers Day Shoot              --------------------------------------------------
2003 Northwest Bowhunter Shoot
card and may have changed and                                Dexter, OR.                  BAKED Venison or Elk
have other local shoots that are not                 9 – 3D Trail Shoot                   Serloin TIPS
listed on card.                                              Myrtle Point, OR.
                                                                                                1 (2 lb.) Venison or Elk steak,
                                                     15 – 3D Fun Money Shoot                    cut into sm. chunks
April 2004                                                   Harrisburg, OR.                    1 c. Worcestershire sauce
10-11 - 3-D Spring Shoot                             15-16 – 3D Fun Trail Shoot                 Seasoned salt
        Polson, MT.                                          Astoria, OR.                       Lemon pepper
10-11 - Iron Man 3-D Fun Shoot                       15-16 – 3D Trail Shoot                     2 tbsp. lemon juice
        Yamhill, OR.                                         Wren, OR.
                                                                                          Line baking dish with fo il. M ix
17 - 3-D Trail Shoot                                 15-16 - 3D Trail Shoot
                                                                                          Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice.
        Roseburg, OR                                         Tolgate, OR.                 Place Venison or Elk chunks and
17 - Late Easter Shoot                               15-16 – Traditional Only Festival    Worcestershire and lemon juice in d ish.
        The Dalles, OR.                                      Silverton, OR.               Sprin kle heavily with lemon pepper and
17-18 - 3-D Money Dot Shoot                          15-16 – Southern Oregon              seasoned salt. Cover tightly with fo il.
                                                                                          Bake at 400 degrees until done.
        Silverton, OR.                                       Traditional Rendezvous
17-18 - Redding Warm- Up                                     Lorella, OR.
        Bend, OR.                                    15-16 – Tygh Valley Shoot
17-18 - 3-D Trail Shoot                                      Tygh Valley, OR.
        Burns, OR.                                   15-16 - 3D Trail Shoot (1st Leg
17-18 - 3-D Practice for Redding                             Buckle Shoot)
        Lebanon, OR.                                         Redmond, OR (Sisters Area)
17-18 - Klickitat Trail Shoot 3-D                    15-16 – Spring Fling
        Klickitat, WA.                                       LaGrande, OR.
18 - 3-D Trail Shoot                                 15-16 - 3D Trail Shoot
        Yreka, CA.                                           Lakeview, OR.
24-25 - 3-D Fun Shoot                                16 - 3D Trail Shoot
        St. Helens, OR                                       Myrtle Creek, OR.
24-25 - 3-D Trail Shoot                              22 – Glenn Hughes Traditional Shoot
        Grangeville, ID.                                     Lewiston, ID.
24-25 - Fun Shoot                                    22-23 - 3D Trail Shoot
        Sublimity, OR.                                       Troy-Deary, ID.
25 - 3-D Fun Shoot                                   22-23 – Traditional Archery 3D Shoot
        Prineville, OR.                                      Grants Pass, OR.
                                                     22-23 – Memorial Shoot 3D&Paper
May 2004                                                     Eugene, OR.
1-2 – Going out of Business Shoot                    22-23 - 3D Trail Fun Shoot
       Willamina, OR.                                        Long Beach, WA.
1-2 – Traditional Rendezvous                         22-23 – ISB MOOSE SHOOT
       North Powder, OR.                                     Call for Location
1-2 – Western Classic Trail                                  Craig (208)549-1063
       Redding, CA.                                  23 – I.B.O. Qualifier Shoot
1-2 – Craig Mountain Shoot                                   Sublimity, OR.
       Lewiston, ID.                                 29-30 – Memorial Day Super Shoot
1-2 – Cinco - Arrow Shoot                                    Bend, OR.
       Lebanon, OR.
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Archers Aim              Sylvan Arche rs                                      Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards                       April 2004
Other Events in Local Area                           Club Classifieds                                     Bowtech
--------------------------------------------------   --------------------------------------------------
Traditional Only Shoot                               Busy Shoes Shoe Repair,                              Black Knight 2
By Black Forest Archery & Jim Jones                  Tualatin Or.                                         2002 Model
                                                     Phone 503 691-9393                                   5 5/8 brace
Longbows & Recurves Only                                                                                  New String
May 15th & 16th , 2004                               Spring Hunt Special:                                 Trophy Taker rest
Self bows, primitive bows,                           20% discount on boot resoling for                    I now have 3 bows and this is
modern laminated recurves &                          Sylvan members, thru 3/31/04.                        an extra.
longbows only.                                       --------------------------------------------------
                                                     Ancient Archers,
                                                                                                          $450 or best offer.
Hel d at Black Forest Archery Range                  19401 S.W. Boonesferry Rd,
(4 miles East of Sil verton, Oreg on on              Tualatin, OR.
Eureka Rd)                                                                                                Ken Warner
                                                     Phone 503 691-9393
Vern’s Archery 503-873-4265                                                                     
                                                     Buy a wood bow from Boyer
                                                     Steve Boss or Ted Frey, get a                        --------------------------------------------------
for info & pre-registration
                                                     dozen arrows with your personal
Traditional Archer Vendors Space                     burn crest free!! good thru
Free!                                                3/31/04.
Free Camp ing! Bring your own Firewood               --------------------------------------------------
& water, no electrical hookup at site.
Children must be supervised. Dogs must               Refinance Now!
be on leash & dog owners must remove
own dogs droppings.                                      Rates are still low!
Medieval Costume Contest                                 A 1% interest rate reduction
                                                          saves $24,174.00 on each
40 3-D Ani mal Targets, Flight Shoot
Aerial Targets, Candle Shoot Sat. Night.                  $100,000 over 30 year fixed
                                                          mortgage life.
Medieval War Arche ry Events
                                                         Approved with 61 Lenders
Clout: 200 yards, Money Shoot                             means more choices & better
Top Shooters takes 75% of Pot                             rates.
Wand: 60 Yards                                           Free Cost Savings Analysis
York target: 140 yards, Money
Shoot                                                    Stated Income & Bad Credit
Top Shooters takes 75% of Pot
                                                         Loans to % Loan to Value
Knights in Armor: Fun Shoot
200 to 150 paces. Archers in a line.                     New, Refi & Non Owner
Shoot by command, advance 5 paces &
continue to shoot by command at                          Apartments & Commercial
Medieval Army.
                                                     Jim Jones, Sr. Loan Officer
Blanket Prizes: Bring traditional
                                                     LoanSource Funding LLC
prize of $10 min. value or ho memade
craft & d raw a prize Sunday after the               Phone 503-643-1567
                                                     Cell      503-320-9374
Shoot Fees
                                                     E mail:
2 Day $30/Archer           $40/Family                --------------------------------------------------
1 Day $15/Archer                $20/Family

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