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									                           Clubhouse Rental Agreement
                               Amended December 4, 2005

   This agreement is between Sierra View Association, PO Box 349, Effort, PA 18330 and:

   SVA Member Name:


   Unit ID#                           Phone #

   Rental Date:        Approximate Hours of Rental _________ to ________

    It is agreed that any party using these premises will abide by the following rules and
regulations and in return, Sierra View Association will make available the use of the second
floor hall, restrooms and kitchen facilities. This also includes tables and chairs.

      1. Occupancy shall be limited to 150 people.
      2. Table decorations only, no wall or ceiling decorations are allowed.
      3. The Lower Clubhouse may be rented for a fee of $ 50.00. This rental is limited to 4
         hours (inclusive of set up and clean up time). ALL RENTALS MUST HAVE
         ADULT SUPERVISION. The supervising adult must sign this agreement and
         understand that they will be held accountable for any damages that may occur. The
         Lower Clubhouse may not be rented if the upper section of the clubhouse is rented on
         the same day.
      4. The Lower Clubhouse (recreation area) may be rented in conjunction with the Upper
         Clubhouse rental for an additional fee of $ 25.00.
      5. A rental deposit of $ 50.00 will be collected at the time of booking in order to secure
         your date. This amount will be deposited at the time of receipt. This amount will
         then be deducted from the rental fee when paid in full.

      A. Usage Fee:
         The price for the use of the clubhouse shall be $150.00 for the date designated in
         this agreement. No rental shall exceed any 12-hour period of usage. All rentals must
         be concluded by 1:00 am . Set up and clean up are inclusive in the 12 hour
         rental period. The member shall, upon execution of this agreement, pay to the
         Association the sum of $ 150.00. Receipt of which is hereby acknowledged as a
         donation to defray the cost for the use of the premises.

      B. Security Deposit:
          The member shall upon execution of the agreement, pay the Association the sum
          of $ 400.00; receipt of which is acknowledged as a security deposit. The
          Association shall return the unused portion of the security deposit to the member
          within 10 business days; subject to deduction for
           cost of cleanup, overtime and damages to the premises and return of clubhouse

      C. Disclaimer of Liability:
     The member releases Sierra View Association from any and all liability relating
     to the premises. The member agrees to and shall protect and
     Hold harmless the Association from any and all liability for the loss from
     an accident resulting in bodily injury to or death to persons and for
     loss from an accident resulting in damage to or destruction of

  D. Restriction of Use:
     The use of the clubhouse shall be limited to Sierra View Association
     Members in good standing, their guests and invitees.

  E. Insurance:
     The member shall upon execution of this agreement insure against all
     Risks to the use of the clubhouse. This insurance is to include liability for loss or
     damage to the property of Sierra View Association as well as public Liability
     Insurance. Member shall produce a copy of the insurance endorsement or a
     letter from the insurance broker as to the coverage. (A photocopy of the
     insurance policy or endorsement is to be attached to Sierra View Association’s
     copy of this agreement).

  F. Cleanup:
     Member shall keep the premises clean and cause no damage whatsoever during
     the approved uses. Member shall bear all costs for these responsibilities.
     Member shall be charged $ 25.00 for not putting the tables away, unless
     otherwise specified in this agreement. Member shall take all trash with
     them. There will be a $2.50 per bag charge for any trash left behind.

  G. Cancellation Policy:
     The member shall give notice of not less than 30 days of cancellation of
     Function or forfeit their rental deposit.

  H. Key Return:
      Keys are to be returned to the Sierra View office no later than Wednesday.

  Upon signing this agreement, you promise to abide by the rules and regulations set
  forth in this agreement.

Sierra View Administrator
Sierra View Association Member

Member Phone #

      I have completed the before rental walk through checklist with the SVA
      Administrator or Clubhouse Chairperson and am aware that I must complete an
      after rental walk through checklist with the SVA Administrator or Clubhouse
      Chairperson following my rental.

Signature of Member required

**Responsible Adult Supervision acknowledgement signature __________________

Deposit   $_________________                 Check # ____________

Usage Fee $_________________              Check # ____________

Deposit Fee $ 400.00                    Check # ____________

Garbage Fee $ ________                  Check # ____________

Table and Chair Fee: $ ____________          Check # ____________

Keys returned on ____________________ Received by ______________

Deposit fee returned on _______________

Sierra View Association Administrator

Alarm Codes:

To Disarm _________________

To Arm _______________
Alarm Company 800-556-6292

Password ______________________

Copy of Alarm operation given to member: ________________



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