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                                                                                   Mission Statement
                                                                                   Quick Facts
                                                                                   Services provided
                         Lance Wayne                                               Career Opportunities
                          Kevin Keel                                               Evaluation

               Mission Statement                                                                          History
Since the founding of Delta Air Lines, our company has stood for safe and
reliable air transportation, distinctive customer service, and hospitality from    Delta traces it’s roots back to 1924.
the heart. Our vision is for Delta to build on its traditions and always to meet
our customers' expectations while taking service to even higher levels of
excellence. We are a leader in a business we know best-airline transportation.
                                                                                   First passenger flight in 1929 Dallas, Texas
We intend to be an even greater company and will focus our time, attention,
and investment on building that leadership. We are dedicated to being the
                                                                                   to Jackson, Mississippi
best airline in the eyes of our customers. We will provide value and distinctive
products to our customers, a superior return for investors, and challenging
                                                                                   Moved headquarters to Atlanta in 1941 from
and rewarding work for Delta people in an environment that respects and
values their contributions.
                                                                                   Monroe, LA
                                                                                   Delta’s Atlanta hub is currently the largest
                                                                                   hub in the world.

                               Facts                                                                      Services
CEO - Gerald Grinstein                                                             Primary customers include everyone from
Headquarters - Atlanta, GA                                                         business travel to recreational tourists
2005 Revenue - 16 Billion
                                                                                   Delta has three fleet brands:
Employees - 47,000+
                                                                                   – Delta: Long haul high volume flights
Daily Flights - 1,534
                                                                                   – Delta Shuttle: Short haul high frequency service
Delta Destinations - 461 Worldwide in 96 Countries
                                                                                   – Delta Connection: Regional airlines on short to
Daily flights with partners - 6,795
                                                                                     mid-haul flights, low to mid volume routes

                                strategy                                                                                    Environment
We are dedicated to being the best airline in the eyes of our customers. We
will provide value and distinctive products to our customers, a superior return                 Delta is the second-largest airline in the
for investors, and challenging and rewarding work for Delta people in an
environment that respects and values their contributions.                                       world behind American Airlines.
Delta launched it’s first frequent flyer program in 1981 which became the sky
miles program in 1995                                                                           Delta ranks third among airlines in terms of
Delta is a founding member of Sky Team, a global airline alliance that
provides customers with extensive worldwide destinations, flights, and                          revenue passenger miles.
 – Sky Team Alliance Aeroflot, Aero Mexico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental, CSA
   Czech, Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Northwest Airlines
                                                                                                Delta ranks sixth in terms of total operating

                           Bankruptcy                                                                        Career Opportunities
2001 - U.S. airspace closed for two days after terrorist attacks on Sept. 11th. Delta posts     Delta employees over 47,000 people in different positions
first financial loss in six years.
2004 - Delta announced an aggressive restructuring of the company in an effort to avoid         within the company
                                                                                                Delta seeks people who are highly motivated and
2005 - September 14 delta files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the first time in
it’s 76 year history citing high labor cost and record breaking jet fuel prices.                high-performing and enjoy the rewards of working
Had accumulated a debt of 20.5 billion dollars, 10 billion of which since January 2001          with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
2006 - U.S. Airways proposes a takeover of Delta for 8 billion dollars of cash and stock
Delta executives were weary and rejected the offer.                                             Current job openings:
                                                                                                 –   Pilot
Delta’s estimated value at this time was between 9.4 and 12 billon dollars.
                                                                                                 –   Management
                                                                                                 –   Customer service
                                                                                                 –   Technical operations
                                                                                                 –   Flight attendant
                                                                                                 –   Internships

                            Evaluation                                                                                Delta Air Lines

As a result of ever increasing fuel prices, high labor costs, and post 9/11                   Last Trade3:58 PM ET - Mar 19,
trauma, Delta Airlines is in an extremely shaky market.
                                                                                              2007Price$0.89 Change$0.03
Delta reported a consolidated net loss of 109 million for the month ended
January 31, 2007.                                                                             Volume 2,836,900
They reported an operating loss of $65 million for the month ended January 31,                Trades 764Day
2007.                                                                                         Low $0.85
Although Delta appears to be slowly moving away from bankruptcy, they still                   Day High $0.9052
incur frequent losses and job cuts.
Only time will tell how Delta is able to withstand the pressure from its
                                                                                              Week Low $0.3052
competitors to sell the company outright.                                                     Week High $3.02

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