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					                                                         Resource Guide Data Collection Sheet
                         Agency                                                                                                                               Saturday\S
Agency Name                              City          State Zip           Phone      Counties Served        Services Provided             Hours (M-F)
                         Address                                                                                                                              unday
McNairy Co. Loaves
                         Railroad Street Selmer        TN          38375              McNairy                food for the needy            8a-5p              no
and Fishes
                                                                                                             disaster relief, sell cheap
                                                                                                             clothes and items to low
                                                                                                             income families, help
The Mustard Seed         130 S. Wilson   Brownsville   TN          38012 772-4148     Haywood                                              8a-4p              no
                                                                                                             locate housing to
                                                                                                             homeless, and help with
                         408 Park                                                                            Purchase glasses for
Adamsville Lions Club                    Adamsville    TN          38310 632-0342     McNairy                                              8a-4:30p           no
                         Avenue                                                                              needy
                                                                                      Hardin, McNairy,
Shiloh Baptist Ass-      113 N.                                                       Haywood, Hardeman,     disaster relief, ramps for
                                         Adamsville    TN          38310 632-0145                                                          8a-4:30p           no
Brotherhood              Magnolia                                                     Henderson, Madison,    handicapped
Brain Injury Support -
                         408 Park                                          888-425-                          Support group for people      3rd Tues of Each
McNairy Co. Senior                       Adamsville    TN          38310              McNairy, Hardin                                                         no
                         Avenue                                            6930                              with brain injuries           Month @6pm
                                                                                                                                       no specific hours-
                         68 Connie                                                                           assistance with
Selmer Lion's Club                       Selmer        TN          38375 645-5314     McNairy                                          operates on as         no
                         Smith Rd                                                                            eyeglasses for low income
                                                                                                                                       needed basis

                                                                                                             Continuing Education
                                                                                                             classes, computer
McNairy Co. Adult
                         Industrial Park Selmer        TN          38375 645-5386     McNairy                classes, some financial  8a-4:30p                no
                                                                                                             assistance, spanish
                                                                                                             glasses, and GED classes

                                                                                                             non-perishable foods, and
Food Pantry              Railroad Street Selmer        TN          38375 645-7906     McNairy                coupons for some          per request
                                                                                                             Employment for 58 years
Title V Employment                                                                    Hardin, Hardeman,
                         Hope Street     Bolivar       TN          38008 658-4106                            and older-income              8a-4:30p           no
And Training                                                                          Chester, and McNairy
National eye care                                                          800-222-
                                         nationwide                                   all counties           medical eye care              24/7
project                                                                    3937
                                                                           Madison, Crockett,     home mods, equipment
                        1981                                               Gibson, Carroll,       loaner program,
Jackson Center for                                              731-668-
                        Hollywood       Jackson    TN   38305              Henderson, Chester,    emergency preparedness, 8am-5pm                      no
Independent Living                                              2211
                        Drive                                              Hardeman, and          arts and recreations
                                                                           Haywood                programs

                                                                           Chester, Decatur,      social services, vocational
Madison Haywood
                        38 Garland                            731-664-     Hardeman, Hardin,      training, residential
Developmental                           Jackson    TN   38305                                                                 8am-5pm
                        Drive                                 0855         Haywood, Henderson,    program, family support
                                                                           Madison, and McNairy   program

                                                                                                  gated apartment
                                                                                                  community for seniors,       applications taken on
Madison Place           112 Rhone                               731-410-
                                        Jackson    TN   38301              Madison                handicapped, and the         Tues. and Wed. from
Apartments              Street                                  8672
                                                                                                  disabled-Section 8           9am-4pm

                                                                                                  Hearing evals, custom
West Tn Hearing and     65 Ridgecrest                         731-668-     All Southwest Tenn     molds, recreational molds,
                                        Jackson    TN   38305                                                                8am-5pm
Speech                  Road                                  6076         Counties               expressive language,
                                                                                                  articulation, fluency, etc

                        614 E.
                                                                731-668-   All Southwest Tenn     physical and occupational                            Sat 7am-
Aqua Therapies          Carriage        Jackson    TN   38305                                                               6am-8pm
                                                                4449       Counties               therapy with water                                   noon
                        House Drive
City of Jackson Parks                                                                             line dancing, ceramics,
                        412 Bolivar                             731-425-
and Rec-Senior                          Jackson    TN   38301              Madison                computer classes, gym        8-4:30pm
                        Hwy                                     8614
Services                                                                                          and exercise
                                                                                                  legal based advocy for
Disability Law and    2670 Union                              901-458-     All Southwest Tenn     persons with disabilities,
                                    Memphis        TN   38112
Advocacy Center of TN Ave, Extended                           6013         Counties               investigation of abuse and
West TN Legal           210 W. Main                             731-423-   All Southwest Tenn     low-income individuals
                                        Jackson    TN   38301                                                                  8-4pm
Services                Street                                  1310       Counties               with legal problems
                                                                                                  Public housing for people
Bolivar Housing         621 Hatchie                           731-658-                            with disabilities, low
                                        Bolivar    TN   38008              Hardeman                                            8-4:30pm                no
Authority               Haven                                 3419                                income, and section 8
                                                                                                  Public housing for people
Savannah Housing        80 Jefferson                          731-925-                            with disabilities, low
                                        Savannah   TN   38372              Hardin                                              8-4:30pm                no
Authority               Street                                2020                                income, and section 8
                                                                                                        Public housing for people
Brownsville Housing    205 Summer                               731-772-                                with disabilities, low
                                       Brownsville   TN   38012              Haywood                                                   8-4:40pm   no
Authority              Oaks Drive                               0274                                    income, and section 8
                                                                                                        Emergency financial
                                                                             Chester, Decatur,
                                                                                                        assistance for rent and
Southwest Human        1527 White                                 731-989-   Hardeman, Hardin,
                                       Henderson     TN   38340                                         utilities. Home delivered 8-4:30pm        no
Resource Agency        Ave                                        5111       Haywood, Henderson,
                                                                                                        meals, low-income energy
                                                                             Madison, and McNairy

                                                                             Crockett, Dyer,
                       238 Summar                               731-935-     Haywood, Henderson,        mental behavioral health
Pathways, Inc                          Jackson       TN   38301                                                                        8-5p       yes
                       Drive                                    8200         Lake, Madison, Obion,      services for all individuals

                                                                  731-422-                              emergency financial
Salvation Army         125 Allen Ave   Jackson       TN   38301              Madison                                                   8-4p
                                                                  1271                                  assistance

                                                                             Benton, Carroll,
                                                                             Crockett, Decatur,
                                                                                                        Communication training,
                                                                             Dyer, Fayette, Gibson,
                                                                                                        computer training,
                       1119 Old                                   731-668-   Hardeman, Hardin,
The Star Center                        Jackson       TN   38305                                         vocational training , art      8-5p       no
                       Humboldt Rd                                9664       Haywood, Lauderdale,
                                                                                                        programs, nursing and
                                                                             Henderson, Henry,
                                                                                                        personal care services
                                                                             Madison, McNairy,
                                                                             Obion, Weakley

                                                                             Carroll, Crockett, Dyer,   Emergency shelter
                      1341 N.                                   731-422-     Gibson, Hardeman,          services and program
United Way of West TN                  Jackson       TN   38302                                                                        8-4:30     no
                      Highland Ave                              1816         Hardin, Haywood,           fundraising, Information
                                                                             Henderson, Madison         and Referral

                                                                  731-425-                              Traumatic Brain Injury
West TN Rehab Center 708 W. Forest Jackson           TN   38301              all counties in West TN                                   24/7       yes
                                                                  6930                                  services
Hardeman County                                                              Chester, Fayette,          General Adult Health
                       629 Nuckolls                               731-658-
Community Health                       Bolivar       TN   38008              Hardeman, Haywood,         Services on a sliding fee      8-5pm      no
                       Rd                                         3388
Center                                                                       Madison, McNairy           scale
                       10710 Old Hwy                              731-658-   All Southwest Tenn
Quinco Mental Health                 Bolivar         TN   38008                                         Mental health services         8-4:30pm   no
                       64                                         6113       Counties
                                                                                Benton, Carroll,
                                                                                Crockett, Decatur,
                                                                                Dyer, Fayette, Gibson,
Western Mental Health                                                731-228-   Hardeman, Hardin,        Psychiatric services for all
                      11100 Hwy 64 Bolivar              TN   38008                                                                    8-4:30pm     yes
Institute                                                            2000       Haywood, Lauderdale,     individuals
                                                                                Henderson, Henry,
                                                                                Madison, McNairy,
                                                                                Obion, Weakley

                                                                                                         Mental health services,
Professional             130 W. Main                               731-772-                              housing assistance,
                                          Brownsville   TN   38102              Haywood                                               8-5pm        no
Counseling Services      Street                                    9002                                  medication management,
                                                                                                         family counseling

                                                                                Crockett, Fayette,
                                                                   731-548-     Hardeman, Haywood,       health care on sliding fee
Stanton Health Center    17 First Street Stanton        TN   38069                                                                    8-5pm        no
                                                                   2232         Lauderdale, Madison,     scale

                                                                                Benton, Carroll,
                                                                                Crockett, Decatur,
                                                                                Dyer, Fayette, Gibson,
Occupational Rehab       534 Roland                                  731-426-   Hardeman, Hardin,        adaptive driver evals and
                                          Jackson       TN   38301                                                                    8-4:30pm     no
Center of West TN        Ave                                         1778       Haywood, Lauderdale,     training
                                                                                Henderson, Henry,
                                                                                Madison, McNairy,
                                                                                Obion, Weakley

                                                                                                         Emergency Assistance
                         444 E. Main                                 731-423-
Area Relief Ministries                    Jackson       TN   38301              Crockett, Madison        with food, prescriptions,    8-4:30pm     NO
                         Street                                      9257
                                                                                                         medical supplies

Jackson Transit          241E.                                       731-423-
                                          Jackson       TN   38301              Madison                  Transportation services      6a-10:30p    YES-SAT.
Authority                Deaderick St                                0200
                                                                                                         canes, lift chairs,
                         623C Old                                                                        commodes, go-go
                                                                     731-660-                                                                      Sat 10am-
Handicap of Jackson      Hickory Blvd-    Jackson       TN   38305              Madison                  scooters, etc. Install and 9-5pm
                                                                     6116                                                                          1pm
                         Hamilton Hills                                                                  repair handicap accessible
Health and Healing       681 Skyline                                 731-541-                            Dental care for mentally
                                          Jackson       TN   38301              Madison                                               8am-4:30pm   no
Clinic                   Drive                                       4325                                disable
                                                                                                    Supported, supervised
                        51 Conrad                                731-664-     All counties in       living arrangements and
Easter Seals                           Jackson        TN   38305                                                               8am-4:30pm      no
                        Drive                                    2262         Southwest Tennessee   job placements for the
                                                                                                    food, shelter, clothing,
                        351 North                                  731-427-
The Care Center                        Jackson        TN   38301              Madison               couseling-on emergency     8am-4pm         no
                        Liberty                                    2273
                                                                                                    Resources, outreach,
                                                                                                    support groups,
Chester County Senior                                              731-989-
                        247 East Main Henderson       TN   38340              Chester               information and            8am-3:30pm      no
Center                                                             7434
                                                                                                    assistance, congregate
                                                                                                    Support groups,
Decatur County Senior   1738 Georgia                               731-847-                         information and
                                     Parsons          TN   38363              Decatur                                          8am-4:30pm      no
Center                  Avenue South                               7212                             assistance, congregate
                                                                                                    Congregate meals,
                        211 N.                                     731-658-
Bolivar Senior Center                  Bolivar        TN   38008              Hardeman              information and            8am-4:30pm      no
                        Washington                                 2020
                     201 West                                    731-424-
The Lewis Center                       Jackson        TN   38301              Madison               home delivered meals       8am-4:40pm      no
                     Grand                                       6225
C. Elma Motley Comm. 136 Mitchell                                731-254-
                                       Whiteville     TN   38075              Hardeman              Congregate meals           10am-2pm        no
Center               Avenue                                      8011
John Wilder Comm.    122 Tippah        Grand                     731-764-
                                                      TN   38039              Hardeman              Congregate meals           10am-2pm        no
Center               Street            Junction                  0149
                                                                                                    Congregate meals,
Hardin County Senior                                             731-925-                           information and
                        55 Deford      Savannah       TN   38372              Hardin                                           7:30am-3:30pm   no
Center                                                           2210                               assistance, support and
Counce Home                                                        731-689-
                        P.O. Box 306   Counce         TN   38326              Hardin                home delivered meals       8am-4pm         no
Delivered meals                                                    5090
                                                                                                    Congregate meals,
Brownsville-Haywood     127 N. Grand                             731-772-                           information and
                                       Brownsville    TN   38012              Haywood                                          8am-4:30pm      no
County Senior Center    Street                                   9171                               assistance, support and
                        1771 Hwy 45                                731-668-                         Senior Apartments,
Saint Mary's Manor                     Jackson        TN   38305              Madison                                          8am-4pm         Yes
                        Bypass                                     5633                             congregate meals

                                                                                                    Congregate meals,
Scott's Hill Senior                                                731-549-
                        Box 12N        Scott's Hill   TN   38374              Henderson             support groups, outreach, 8am-4:30pm       no
Center                                                             3720
                                                                                                    information and assistance
                                                                                                   Congregate meals,
Henderson County       145 S. Main                               731-968-
                                        Lexington   TN   38351              Henderson              support groups, outreach, 8am-4:30pm       no
Senior Center          Street                                    4222
                                                                                                   information and assistance

                                                                                                   Support groups,
McNairy Co. Senior     408 Park                                731-632-                            information and
                                        Selmer      TN   38375              McNairy                                              8am-4:30pm   no
Center                 Avenue                                  0304                                assistance, congregate
                                                                                                   Support groups,
                       230 North 5th                           731-645-                            information and
Selmer Senior Center                    Selmer      TN   38375              McNairy                                              8am-4:30pm   no
                       Street                                  7843                                assistance, congregate
Heritage Place of      1735 Broad                              731-967-     All Southwest Tenn     Assisted living, around the
                                        Lexington   TN   38351                                                                 24 hours       yes
Lexington              Street                                  0005         Counties               clock care
                       150 High                                731-646-     All Southwest Tenn     Assisted living, around the
Lynnfield Place                         Selmer      TN   38375                                                                 24 hours       yes
                       School Road                             0064         Counties               clock care

                       1460 Crucifier                            731-968-   All Southwest Tenn     Assisted living, around the
Oakhaven                                Huron       TN                                                                         24 hours       yes
                       Road                                      2596       Counties               clock care

                                                                                                   Apartments available to
McKendree Oaks         1423 Florence                             731-925-   All Southwest Tenn     qualified elderly or
                                     Savannah       TN   38372                                                                   8am-4pm      no
Retirement Center      Road                                      8951       Counties               disabled according to
                                                                                                   income levels

Riverwick Assisted     1545 Florence                             731-926-   All Southwest Tenn     Assisted living, around the
                                     Savannah       TN   38372                                                                 24 hours       yes
Living                 Road                                      4044       Counties               clock care

Chester County Clerk's 133 East Main                             731-989-
                                     Henderson      TN   38340              Chester                Disability Parking Placards 8am-4:30pm     8-12noon
Office                 Street                                    2233
                                                                                                   Special Education
Chester County School                                          731-989-                            Program, technology
                      970 East Main Henderson       TN   38340              Chester                                              8am-4pm      no
System                                                         5134                                training, pshchological

                                                                            Chester, Decatur,
Southwest HRA                                                  731-989-     Hardeman, Hardin,      Headstart or preschool for
                       P.O. Box 264     Henderson   TN   38340                                                                8am-5pm         no
Headstart                                                      5111         Haywood, Henderson,    low-income
                                                                            Madison, and McNairy

                                                                                                   Adult day services,
                                                                 731-664-                          residential services, early
Developmental          127 Tate Road Bolivar        TN   38008              Hardeman                                             8am-4:30pm   no
                                                                 0983                              intervention for young
                                                                     731-228-   All counties in       Special education program
MH/MR Timber Springs 11100 Hwy 64 Bolivar               TN   38008                                                              24/7              yes
                                                                     2203       Southwest Tennessee   for kids and young adults

                                                                     731-925-                         medical care on sliding fee
Lifespan Health             P.O. Box 66      Savannah   TN                      Hardin and Wayne                                  8:30am-5pm      no
                                                                     2300                             scale

                            65 Northwood                             731-925-                         Adult day services,
Hardin County Skill, Inc.                    Savannah   TN   38372              Hardin                                            7:30am-3:30pm   no
                            Drive                                    4039                             residential services

East Jackson Medical        655 Lexington                            731-425-   All counties in       low-income medical
                                             Jackson    TN   38301                                                                8am-6pm         8am-1pm
Center                      Ave.                                     7900       Southwest Tennessee   services

                                                                                                      advocacy services,
                            3131 N.                                                                   support groups,
                                                                     731-660-   All counties in
Epilepsy Foundation         Highland; Ste    Jackson    TN   38305                                    recreational activities,    8am-4pm         no
                                                                     0500       Southwest Tennessee
                            61D                                                                       camsp and summer
                                                                                Chester, Decatur,
Social Security             415 Cheyenne                             731-660-                         Social security disablity
                                         Jackson        TN   38305              Haywood, Henderson,                               8:30am-3:30pm   no
Administration              Drive                                    3384                             progam
                                                                                                      Adult Day Services,
West Tennessee                                                                                        Camps and Summer
                            34 Garland                               731-668-   All Southwest Tenn
Cerebral Palsy                               Jackson    TN   38305                                    Programs, PT,OT, &          8am-5:30pm      NO
                            Drive                                    3322       Counties
Association                                                                                           Speech, After school
                                                                                                      programs for children

                                                                                                      Deaf and hard of hearing
                                                                                                      programs, special
West TN School For          100 Berryhill                            731-423-   All Southwest Tenn
                                             Jackson    TN   38301                                    education programs, free    8am-4pm         NO
the Deaf                    Drive                                    5705       Counties
                                                                                                      audiological services for

                                                                                                      Information and technical
                                                                                                      assistance to local schools
West TN Resource            100 Berryhill                            731-421-   All Southwest Tenn    and parents, assist
                                             Jackson    TN   38301                                                                8am-4:30pm      no
Center                      Drive                                    5074       Counties              schools with closing
                                                                                                      achievement gaps for kids
                                                                                                      with disablities

                                                                                                      Assist disabled individuals
McNairy County              565 Industrial                           731-645-
                                             Selmer     TN   38375              McNairy               with employment and         8am-4pm         NO
Development Services        Park Road                                7730
TN Housing
                         141 North 3rd                          731-645-   All Southwest Tenn    Section 8 rental
Development Agency,                      Selmer    TN   38375                                                                  8am-4:430pm   no
                         Street                                 6731       Counties              assistance
Selmer Office

                                                                                                 health insurance
                                                                                                 information, information
Southwest TN Area        27 Conrad
                                                                731-668-   All Southwest Tenn    and referral, home and
Agency on Aging and      Drive; Suite    Jackson   TN   38305                                                                  8am-4:30pm    no
                                                                7112       Counties              community based
Disability               150
                                                                                                 services; public
                                                                                                 advocacy services,
                         239 North
                                                              731-984-     All Southwest Tenn    support groups, and
TN Voices for Children   Parkway; Suite Jackson    TN   38305                                                                  8am-5pm       no
                                                              8599         Counties              behavior resources for
                                                                                                 mental issues
                                                                                                 Early intervention for
LeBonheur Early                                                                                  young children, family
                         429 East Main                          731-422-
Intervention &                         Jackson     TN   38301              Madison               training and service      6:30am-5:30pm     no
                         Street                                 5455
Development (LEAD)                                                                               coordination, PT, OT, AND
                                                                                                 Speech available

                                                                                                 Outpatient rehab, child
                                                                                                 care programs,
Kiwanis Center for Child 32 Garland                             731-668-   All Southwest Tenn
                                         Jackson   TN   38305                                    developmental screenings, 7:30am-5:30pm     no
Development              Drive                                  9070       Counties
                                                                                                 PT, OT, and speech
                                                                                                 therapy available

Hardeman Co-Public       10825 Old Hwy                          731-658-                         Dental care for individuals
                                       Bolivar     TN   38008              Hardeman                                          8am-5pm         no
Health Dept.             64                                     5291                             under the age of 21

                                                                731-858-                         Recreational activities for
Sardis Senior Center     PO Box 85       Sardis    TN   38371              Decatur                                             8am-3pm       no
                                                                2633                             seniors
West Madison Senior                                             731-422-                         Recreational activities for
                         Huntersville-   Denmark   TN   38391              Madison                                             8am-3pm       no
Center                                                          4771                             seniors
                         Denmark Rd

                                                                                                 Provides support services
                                                                                                 to people with intellectual
Tennessee Personal                                              731-660-   All counties in       and developmental
                         Hollywood       Jackson   TN   38305                                                                8am-4:30pm      no
Assistance, Inc                                                 6493       Southwest Tennessee   disabilities-Personal
                                                                                                 Assistance and Supportive
                                                                                                 Living Services
                         121 N.
                                                                     731-983-                            provides clothing, food and
Gleaner's House          Washington      Henderson   TN      38340                Chester                                             8am-4pm      no
                                                                     0377                                utilies for families in need
                                                                                                         Provides medical help for
Henderson Health                                                     731-983-
                         208 N. Avenue Henderson     TN      38340                Chester                those without health         8am-5pm      no
Clinic                                                               3175
                                                                                                         Telephone assistance
                         460 James                                                                       programs for low-income,
Tennessee Regulatory                                      37243-     1-800-342-   All Counties in
                         Robertson       Nashville   TN                                                  visually impaired, hearing   8am-4:30pm   no
Authority                                                 0505       8359         Tennessee
                         Pkwy                                                                            impaired, and physically
                                                                                                         Provides in-home training
Services for the Blind   225 M.L. King                             731-423-       Madison and            for the visually impaired
                                         Jackson     TN      38301                                                                    8am-4:30pm   no
and Visually Impaired    Blvd                                      5606           surrounding counties   and provides adaptive

Tennessee Donated        1800 15th                                   1-888-426-   All Counties in        Provides dental help for
                                         Denver      CO      80202                                                                    24/7
Dental Services          Street, Ste 100                             7379         Tennessee              low-income or needy

                         19 Music                                                                        Provides respite services
Tennessee Respite                                                    1-888-579-   All Counties in
                         Square West,    Nashville   TN      37203                                       and outreach for families    24/7
Coalition                                                            3754         Tennessee
                         Ste J.                                                                          and individuals

                                                                                                         Provides assistance for
Tennessee                                                                                                repairs and improvements
                         604 4th Ave,                                800-989-     All Counties in
Manufactured Housing                     Nashville   TN      37219                                       to low-income or disabled 8am-4:30pm      no
                         North                                       8642         Tennessee
Foundation                                                                                               individuals living in
                                                                                                         manufactured housing
Maxin Healthcare                                                     731-668-     All counties in        Private Duty Homecare,
                         Greystone       Jackson     TN      38305                                                                    8am-6pm      on call 24/7
Services                                                             0033         Southwest Tennessee    Private pay services

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