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									                              Nonpublic School
                              E- Newsletter
                                                                                                   August 2008
                                                                                              Volum e 2 Issue 1
 The Center for School Options & Finance
                                                 Current Entry Year Teacher program will continue in 2008-2009
 oversees nonpub lic educational options,
 including the chartering and oversight of
 nonpub lic schools. Please feel free to         House Bill 347/Sub House Bill 347, which proposed changes in the
 contact us with suggestions for future          Entry Year Teacher program, cannot become law before the beginning
 newsletters or if the information provided      of the school year. Therefore, no changes in Ohio’s Entry Year Teacher
 here raises any questions or concerns.          program have been mandated for the 2008-2009 school year.

 Center for                                      The current Entry Year Teacher program will continue for the 2008 -
                                                 2009 school year with required mentoring and Praxis III as the
 School Options and Finance                      performance based assessment. Districts and schools will continue to
                                                 follow the same eligibility requirements and registration procedures as
                                                 in 2007-2008. Registration is expected to open Aug. 1, 2008. Check
 Kim Murnieks                                    the ODE Web site for updates.
 Executive Director                    Please contact Susan Rieger, Entry Year Coordinator for the Ohio
                                                 Department of Education, if you have questions.
 Nina Pace
                                                 IDEIA Requirements detailed
 Nonpublic Educational Options
 Coordinator                                     Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of                       2004 (IDEIA), districts are required to spend a proportionate amount of
                                                 Part B federal monies to serve children with disabilities who are placed
 Ohio EdChoice Program                           by their parents in nonpublic, including religious, elementary and                        secondary schools.
                                                 To assist schools in understanding their rights and responsibilities, a
 Cleveland Scholarship &                         document describing the guidelines and the requirements for districts to
 Tutoring Program                                serve children with disabilities who are placed by their parents in           chartered and nonchartered nonpublic schools is available on the ODE
                                                 Web. Access the document Children with Disabilities Parentally Placed
                                                 in Chartered and Nonchartered Nonpublic Schools (updated July 1,
                                                 2008) by clicking here
If you have questions please call Ann Guinan, Mary Ellen Forrester or Thomas Lather in the Office of Exceptional
Children at (614) 466-2650 or any Office of Federal Program consultant at (614) 466-4161.

On the Web
Find resources for nonpublic schools on the ODE Web by navigating School Options > Private Schools
( )
and selecting the relevant link. This topic page can be bookmarked.

Chartered Nonpublic School Charter Change Forms
Forms and procedures for making changes involving chartered, nonpublic schools are REQUIRE D and can be found at:

Nonpublic School Teacher Certification Requirements
    Chartered Nonpublic School teachers and building principals must obtain an Ohio certification, at least a
        non-tax certificate.
    Non-chartered, non-tax supported school teachers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or bible
        college/bible institute diploma.
Applications for licensure are available from the Office of Educator Certification and Licensure Web site at RelationID=1298&ContentID=1026&Content=50801 .
2008 – 2009 Dates to Remember
July 1 – Sept ember 30, 2008 Non-chartered, non-tax supported school Registration period. The Certification Report to
Parents can be found at:
http://www.ode.state.oh. us/GD/ Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEDetail.aspx?Page=3& Topic RelationID=701& Content=50732 .
July 31, 2008 - SF-240 – Nonpublic Administrative Cost Reimbursement Claim Report
October 2008 - ADM reporting
Nov. 30, 2008 - FINA L day to submit ADM -1 data for FY 2009 funding purposes
Nov. 30, 2008 - SF-230 (Year 1) – Auxiliary Services Final Expenditure Report DUE
Dec. 31, 2009 - SF-230 (Year 2) - Auxiliary Services Final Expenditure Report DUE
February thru May 2009 – “Letter of Approval” Charter Site Visits

Licensure Requirements include background checks
To comply with House Bill 190, ODE requires applicants for any license or permit that it issues to complete both an Ohio
criminal background check and an FB I criminal background check, conducted by the Bureau of Criminal Identific ation
and Investigation (B CII). Those affected immediately by the requirement include:
       applicants seeking to transition, renew or advance their licenses;
       applicants seeking new licenses; and
       applicants seeking new and renewal adult education and pupil activity permits.

If an application is received for thes e applic ants on or after Nov. 14, 2007, without the appropriate background chec k
results on file, ODE will place the application on hold pending receipt of the results.

Hous e Bill 79 (effective March 2007) requires individuals teaching under a professional teaching certificat e to undergo a
background check upon a date prescribed by the State Board of Education and every five years there after. Sept. 5,
2008, has been selected as the initial date by which professional certificate holders (eight year, permanent, and
permanent non-tax) must submit fingerprints to BCII. With HB 190, professional certific ate holders, including eight -y ear,
permanent, and permanent non-tax, now must submit fingerprints for both the BCI and FB I checks by Sept. 5, 2008.

ODE requests that both background checks (Ohio and FB I) be submitted through WebCheck, which allows for the
fingerprints to be sent immediat ely to BCII. This enables a quicker process for having the results reported to ODE. It is
recommended that educators first check with their loc al school district, then neighboring school districts or the region’s
Educational Service Center, for availability of W ebCheck. If none of these options is available, possible sites are listed on
the Attorney General’s Web site http://www. webc

Educators should ask whatever agency they use for the back ground checks if they have both the Ohio and National
WebCheck machines. Please be sure to tell the agency to complete the section on the form that asks where you want
the results sent by checking Teacher Certification.

Background checks are good for one year, so if the educator recently completed the checks they may have them sent to
ODE for use in completing the requirement. They need to contact BCII at (740) 845 -2375 to request the background
check results be sent to ODE.

HB 190 also requires all non-licens ed school employees to undergo BCI and FBI background checks. Sept. 5, 2008, is
the date by which all non-licensed school employees, excluding van and bus drivers, must have submitted the
background checks. The checks for non-licensed employees must be redone every five years. Background checks for
non-licensed school employees should be sent to the local school district and not Teacher Certification.
More information on Educator Licensing can be found at
http://www.ode.state.oh. us/GD/ Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEPrimary.aspx?page=2& TopicRelationID=1283 .

School bus and van drivers must complete both BCI and FBI background checks when they renew the ir six-year
certificates. The results of these background checks should be sent to the employer, and not to Teacher Certification.
Additional information is available on the ODE Web by searching for keywords Pupil Transportation.

Remember that the new law requires chartered nonpublic schools to request criminal records checks of all applicant s for
employment, instead of just those who are res ponsible for the care, custody or control of a child as in current law. The
records checks must include both BCII an d FBI records. Private cont ractors hired by a district or school also must
request a BCII and FB I records check of all applicants for employment in a position that involves working in a school.
School Safety Plan required

Ohio schools are required to establish a safe school environment with the assistance local law enforcement and
emergency agencies. Here is what the Ohio Revised Code says about school safety.

       School Safety Planning - O. R.C. Section 3313.536 - The board of education of each city, exempted village, and
        local school district and the governing authority of each chart ered nonpublic school shall adopt a comprehensive
        school safety plan for each school building under the board's control. The board shall examine the environmental
        conditions and operations of each building to determine potential hazar ds to student and staff safety and shall
        propose operating changes to promote the prevention of potentially dangerous problems and circumstanc es. In
        developing the plan for each building, the board shall involve community law enforc ement and safety officia ls,
        parents of students who are assigned to the building, and teac hers and non-t eaching employees who are
        assigned to the building. The board shall consider incorporating remediation strategies into the plan for any
        building where documented safety problems have occurred.

The plan shall incorporate both of the following:
(A) A protoc ol for addressing serious threats to the safety of school property, students, employees, or administrat ors;

(B) A protoc ol for responding to any emergency events that do occ ur and that compromise the safety of school property,
students, employees, or administrators.

Each prot ocol shall include procedures deemed appropriate by the board for responding to threats and emergency
events, respectively, including such things as notification of appropriate law enforcement personnel, calling upon
specified emergency response personnel for assistance, and informing parents of affected students.

SAFE Web Portal Accounts: The Cliff Notes reprised
Any school staff member can sign up for a SAFE Web Portal Account by going to ODE’s home page
(www.ode.state.oh. us), clicking the SAFE Account Sign In button and then clicking on the link under the account name
fields titled “Sign Up.”

SAFE accounts are used by schools and districts throughout Ohio as a secure means of submitting different data reports
to ODE, such as FLICS, CORE, SFPS, EdChoice, OEDS R, etc.

SAFE accounts are tied to an individual’s date of birth and social security number, so the account travels with a person
around the state no matter which school or district they work for, so we suggest creating a Username and Password that
is not associated with the school. It should be more personal, something that only you would know.

When a SAFE account user leaves a particular school and goes to another, the new school must “designate” the new
person as theirs in order for them to have access to the new schools data. They do this by adding the appropriate role s
in OEDS R. Conversely, if the old school that the individual has left, does not remove that individual from their records in
OEDSR, then that person may still go in and edit the old schools data even though they are no longer working in that
       SAFE accounts should never be “inherited” from a previous user, as they are connected to that previous user’s
        date of birth and social security number.
       When signing up for a SAFE account, enter your work phone number instead of a home phone number as that
        number will be displayed to the general public in the OE DSR (on -line directory).
       Keep e-mail addresses up to date for your SAFE account by telling your school or districts OEDSR administrator
        about any changes.

OEDSR (Ohio Educational Directory System) needs to be maintained by the schools OEDSR administrator. Maintaining
current personnel and contact information for the school affects schools access to online applications which are tied to
funding, such as ADM-1 reports in the SFPS program. OEDS R administrators should regularly review e-mail addres ses,
phone numbers and roles for the personnel at their school and make corrections when necessary.

If your school does not have an OE DS R administrator, the school principal can designate one or more than one st aff
member if they desire. The new OEDS R administrators will need to get a SAFE web portal account of their own. The
school principal will need to e-mail the request to Include in the e-mail the school IRN,
name of staff member, and date of birt h.

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