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									This one-day intense, interactive immersion into the world of risk management provides the
participant with a wealth of knowledge and tools to more effectively manage complex U.S.
government contracts and projects. The seminar provides numerous processes, tools, techniques,
and case studies to create a real world context to the discussion for both government and

The seminar provides a proven effective risk and opportunity management process that can be
applied and tailored to any contract or project. The seminar is based upon celebrated and award-
winning author Gregory A. Garrett’s newest book, Risk Management for Complex U.S.
Government Contracts and Projects (NCMA, 2009). Every seminar attendee will receive a copy
of the book and a complete workbook containing all of the PowerPoint charts, exercises, and
case studies.

Key Topics of Discussion

      Risk Management in Government Contracting—Myths and Best Practices
      The Opportunity and Risk Management (ORM) Process
      ORM Tools and Techniques to Manage Risk and Achieve Success
      Contractual Aspects of Risk Management
      Financial Aspects of Risk Management
      Schedule and Technical Aspects of Risk Management
      Risk Management for Professional Services
      The Contract Management Risk and Opportunity Assessment Tool

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day highly interactive seminar, the participant should know:

      The common myths and best practices in managing risk on U.S. government contracts
       and projects;
      How to apply the Opportunity and Risk Management (ORM) process to contracts and
      How to use numerous tools and techniques to identify, analyze, and mitigate contract and
       project risk;
      The contractual, schedule, technical, and financial aspects of risk typically encountered
       when managing complex government contracts and projects;
      How to manage risk associated with government professional services contracts and
       projects; and
      How to use the Contract Management Risk and Opportunity Assessment Tool to improve
       business results.

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