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 7th Grade Registration Night
       February 2010
Tonight’s Presentation Goals

   Learn About El Rancho
   Receive Registration Materials
   Alleviate Anxiety
   Answer General Questions
Co-Principal of Business and Operations –
                John Besta
  Co-Principal of Academic Programs–
            Michele Walker

A-G   Travis Thomsen

H-O   Kevin Johnson

P-Z   Dave Mosley
Information Contained Handouts

        Registration Form
        Elective Descriptions
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Honors Classes Information
        Academic Success Program
        Bridge Program Registration
        Uniform Order
7th   Grade Registration

You may turn the form in
tonight before you leave;
otherwise, it is due in the El
Rancho office by Thursday,
February 11.
Your first decision will be which option
you will be selecting. Place an “X” in
the box on your registration sheet.
The options will be explained further.
Option A: Exploratory and Music

Exploratory Wheel

Select which music class you would like.
Option B: Exploratory and Elective
Exploratory Wheel

Choose your electives; rank 1 thru 3.
Option C: Music and Elective
Choose your music class.

Choose your electives; rank 1 thru 3.

Option D: Music and Music
Choose two music classes.
 Exploratory Wheel

 Exploratory Art
 Exploratory Industrial Technology (Shop)
 Exploratory Home Economics
 Exploratory Computers
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
1.   Q: How many classes will I take?
     A: Seven(7) forty-five minutes classes.

2.   Q: How many electives can I take?
     A: 7th grade students have a maximum of one (1)
     elective only if Reading is not required.

3.   Q: How can I tell if I am required to take Reading?
     A: Reading is required of all students who fail to
     score at “Proficient” or higher on the total English-
     Language Arts portion of the California Standards
     Test (CST) or score below grade level on a reading
     test given to all 6th graders by El Rancho.
Frequently Asked Questions

4.   Q: What is the Exploratory Class?
     A: Exploratory is a combination of four-quarter
     classes that includes: Art, Home Economics,
     Industrial Arts, and Computers.
5.   Q: How can I take Music?
     A: Choose a Music class as an elective if you are
     eligible for one, or choose a Music Class in lieu of
     the Exploratory Class.
6.   Q: Will I have a chance to visit El Rancho prior to
     school starting?
     A: Yes. Please join us for 6th grade Open House
     on Tuesday April 20th from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Frequently Asked Questions

7. Q: Are there Honors classes at El Rancho?
   A: Yes, there are four classes designated
   as Honors: English, Social Studies, Math,
   and Science.
8. Q: How do I get into Honors classes?
   A: Please see attached sheet in handout.
9. Q: When can I purchase El Rancho
   A: August 10-13, 16 7:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

   English: Advanced CST + 3.6 GPA (A-)
   History: Advanced CST + 3.6 GPA (A-)
   Science: Advanced CST + 3.6 GPA (A-)
   Math: Algebra Readiness Test + 3.6 GPA
       “5 grading periods: (3-A’s & 2-B’s)”
Academic Success Program
       Homework Club
       Math Academy
       Student Study Team
       Tutorial
       PLATO Credit Recovery
El Rancho Tutorial

 Tuesdays & Thursdays
 32 minutes, after 6th period.
 Opportunity to get additional help from
  teachers, make up tests, do homework
 Subject Tutorials rotate so all departments
  get a priority day.
 Teachers can request a student to attend
  their tutorial.
Credits Needed to Promote
Important Dates to Remember:
•1st Day of School: Wednesday, August 18
                                 (minimum day)
•Bridge Program: August 10-12
      (application available)
•Thanksgiving: November 22-26 (full week)

•Winter Break: December 20-January 7

•Spring Break: April 4-15

•Last Day: Wednesday, June 15
Students May Go to
the Little Theater
El Rancho Charter School

       Participation Hours
       Calendar
       Attendance
Participation Hours
 Participation Opportunities (10 hours)
   Uniform sale
   Registration
   Back-To-School Night
   Field Trip Chaperone
   Parent-Teacher Conferences
   Parent Visitation Days
More Participation Hours
 Open House
 Services/Merchandise (e.g. tissue paper,
  reams of copy paper, printer cartridges)
 International Day
 Career Day
 Magazine Sale
 Serve on PTSA
 Foundation Donation ($10.00 per hour)
  School Begins:
    (Staggered Start / Minimum Day)
  Regular Days (7:50 – 2:51)
  Minimum Days (7:50 - 12:10)
  Non-school vacations
    Loss of classroom learning / labs
    Loss of revenue to school (ADA)
El Rancho Charter School
 Make perfect attendance your child’s goal
 Call El Rancho to report absences
 Unexcused absences—new policy states that
  students may turn in work for 50% credit and
  be allowed to take tests/quizzes upon return
  (no retakes). Students attending sanctioned
  events may turn work in electronically for full
 Students will be allowed to make up all work
  and assessments for an excused absence.
   Excused Absences
Excused absences are enumerated under California Education Code 48205,
   and include the following reasons:

 Due to his or her illness.
 Due to quarantine under the direction of a county or city health
 For the purpose of having medical, dental, optometric, or
  chiropractic services rendered.
 For the purpose of attending the funeral services of a member of his
  or her immediate family, so long as the absence is not more than
  one day if the service is conducted in California and not more than
  three days if the service is conducted outside California.
 For justifiable personal reasons, including, but not limited to, an
  appearance in court, attendance at a funeral service, observance of
  a holiday or ceremony of his or her religion, attendance at religious
  retreats, or attendance at an employment conference, when the
  pupil's absence has been requested in writing by the parent or
  guardian and approved by the principal or a designated
  representative pursuant to uniform standards established by the
  governing board.
Unexcused Absences
 Family vacations / reunions
 Theme Park excursions
 Non school-related sports events / competitions
 Cruises, fishing trips, trips to the river, beach trips,
 Acting, movie, or commercial shoots
 Theme camps (i.e. cheer camp, dance camp,
  baseball camp, etc.)
 Other activities not enumerated under California
  Education Code 48205 that are deemed unexcused
  by the principal or a designated representative
  pursuant to uniform standards established by the
  governing board
 Required by law for attendance
  MMR
  Hep B

 Contact Maureen Smith, Health Clerk
Drop off and pick up zone
Santa Ana Canyon Road
Please do not park or pick up your
students in a red zone
Shopping Center #1
Shopping Center #2

Do not pick up your students in the Cul-
de-Sac – the Anaheim PD will cite you.
  Bus passes available at OUSD
   Transportation Services
  (721 W Collins)
  Late bus Monday – Thursday
   (except minimum days)
  Proper bus behavior
After School Programs
 Math Academy
 (AM 7:15-7:45 (Mon-Fri) &
 PM 3:00-3:30(Mon-Thur)
 Homework Club
 (3:00 - 4:00) Mon-Thurs
 Sports
Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have
no “U”’s in citizenship.
  The sport’s program at El Rancho has been
   altered since we no longer compete against
   teams in OUSD.

  After-school sports is offered each quarter:
    1st Quarter: Co-ed softball, Co-ed volleyball,
     Cross country, Flag football
    2nd Quarter: Girls’ soccer, Boys’ basketball
    3rd Quarter: Boys’ soccer, Girls’ basketball
    4th Quarter: Track and Field
    “How to Survive Middle School”)

 Management Team
 2 year partnership
   • Student
   • Parent
   • Advisor
 Teacher communication
 • Email, voicemail
 • Schedule a conference
 • Connect-Ed
  Communication (cont’d)

 Binder Reminder
 Misplaced books, lunch money, homework, etc. –
  Students call home from attendance (not on their
  cell phone from the bathroom).
 Parent Teacher Conferences
   1st quarter (held after school)
   Meet any or all teachers
   NOT required
Communication with Teachers
 Protocol that makes for more effective
 Call the teacher or e-mail
 Meet in person with teacher
 Contact advisor / meeting with
 Contact principal / meet with

  No appointment
  Go straight to the principal
  instead of following protocol
  Letters
  3 rd party information
 Call absence hotline
  Number listed in Binder Reminder
   (714) 628-5427
 Homework Policy
  More than 3 days: Homework
  Homework Buddy

 View the online grade book of your
  child’s teachers
 Check attendance
 Parent Portal registration is
  required by our parents
 Students have access to the
  Student Portal which is similar to
  the Parent Portal
Personal Property
 Cell Phones, iPod, iTouch
  Policy
 Wallets
  Cash
 PE Lockers
  Combination locks
  Theft in PE can be prevented if
   students actively lock their locker and
   limit what they bring to school.
Snacks and Lunch
   Personal Accounts - full meals
   Breakfast
    7:00 AM
   Nutrition Break
    15 minutes
   Lunch
    35 minutes
Field Trips
   Magazine Sales - Fundraiser
   Academic / Electives
   OK TO SAY “NO”
   Optional
Retention Policy
 Fail 2 classes in the same subject area
    through 7th and 8th grade
    Academic Success Coordinator
    Parent-Teacher Conferences
    Student Study Team Meetings (SST)
    Homework Club
    Mandatory Tutoring by referral
    Attend Credit Recovery
 Retention for 1 year - repeat 7th or 8th
 Textbooks – not needed at school
 Monitor weight of backpacks
 Notebooks
 Workbooks
 Classroom Supplies
 Personal Property
 (iPods, Cell phones, etc.)
 How you can help?
  Require monthly/weekly cleanout
Visitors on Campus
 There is a sign-in sheet in the front
  office and visitors must wear a badge.
 Parents are welcome to observe
  classrooms; we ask that 24-hour notice
  is given.
 Closed campus for your child’s
Visitors (cont’d)
 Sign-in; Sign-out
   Arriving late or leaving early
   Note necessary
 Lunch
   “No friends” policy
 Students required to wear uniform while on
 Appropriate fit
 American Casual: Uniform Vendor
   Uniforms can be purchased during the
    Bridge Program and at Registration
   Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets can be
    purchased at El Rancho
   Pants—navy blue, no studs
   Visit our vendor’s store
American Casual
 Uniform Vendor
 4081 E. La Palma Ave, Suite H
  Anaheim, CA 92807
  (714) 630-2002
Hours: 3:00 PM-6:00 PM
More Uniforms
 Shirts - Uniform ONLY
 Outerwear - Uniform ONLY
  Rain - umbrellas OK
  Pants (no jeans) / Skorts (AC only) /
   Shorts (knee length, ER, girls)
  BBB = “Basic, Boring, Blue”
  Cords: Fade very quickly
  No tears or holes in uniform clothes
 Safety concerns
 Behavior changes are expected in middle school
 Consequences:
   Call home
   Teacher detention
   School-wide Detentions: lunch or after school
   In House Suspension (ICE)
     Isolated Classroom Environment
   Suspension
   Placement
   Expulsion
Bullying / Harassment
 Find out information: Who,
 what, when, where, how
 Contact Advisor – phone or
 Don’t Ignore – It can get
Internet Safety
 / Most
 popular site for teenagers. Parents
 must monitor content (14 years of age)
 Cyberbullying: Students who use the
 Internet to bully, harass, or threaten
 students or staff may be subject to
 serious disciplinary and or legal
Building Character
  “Words of Wisdom”
  Leadership Program
  Positive Incentives
   Student of the Month
   Recognition Breakfast
   Coyote Bucks
   Positive Referrals
   End of Year Awards Program
 Friends:
   Important to monitor, especially new friends
   Call other parents to verify activities and if there is
    proper supervision
 Supervision Issues:
   Festival Shopping Center and Movie Theatres: Friday
    and Saturday nights
   Minimum days: Loitering at the shopping centers
   Unstructured free time: Usually not a good idea for
    middle school students
New to OUSD?
 Please see Barbara Fratus,
 School Registrar
El Rancho Charter School

 Visit our web site
 (Schools)
 Phone: (714) 997-6238
Thank you for attending. We
look forward to starting a new
partnership with you and your

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