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									                                                 AIHA BUSINESS PLAN (2008 - 2010)
(Return form to Thursa La by e-mail at or fax: 703-207-8558 by July 31, 2007)

              NAME OF COMMITTEE:                 Engineering
                     Committee Chair:            Silvia Maberti
                   Board Coordinator:            Dan Anna
                        Staff Liaison:           Craig Sorrell
                      Business Year:             2008
             Date in Which Submitted:            7/31/2007
           Committee Mission:

                                                                         Business Plan - 2008
                                                  Related AIHA Strategic
                                                      Plan Goal(s) or                  Committee Activities to                      Persons
                        GOAL                            Objectives                       Accomplish Goal                          Responsible            By What Date
   1     Award "Best Engineering Paper" for      Professional Community,        Identify engineering related papers in
         2008                                    Advocacy, Influence, and Value JOEH and discuss with members the             Angel Plaza             01/30/08
                                                                                need to expand to other journals
                                                                                                                              Silvia Maberti, Angel
                                                                                 Review all Engineering-related papers        Plaza, Erica Jones,
                                                                                 published                                    Michael Larranaga, Janet
   2     Award "Best Engineering Poster" for     Professional Community,        Review of all engineering-related posters
                                                                                                                              Committee Members       AIHce 2008
         poster at AIHce 2008                    Advocacy, Influence, and Value at AIHce by Committee volunteers
   3     Publish the book “Detection and         Information, Learning, and     Final version out for review                  Scott Swanson, Steve    01/30/08
         continuous monitoring of hazardous      Knowledge                                                                    Lacey, Leo Old and
         materials”                                                                                                           Shrikar Chunduri
   4     Explore the idea of arranging a round   Information, Learning, and                                                                           11/1/2007-AIHce 2008
         tables for AIHce                        Knowledge                       CDF and engineering controls                 Dan Hall

                                                                                 Noise reduction/Control                      Angel Plaza

   5     Maintain the IH community informed      Information, Learning, and                                                                           Continuous, 2008
                                                                                                                              Bill Heitbrink, Angel
         with up-to-date information on          Knowledge                       Identify the need for the publication of a
                                                                                                                              Plaza, Veronica Kero,
         Engineering controls technology                                         guide on engineering controls
                                                                                                                              Silvia Maberti
5                                              Related AIHA Strategic
                                                   Plan Goal(s) or                   Committee Activities to                    Persons
                    GOAL                             Objectives                        Accomplish Goal                        Responsible             By What Date
1    Award "Best Engineering Paper" for
     Revison to AIHA Engineering              Professional Community,
                                              Updating Information, Learning, Identify areas in Engineering Handbook      Mike Larrañaga, Silvia    AIHce 2008
     Handbook                                 Advocacy, Influence, and Value that needed revision as well as inclusion
                                              and Knowledge                                                               Maberti
                                                                              of useful new topics for Engineers in IH
6    Continue Engineering Committee           Operational Excellence,         Attend meetings, report common interests    Steven Guffey - ACGIH     Continuous, 2008
     liaison to other AIHA, ACGIH             Professional Community,         and possible goals.                         Industrial Ventilation
     Committees as well as other              Advocacy, Influence, and Value                                              Committee
                                                                                                                          Steve Lacey - Early
                                                                                                                          Career Development
                                                                                                                          John McKernan - Gas
                                                                                                                          Angel Plaza - Noise and
                                                                                                                          Physical Hazards
                                                                                                                          Leo Old - Health Care
7    Explore opportunities for the committee                                  Identify potential topics in Engineering
     to participate in topics related to                                      Controls for the Nanotechnology Industry
     nanotechnology on order recruit         Information, Learning, and       and identify key participants in the area
                                                                                                                          Stephanie Waissanen       AIHce 2008
     expertise for the development of PDCs, Knowledge
     Roundtables, etc

8                                         Professional Community,
     Evaluate the feasibility of developing                              Develop scholarship proposal for IH
     scholarship proposal for IH students Advocacy, Influence, and Value students doing engineering controls
                                                                                                                     Veronica Kero                  01/30/08
     doing engineering controls research                                 research, draft letter to send to potential
10   Organize podium presentations and/or                                Arrange Sessions, Moderate, and monitor Torey Nalbone
     round tables at AIHCe                                               sessions at AIHCe
                                              Information, Learning, and Knowledge                                                                  AIHCe 2008

11   Participate in the AIHCe Technical       Professional Community,        Request display space at AIHce 2006 and Leo Old
     Committee Gallery                        Advocacy, Influence, and Value prepare materials.                                                     03/01/07
                                               Related AIHA Strategic
                                                   Plan Goal(s) or                 Committee Activities to                  Persons
                    GOAL                             Objectives                      Accomplish Goal                      Responsible              By What Date
12   Award "Best Engineering Paper" for
     Follow-up with Membership by means       Professionalexcellence,
                                              Operational Community,         Coordinate date and time with            Silvia Maberti and Angel
     of conference calls                      Advocacy, Influence, and Value Engineering Committee members and
                                              Professional Community,                                                 Plaza
                                              Advocacy, Influence, and Value AIHA staff                                                          11/15/2007 and

13   Engineering Committee to remain          Operational excellence,        Facilitate communication between       Silvia Maberti and Angel     Continuous, 2008
     committed be available to assisting in   Professional Community,        Engineering Committee members and our Plaza
     1) developing practice standards and     Advocacy, Influence, and Value Board Coordinator so opportunities may
     guidelines, 2) support AIHA in                                          be readily identified
     development of White Papers and
     position statements in the area of
     industrial hygiene engineering, and 3)
     assist ABIH in development of
     engineering related questions for
     certification examinations, on a
     requested basis.
14   Submit proposal for a PDC in "Life       Information, Learning, and     Prepare submission material by August    Leo Old
     Safety Engineering"                      Knowledge                      2007                                                                08/07 - AIHCe 2008

15   Actively participate in the review of Operational Excellence,           Submit names and qualifications to the   Leo Old, Angel Plaza,
     technical papers submitted to JOEH    Professional Community;           organizers and volunteer as reviewers    Veronica Kero,
     and PDC proposals submitted to AIHA Information, learning and                                                                               Continuous, 2008
                                            Annual Report Form 2007
(Return form to Thursa La by e-mail at or fax: 703-207-8558 by December 15, 2007)

       NAME OF COMMITTEE:                Engineering
           Committee Chair:              Silvia Maberti
          Board Coordinator:             Harry Beaulieu / Dan Anna
               Staff Liaison:            Thursa La
             Business Year:              2007

          Committee Mission:


                  GOAL                       Mid-Point Review                             Outcome                        Board Coordinator Assessment
   1    Award "Best Engineering      Inn process, to be completed by Buvaneswari Jayaraman, Astrid H.
        Paper" for 2007              May                             Kristoffersen, Elizabeth U. Finlayson, and
                                                                     Ashok J. Gadgil for: CFD Investigation
                                                                     of Room Ventilation for Improved
                                                                     Operation of a Downdraft Table: Novel
                                                                     Concepts. Published in JOEH, March
   2    Award "Best Engineering      To be completed at AIHCe        James Couch, a masters student at
        Poster" for poster at AIHce                                  University of Cincinnati, was presented
        2007                                                         the best student poster award for
                                                                     "Analysis of Airborne Beryllium"
   3    Publish the book “Detection  Conference call?                Final version will be out for review by the
        and continuous monitoring of                                 Publications Committee in the upcoming
        hazardous materials”                                         months and future peer-review

   4    Explore the idea of arranging                              Several options were discussed as
                                         No new topics or interest for a
        a round tables for AIHCe         round table. Explore      potential topics for roundtables:Shelter-in-
                                         possibilities for 2008    Place - Erica Jones;Construction of
                                                                   Temporary Shelters and Emergency
                                                                   Evacuation – Torey Nalbone; Noise
                                                                   Controls – Angel Plaza; Controlling Silica
                                                                   Exposures in Construction – Bill
                                                                   Heitbrink; Z-9 Standard – Crescente
   5    Maintain the IH community   Collect feedback from members Several new topics have been identified
        informed with up-to-date    in these aspects               and the committee is evaluating new
        information on Engineering                                 topics to develop roundtables or
        controls technology                                        crossover sessions that would be of
                                                                   interest and innovative for the IH
   6    Continue Engineering        In progress. Contacts with     Various members are actively
        Committee liaison to other  Noise committee for roundtable participating with other committees in the
        AIHA, ACGIH Committees as in 2008, Collaboration with the development of rountables and/or PDCs
        well as other Organizations Environmental issues

   7    Explore opportunities for the    In progress. Contacts with        Although this is a relatively new topic and
        committee to participate in      nanotech task force. Still very   there is not much known in terms of the
        topics related to                early in the porcess for          exposure, Stefanie Waissanen agreed to
        nanotechnology on order          Engineering to kick in. Need      monitor advances in this area with her
        recruit expertise for the        feedback from committee           colleagues at 3M.
        development of PDCs,             members.
        Roundtables, etc
   8    Evaluate the feasibility of      Veronica Kero actively pursued    Veronica has explored this possibility and
        developing scholarship           this but no viable alternatives   informed the committee that we need
        proposal for IH students doing   now.                              $5,000 to 10,000 “seed” money to start
        engineering controls research                                      this. The committee agreed that this is a
                                                                           feasible project, so Veronica will start
                                                                           drafting the letter to send to potential
   9    Participation of the Committee Silvia Maberti pursuerd this        As an alternative to this activity to reach
        in Engineer's Week (Feb        activity, but no viable             out to students and attract them to
        2007)                          alternatives were identified        Engineering and IH, we will collaborate
                                                                           with Early Carreer and Students
                                                                           Committee to identify better methods to
                                                                           reach out to young students.

  10    Organize podium                  Done, one podium session at       PO 114 – Engineering and Control
        presentations and/or round       AIHCe 2007                        Technology carried out on Tuesday
        tables at AIHCe                                                    06/05/07 2:00 – 6:00 pm Torey Nalbone
                                                                           organized the session this year and
                                                                           served as moderator. Veronica Kero and
                                                                           Angel Plaza supported as monitors.

  11    Participate in the AIHCe        In progress, to be completed by Leo Old prepared the materials for the
        Technical Committee Gallery     April 13th                      Gallery, which was presented at AIHCe
  12    Follow-up with Membership       In progress                     Several conference calls and e-mails
        by means of conference calls                                    were used to keep contact with the
                                                                        membership and follow-up on the
  13    Engineering Committee to        Collect feedback from members 1) Mike Larranaga has identified some
        remain committed be             in these aspects                chapters in the Engineering Handbook
        available to assisting in 1)                                    that could benefit from some revision, as
        developing practice standards                                   well as the inclusion of other topics such
        and guidelines, 2) support                                      as Building Dynamics, HVAC Systems,
        AIHA in development of                                          Illumination, Life Safety and Fire
        White Papers and position                                       Protection Engineering. Although in
        statements in the area of                                       previous years the committee has
        industrial hygiene                                              evaluated the possibility of turning the
        engineering, and 3) assist                                      publication into an electronic reference
        ABIH in development of                                          without much success, Silvia and Mike
        engineering related questions                                   will discuss again the issue with the
        for certification examinations,                                 publications Committee to evaluate if
        on a requested basis.                                           such a revision would be an interesting
                                                                        project for the association. 2) Proposal to
                                                                        write a White Paper on maintenance of
                                                                        Ventilation Systems. Steve Guffey will
                                                                        draft the white paper and will discuss with
                                                                        Aaron to evaluate the feasibility of this
                                                                        position paper. Members of the
                                                                        committee will review it and will vote on it
                                                                        prior to submitting it.

  14    Submit proposal for a PDC in Leo submitted proposal and
        "Life Safety Engineering"    was approved. Will be               Leo Old presented his PDC “Life Safety
                                     preented at AIHCe 2007              Engineering”. There were about 40
                                                                         attendees and the evaluations were very
                                                                         positive. The PDC was ranked 6th,
                                                                         therefore was invited to present at PCIH.
  15    Actively participate in the      Leo Old is a reviewer for JOEH. Participation in the review of technical
        review of technical papers       Others?                         papers submitted to JOEH: Leo Old , Bill
        submitted to JOEH and PDC                                        Heitbrink, and Torey Nalbone have
        proposals submitted to AIHA                                      served as reviewers for the Journal.


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