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									FOOD, NUTRITION, AND HEALTH                                                                UPCOMING EVENTS
                                                                        Farm Management Seminar – Partnering with local
The citizens of Gratiot County recognize as a priority the              lenders, MSU-Extension is conducting a seminar for farm
connection between food safety, nutrition and physical                  families on February 7, 2002 at the RESD in Ithaca
activity and enhanced quality of life.                                  addressing farming together issues, estate planning, risk
                                                                        management, land rental agreements, labor management and
Extension’s Action Strategies:                                          expectations for the 2002 Farm Bill.
     Work one-on-one in homes and with groups to                       Manure Management Plan Workshops – A two-day
        improve the food management skills of low-                      livestock session with multi-agency collaboration livestock
        income citizens.                                                producers training to utilize manure to maximize crop
     Provide pertinent information in a bi-monthly                     production, minimize adverse environmental impact, and
        newsletter – mailed to citizens in the county and               optimize off farm fertilizer purchases are scheduled at a
        also available at various locations.                            number of locations including the Fulton Township hall on
     Building Better Bodies – train parent volunteers                  February 21 & 28, 2002.
        to present programs in local elementary schools                 Yield Map Interpretation Basic Principles Workshop –
        about healthy food and nutrition choices.                       Training for crop producers to utilize GPS and GIS software
                                                                        to optimize their farming practices will take place March 7,
THE PROCESS FOR PRIORITIZING ISSUES                                     FastTrac Business Planning – A 12-week entrepreneurial
                                                                        training program for new and expanding businesses is
The Extension Council in Gratiot County has 23 members,                 currently underway in Alma at the GTEC center Tuesday
representing differing groups and interests from                        evenings from 6:00-9:30pm
throughout the county. The council established a process                Youth Development - Winter Camp for youth ages 9-12 will
in the spring of 2001 to identify and prioritize the issues in          be held on February 8 and 9, at the Alma Presbyterian
the county that can be addressed by Extension’s                         Church, from 5:00pm-12:00pm. Cost is $15. More
educational programming. They reviewed county                           information is available at the Extension Office.
demographics and trend reports. Preliminary information                 Junior Leadership Workshop is being organized for 4-
from the county’s strategic planning process utilizing focus            H’ers ages 11-13. They will be learning communication and
groups and input from community leaders (e.g. educators,                study skills, as well as learning about many exciting careers
government officials, seniors, youth, businesses,                       involving agriculture.
agriculture) was shared. Council members then reviewed                  Building Strong Adolescents – This new MSU-Extension
all of this information and prioritized the issue areas.                curriculum will be used to present a parenting series for the
                                                                        parents of preteens and early teens in Gratiot County. The
                                                                        programs will be offered at no charge for interested parents
                                                                        at the RESD Building in Ithaca on six consecutive Thursday
GRATIOT COUNTY ADVISORY EXTENSION COUNCIL                               evenings beginning on January 31, 2002
                                                                        Family Nutrition Program – A six week series for low-
Judge Jack Arnold                    Paul Bader                         income participants will be held at the Salvation Army
Kelly Bushre                         Dave Carpenter                     Building in Alma beginning in late January. Topics will
Mike Chaffin                         Scott Crumbaugh                    include low cost snack choices for children, planning family
Nancy Davis                          John Densmore                      meals, safe food handling practices, setting financial goals
Kris Duflo                           Kelvin Duflo                       and managing a budget. This is the second such series held
Sharon Fenton                        Cathy McCune                       in cooperation with Salvation Army this year.
Brenda Netzley                       Mike Reeves
David Roslund                        Dan Schaub                         GRATIOT COUNTY MSU EXTENSION STAFF
Don Schurr                           Renee Shaver                       Dan Rossman, County Extension Director
Doreen Slavik                        Becky Smith                        Rich Hodupp, Agricultural Agent
Renee Smith                          Jenna Strong                       Jerry May, Regional Swine Agent
Cindy Whitford                                                          Dann Bolinger, Two-county Dairy Agent
                                                                        Linda Huyck, Extension Educator
                                                                        Gladys Jerome, Family Nutrition Program Associate
                                                                        Renee Applegate, 4-H Agent
                                                                        Suzanne Peacock, 4-H Program Associate
                                                                        Lori Mikek, Office Manager
                                                                        Tasha Holley, 4-H Secretary/Fair Coordinator

                            MSU is an affirmative-action, equal opportunity institution, Michigan State University Extension programs
                            and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability,
                            political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, or family status. Issued in furtherance of MSU Extension
                            work, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Margaret A.
                            Bethel, Extension Director, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI 48824
                                                                                                                 Winter 2002
                                  Michigan State University Extension helps people improve their lives through an
                                  educational process that applies knowledge to critical issues, needs and opportunities.
                                  Extension offices in counties throughout the state link the research of the state’s land grant
                                  university, MSU, with the issues of concern in local communities. Extension provides
                                  information and offers educational programs in agriculture and natural resources, youth
                                  and families, community and economic development. Local citizens serving on the county
                                  Extension council regularly help select current focus areas for programming.

                                  EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING

                                               1. FAMILY AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                                               2. LAND USE
                                               3. COMMUNITY VIABILITY
                                               4. FOOD, NUTRITION, AND HEALTH
                                  FAMILY AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                                  Gratiot County citizens recognize the importance of strong families and positive adult role
                                  models to enable youth to make wise choices and to take appropriate action amidst the
                                  many challenges they face today.

                                  Extension’s Action Strategies:
                                       Increase the number of 4-H volunteers and provide appropriate training.
  Gratiot County Extension
                                       Conduct a series of parent training workshops.
    214 East Center Street
      Ithaca, MI 48847                 Include information about effective parenting in a bi-monthly newsletter.

     Phone: 989-875-5233          LAND USE
      Fax: 989-875-5289           Gratiot County is challenged with taking advantage of potential economic development
                                  and residential growth while preserving prime farm land and enhancing citizens quality of
            Email:                life.
           Web Site:              Extension’s Action Strategies:             Conduct MSU Extension’s Citizen Planner program, a ten-week certification
  msue/ctyentpg/gratiot.html              series, for members of planning commissions and local governmental units, as
                                          well as other interested citizens.
                                       Help facilitate the communication and sharing of land use strategies and planning
                                          efforts between local units of government within Gratiot County.
                                       Assist in the process of developing, building upon, and utilizing a county GIS
                                          system to provide layers of land use and infrastructure information for planning
                                  COMMUNITY VIABILITY
                                  There is a need to continually build upon the economic strengths of our local
                                  businesses, industries, and agricultural operations and implement changes as new
                                  opportunities are discovered.
      MSU Extension is an         Extension’s Action Strategies:
educational organization funded        Conduct entrepreneurial business planning workshops for new ventures
jointly by through the Board of           and expanding businesses.
  Commissioners, the State of
                                       Assist producers in exploring, evaluating, and implementing value added
  Michigan through Michigan               and niche market opportunities.
 State University and federally
                                       Provide timely information to agricultural producers on production,
 through the US Department of
                                          marketing, financial management, and new technology to enhance their
                                          efficiency and profitability.

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