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									                                                                   Request for Services
                                                                 Site Information

Company Name:

Street Address:                                                                          City:

P.O. Box                                                                                 PO City:
                                                                                         PO State:
                                                                                         PO Zip:

Are there Additional Sites to be included in this certification?         Yes        No


                                                          Contact Information:
Email 2:

                                                    Additional Contact Information:
Email 2:

                                   Services to be provided (Please check all that apply):
                                     Additional Forms May Need to Be Completed Based on Standards
Quality                        Occupational Health
      ISO 9000                        OHSAS 18001

Aerospace                      Information Security
      AS 9000                         ISO 27001

                               Food Safety
      AS 9120
                                      ISO 22000
      AS 9110
                                      SQF 2000
      AS 9003
                               Second Party
      AS 9006                         Supply Chain Assessments

Environmental                         Inspections
      ISO 14001

                                                                                                     F-006 Rev. 23
      ISO 14001
                                    Internal Audits
      ISO/TS 16949

                                                      Scope of Registration:

       Concise statement of activities to be registered ( ex..* Design and manufacture of fabrics for the paper industry*)

                                                  Exclusions from Registration:
            Note any elements of the standard (design, servicing, etc) or products/activities to EXCLUDE from Registration:

                                                         Industries Serviced:

                                                           Key Customers:

 Please provide staff positions and the number employed in each category (e.g.. Sales, trades people, drivers, designers, managers,
                                                         accountants etc).

Position or Title / Name of Department                                                  Full Time    Part Time    Temp.       Contractor

                                                      Additional Information

When do you expect the management system to be ready for the first audit?
Is your management system integrated with another system? If yes, please describe.

Are you currently certified by another body? If yes, by who?

                                                                                                                    F-006 Rev. 23
Reason for transfer of certification?
Is your existing certificate valid, with no open nonconformities?
Which standard are you currently certified to?
Are you currently on an annual, nine-month or semi-annual surveillance scheme?
When was the date of your last onsite assessment?
Can you please supply a copy of the current certification?

Is your organization working with a consultant? If so, what is his/her name?

How did you hear about AQA? Please be as specific as possible.

                                                                                 F-006 Rev. 23
                                                           Multi-Site Information Sheet
                                                       Additional Site Info
                                    Site 2    Site 3      Site 4   Site 5     Site 6   Site 7   Site 8   Site 9   Site 10
Name Of Site:
Distance From HQ:
Number of Employees:
Physical Address:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Site Contact Name:
Shift Times:
Scope of Activities:
Supporting Activites Carried Out
By HQ (Check All That Apply For
Each Site):
     Manual & Procedures
     Internal Audits
     Management Review
     Corrective Action
     Document Control
     Contract Review

Will This Be A Corporate Certificate?   Yes     No

Would You Like A Separate Certificate Printed For Each Location?    Yes       No

                                                                                                         F-006 Rev. 23
                                                                  TS 16949 Questionaire
                                                Site 1   Site 2            Site 3                           Site 4   Site 5
                                                                               Multi-Site Location Information
Employees (Please Indicate the
Number For Every Applicable Site)

Number of Employees Involved In Production of
Automotive Parts?

Number of Employees Involved in Production of
Non-Automotive Parts?

Number of Support Employees?


What Type of Automotive Parts Do You

Where Are the Following Functions Located?
(Please Mark An X Under the Applicable Site)

Strategic Planning
Contract Review
Approval Of Suppliers
Evaluation of Training Needs
Documentation (Level 1 & Level 2)
Management Review
Evaluation of Corrective Actions
Internal Audits
Quality Planning

Please List the Supplier Codes for Every Site

Current Certifications:

Please Indicate if Remote Locations Are Being
Audited by Another Registrar

Current IATF Cert Number

Are You On Any Customer Status (CS1, CS2,
New Business Hold)

If Upgrading From ISO, Do You Intend On
Keeping Your ISO Cert?

                                                                                                                      F-006 Rev. 23
                                                                                    ISMS Questionnaire
                                                Site 1                   Site 2                   Site 3                           Site 4            Site 5
                                                                                                      Multi-Site Location Information
Factors Related to the Size of the Scope

Number of Information Systems Used

Volume of Information Processed

Number of Users

Number of Privileged Users

Number of IT Platforms

Number of Networks

Size of Networks

Factors Related to the Complexity

Criticality of Information Systems

Risk Situation of the ISMS

Volumes and Types of Sensitive and Critical
Information Handled and Processed

Number and Types of Electronic Transactions

Number and Size of any Development Projects

Extent of Remote Work Taking Place

Extent of ISMS Documentation

Type of Business Performed within Scope of ISMS

Type of Business Performed




Contractual and Business Requirements

Extent and Diversity of Technology Utilized in the Implementation of Various Components of the ISMS (Fixed, Mobile, Wireless, External, Internal)

Implemented Controls

Documentation and/or Process Control

Corrective / Preventative Action

Information Systems

IT Systems


Is there any ISMS Records That Cannot Be
Made Available For Review by the Audit Team?

                                                                                                                                                    F-006 Rev. 23
                                                     ISO 1348
                                            Site 1

Factors Related to the Scope

Class of Device Used, Class I, Class IIa,
Class IIb, Class III

Please List Any Outsourced Processes

Do You Conduct Any of the Following
  Microbiological Testing
  Special Washing/Cleaning
  Sterilazation Onsite
  Sterilazation Offsite
  Sold Non-Steril
  Both Steril and Non-Steril


US Federal Drug Administrator Quality
System Regulation (FDA QSR)

Canadian Medical Device Conformity
Assessment System Program

European Union Medical Device Directive

Other: Please list
         ISO 13485 Questionaire
Site 2            Site 3                           Site 4
                      Multi-Site Location Information
Site 5

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